[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43524.

Testing, testing. Ahh, perfect. This is Azaku reporting. I've recently been assigned Chief Engineer aboard The SS Ares. In two days, we are going to depart for the Andronicus star system, a recently discovered area of space approximately 14 light-years away from our home planet. We are hoping to establish a mining colony.

As per protocol, I will continue to update my log with new information and photos.

[end recording]

[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43601.

The journey to the Andronicus star system is half underway. There has been nothing significant to report. The SS Ares continues to function perfectly.

[end recording]

[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43609.

We have briefly paused our journey, as we have discovered a previously unknown planet, which we have temporarily named EXO-51C. I have attached a photo of the planet. A basic scan of EXO-51C suggests that it is hospitable, with a mass and atmosphere similar to our home world. However, at our current distance, we have been unable to conduct a detailed scan.

For research purposes, we have been debating sending a space explorer vessel to EXO-51C's outer atmosphere. I'm in favour of the side mission.

[end recording]

[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43611.

We've finally come to a decision – we're going to briefly delay our journey to the Andronicus system, and send a space explorer vessel to EXO-51C's atmosphere.

I've volunteered my services, as my job as an engineer means I am familiar with the controls of the space explorer vessel. I'm going to conduct a detailed scan of EXO-51C's atmospheric makeup, the structure of the planet surface, and whether there are any signs of life on the planet.

[end recording]

[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43613.

[log recorder malfunction]

[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43613.

I've scanned the space explorer, but haven't found the cause of the latest equipment malfunction. I will keep running diagnostics.

[end recording]

[begin recording]

Chief Engineer's Log, Stardate 43613.

The earlier equipment malfunctions appear to be the result of magnetic storms on EXO-51C's surface, which are interfering with my equipment on the space explorer vessel. If the storms worsen, I will have to discontinue this side mission and return to The SS Ares.

[end recording]

[begin recording]

[log recorder malfunction]

[log recorder malfunction]

[beep, beep, beep]

[log recorder functioning]

Testing, testing --
[begin recording]

Finally! This is Azaku speaking. I have crash landed on EXO-51C while performing the routine data collection mission. I've only sustained minimal injuries, but the space explorer has been damaged. At the present time, I am unable to leave the planet.

As such, I urgently need to know the atmospheric makeup of this planet. While the first scans of the atmosphere suggested that the air is breathable, further tests are needed. If the air is toxic, I estimate that I will run out of my oxygen supply in approximately two weeks...

While the scans are running in the background, I've managed to repair my electronic log. I've been attempting to contact The SS Ares.

Can anyone read me?

[end recording]

[begin recording]

I have been stranded on EXO-51C for several days now. At this stage, I have good and bad news. The good news is that I've finished my tests on the atmosphere, and can gladly report that the air on this planet is breathable. I've taken off my space suit to save the remaining stored oxygen for other purposes. In addition, I have been able to locate food and drinkable water within walking distance to the space explorer wreckage, where I have made shelter.

The bad news is that I haven't been able to explore further. I have heard large creatures prowling around my shelter at night, and I won't risk venturing further into their habitat without knowing what they are. I've managed to take a blurry photo of one of the creatures...

[end recording]

[begin recording]
It's hard to provide an accurate answer, but I estimate that I have been on EXO-51C for approximately one year now. When I first crash landed, I assumed that I would only spend a few days on the surface of the planet before I was rescued by The SS Ares crew.

I assume that The SS Ares never received any of my distress calls, as the electrical frequency of EXO-51C's atmosphere appears to disrupt transmissions. As such, I am undoubtedly assumed dead by my crew, who would have continued on with their original mission. Regardless, I have been working on re-calibrating my equipment so that I may attempt making contact with any other ships that pass through this sector of space.

However, I can't rule out the possibility that I may never be rescued. While I have worked out which food is edible and where to get fresh water, this planet is dangerous. It is populated by flesh-eating alien and plant lifeforms that pose a serious risk to my well-being. I am also running dangerously short on medical supplies.

In case I never make it off this planet, I have made a log of my personal background information, and have provided detailed information about all I have discovered. My report is as follows:

[ Name ] Azaku (Az ▪ Ah ▪ Koo)
[ Alias ] Az
[ DOB ] 14th July
[ Age ] 23
[ Gender ] Female
[ Species/Paint ] Alien Aisha

[ Personality ]
ENTJ ("The Commander") || Neutral Good

Azaku is a highly-skilled pilot and engineer serving in the Galactic Aeronautical Agency. Like all those serving in the agency, Azaku is intelligent, hardworking and loyal. In addition, Azaku is incredibly resourceful and adaptive, allowing her to survive on a hostile alien planet. While she has often been pushed to her limits, she's managed to bounce back and continue making repairs to her space vessel.

[ Appearance ]

Azaku is completely furless, with a body type similar to a sphynx cat. Like this breed of cat, Azaku is susceptible to the cold, and has had to avoid exploring the icy poles of EXO-51C. A further disadvantage of her lack of a coat is that her exposed skin makes her more likely to acquire scratches and other injuries from the undergrowth of EXO-51C's plant life.

However, Azaku is fortunate that she has incredible eye sight. Her three eyes give her excellent short- and long-distance vision, as well as a wide field of vision, allowing her to avoid predators and easily find food. Azaku also has antennae, allowing her to sense vibrations in the air. Her eyesight and antennae have given her a strong advantage in surviving on EXO-51C.

This creature is a monstrous cross between a wolf and a lizard. I've called the species "serpopards", after an ancient mythological creature. The serpopards have six legs and eyes, making them formidable hunters. Fortunately for me, they are nocturnal and extremely sensitive to light. I have been able to avoid them by lighting a fire at my campsite or sticking close to the bioluminescent plants.

I've also named this creature after myths regarding monstrous man-eating birds, known as "stymphalian birds". Luckily for me, these particular birds are carrion eaters and don't pose me a threat. In fact, the stymphalians have been useful in alerting me to the presence of the serpopards, as well as helping me in locating fresh water supplies.

These orange mushrooms ("boletus aurantiacus") have become the staple of my diet over the last year. They have a disgusting texture – sort of slimy – but taste similar to potatoes. Unfortunately, I lack any ingredients to properly season them. I can't wait to have proper food again!

These alien flytraps ("dionaeare muscipula") will actively try to eat whatever gets close to them, grabbing their prey with their tongue. I would avoid them, but the digestive acid in their stomach makes good medicine. I've been able to recalibrate some of my equipment to administer an electric shock to stun them.

At first I thought that these giant mushrooms ("prototaxites") would be useful as a type of shelter. Unfortunately, they release some sort of chemical that causes extreme drowsiness. I can't risk falling asleep outside of my camp, not with the serpopards lurking around. I try to avoid these.

Both the blue ("hyacintho herba") and purple ("purpura herba") grass are harmless, bioluminescent plants. Once plucked, they continue to glow for a few hours before fading, so I've been able to use them as a lightsource. The serpopards avoid areas with these plants, so I feel safe with these around.

I estimate that it has been approximately one year since I first crash landed on EXO-51C. I'm limited in my explorations of the planet due to scarce resources, including water, as well as the different environments. However, I've made my best attempt at recording my surroundings.

I'm most familiar with the forest I crash landed in. As detailed in my previous log, this forest is home to a range of deadly plants and animals. However, the forest has also been the best place to find shelter, food and water. The rest of the planet seems rather barren in comparison.

To the north east of my campsite, the land becomes desert. I've attempted to explore this area, but there is limited water available and I can only carry so much with me. However, I make frequent trips to the outskirts of the desert, as the strength of my radio transponder is greatest here. So far, I don't believe anyone has heard my SOS.

To the south of my camp exists the ruins of a large city. Whoever or whatever lived here were a technologically adept species, as I have found advanced computer equipment. I've been able to use some of this for my repairs. I wonder what happened to the people that lived here...?

When I first crashlanded on EXO-51C, I thought the worst things about this planet would be the deadly lifeforms and flesh-eating plants. I was wrong. The worst part of being here is the loneliness...sometimes I feel so lonely that I can't even eat, and all I can do is cry myself to sleep...

After being on EXO-51C for approximately eight months, I came across an injured serpopard. He was missing several limbs and had been blinded. In what was probably my most reckless decision yet, I decided to nurse the serpopard back to health and keep him as a companion. I named him Chomper, after all the times he has tried to bite or eat me. Chomper isn't a real substitute for the company of my own kind, but it is nice to not be so alone...

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  • thank you kikki298 for capturing Az so perfectly!

thank you so so much dry_oasis for the incredible gift!!

It's been almost a year since I crashlanded on this planet, and so far, no-one has heard my SOS message. However, I refuse to give up! I'm holding out hope that a passing ship will hear my message.

Speaking of which, it's almost morning, which means that the serpopards will be retreating from the sunlight. I'm going to head out now and try to send another message. I've recently re-calibrated my equipment to send a stronger signal, and I think this time I will be able to get through to someone!

Wish me luck! This is Azaku, signing out.

[end recording]


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