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Updates: 7/2/11-Back from a very long break...added some new ones and redid the page

Custom Petlookup Information
Well first off, thanks for coming to my petlookups page! :) Second, thanks x100 if you decide to use one! However I do realize that many people love their pets so very much and want a petlookup (PL) that is specific to them. So because of this I've decided to do custom PL's for users, however there are some rules (in no particular order);

  1. Please read: Right now out family is moving some things around our house so many of the older requests I received neo has deleted, so please note that I might not be able to get to requests for a little while. Everything below still applies.
  2. They will look like the ones below; I'm doing custom ones because they don't take as long as userlookups do so if someone wants something crazier with divs and such it will take just as long and therefore I won't be able to do as many.
  3. I will do one pet at a time, so please don't neomail me asking for one for each pet on account A and then three for account B, etc. I'll do one at time :)
  4. I'd like to keep them as related to neopets as possible so just keep that in mind :)
  5. Ok I lied, this one is important; Please only neomail jedigrl31 with requests, I know this is a side but I am on her regularly. If you nm my main with pet lookup requests they will be deleted with no neomail telling you why. I get way too many neomails on my main so I want to keep better track of these :)
  6. Give me about 3 days before you neomail me again. Three days should be more then enough time for me to log on and see your request.
  7. Not too many crazy rules right? Ummm lastly I reserve the right to say no :D. If you're being mean/rude/ignorant, I will simply delete your neomail :) I've only ever had to delete like 4-5 peoples neomails so I don't see this coming as a real problem :).

Movie Themed PL

Image coming soon

Neopets Themed PL

More coming soon.