Banamein, a Mynci plushie carrying a scythe. One of his eyes is piercingly red, the other is a button, like a doll's eye.

Welcome to Banamein's webcomic!

What I am is disrepair
A creaking chair, the dusty air
An old nightmare... no more to scare.

It's your fault I have this lot.

You'll find me on the shadowed stair.
I'm waiting there with ragged hair
And one-eyed stare, for no-one cares

About the nightmare you forgot.


Meet the Characters:

Yuanaan is a young Wocky boy. He wears an unadorned golden crown on his head and a neckerchief... around his neck. (Where else would he wear a neckerchief?) Banamein's appearance is described in more depth below, under the header called Banamein's artworks. Silence is a tall, gruff Ruki girl. She wears a chef's hat, when I'm not too lazy to draw it.
Yuanaan, also known as Yooyu, is king of the castle. He is kindhearted and a little squeamish about his neighbors in the Haunted Woods. This means he's an easy target.
Banamein is the sort of person who thinks that people are naturally supposed to scream all the time. No one is quite sure what he is, and they don't really want to know.
Silence is the castle cook. Being a Haunted Woods native, it takes a lot more than a creepy Mynci doll to scare her. She's a fairly nice person, so long as you don't mess with her cooking.

(Silence opens the castle door and finds Banamein standing outside.)¶ Banamein: I heard the castle needs a new butler. I'd like to apply.¶ Silence: Really? Are you good with people?¶ Banamein: I scare adults and I make babies cry.¶ Silence: Are you willing to work for little pay?¶ Banamein: I wish to be paid with souls of the living.¶ Silence: Can you work every day?¶ Banamein: I'll only work when I want to.

Welcome to Banamein's comic! I draw these when I'm feeling bored and impish at the same time.

(Continued from last comic.)¶ Silence: Okay, you're hired.¶ Banamein: Really?¶ (Banamein smiles.)¶ Banamein: I'm bored. When do I retire?¶ Silence: *sigh*

Sorry about the sketch looming in the background of my comic, I photocopied these straight from my sketchbook and the picture on the next page was drawn dark enough that it showed up on this one.

(Banamein sees king Yuanaan walking down the hall.)¶ Banamein: Hi there, yer highness! I'm the new servant. My name's Banamein

This comic looked better in my head than it does on paper. The point is that Banamein can make his head/arms/etc. appear out of objects... in this case, in a pot of hard boiled eggs.

(Banamein is sitting in the castle treasury when two Aisha theives break in. The first Aisha thief climbs into the treasury while the other keeps watch.)¶ Second Aisha thief: Anything worth stealing?¶ (First Aisha thief sees Banamein sitting on a pile of treasure, smiling disconcertingly.)¶ First Aisha thief: No. Let's get out of here.

Who needs guards when you have Banamein to stare at people until they leave?

(A fangirl has been following Banamein around the castle, gushing praise.)¶ Fangirl: He's such a cute little plushie! I just wanna give him a big hug! Awww...¶ Yuanaan: Can't you do something about that fangirl?¶ Banamein: Of course.¶ (Banamein holds his scythe over his head...) Fangirl: Come here, little plushie!¶ (...and then he throws it blade first in the direction of the fangirl.)¶ Fangirl: (from offscreen.) AIEE!¶ Banamein: Works like a charm!¶ Yuanaan: (looking offscreen in the fangirl's direction.) Works like a ghost paint brush.

Yes, Banamein just threw a deadly scythe at his only fan.

(Yuanaan and Banamein are shaking hands.)¶ Banamein: Thanks for hiring me, yer highness!¶ Yuanaan: Sure.¶ (Banamein's arm, still gripping Yuanaan's hand, falls off. There is a silence and the two stare at Banamein's disembodied arm.)¶ Banamein: I can make the other arm fall off, too.¶ Yuanaan: You're fired.

Extra limbs sold seperately.

(Banamein waves a picture around dramatically.)¶ Banamein: Vote... for... my... BC... ENTRY!!!¶ (Banamein jumps on Yuanaan's head, tears the picture into confetti and tosses it into the air.)¶ Yuanaan: No.

This is NOT how to advertise your Beauty Contest entry, mmm-kay?

(Yuanaan and Silence are talking about Banamein.)¶ Yuanaan: I can't stand that Mynci!¶ Silence: So?¶ Yuanaan: He is annoying and never does any work.¶ (Banamein appears, hanging down from the ceiling. Yuanaan and Silence don't realize he's there.)¶ Yuanaan: I fired him, but he won't leave!¶ (Banamein grabs Yuanaan's royal crown and Silence's chef hat, then switches them so Yuanaan is wearing a chef hat and Silence is wearing a crown.)¶ Silence: (Looking at the crown she's now wearing) Uh-huh.¶ Yuanaan: You see my point?

Aha... here we finally see Silence's chef hat. She usually wears it, but I didn't put it in the earlier comics 'cause I didn't feel like drawing it. And yes, Silence (the Ruki) is a girl.

(Silence walks over to Banamein and hands him a neomail in an envelope.)¶ Silence: Looks like you got some fanmail.¶ Banamein: Cool! What do I do with it?¶ Silence: (walking away) Well, what do you think you should do with it?¶ (Banamein stares at the neomail for a moment, then tosses it into the air. He swings his scythe at the neomail and chops it into several tiny pieces that flutter to the ground.)

Silence: You're supposed to open it, you nitwit!

My apoligies to Deukes.

(Yuanaan is reading a copy of the Neopian Times when Silence walkes over.)¶ Yuanaan: Have you read the news?¶ Silence: Let me see.¶ (He hands Silence the newspaper. After reading for a moment, Silence sees Banamein haging upside-down from the ceiling.)¶ Silence: Have you read the news?¶ Banamein: Let me see.¶ (Silence hands Banamein the newspaper. Then she realizes that Banamein is trying to read the right-side-up newspaper while he himself is upside-down.)¶ Silence: Do you even know how to read?¶ Banamein: Sure! It says uin? s,?i???? ???'

You should see what it looks like when he reads on a merry-go-round.

(Banamein is fighting a shadow wraith minion in the battledome. Banamein holds up a butter knife.)¶ Banamein: Flee in fear... I have a plastic butter knife! (He takes a step foreward.) Charge!¶ (Banamein tries to stab a shadow wraith minion with the butter knife, but the wraith easily grabs the butter knife and snaps it.)¶ Banamein: Uh...¶ Screenshot text: You swing the Plastic Butter Knife at Shadow Wraith Minion! Oops! It broke, WOW that is a flimsy weapon!

Had a butter knife.

(Continued from last comic.) Banamein: You may have broken my butter knife, but at least I still have...¶ (Banamein flourishes his scythe.)¶ Banamein: ...this.¶ (Banamein slashes at the shadow wraith minion with the scythe.)¶ Screenshot text: and the winner is... Banamein!¶ (Banamein holds up the battledome trophy.)¶ Silence (from offscreen): Banamein! Where's the butter knife? I'm making lunch...

Banamein's scythe beats all opponents, hands down.

(Silence is preparing dinner while Banamein and Yuanaan wait.) Silence: (from offscreen) Aurgh! I can't figure out how to carve this meat!¶ (Banamein grabs his scythe.)¶ Banamein: I can help!¶ (Yuanaan grabs Banamein's scarf to hold him back.)¶ Yuanaan: Oh, no you don't.

Thanks for offering, but no.

(Banamein has socks stuffed over both his hands. He looks at Yuanaan.)¶ Banamein: Hey, check out my new sock puppets!¶ Yuanaan: Give those back right now!¶ (Banamein angrily turns away and uses one of his sock puppets to reply.)¶ Banamein's sock puppet: Talk to the hand.¶ Yuanaan: Sigh...

Well... this is from a neoboard incident where a user nicknamed Planty recognized Banamein and he stole Planty's socks. Planty eventually got their socks back, so Banamein stole their hat instead.

(Banamein walks over to Yuanaan and hands him a gift wrapped box.)¶ Banamein: I got a present for you, yer highness!¶ (Banamein walks away, leaving Yuanaan to contemplate the box.)¶ Yuanaan: Um. Thanks, what is it? Do I want to know?¶ (He tugs off the wrapping paper and Banamein pops out of the box.)¶ Banamein: Surprise!¶ Yuanaan: (dropping the box.) AUGH!

Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday! Happy Easter!

(Silence is calmly reading. She hardly looks up as Banamein walks past, smiling.)¶ Silence: Sure is quiet today.¶ Banamein: So I've noticed¶ (Banamein walks away and immediately a horrible gurgling scream erupts from offscreen in the direction Banamein went.)¶ Silence: (closing her book) Not that I'm complaining or anything...¶ Banamein (from offscreen): Oh, sorry.

Don't say things like that around Banamein!

(Silence is stirring some soup in the kitchen when Yuanaan bursts in. Yuanaan's fur is spotted with dark patches that look like fungus.) Yuanaan: Help! I have horrible growths all over my body!¶ (Silence calmly takes a bowl of soup and pours it over Yuanaan.)¶ Yuanaan: Huh?¶ (As the soup touches them, the horrible growths shrink and disappear.)¶ Silence: Who needs medicine when you have a cooking degree?¶ Yuanaan: I'm cured!

This is from April 1, 2011 when all your pets got a disease that gave them weird growths all over. One of the cures was to pour soup on them. O.o

You might notice that Banamein wasn't in that last comic. Let's try it again WITH Banamein...

(The setting is the same as last comic, but this time Banamein is hanging down from the ceiling and watching, unnoticed by Silence and Yuanaan.)¶ Yuanaan: Help! the horrible growths are back!¶ (Silence dumps a bowl of soup on Yuanaan, but this time the growths get larger and multiply, covering Yuanaan.)¶ Yuanaan: Augh! They're getting worse!¶ Silence: Who put poisonous jelly in the soup?

Ah, Banamein. We can't let this comic's humor get too optimistic, now can we?

(Yuanaan looks over his shoulder and sees Banamein walking towards him carrying a box of pins.)¶ Banamein: Hey, yer highness! Watch this!¶ Yuanaan: Hm?¶ (Banamein takes some pins from the box and pokes himself, voodoo-doll style.)¶ Scream from offscreen: EE-OUCH!¶ Banamein: It's long-distance acupuncture.

I'm getting good at drawing screams.

Yuanaan: Hello? Silence? Where are you?¶ (Yuanaan sees Banamein and walks over to him.)¶ Yuanaan: Do you know where Silence is?¶ Banamein: Um... Getting groceries?


(Continued from last comic. Yuanaan shakes his fist at Banamein.) Yuanaan: If you don't tell me where Silence is, I'll... I'll...¶ (The front door slams and Silence walks in. Yuanaan looks up.)¶  Yuanaan: Silence! Where have you been?¶ Silence: Getting groceries.¶ (Yuanaan glowers as Banamein grins at him.)¶ Silence: You okay?

Banamein is guilty of telling the truth with intent to deceive.

(Yuanaan and Silence see the word 'BEWARE' written on the wall in red.)¶ (Silence is nonchalant, but Yuanaan is terrified.)¶ Yuanaan: AUGH! The HORROR!¶ (Yuanaan looks closer at the wall.)¶ Yuanaan: ...Wait a minute...¶ (Yuanaan smiles.)¶ Yuanaan: It's just spaghetti sauce!¶ Silence: (suddenly looking ill.) Spaghetti sauce...? (She takes a step back.) AUGH! The HORROR!¶ Yuanaan: Chefs. I will NEVER understand.

What a disgusting waste of perfectly fine spaghetti sauce!

(Banamein runs over to Yuanaan, waving his arms frantaically.) Banamein: Yer highness! Yer highness!¶ Yuanaan: What is it?¶ (Banamein inhales deeply, grabs the neckerchief from around Yuanaan's neck, and sneezes noisily into it.)

Why do you wear a hankie around your neck if you never blow your nose into it?

(Continued from last comic. Yuanaan is standing still, looking at his neckerchief in disgust. It's still crumpled from where Banamein sneezed into it.)¶ Yuanaan: How does a plushie sneeze?

Quite well, apparently.

(Banamein, Silence, and Yuanaan are eating soup. Banamein is using his talent to 'teleport' into Silence and Yuanaan's soup bowls, much to their disgust.)

It says a lot about the Neopets website that there are a lot of official Neopian food items weirder than this.

(Yuanaan is talking to himself, nervously trying to convince himself that monsters don't exist.)¶ Yuanaan: I'm perfectly safe. Monsters don't scare me! Really, they don't! because I don't EVEN BELIEVE in MONSTERS!¶ Banamein: (from behind Yunaan.) Oh yes you do.

A little late for denial.

(Yuanaan and Silence are looking down the hall, anxiously. Banamein is standing behind them with a pair of cymbals.)¶ Yuanaan: It's quiet.¶ Silence: Almost too quiet.

5... 4... 3... 2...

(Yuanaan is standing by himself when a message appears.)¶ Message: 1 new neomail.¶ (Yuanaan catches the neomail as it flutters down from the sky. He opens it and finds Banamein's disembodied hand inside.)¶ Yuanaan: YAAA!¶ (He looks over to see Banamein standing nearby with his arm reaching into another neomail evelope, using his power to project his hand from this envelpe to Yuanaan's envelope.)¶ Yuanaan: Stop doing that!

Nothing like a handmade letter to brighten your day.

(Banamein stops Yuanaan in the hall to tell him a joke)¶ Banamein: Knock, knock!¶ Yuanaan: Who's there?¶ Banamein: Me.¶ Yuanaan: Me who?¶ Banamein: Me and a ravenous hoard of brain-eating Blechys are going to haunt you in your nightmares tonight.¶ (Yuanaan's eye twitches)¶ Yuanaan: If that was a joke, why aren't I laughing?¶ Banamein: It's funny 'cause it's true!

Due to an unfortunate homophone, Banamein is now hoarding brain-eating Blechys.

(It's should say "horde" not "hoard")

(Silence is in the kitchen, kneading bread dough. Banamein's hand suddenly appears in a mixing bowl.)¶ Banamein's hand: Boo!¶ (Silence looks at Banamein's hand and raises an eyebrow.)¶ Silence: As long as you're here, could you hand me the rolling pin?¶ Banamein's hand: Siiigh.

Why thank you, Thing.

(Banamein is inflating a balloon. After it's full of air, he pinches the opening so that the air escapes with a sceaming noise)¶ Balloon: EEEEEEE!¶ (Yuanaan is standing in the next room over, eyes wide with terror as he hears the screaming noise echoing through the castle.)

I'll take any excuse to draw an off-panel scream.

(Banamein is waving his scythe while chasing Yuanaan)¶ Yuanaan: I don't need a haircut!¶ Banamein: Oh, yes you do!

Cutting hair is just like reaping souls, right?

(Silence is reading a book when Banamein walks up to her)¶ Banamein: Hi Silence! Would you like a haircut?¶ Silence: No. (She closes the book) ...Because I don't have any hair.¶ Banamein: Ah.¶ (Banamein thinks for a while)¶ Banamein: Would you like your fingernails trimmed?¶ Silence: (Looking at Banamein's long stringy hair) If anyone needs a haircut, it's you.

Silence: 2

Banamein: 0

Banamein will not rest until he can make up for this comic.

(Yuanaan is darting around suspiciously, his eyes narrowed. He has his neckerchief pulled up over his nose, obscuring his face. Silence walks over to him)¶ Silence: What are you doing?¶ Yuanaan: I'm being stealthy. I figure that now Banamein won't be able to sneak up on me.¶ (Suddenly Yuanaan hears Banamein's voice, but he can't see where it's coming from)¶ Banamein's Voice: Sigh. You have a lot to learn, Grasshopper.

It's a Ninja Plushie Zombie Mynci!

(Yuanaan and Silence are looking at Banamein. Banamein is holding two scythes, one in each hand.)¶ Yuanaan: Why do you have two scythes?¶ Banamein: No reason.¶ Silence: Okay.¶ (Banamein watches as Yuanaan and Silence walk away. When they're far enough away, he flings the scythes at the same time, aiming one scythe at each Neopet.)¶ Yuanaan: (from offscreen) EEEE!¶ Silence: (from offscreen) YAAA!

Thanks for the neomail, wolvesaremylife1. Now Banamein has TWO scythes... how can we ever repay you?

Yuanaan: How about with a restraining order?

(Yuanaan walks up to Banamein)¶ Yuanaan: Want to play Kacheek Seek with us?¶ Banamein: Okay!¶ (Banamein runs offscreen before Yuanaan can explain further)¶ (Offscreen there is a shout)¶ Offscreen Neopet: EEEK! What is that THING?¶ (Banamein comes back onscreen_  dragging a Kacheek by the collar)¶ Banamein: I found one!¶ Kacheek: This is not really happening, it must all just be a very, very bad dream. So why can't I wake up?

Kacheek Seek: Your doing it wrong

(A Lutari wanders around the woods near Yuanaan's Castle, looking confused)¶ Lutari: Here I am in the Haunted Woods... it's dark, and I'm lost... I wish I could find some place to spend the night.¶ (Then the Lutari sees Yuanaan's Castle, and gets an idea)

New story arc! Let's just see how this turns out.

(The Lutari walks up the the door of Yuanaan's Castle and knocks on it)¶ (A moment later, Silence opens the door and looks at the Lutari)¶ Lutari: Hello, I-¶ Silence: (interrupting) Sorry, we have a butler now, so we're not accepting any more applications.¶ (Silence slams the door shut and the Lutari is left with nothing to talk to but the door)

The newcomer here is Elyolo, a Lutari owned by my sister ZC.

DO NOT ASK if your pet/petpet/fursona/what-have-you can be in one of my comics. The answer is no.

(The Lutari, whose name is Elyolo is still standing outside the door. He yells at the door, begging to be let in)¶ Elyolo: Wait Miss! Don't leave me out in this terrible forest! I am but a poor, lost traveller who seeks rest in the safety of this fine castle!¶ (Elyolo puts his ear to the door, listening for a response)¶ Elyolo: I hear laughing. Did I say something funny?

You're in the wrooooooong genre.

(In the castle) Silence: Welcome to the castle! I'm Silence, the chef...¶ (Elyolo shakes Silence's hand)¶ Elyolo: Charmed.¶ Silence: ...this is his majesty King Yuanaan...¶ (Elyolo shakes Yuanaan's hand)¶ Elyolo: Charmed.¶ Silence: ...and this is Banamein, the butler.¶ (Elyolo extends his hand in greeting, and starts to speak, but stops when he actually catches sight of Banamein)¶ Elyolo: Cha...

."Charmed"? More like "Cursed".

(Elyolo pokes Banamein, and Banamein makes no respose)¶ Elyolo: It's only a plushie.¶ (Elyolo pokes Banamein again, but still no response)¶ (Yuanaan and Silence flinch and cover their eyes in fear)

I just realized that I drew Yooyu and Silence doing "Speak no evil" and "See no evil"

That's the end of Banamein's comics (for now). Thanks for reading!

Q & A

Questions and Answers ...and no Dismemberments (we swear)

How do you pronounce "Banamein"?
Bah-NA-mine" with an accent on the "na". Though I didn't know that for like two years until Ami looked it up for me.

Just for the record, "banamein" is an Icelandic word meaning "cause of death." It was too cool a name to pass up, even if I didn't know how to pronounce it. I spent two years calling him "bana-meen.

Why did Banamein throw his scythe at his fan and shred his fanmail?
Because he's immature, inconsiderate, and waaaay too eager to hit things with his scythe.

You should paint Banamein with a Zombie Paint Brush.
There's three reasons I won't do this. 1) Myncis can't be painted zombie yet. 2) I can't afford one. 3) This way I can keep him as my active pet and scare people on the neoboards.

Can Banamein see out of his button eye?
*scratches head* Uh... next question, please.

I know that. What's your point?

Banamein is awesome, how did you make him?
Snips and snails and puppy entrails, that's what Banameins are made of.


Neomails and Disembodied Hands

If you send a neomail for or about Banamein, please tell me whether or not I can leave your username on. If you don't tell me, I'll leave you anonymous.

I have a complaint about Banamein. I want my hat back. ):C
My humblest apologies, Planty. I'll go speak to him...
Banamein: (looking at a huge pile of stolen hats) Er, which one was yours?

*jumps out from behind a bush and hands you a stone tablet...looks both ways...dives back in* You read the tablet and discover that it says: "I love Banamein!! PS: This is so that my fan mail does not get scythed and can be treasured forever *heart**heart**heart* ~lizzy_beth_750551

Message: 1 New Neomail!¶ (Silence looks up to see the message)¶ Banamein: Who's it for?¶ (The neomail, carved in stone, bonks Silence on the head)¶ Silence: It's for you.
And to think I used to be worried about getting paper cuts.

*sneakily hands you a letter* The letter says, "I love your Banamein comics! You should always keep making them. " *paints self invisible to avoid any scythes that may or may not come flying towards me* ~athena_thegoddess
I'll keep making 'em if people keep reading 'em. By the way, painting yourself invisible doesn't mean you can't get hit by scythes... }:D

You are a great artist. When I tried to draw him just to see if I can mess up my own drawing, (I'm HORRIBLE at drawing and I was bored) it looked like Lupe. It also looked like a girl. O.o I was like, "Yay!! I messed up another picture! Now all I need to mess up is Mona Lisa...." (Um...You didn't hear anything about messing up Mona Lisa) *hands letter to you in private, so Banamien won't come and shred the paper up* ~wolvesaremylife1

Many still wonder at the mysterious smile of the Bana Lisa

Just waaaiiitt a minute.... YUANAAN IS A BOY?! He looks sooo much like a girl. o____________o Now about a months worth of knowledge on Yuanaan is ruined. Pfff.
He must be a bishounen or something.

Banamein is awesome!!! Because Banamein is so awesome, I got him.... A THIRD SCYTHE! Except this one is pink! *huggles Banamein* *ducks beneath the Scythes* ~taylorrulez353123
Wow, just what he needed. How can we ever thank you enough?

Now that Banamein has three scythes, he's going to juggle them.
It's like the Carnival of Terror, part 2.

I'm a huge fan of banamein and his comics! I think I'm going to give him a fourth scythe, but in green! That way he can juggle three and have one in his tail, ready to strike! Keep up the great work! Hugs from Neko ~maneki_neko

Silence: We can't let you do that,Neko!¶ Yuanaan: Yeah! Giving another deadly scythe to that monster could mean our DOOM!¶ *awkward pause*¶ Silence: Actually, it's just that a green scythe would throw off our red/black color scheme.¶ Yuanaan: ...right.

*gives Banamein his favorite movie ever and whispers to you* That's not really his favorite movie. It's a 5 year long forever looped My Little Pony DVD. *jumps in bush as Banamein inserts movie* ~cyrusryan

Five years later: the castle residents learn a new meaning of fear...¶ Banamein: Hand me the CHAINSAW, Pinky Pie!

More to come...

Banamein's artworks:

Banamein is fairly cheerful, he is almost always smiling eerily. He looks like a creepy plushie. He is made of a white material patched with grey. Stitches mark the edge of his patches. He has stringy grey hair that hangs down over his face, but does not obscure his eyes. His left eye is large and sunken with a blood red pupil, his right eye is a big black button that's been sewn to his face. He has a pair of white feathered wings on his back. He wears breeches and a black tunic, the tunic has a white X drawn over his heart. He also wears a scarf around his neck and bracelets on his wrists. On his tail and right wing are loose ribbon-like wrappings. He carries a scythe that is about the same height as his shoulder. The blade is well sharpened.

By wolvesaremylife1

Banamein: Why does my scythe look like a banana on a stick?

By Pacmanite

Banamein: I'm off to hit things with my scythe! I'll send you a postcard!

By Vivi

Banamein, you're looking so creepy today it's almost cute...

By Jesse

Banamein: Is the picture done yet? Can I stop holding still yet? Can I look?

Uh, no. You'll need to stand still for a couple more hours at least.

By Tinkor

We didn't get any presents that Christmas, and I'm convinced it has something to do with how Banamein stayed up waiting for Santa.

By Cat

Banamein: It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snoooooowiiiinngggg!!!

By Nestly

Stop running while carrying sharp objects!

Banamein: Hey, Bookkeeper! If you drew art like this, more people would visit my page.

We don't need more people visiting your page. You ego is bloated enough as it is! x.x

By Lucky

Nice. I know you have a scythe... so stop waving it in my face. *ducks scythe*

By Under

Banamein: Ahahaha! I've got art! Look at me!

Random things that don't go anywhere else:

For those of you who've always wondered how the Banamein comics would look in color... thank you, Katrina.


Because some of you, for some reason, want to come back to this page. Are you guys out of your minds?!

The nightmare you forgot.
Banamein's comics

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