As you wander around Faerie Land... you come across a patch or clouds, that aren't the perfect marshmellow white as the others. But a light shade of poo brown. You slowly make your way across them... feeling like you aren't supposed to be here. Just then a dark brown figure of a Eryies lands next to you. You think, "What kind of neopet hangs out at this dump?" As the figure approuches, you see that it is a brown Eryies... with gleaming yellow eyes.

Eryies: Hello there visitor... I'm Axmi the owner of these brown clouds.

You: H.. hi! ^_^ I didn't mean any harm to your pootifu, I mean beautiful clouds.

Axmi: They are a beauty aren't they. You came here to find me? Some people have been doing that these days. Either way... get on my back, and I will show you around. So what is your name?

You: guest...

Axmi: guest, off we go!

-|About Me|-


Name - Axmi (Ax)
Age - 129754 (19ish in roleplay)
Gender - Male
Living thing -