What is Restocking?

Before we get into the details of how to restock you need to learn the basics, restocking is stocking from neopia shops and later selling those items for profit. No restocking will not come to you right away. You need to be patient, yes I know how hard it is to be patient with restocking. I started restocking for a hobby, and found out you can actually make very good np doing it. So don't get stressed out, don't give up, don't get frustrated, it will come to you, you just need to learn a technique that works for you! There is many different restocking styles. I will have a couple peoples restocking styles in this guide so you can get an idea of where to start. Remember, all us restockers have been there, we've all bought that item for 10k worth 200nps. Its a learning experience, and my goal when you start restocking after reading this guide is you will have an idea of where to start. I always tell myself profit is profit, so even if I made 1K on an item, I made a profit. Don't forget, I am always here to guide you if needed, feel free to neomail me with questions

Before We get started with the basics I need to clear a couple things up, shop keepers say they stock every 8 minutes or so, I wish. They stock at complete random, and since the JS take over shops also clear randomly and stock 8 rows instead of 4. I'll explain more later once we get into the "checking bans" area of this guide, for now. Lets get down to the nitty gritty basics


RS: Restock
K: thousand (Such as 10k = 10,000)
UB: Unbuyable (you can not buy it on the shop wizard or super shop wizard, it must be bought through either trading post or auctions)
HTS: Hard To Sell
ETS: Easy To Sell
SW: Shop Wizard
SSW: Super Shop Wizard (premium members only)
TP: Trading Post
RF: Refresh
NH: No Haggle (did not receive the haggle page, went straight to sold out)
GH: Got Haggle (got to type haggle but after clicking pet went straight to sold out.)
MH: Mishaggle (to haggle lower or higher then you wanted to.)
OT: Over Tab (switching to another shop before realizing your shop stocked, and having to go back to the original shop)
OR: Over Refresh (refreshing you shop again after it restocked but you didn't notice)
HPD: Half Price Day (every 3rd day of the month all items in neopian shops are sold for half their normal price)(This is the busiest day of the month)
R##: Rarity ## (the higher the number, the rarer it is, usually)
ABer: Auto-Buyer (you will see lots of veteran restockers on boards complaining about ABers, it is wrong to use an Auto-buyer to restock and its against the rules, but some people still like to try.)

Account Age Restrictions

If you are a newer account, you will not be able to see all items stocked, this system goes by your age. The older your account gets the rarer the items you can see, I know how aweful it is not to see higher rarity items, but that does not mean you can't make a profit you still can! Below I have listed the account restrictions for you :

Which Shop do I choose?

First I need to clarify, there is no right or wrong shop! Every shop has something profitable and every shop takes practice, and patience to learn what items are profitable and which are not. Deflation is very high, items that were 800k now go for less the 99k. Its frustrating but you need to learn to adapt. The shop you choose depends on your comfort level with restocking. Beginner, Intermediate, Hard, Expert all will be listed below and this is my personal opinion. Other people may not agree and may do something different, this is from my own personal experiences.
Bare with me, I know this guide is long and probably boring, but before I get into what to look for in "some shops" I want to list which shops are good for each type of restocker
NOTE: Click on images for link to shop


In these shops you will need 20k-150K for restocking




Snow Shop







In these shops you will need 100K-300K for restocking















In these shops you will need 500K-1Mil for restocking











In these shops you will need Well over a Million for restocking. Some Draik eggs stock for over a million





Buying an Item

I know, you want me to jump right into what items to stock and how to make profit right away. Well you need to learn the nitty gritty basics first. This is the part of restocking that can be the most intimidating, irritating and annoying part. Buying and item, haggling. Praying you got it first. So here, i'm going for Pressurized Water. No it is not profitable I took the screenies of this to give you an idea of what you need to do. Click on the item.

Are you sure you want to buy this? Absolutely sure. What I do here, is hit the enter key or space bar to go straight to the haggle screen. I do this because moving my mouse to click the button just takes that much longer which may cost you the item. I'll explain my hand positioning a little bit further down in this guide but for now; Basics.

Haggling is one of the most irritating things about restocking. However there is many ways to go about haggling which I will explain shortly. It is so easy to push one extra number or one less, and miss haggle. Usually costing you the item. This takes practice, this does not come right away it will take you time to get used to haggling. You will start with 1 Number such as in this case I would have done '1111' once you get the hang of the one numbers you will move on to more impressive and much faster things. The pet image, oh man since the JS take over and the lovely lag that came along with it the pet images can really break you. Sometimes they don't load fast enough costing you the stock, which isn't the end of the world but if you are on a R99 stamp worth 40mil, it gets frustrating. Now don't miss the pet if you don't click the pet it will make you do it again, costing you precious time and usually your item.

The shop keeper accepted your offer! When you see this you will get a bit of a rush and joy inside especially if you stock your very first UB. You usually remember what your very first UB was to. Mine was a Speckled Kau Morphing Potion. This was before the crazy deflation of course.

You wont get every single item you try to buy, its just the way it is unfortunately. There is plenty of people restocking the same time as you and someone can beat you to it. Don't worry keep trying. But this is what that screen looks like, just go back to the shop and refresh again until a new stock comes


First I want to clarify there is many different ways to haggle, and each takes time to learn and everyone does something a little bit different. Some people use the number line to haggle, some people use the number pad.

Keep in mind while you are learning haggling and how to buy items, you want to be able to haggle and locate the pet in the box below at the same time, yes it takes practice but it makes it that much faster

Repetition Haggle: A repetition haggle is where only one number is involved in haggling, you see something stock for 10K, haggling '9999' will get your the item. Haggles do not have to be exact just close to the originating number. say a draik egg stocked for 1MIL, you could haggle '999,999' this is the easiest for beginners but try not to cling to it to long, its also the slowest form of haggling, due to there only being one number involved you can't press 1 number 6 times, as fast as I can do 6 numbers in a row. This is a great starting method, but once you get the hang of it, and can locate the pet at the same time, its time to move up the ladder to the next step of haggling.

Two Step Haggles: A Two step haggle is where you start with one number but finish the rest with another number. Such as '1555' or '98888' personally I don't like these haggles I've never used them, i find them uncomfortable to do and I tend to overhaggle more often. But if this works for you, give it a try, see how you like it. It works well in those times when you have and awkward stock price such as '129885', some people like to go '122222' in a time like that.

Exact Haggles: I never really understood why anyone would want to do an exact haggle its awkward to stretch your fingers in some positions for those haggles and its not as fast. An exact haggle is when an Item stocks for 10K you haggle '10,000' or if something stocks for '2366' you haggle '2366'. I really don't recommend using this method of haggling.

Alternating Haggle: This is one of the most common haggles used in restocking, personally I never liked it mainly because I use the number line to restock rather then the number pad. this haggle consists of 2 numbers such as '5656' or '12121'. It is very common for people to actually push both numbers at the same time to get the haggle it takes practice but it is possible.

Row Haggles: This is by far my favorite way to haggle, it is the only way I haggle now, however it is the hardest to learn and can be extremely frustrating at first. It works best when you are using the number line rather then the pad, the number pad makes these sorts of haggles awkward. What I mean by a row haggle is '34567' its also know as a "step ladder haggle" this haggle is the fastest most efficient haggle, but don't think you can just start with it. It takes time to learn not to over haggle or panic when doing it.

Haggling isn't rocket science, it is however almost like and art form, usually most people have there own signature to haggles. Such as mine are never a straight step ladder haggle I always have a double number at the end, i don't know why, its just how my fingers work. My haggles look like this '34565' or '876587. This is what works for me personally. However start out with something simple and alter it the more you get the hang of it, once you find what you are comfortable with you wont even have to think your fingers will know what to do.

Restocking Styles

Kris' Restocking Style (Moonlitennight)

HAGGLING METHOD: Row haggling such as 34565
DO YOU ZOOM: I zoom out to 75% so I can see all rows at the same time, gives me a better view of items stocked
Left - Middle finger on F5, 3 fingers on number line ready to go, thumb on space bar to get to haggle page faster
Right - on mouse
Reasoning - I prefer using F5 rather then the shop keeper because I like my screen to stay at the bottom of the page.
Reason- Because I taught myself to restock on a laptop.
Pros - faster with row haggles, don't get the numbers mixed up
Cons - sometimes your fingers have to really stretch
Which shops do you like to stock in: Magic, Stamps, Coins, Shells, Usuki, Merifoods, Royal Potionery, Defense Magic, Battle Magic, Booktastic Books
HOW MANY SHOPS DO YOU STOCK IN AT ONCE:Depends, I usually start is 7-9 right after a clear but as shops fill with junk i move that tab over and don't go back in there until a new clear.
Do you prefer to go for smaller profit items or high end ubs: I prefer UB's its a big accomplishment, but I do always say profit is profit!
WHY: I like to screen shot my Ubs to keep track of my accomplishments
Favourable time of day to RS: 6PM - 4AM NST

Matt's Restocking Style (woofie_leo)

RESOLUTION: The one that is suggested for both my monitors.
VISIBILITY: Zoomed out to see all rows
Left - mouse
Right - keypad
Reasoning - Easy to re-assign to a different key and I feel as its faster
Reasoning - I keep everything altogether and next to each other.
Pros - in a compact area.
Cons - Have to remember where the keys are, which still gets me.
Which shops do you like to stock in: Collectibles (stamps, shells, coins)
Do you prefer to go for smaller profit items or high end ubs: Both are cool, but High ends.
WHY: More of a profit, and more of an accomplished feeling.
Favourable time of day to RS: 2-6am NST.

Lauras Restocking Style (sweetlaroo)

Haggling Method - Whichever buttons are closest together repeating
Visibility - Zoom out to see more depending on my mood
Position - Right
Refresh using -shopkeeper
Using -number row (because I don't have a number pad or I'd use that)
Shops - Grooming, Bakery, plushies
Lower profit - because they are always there and profit is profit. Plus that's how I tend to refresh my page
Favorable time - Time that I'm not awake anymore 12am NST

Nicks Restocking Style (quigglypook)

Haggling Method: Number Row so either repetition like 37377 or combinations like 45656 or 12323. Larger number haggles would be something like 123123 or 345345
Visibility: Zoom out to ~75% to be able to fit in 8 rows onto the screen at once
Reasoning: Number Row because it allows me to change shops more conveniently with Ctrl 1, 2, 3
Shops I stock in : Defense Magic, Battle Magic, Magic, Toy, Plushie, Shell, Stamp
I usually go for the larger items because I get lazy to sell small profit items in my shop, but lately I've started to pick up the ~10k+ profit items too.
Time of day: Around midnight NST onwards because that's when I'm free ;p

Checking Bans

Bans are much like restocks and clears as they are random. There is come rumors that state it depends on how fast your refresh and how often, also how many items you buy. You can get banned in 6 hours you could get banned in 5 minutes. Bans can last anywhere from 12-36 Hours, so in the mean time that is good time to sell all your items you stocked, or catchup on some avatar games. Refreshing ever 3-5 seconds is a bit of a safer bet to avoid getting banned to quickly. I also find if a shop has 8 rows of junk, don't keep refreshing put it aside and focus on shops without junk.

How to check if you are banned

I usually self check, which is what I am going to show you how to do, otherwise post in your guild, or a restocking board asking if anyone has a shop with items in it for you to check. If there are no items you are banned.

the page is blank when I refreshed!

Now I always have more then one shop open at a time, so if I refresh and see that its empty I will go over to a shop in the tabs I know that just had items in it.

Click on that item, now two things can happen. If its sold out, then it was a clear

However if you can still buy that item, and you press back to shop and the shop is clear still you are banned.

Getting to know Items

Lets spend some time getting to know items. What I mean is i'm going to teach you how to get to know whether items are profitable or not by using Jellyneo. You will learn from experience but this will give you an idea of what to look for if you are stocking in a new shop.

First thing I do is go to Jellyneos Shop Directory

I know, its not quick and you want quick and easy. Here is the thing, restocking is not quick and it is not easy. It takes patience and work, and can be extremely frustrating at times. But I am trying to show you tips and tricks to make it just that much easier.

This is what you will see if you click on the link above

First thing you want to do is fill in the search, bellow I have shown you how I filled mine in.

When you click search these are what shows up, it also lists the prices they sell for (these prices however are not always precise, they are close but not exact)

Here is what takes time, there is lots of items here, what do you aim for? Well there is both small and large profits in this shop, so I'll show you 3 items bellow and there restock and selling cost. All you do to get to that page is click on the item you want to research.

This one has a very small profit, I usually avoid it due to the fact that this price can fluctuate alot

This one is a better profit, still buyable but you make a good amount from it. Only problem is you can only get this item with the 'Black Market Boon' given out for the obelisk war we have weekly. Now the hard part, this boon is only given out if you joined The Sway or Awakened and that team was successful at winning.

This item has a way better profit margin, but its rare to stock, and you have to be fast. But do you understand there is many different ranges of profit? From small to large.

Profitable items

I will be listing profitable items here for a few of the shops, I wont list them for all shops as it is way to many items and the page just wont load. Each shop will have a small profit section, and a large profit section. Small profit being anything under 100K, large profit being over 100K. If you would like me to add other shops please neomail me with the link at the top of this page.

Kayla's Potion Shop

Small Profit Items

Cooling Balm
of the

Essence of


Potion of


Jar of
Forest Earth


Potion of

Illusens Forest Essence

Twisted Potion of Strength

Thera-peutic Swamp Water

Meridellian Potion of Defence

Jar of
Elixir of Levelling

Kaylas Super Special Potion

Energising Elixir

Large Profit Items


Potato Potion

Strength Serum

Kaylas Golden Brew

Faerieland Books

Small Profit Items

Faerie Tales of Escape

Sunny Faerie Days

Light Faerie Spells

Faerie Gardens

In the Dark

Air Faeries of Neopia

Make Your Own Faerie Gift Baskets

Faerie Spelunking Tips

Faerieland Clouds

Faerie Fire

Building Igloos with Taelia

Secret Faerie Diary

The Magic of The Healing Springs

Large Profit Items

Fountain of Youth

Hidden Tower Secrets

Mystical Surroundings

Small Profit Items

Xandras Library Background

Tyrannian Concert Hall Background

Outside Desert Arms Background

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background

Magma Falls Background

Moltaran Workshop Background

Fireworks Background

Creepy Cave Background

Jhudoras Bluff Background

Magma Pool Background

Mysterious Forest Clearing Background

Chocolate Ballroom Background

Broken Stained Glass Window Background

Jar of
Fyoras Room Background

Large Profit Items

Creepy Darigan Citadel Background

Underwater Background

Brightvale Books

Small Profit Items

The Water Mote

Inspiring Potential

The Humble Semicolon

Brightvale Books Catalogue

History of Unwise Neopians

The Age of Knowledge

Bridges of Brightvale

History of Wise Neopians

Wisdom of the Wise

Dark Tales of Bogshot

Brynn A Biography

Interesting Dungeons

Book of Pretentious Quotes

The Looming Winter

Wise Quotations

Lengthy Quotations

Large Profit Items

Adventures of Young Hagan

Waking the Draik

Alchemy Lessons

Food Shop

Small Profit Items

Valentines Negg

Cupid Negg

Clam and Meatball Pizza

Shell Lollypop

Chocolate Kau Milk

Cheddar Kacheek Cheese

Kau Ice Lolly

Cheese Rigamaroll

Cookie Negg

Turkey Dinner

Cybunny Carrot Stew

Purple Negg

Twin Salad

Raspberry Sundae

Pumpkin Bread

Caramel Chia Parfait

Snot Fries

Chocolate Covered Toffee

Deceptive Soup

Meerca Bolognese

Roast Chestnut Neggnog

Unripe Puntec Wrap

Mosaic Negg

Swirly Chocolate Milk

Mynci Fruit Kebab

Slorg Biscuits

Deceptive Soup

Lime Swirly Negg

Green Negg

Cheesy Kois


Fried Something Something

Happy Birthday Negg

Thistleberry Sandwich

Lemon Swirly Negg

Super Icy Negg

Nimmo Day Fruit Cake

Orange Negg

Flied Rice


Techo Jelly Surprise

Chocolate Shoyru Meatball

Kau Waffles

Welsh Rarebit

Mynci Surprise Ice Cream

Swirly Negg #498

Ornate Purple Negg

Turkey Drumstick Dinner

Vanilla Neocola

Beef Wellington

Blue Negg

Glass Negg

Pink Negg

Watermelon Roll

Fruit Tart

Chocolate Ice Cream

Maple Syrup Negg

Yellow Negg

Decorative Negg

Partitioned Negg

Sweet and Sour Negg

Ultra Icy Negg

Deluxe Peophin Burger

Purple Carrot

Flotsam Fin Soup

Rock Negg

Exotic Plant

Waffle Burger

Ultimate Icy Negg

Battle Duck Negg

Petpet Crac-kers

Breakfast Cake

Apple Juice Sippy Cup

Ruki Salad

Purple Cybunny Negg

Raspberry Jam

Tasty Guacamole

Lutari Fizz

Speckled Negg

Green Ham

Chokato Neggnog

Asparagus Borovan Lasagne

Steak Negg

Peanut Dash Stir Fry

Peppered Salmon Dish


Super Icy Custard

Wocky Plum Pudding

Noil Candy Floss

Stuffed Chokatos

Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk

Square Meat

Flower Nectar

Fire Carrot

Cheesy Krawk Dip

Puntec Parcel

Squibble Berry Sandwich

Meerca Apertif

Raspberry Toffee Apple

French Toast PB&J Sandwich

Heart Shaped Negg

JubJub Coconut Juice

Seawe-ed Flotsam Burger

Buzz Sandwich

Extra Fancy Cr-ackers

Funnydew Neggnog

Bacon Taco

Grey Waffles

Le Sausage

Peach Jelly

Starry Scorchipepper

Zeenana Toffee Apple

Large Profit Items

Blue Picnic Hamper

Lenny Salad

Fun Icy Cheese Pop

Deluxe Elephante Cake

Evil Popcorn

Cheesy Carrot Chunks

Container of Purple Liquid

Black Caviar

Chocolate Coated Holey Cheese

Chocolate Coated Tangy Cheese

Honey and Bacon Burger

Lawyerbot Degreaser

Mega Pipper Sandwich

Tchea Toffee Apple

Mega Tuna Sandwich

Bangers and Mash

Grey Toast

Starry Cupcake

Carrot Crown

Steak Surprise

Upside Down Ice Cream

Baby Elephante Milk Bottle

Cheesy Chocoshake

Christmas Pattern Negg

Cybunny Day Canape

Fire Apple

Island Meatloaf

Purple Picnic Hamper

Rainbow Negg

Wocky Steak

Flaming Tuskaninny Ice Cream

Mega Manoroot Sandwich

Acara Ice Cream Surprise

Bag of Peanuts

Cheesy Chokato Pie

Fried Negg Sandwich

Rainbow Apple

Rainbow Neggnog

Tigersquash Custard

Uni Salad

Jalapeno Kacheek Cheese

Watermelon Maraquan Shoyru

Fancy Rack of Lamb with Fruit

Ice Apple

Red Picnic Hamper

Pizza Sandwich

Fall Leaf Salad

Illusens Family Recipe Cake

Chilli Salmon Souffle

Cheesy Strawberry Slice

Glowing Apple

Mutated Negg

Strawberry Taco

Black Currant Juice

Grey Eggs and Bacon

Pretty Purple Princess Negg

Pirate Negg

Happy Anniversary Negg


Blue Cybunny Negg

Kadoatie Biscuits

Illusen Negg

Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings


Puzzle Fruit

Candy Floss Carrot

Egg and Tomato Sandwich

Mega Sandwich

Diet Big Gulp Neocola

BLT Croissant

Chain of Onions Strings

Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese

Big Gulp Neocola

Rainbow Cybunny Negg

Jelly Negg

Collectable Sea Shells

Small Profit Items

Streaked Maractite Coin

Coronet of the Deep

Maraquan Skeith Maractite Coin

Enameled Peophin Brooch of the Deep

Blue and Gold Tube Shell

Diadem of the Deep

Large Maractite Coin

Purple Twirly Shell

Tiny Golden Shell

Large Profit Items

Purple Spiral Shell

Maraquan Draik Maractite Coin

Royal Orange Cowry Shell

Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell

Exquisite Peophin Ring of the Deep

Anklet of the Deep

Golden Shell

Choker of the Deep

Floral Maractite Coin

Black Market Boon

The Black Market Boon is every restockers dream, it restocks R88+ items but it highlights those items so you can see them faster. This boon is exclusive to the Sway, and sometimes Awakened, Awakened boons are random. I will list all the items that the boon stocks bellow.
There is so many rumors that come along with this boon, first these items are exclusive to this boon, I believe that its true, I have NEVER seen these items stock without this boon. Others also say that the war is rigged for The Sway to win, and there is more. However that is not true, the reason Sway wins so often is they have the best boons and lots of people pick the sway and battle till there hands bleed for the boons.
The titles of which shop each item is in, is a link directly to that shop

Black Market Goods
Shopkeepers don't offer their finest goods to just anyone, but there's something about you...

Post Office

of Spectral Magic Stamp

Lucky Coin

Alien Aisha
Myriad Stamp


Talek Stamp

Magical Bookshop


Towel Folding


Go Home

Kau Plushies

Pop-Up Book

Butterfly Book

All Is



Lenny Book

Pteri Tales

The Lupe


Plushie Palace

Quiguki Girl




Chia Plushie

Robot Kau

Golden Bori


Mystical Surroundings


Concert Hall

Pink Hearts

Stained Glass


Desert Arms

Collectable Coins


Collectable Scarab

and Yellow
Collectable Scarab

Collectable Sea Shells

Diadem of
the Deep

Maraquan Draik
Maractite Coin

Dazzling Blue
Mussel Shell

Booktastic Books

The Handy
Guide to Neopian Domination

Neovian Printing Press

Crude Map of
Haunted Houses

Neovian Petpet Shop


Collectable Cards

the Nomad


King Hagan of

Battle Magic


Battle Duck

Battle Duck

Screenshots of what these items look like when they stock

Shop Directory

Food Shop





Magical Books

Collectable Cards

Battle Magic

Defense Magic





#16 Healthy Food



Tropical Food

Tiki Tack

Grundos Cafe

Space Weaponry

Space Armour



The Rock Pool

Spooky Food

Spooky Petpets

The Coffee Cave

Slushie Shop

Ice Crystal Shop

Snow Food

Faerieland Books

Faerie Food

Faerie Petpets


Tyrannian Food

Tyrannian Furniture

Tyrannian Petpets

Tyrannian Weaponry

Huberts Hotdogs



Lost Desert Food

Peopatra's Petpets

Sutek's Scrolls

School Supplies

Sakhment Battle Supplies

Desert Pottery


Ye Old Petpets


Haunted Weaponry

Spooky Furniture

Winter Petpets

Jelly Food

Kiko Lake Food

Kiko Lake Furniture


Petpet Supplies

Space Books

Kreludan Homes

Cafe Kreludor

Kayla's Potionry

Darigan Toys

Faerie Furniture

Roo Island Souvenirs

Brightvale Books


Brightvale Glazier

Brightvale Armoury

Brightvale Fruits

Brightvale Motery

Royal Potionry

Music Shop

Desert Medicine


Maracite Marvels

Maraquan Petpets

Geraptiku Petpets

Desert Food

Desert Arms

Words of Antiquity

Faerie Weaponry

Illustrious Armoury

Altador Food

Magical Marvels

Altador Petpets

Plushie Palace

Wonderous Weaponry

Exotic Food

Remarkable Restoratives

Fanciful Fauna

Chesterdrawers' Antiques

The Crumpetmonger

Neovian Printing Press

Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors

Mystical Surroundings

Lampwyck's Lights

Cog's Togs

Molten Morsels

Moltaran Petpets

Moltaran Books

Spring Things


I've waited 8 minutes why hasn't my shop stocked?

Shops stock at completely random times, there is no set time for shops stocking like there is for kad feeding. So patience is needed.

What are good shops for me to stock in?

Check out my what shops to choose portion of this guide and it will give you an idea of where to begin.

I've been restocking in toys for a week, and I want to move into magic? Do you think I am ready?

No, Magic is one of those shops where you need lots of practice before entering you can't just enter magic, with repetitive haggles, or not having experience with getting a good amount of UB's. It is a very competitive shop, most lont time Rsers have been in there for years and you will not stand a chance quite yet. But keep practicing.

I know there aren't set times for the restock in shops, just like kads, but is there some sort of system in place for times, or is it completely random? If completely random, do you just sit and refresh every couple of seconds for hours?

Yes it is completely random, so you do have to sit around and refresh shops every few seconds for hours, its very tedious.

If you would like a question answered and added to this FAQ, please neomail me.


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