Brook was my very first pet- not just on this account, but on Neopets in general. When I deleted my old main account, because I was gathering up too many, I transferred her over because I couldn't bear to leave her. Brook was named after Brook Where Small Fish Swim from the Warriors series, because I really love that series, and was obsessed with it at the time. I still pretty much am. :) Now that you've learned her literal history, if you keep reading, you'll learn about Brook's own history- her life and where she came from.

Quick Stats

Name: Brookwithsmallfish
Age: 21
Born: 27th of June, 1990
Nicknames: Brook, Fish, Brookums
Hobbies: Dancing, running, anything active, and cooking
Hair: Light blonde, with darker highlights throughout
Eyes: Light amber


Rude: Brook tends to act like a spoiled little princess. She likes to get her own way, and she usually gets angry when she doesn't. This tends to annoy people, as they want their way as well. Brook is also judgemental. She doesn't take kindly to new people at first, unless they are as wonderful as her anad her roommates, Azliy and Gzl.

Mischievous: There is nothing that Brook loves more than creating trouble! It's born into her practically. Her mother and father loved to create trouble, as brook does, and it seems to rub off on their daughter. They've taught her to watch herself, as to not get in very much trouble, but sometimes her control on herself slips.

Happy: Even with her other quirks, Brook really is a kind and generous creature. She isn't usually mean, and likes to (eventually) make friends. She enjoys everything- from the sun to he butterflies, from the oceans to the winter snow. Brookwithsmallfish loves to see the weather change, and she does just what makes her happy- which is, everything.

Loud: This is for sure- Brook sure is loud! She can talk a mile a minute, not taking a breath to speak or letting the other person get in a word edgewise! She enjoys conversation, because as everyone knows, kougras are very social. Brook knows a lot of different quirky things- and she likes to let others know that she does.


Brookwithsmallfish's family is middle-class. She grew up as most others did, with enough to eat, the occasional treat, and public schooling. But that's around where the similarities end. She is a phenomenal singer and a great dancer- her signed her up for voice lessons and ballet school when she was very young, and she still does voice lessons, for she loves to sing- but ballet was too much work, with the watching what you eat and the competition between people. She wanted a life where she could choose what weight she could be at, not just letting others dictate what it should be. She graduated at the top of her class- Valdectorian at Faerieland Central High School. When she was young, about 8 years old or so, her family packed up and moved from Tyrannia, where she was born, to Faerieland, where she has lived ever since. She made many friends there, and now attends one of the Neopets Ivy Leagues- Krawdraik University, where she rooms with two others- Azliy, an aisha, and Gzl, another kougra. All three made fast friends, and have roomed together- now in a small house- ever since.


Azliy was given to me, as a gift, by a very good friend. Her name was Chaly, and she was ever so amazing! She was looking for a good home for a few pets, and I volunteered to take in Azliy- and boy am I glad! Azliy is just a darling. All baby pets are cute, but I especially liked baby Aishas- they look so happy, and I just couldn't resist her :D So Chaly gave her to me, and I've had her here, on this account, ever since.

Quick Stats

Name: Azliy
Age: 20
Born: 18th of April, 1991
Nicknames: Azzie, Lee-Lee
Hobbies: Writing, Shopping, Reading, Diving
Hair: Blonde (almost white) dyed light blue underneath.
Eyes: a greenish-blue, like the carribean on a summer day


Shy: Azliy is very closed off to other people; she is afflicted with crippling shyness, the poor girl. She can hardly stand to answer questions in classes, and is made fun of often, as she is so embarassed to do so. When she stands up to andswer a question, little Azzie stutters and can hardly answer the question.

Kind: Azliy can't resist helping others in need. She is always willing to lend a hand, and dry tears or give a few kind words. She doesn't like to see others cry, and will do all she can to help you be happier. She doesn't look lightly upon hurting others, and is a good doctor- hopefully she would be, as that is what she was studying to be.

Helpful: As said before, Azliy will help anyone with whatever hey should need. She thinks that if there is someone who could ever need help, there should be someone there helping. She's reliable, and will always be there when you need her. Azliy is always on time, no matter the hour- she'll drop everyting to come help her friends.

Optimistic: Azliy could see the light in a black hole. She thinks that there is anything wrong, always something good will eventually come and replace it. Life is full of things that seem like they are bad- but in truth, there is always a silver lining. In everything. She'll help anyone who needs it to find that silver lining- and be sure, when Azliy is involoved, that Silver Lining is never far away.


Azliy grew up practically in a doctors office. She always had weak health, so she was homeschooled so she could go to the doctor whenever her frail health required it. Eventually, it was discovered she just had a very bad, prolonged case of pneumonia- so, she was given the correct antibiotics and eventually got better. Since then, she's been absolutely infatuated with the idea of improving the world's medicines, and has a degree in Medical Sciences. She's working at one of many clinics currently in Fyoraville, Faereieland- for as most people know, it is a very, very, very large city- and is working her way quickly up their chain. Soon, she hopes to be the head doctor, and someday move to one of the cities hospitals.


I created Gzl on a day when a lot of the Pound Purge pets' names were released. I originally created her to be traded off, but after a few failed attempts, I began to get attatched to her :) I soon acquired a ghost paint brush, and I painted Gzl accordingly. Then, I created a board to help me decide how her name is pronounced. First, I just said it how it is- by the letters, G-Z-L. Then, a kind person suggested that I call her Giselle (pronounced Gahz-elle)- Just like the Gazelle that runs across the african savannahs, or so I'm told. The name stuck, and she became my little girl as well :)
As of December 14, 2011, Gzl is now a speckled kougra. I was looking through the pets, deciding a new way to paint her, and thought that specked kougras were really pretty, and I thought she would be perfect to be painted that color!

Quick Stats

Name: Giselle
Age: 21
Born: 29 October, 1990
Nicknames: G, GZ, Gizzy
Hobbies: Swimming, gymnastics, eating
Hair: white
Eyes: A pretty gold.


Touchy: Gzl is a very, very touchy pet- even for a ghost kougra. She doesn't take any kind of criticism well, and quickly takes offense. It's not a good thing, and she knows it. She is hot headed, so she replies in a rage to anything that could sound like criticim about her or about something she did.

Abrasive: Gzl isn't a fun character to be around- she isn't mean, per se, but she isn't kind either. She says stuff how she sees it, and isn't afraid to say if she finds soemthing unsatisfactory. She generally rubs people the wrong way, unless you're as close to her as Azliy and Brook are- then she's a good friend, and defensive of you.

Critical: Gzl takes great pleasure in pointing out what's wrong with things other people do and what they say. It's nothing personal to the person themselves, she just isn't a kind character. She has only a few things there can be no wrong with, no matter what a person says- Herself, her friends, and Team Krawk Island. She absolutely loves the Altador Cup, and competes furiously every year.

Competitive: Gzl is a very athletic person- she is good at practically every sport she tries, and made the all-star team for YooyuBall and the KrawDraik Swim Team. She hopes to some day become a professional Yooyuball player, and she practices every day, waiting for Krawk Island's professional team to find her.


Gzl came from a horrendously rich family: her Grandfather was a very wealthy diamond mine owner, and amassed millions before he died, early in 2004. His diamond mines are still prosperous, and the money keeps coming in to his family- his only son married Gzl's mother, and the diamond mines passed down to him and her accordingly. Gzl's parents were never home when she was young- she went to a private school, and was far wealthier than any other child in her class. The only friend she had was her nanny- a kind old rainbow kougra whom she called Val, for her nannie's name was valerie. As she grew, Val tried in vain to help her become much different than her family, but Gzl was bitter, with the attention she never got from her parents. Her parents only came to one of her Yooyuball games, and they left early at that. Val still comes to visit once in a while, and it is the only thing she looks forward to, more than the Altador Cup and Christmas.