Hello there! My name is Jackie and I see you have stumbled upon this page. Well this is the webbie about the guild, Neopets Escape. Here you will find all of the information there is to know about us. Now let me explain the guild in a nutshell. We are an established neo-related guild that bases rank off of how much you chat. We are also private and we also want to strive to maintain a family-like atmosphere, as well as help each other out with goals. You can join us on either your main account or a side account. If you do join us on a side account, please remain active within the guild. If you are also joining us on a side, please let me know if you want to participate in our account improvement and provide your main's username. If you want to know if we are a good fit for you, I will share our stats. Here are the current stats of the guild as of 11/6/2018:

Page Views: 1972652
Members: 33*
Messages: 166708 (missing 80k+ deleted early in 2013)
Founded: 08/04/2010

*We have back up side accounts for council only. Most of our members are on daily, so there is a community feeling. If you need to take some time off, let council know. We are flexible with our members if they notify us ahead of time We do hope that you consider joining us. Do not let anything overwhelm or deter you. We do admit we have our active periods and our inactive periods. But that means we are busy in the real world and we understand that. It would not be held against you. I will tell you that if you are going to be gone longer than three months and you did not tell us, we have to remove you. If you know you are going on a very long hiatus, please let us know. The max time we will let you go without posting is six months. Council will decide if you can continue on. Since I mentioned that we are a well established guild, why not find out what our history is and then go on to our mission that our guild strives for and continue from there.

A Brief History

On August 4, 2010, two friends, Jackie and Christine decided to create Neopets Escape as a place to escape from the real world and to help members with achieving goals. Pretty soon, word got around and more people began to join the guild. Throughout the history of the guild, the leadership changed a few times but Jackie stuck through it all. Along with Jackie, she runs things with Star, who has been with the guild since June 2013. Each member is special and unique to the guild. On April 1, 2013, an unnamed user (to prevent harrassment), hacked into the guild system and removed everyone but Jackie from the council as well as a couple of special members who were on hiatus. Luckily Jackie caught the hacker in time, removed him/her, and restored the guild back in order. The guild bounced back and proved that no matter, the guild will stand by one and another and no one breaks up the family. Bre creatively came up with the guild slogan: WE ARE STRONG, AND WE WILL ALWAYS CONQUER! NE IS A FAMILY AND WILL NEVER BE TORN APART!!! No truer words could ever be spoken about the guild. The guild was created to be a family and to always be there for one another.

Just so you know, we do offer a sub-council and there are opportunities to join sub-council when the opportunity arises. But enough of the history, in truth, what speaks well of who we are is our testimonials. These testimonials will show you how we have treated other guild members and their time within the guild. You will see current and former members tell you of their experience at Neopets Escape. And in case you do not believe us, here is what one of our members had to say about our guild. This should give you a good chuckle or two (you can drag the image to the top to see a bigger image):

Our Ranks

Baby Shoyru

Welcome to the guild! This is your default rank. Please introduce yourself to the other guild members as soon as you join. This is a great place to meet some new neofriends and get to know all of us. Please post within 24 hours after joining. If you have not posted within the time limit, we will be removing you from the guild. You also have two weeks to complete your portfolio. It will show us who you are and the progress you have made in the guild. As a new member, you are not eligible to participate in guild auctions until you reach the next rank. It is also important that you reach 10 messages before your first week is over. Failure to do that will have you removed.

Disco Chomby

Congratulations! You have achieved your first rank. You earned this rank by posting over 250 messages and you are earning a lot of badges now, which is making your portfolio page stand out. Great news! You can now participate in the guild auctions and you are now on my neofriends list. Another guild benefit, you can start being lent some avatar items. Keep up the great work!

Starry Draik

Wow! You are really impressing us now and you are really making a big difference in the guild. You have posted over 750 messages and you are making a lot of friends and you are able to tell others about the guild. By around this rank, you may be considered for subcouncil^, since council looks at who is helping people out in the guild. Please keep doing what you are doing.

Chocolate Usul

You have achieved the highest rank in the guild! You have achieved this rank by posting well over 1500 messages, make any and all new members feel welcomed, and have helped us out with some recruiting (this does not necessarily mean you have recruited an actual member but you bumped our recruiting boards). Your portfolio is just bursting with badges, you have posted all of your member items in our member hub, and you are making a difference in the guild. At this rank, you will also get the invite privilege but you must still have whoever you invited send me their application. Continue being that shining star to the guild.

Faerie Kacheek

This is reserved for those that have been elected to subcouncil. In order to be considered for Faerie Kacheek, you must be at least a starry draik in the guild, been with us for at least three months, helped with recruitment, and done something to capture the council member's attention. The members at this rank have been heavily discussed within the council and these are the ones who have been awarded a little bit of admin: invite privilege, board monitor, and calendar monitor. These members are also in charge of helping council out and some may be application reviewers. While being elected to subcouncil is pretty exciting, please know that there are a ton of responsibilities that come with it. Also, just to note, council's side accounts are at this rank.

The Rules

Here are the rules for the guild. Please note, we take these rules seriously.

  • NO DRAMA. We do not tolerate drama of any kind. Depending on the severity of the situation will determine if you remain in the guild. That will be a council based decision.
  • BE SEMI-LIT. We would like our members to be at least semi-lit and have posts longer than five words. If we find you using chat speak, you will be given a warning first. Second offense will be a two day suspension and a third offense will be a permanent removal from the guild. Smilies, brb, lol, and u are okay but tAlKiNg lyke d1s is NOT allowed.
  • ACTIVENESS. In order to continue your membership in the guild, we recommend posting weekly but if you are really busy, a monthly posting will suffice. If you know you are going to be busy for a long time period and possibly going on hiatus, please inform Jackie and give an idea of how long. If you are going to be gone longer than three months, we would like to know ahead of time. The maximum time you can go without posting is six months before being removed. We do have guild cleanouts every month, so please stay active in order to stay with us because we care about our members. Also, if you have just joined us and you have not posted at least 10 messages within the week you joined us, we will remove you.
  • None of the following will be tolerated within the guild: cheating, stealing, excessively begging, harrassment, only joining the guild for "free stuff", and creating multiple accounts to join the guild. If we feel you are doing any of these things, we will remove you from the guild. The same can be said if you criticize the guild for any decision. Our council is solid and we work cohesively to make the guild better for you.
  • 1np auction rules: a) you must be a disco chomby or higher and on my (princessdiva7737) neofriend's list. b) DO NOT BID NO MORE THAN 50 np IN ONE BID. c) If you are found going over the limit in one bid, you will be: suspended from the guild for 2 days and removed from my friends list for at least two auctions. Do not risk it. Auctions are for fun, not price gauging. If you have any more questions, please direct them to me or any council member.
  • Trades: Sometimes we have trades for fun. Remember that you must: a) posted over 175 messages. b) BID ON ONLY ONE TRADE. If the person who has trades says you can grab more than one, you may do so if and only if the person says so. Enjoy our events and have fun during these times.
  • HAVE FUN!!! Please play with integrity. Make friends here and have fun. What is the point in being in a guild without having fun or making friends? We want you here and we hope your experience with us is a good one.

  • What to Expect

    What you can expect from the guild is a community that embraces you and welcomes you. You will expect a group of people with varied interests, different backgrounds, and going through different periods in their lives. What we as a guild expect that you embrace us as we embrace you. We do talk a lot about things on neopets, our opinions on our accounts, and get to know each other with what we do in real life (but please keep it neo-appropriate). You can also expect a fairly active chat board at various times throughout the day. While we do have our moments of quiet time, we do have our active periods too. The best times for the chat is either in the early morning hours and in the late afternoon/early evening. We do have account improvement activities to help you with improving your account. We call it The Improvement Zone because you are working on improving your account. We have members who do have some expertise but we also want to help guide you to the right direction. If we cannot help you out, we give you a guide or lead you to place that can help you with that specific improvement. A lot of us are neo-veterans and we can help answer any and all questions you may have. This also ties into our mission as a guild.

    Our Mission

    Our main mission is to help other guild achieve their goals and make new friends. We really love to chat. Most of us do have lives outside of Neopets, but at the end of the day, we like to chat with one another. When we talk about helping each other in achieving our goals, it means we either help one another out, do an avatar lend, or give advice on how to get on top of your goals. The good thing about Neopets Escape is that you do not need to have X amount of avatars, stamps, KQ tokens, etc to join. I do not look at that when advertising to a potential guild member. What I see are people looking for a guild to call home. But there are some small requirements that we do ask for our potential members. We ask that you are at least 16+, mature, and your account is at least 1 month old. If you are either close to 16 or your account is nearing 1 month old, we do ask that you talk to us. Sometimes we might make an exception, but that is up to me and my council. If you have created a new account but lost access to an old account, still talk to me. If you hand me an application, I will forward it to my council and we do discuss about whether or not to send an invite. We also ask that you are very serious when sending in your application. We welcome everyone into our guild but we also want to know that you are serious about calling Neopets Escape your guild home and take what we have seriously.

    Now account improvement seems to be the trend nowadays for guilds, but Neopets Escape does it's best with helping out with improving your account. Currently, we have members that can give advice and tips on how to improve your account. We have just introduced our improvement zone page. If you choose to participate, we will put you in a bracket and give you challenges to improve your account that concur monthly. We even have a badge system to show your progress on your account and there will be more added as there are more things added to the site. Even the improvement zone has it's own set of badges. So there is always a way to earn something cool for your portfolio. And yes, there are four elusive and secret stamps you can earn. I will tell you if you have earned one or all of those badges. Notice I mentioned a portfolio. Well, before joining, we would like for you to have a portfolio ready. Why is that? After a guild survey in 2015, it was determined that this would be a good thing and we determined that this is the best way to show off who you are as a person. It is a place where you can talk about you, your pets, and show off those cool badges. We will give you at least two weeks within joining to put together a portfolio#. Now if you have issues doing that, have no worries. Jackie has created two different portfolios for you to use on the guild graphics page. These portfolios will be viewed in our newly created, members hub.

    #: If you are unable to do HTML, please address your concerns with council and we will work it out with you.

    Now as for friendships, that is what makes the guild perfect. We strive to be a friendly and welcoming environment that embraces all Neopians of all ages. We also hope to help answer all of your questions regarding things on the site. You are welcomed to see our portal by clicking here. Just hover over the image and you will see what it is.

    What We Expect of You as a Member

    As a guild, we expect that you are active as a member. We understand that if you have a real life situation that pulls you away from neopets, let us know. We understand and we are there for you. We hope to see you chat with us, even if it is once a week. We would also like to see you get involved with our activities and we hope to see you improve your account. It would be great if you gave us all of your stuff for the members hub at your earliest convinience. If you need help with a portfolio (please read below what we expect of you from it), let me know. I will be happy to either make you one or you can use one my premade ones located here. We also expect that you came to the guild to not only gain great friendships but a wonderful neo-family experience. We also ask that if you have any feedback or ideas, you let myself and Star know. We love improving the guild and we also like making it pleasant for our members. If you have any questions, just neomail our council.

    Why Join?

    Well what guild does not offer things to its members? At least with Neopets Escape, there is no shortage of that. Here is what we will offer:

  • 1 np auctions (must achieve the rank of disco chomby or higher to participate)
  • Fun Activities (includes Disney activities, neopets activities, and movie night fun)
  • Avatar lending (some restrictions apply)
  • Adoption Agency
  • Custom graphics
  • Active chat (especially at night)
  • Active and friendly members
  • Special events
  • Members hub
  • The Improvement Zone
  • Many more perks after you join!

    We do like to get ideas from our members and hopefully there will be more to share in the near future. One thing not mentioned is a member cap. After much deliberation from a guild survey (yes, we do those from time to time) and a guild poll (which proves we like the input from our members), we have decided to have a member cap of 50 members (it would be a bit higher due to council side accounts). The member total will be at 55, so that while we may be a bit large, we are not overly large and can be a tight knit family.

  • Portfolios

    So, you see we asked you about providing a portfolio when we asked you to join the guild? Well, let us break it down for you. It is essentially a page that describes who you are as a person, talks about your neo life, and you can add these nifty badges that we have made to show your guild progress and account progress. You can talk about your pets, what your goals are, and add any screenies if you want to. It is all up to you on what you put in. We add them to the members hub and other guildies can get to know who you are as a person. Now, if you do not know how to do HTML and it is complicated for you, we understand and we will make exceptions. Unlike some other guilds that makes having a portfolio mandatory, here it is not but we would prefer that you did have one. As a guild, we can understand this. If you are new to neopets and you would like to learn, you can visit the Neopets HTML guide and it explains how to do everything. If you would like a custom portfolio page, just neomail me and I will make one for you. Just give me some time as I am a student and I do work four days a week but I will make some time out to make you your portfolio. If you want to see an example of a portfolio, just check out mine. Just note that it is a lot that I has put in for myself. Yours does not have to be as long but it is your choice. If you need to have the exception be made, please neomail me within a week of joining and talk to me. It never hurts to try but we understand. Happy portfolio-ing and may we all get to know you better!

    Meet Your Council

  • princessdiva7737: She is the founder and leader of the guild. This leader is obsessed with usuls, usukis, and the color pink. Currently she is in charge of the avatar lending page, a few activities, and making the guild a better place. She works with her council members on keeping the guild running smoothly. Ideas and submissions are sent to her. princessdiva7737 likes to be called Jackie on the message boards.
  • x_starr: She is a co-owner of the guild. This co-owner loves shoyrus, chocolate chip cookies, and reminiscing about good things from the 90s. She helps recruit for the guild, helps with event planning, and a guild guide for us. She will help with the welcoming of new members and also help newer members with their goals by offering advice and tips and/or directing them to the right place. She is also in charge of the dream pets' page, our adoption agency, and our wishing well page. x_starr likes to be called Star on the message boards.
  • danielthekent: She is a co-owner of the guild. The co-owner loves blumaroos and lupes, a mother of six children, works with her community, and has been a dedicated member to the guild and recently earned her spot. She helps by posting daily puzzle solutions and the crossword puzzle solution. She also helps with giving advice to new members. danielthekent likes to be called Gail on the message boards.
  • allyboba21: She is a co-owner of the guild. This co-owner is crazy about lupes and gelerts, has two adorable doggies, and has an ecclectic taste in music, tv shows, and movies. She is very kind and welcoming to our new members, bumping our recruiting boards, and runs a monthly activity with puzzle games. She recently earned her council spot and has shown dedication to the guild. allyboba21 likes to be called either Ally or Alex on the meassage boards.

    Meet Your Subcouncil

    They are listed in no particular order, but they have a purpose. They help out with recruiting, guild counseling, and breaking ties in council votes. The sub-council is council nominated and there is an unlimited number of who can join. For now, only five members will be nominated but we look to expand in the near future. Here are our current subcouncil members:

  • awbeewell
  • darkladydragon

  • Apply to Join

    Well now that you have done all that reading comes the fun part. You are now applying for an invitation to join our family. Why the application? It lets us know who you are before sending out an invite. Please give us 24-48 hours to review your application. Sometimes it is less time than that, while other times, we need the max time. If you have not heard anything from us after 48 hours, please feel free to neomail us again. Most of the time, I will send you an invite and forward your app to council. We carefully review applications and determine if you will be a good fit for the guild. You are welcomed to make your application in a petpage, but please put a disclaimer that you were not forced to make one and that it was your choice. We thank you for your time and we do wish you luck in your guild search (although we hope it is over when you apply to us!). Thanks for applying!

  • Username:
  • Name you prefer to be called:
  • How old are you?:
  • How long have you had your account?:
  • How were you referred to the guild?:
  • Why do you want to join Neopets Escape?:
  • Are you joining on a main or side account?:
  • What might possibly cause you to be inactive for a time period?:
  • Are you able to provide a portfolio?:
  • What time(s) are you on Neopets? (NST time please):

    Thank you for your time and interest in Neopets Escape. If you have any more questions, please feel free to neomail me (princessdiva7737) or any other council member. You may also contact the following people:

  • princessdiva7737 (Guild leader, 1st in council)
  • x_starr (Co-Owner, 2nd in council)
  • danielthekent (Co-Owner, 3rd in council)
  • allyboba21 (Co-Owner, 4th in council)
  • awbeewell (Subcouncil member)
  • darkladydragon (Subcouncil member)

  • Credits

    Layout and coding done by Star for ~Neopets Escape~.