Ri's Portfolio

Hello, and welcome to my portfolio! I'm Ri [resplendencie] and this little portfolio of mines functions as a place where I can organize all my goals, accomplishments, pets and other scattered scribbles and thoughts all in one place. You may find all sorts of interesting (and maybe random) information about me here so feel free to explore!

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Work on Precision's petpage

Work on Cherue's petpage

Work on Mickey's petpage request

Open Layout Request Site

Fully customize Zelci

In a Nutshell

The Basics

Name: Ri
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: May 8
Timezone: Pacific Time (NST)
Main: resplendencie
Hobbies: Ballet (en pointe!), graphic designing, baking, reading and chatting away with friends (RL and on Neo) ♥

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • I'm friendly :3
  • I always look at the glass half-full
  • I'm creative.
  • I work hard and always put 110% into all that I do
  • I have a temper.
  • I can be impatient and judgemental
  • I tend to poof a lot. D:
  • I'm a perfectionist (this can go into both...?)


  • Books: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling; the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins; the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

  • Colors: Since it changes on a weekly/monthly basis, I'll update it. Currently, it's WHITE. It's so neat, simple and clean.

  • Ice cream flavors: VANILLA. Mint Chocolate Chip. Rainbow Sherbert ♥

  • Cupcake flavor: Red velvet. -yum-

  • Clothing Articles: Denim shorts and tanks.

In Depth

Ri. She's an aspiring designer and artist from the west coast (USA). She has a love for coffee, vintage, photography and crafts. She'd love to go to France, visit the Italian countryside, get lost in the busiest streets of London and find her Romeo in Verona. She's seventeen and running away to Paris with her dreams.

Who am I?

I'm a high school student (a junior to be exact) living in Southern California and after high school I plan on majoring in Pharmaceutical Science before enrolling in pharmacy school to become a pharmacist.

I have one younger brother, zero pets, and a great weakness for Starbucks Hazelnut Frappucino.

I'm huge nerd, as I spend nearly all my time reading, studying or hanging around Neo. C: I have a huge love for all things related to coffee and my dream vacation would be in Paris.

I have outbursts of creativity (like Pushkin and his Boldino autumns) and its during those where I probably create my best layouts and graphics c:

I love gifting and I especially adore designing layouts and graphics for others so my future goal is to open a graphic request site!

Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world...

My Neofriends

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
- Linda Grayson.

Jamie is one of the first few friends I made on Neo C: I met her back when she was the owner of an AC based guild, Elysium! Amazingly kind, generous and friendly, she's one of the nicest people I know. She was the one who motivated me to start working on my avatar count and I'll always admire her pretty avatars.
Krystal is the Thing 2 to my Thing 1 and the peanut butter to my jelly. I love the way she collects Halloween themed items and the beautiful customization on her pets. She's generous beyond belief, great fun to chat with and she will always be my twin sister, no matter what. She's done so much for me especially with helping me rebuild my account.
I met Kat when I joined TNP and she quickly became one of my closer friends. I constantly admire her artistic talent and I love stalking her character petpages (Dreaming of the Raem, especially) and her art page! She's fun to chat with and I always smile when I see her on the TNP guild boards.


Recorded in order from newest to oldest c:

Birthday present from Krystal! Thank you so much!

My first wish ever granted! -cheers happily-

Morphing & painting Aurie

My first ever win at Fruit Machine... o.o

Thank you, Krystal!

Thank you, Krystal!

You spoil me...

You are too generous for words, Krys!

Love from Jamie, literally! She sent me 14 bottles! -cries-
24 codestones from this girl! -faints-


July 12

Can you believe another month has gone by? I feel as if June has just started! Hm, these monthly blogs are becoming quite the regular, I think. Recently, I've had quite the obsession with macaroons. -waves towards icon- I even requested a macaroon themed button for my portfolio! (It's absolutely gorgeous, by the way.)

On a slightly different note, I've hit quite a slump when it comes to my Neo-goals. After the AC craze, I've put off getting back on my Neo goals for...quite some time. Somehow, I'm not that motivated to work on avatars, trophies, customizations and the like. Argh. I guess it's nice to take a little break now and then. But hooray on attaining All-Star for the first time! C: There's a positive note in my Neo goals.

However, I do have a new inspiration for graphics. After browsing through the site community and admiring all the beautiful work that button makers, layout designers and artist do...I've been tempted to open a layout request site. I'm still uncertain of my ability to keep up with creating layouts all the time, but I am thinking of giving it a serious shot. As it is, I've offered up my graphic skills in my guild so I've gotten two new projects! A character page base for Kat and a family page for Mickey. We'll see how those pages turn out. Maybe after doing those I'll be opening requests to strangers?

June 8

Another month, another blog post! It's June and you know what that means? That's right, RI IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER! -cheers-

RL-wise, my summer plans involve cheer practice (CHEER CAMP AT THE END OF THE JULY!), volunteering at the hospital and completing assorted summer assignments at school (-groans-).

On Neo, however, my June goals revolve mainly around the - that's right - THE AC! -throws confetti in the air-. This is my first time playing the AC and I've taken upon the task of attaining All-Star rank! I've also joined TEAM ALTADOR. To be honest, I was alternating between Shenkuu or Altador then I looked at my username and somehow figured that I looked more suited for Altador. Resplendencie → resplendent → the sun → Altador (?!). That was basically my thought process....

I also recently joined The Neo Project (TNP), a guild focused on account-improvement and portfolios! TNP was where I originally got my inspiration for creating a portfolio and I'm excited to be apart of this guild I've admired for a while.

And now...for a little reflection. As I look back on May, I realize I haven't accomplished many Neo goals. RL took up much of my time during May as I was buried under school projects, final exams and such. But...June will be all about getting that All-Star trophy!

May 2

Hooray for my first blog post! It's been a while since I first started this portfolio and I'm quite proud to see how far I've come. While coding this layout, I've experimented with fonts, tables, color schemes and all sorts of coding that I've never done before. It's been a project in learning and I think I can say this is my favorite layout I've ever made (even if it has no graphics)!

It's now May and as I look back on April, I'm filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I reached 250 avatars on April 2 and brought Shalie home (on May 1st) after trading my shadow draik for her. Aurie was morphed into a draik and painted desert on April 4th after months of saving up the NP.

In RL, I've set myself on the task of achieving a perfectly flat stomach with my new workout routine (oh, and diet too, I guess). Hmm...let's see how long this fitness motivation of mines last. We'll get back to this at the end of the month.

Graphic/coding-wise, my latest great project (as I've deemed this portfolio near complete) is Cherue's petpage! Cherue is my aisha (who will be painted white in two days) and her petpage should soon evolve into an elaborate petpage. With Cherue, I plan to exercise my writing/drawing skills and work with a more graphic-based layout. My goal by the end of June is to finish Cherue's petpage and be as proud of it as I am of my portfolio layout.

On one final tangent...yay for a shiny new trophy! Attained a silver trophy on Typing Terror on Scores Reset Night. -cheers happily-

Project 300

Project 300, as I've dubbed this project of mines, revolves around a goal of mines that I've been trying to achieve since I began Neo. As suggested by the number in the title, Project 300 is my project to ultimately attain 300 avatars on Neo! Of course, it's quite the ambitious dream, as it's not easy feat (at least, not for me), so I've dedicated this page to keep me on track with this dream.

Progress: 284/300

Working On... Should Start Working On...

Note: Of course there are other avatars I'm working on - but several are a part of my dailies. As for the others...I'm going to tackle a few things at a time. Let's not get overwhelmed here, Ri.

Pet Goals


  • Train to 100 evens
  • Train to 150 evens



  • Change gender to female
  • Send NC items to eclatant



  • Revamp Character page layout
  • Write Story
  • Create new link back button



  • Customize fully
  • Create character page
  • Paint zombie



Account Stats

  • Account Age: 12 months
  • Avatar Count: 284
  • Habitarium Lvl: 50
  • Site Event Trophies: 4
  • Game Trophies: 20

Proudest Achievements

Aurie the Desert Draik

All-Star during the ACVIII

Small Graphics

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Fake Avatars/Mini Icons

Name Banners

Graphic Pickups

This is a pickup place for all the graphic requests I've filled. Temporary until I open a graphic request site.

For Emily (emily_chloe)


Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design can be simple, that's why it's so complicated.

- Paul Ran      

All layouts are created through Photoshop CS5.1.
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Kat's Art Page

Krystal's Portfolio

Cherue's Petpage

My Portfolio v. Simple

Bowtie Website

Bowtie Portal

Bowtie Members

Bowtie Graphics

Bowtie Clips

Bowtie Activities

Guild Layouts

Bowtie V. Grand Opening

Dot V. Candy

Fonts Showcase

Nearly all the fonts I use are created by the amazing Elise at Magnet.
Avatar Font neoHTML & Siggy

The Neo Project

The Neo Project is dedicated to sharing and showcasing inspiration, entertainment and creative works found within the neopian community. By bringing together neopians with different interests, backgrounds and expertise, we hope to facilitate a fun environment where everyone can learn and enjoy something new.
- Sunny (sunny_forever)

TNP Profile

USERNAME: resplendencie
RANK: Head of Services
JOB(S): Host and run the Habi Bloc, manage trades/auctions/wishing well, host awards ceremony and conduct surveys and address member complaints




NP Wishlist

bolded items: priority
Always Seeking



Kacheek Pyjama Cap

Any Books (that are not on this list)

Lab Map Pieces

NC Wishlist

bolded items: priority
Always Seeking

Any GBCs

Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie

The Far-off Dreams

Pink Mountain and Cloud Background

Nutcracker Face Paint


Autumn Back Porch Background


Rosy Cheeks Face Paint

Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon

Enchanted Tale Mirror

Gothic Parasol

My Dailies


Anchor Management

Apple Bobbing

Coltzans Shrine

Daily Puzzle

Deserted Tomb

Edna's Quest

Fashion Fever

Forgotten Shore

Fruit Machine

Grumpy King

Healing Springs

Training School


Qasalan Expellibox


Symol Hole

Blue Grundo



Toy Chest

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Knowledge

Wheel of Mediocrity

Wheel of Slime

Wise Old King

Wishing Well

Secret Lab

Petpet Lab


Favorite Sites

Other Portfolios

Art Pages


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  • Layout design & content by me (resplendencie) for my use only.
  • Layout coding and organization inspired by Mellie
  • Bullets from The Lunch Box
  • Buttons are linked to their respective makers

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  • July 24: +2 buttons under Designs.
  • July 15: Added three new buttons and one new layout under Designs.
  • July 12: Revamped the layout a bit and added a gorgeous new link back button from Inspire. Thank you so much, Cynthia - the sparkle animation is beautiful c: Also added a new blog post! Working on revamping the entire Pets section with some new coding.
  • July 5: Made a few small updates in some sections

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