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Scratchcard Guide!

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Beat up Kasuki Lu in the Battledome!

Difficulty : 38
You get him by looking at his collectible card.
Weapons he has:

Exploding Pizza Pasty | Ice Scimitar | Kasuki Lu Chucks

Kasuki Lu Sai | Kasuki Lu Sword | Life Giver

Red Clockwork Grundo | Trident Of Poseidon

Go to idb.finalhit.org for the stats of these weapons.

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NOTE: you can only scratch FIVE scratchcards a day per kiosk.

Lost Desert Scratchcard Kiosk

Lost Desert Kiosk
Hover your mouse over an item to see it's name.


Lost Desert Scratchcards

Scorched Treasure Scratchcard

Coltzans Cash Scratchcard

Suteks Riches Scratchcard

Geb Gajillionaire Scratchcard

Bagguss Bonanza Scratchcard

Sandtravaganza Scratchcard

Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk

Race to Riches Scratchcard
- 2,500np
- 5,000np
- 10,000np
- Snowballs
- Quiggle Toy

Terror Trove Scratchcard
- Level Up
- 2500np
- 5,000np
- 10,000np
- Snowballs
- Quiggle Toy

Faeries Fortune Scratchcard
- Level Up
- 10,000np
- 5,000np
- Snowballs
- Random Artifact

Peak O Plenty Scratchcard
- 50,000np
- Rare Artifact of Terror Mountain
- Level Up
- 10,000np

Icetravaganza Scratchcard
- 50,000np
- Rare Artifact of Terror Mountain

Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcard Kiosk


3 Spooky Foods


Evil Snowballs


Level Up

Mutant Plushie

Blood Grub, Melting Mirror,
Moehog Skull, & Nimmo Finger



Crypt of Chance Scratchcard

Undead Jackpot of Doom Scratchcard

Festering Fortune Scratchcard

Mutating Millions Scratchcard

Pustravaganza Scratchcard

Rotting Riches Scratchcard

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