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Canvas is a premium picture font site which was founded on December 27, 2012 with premade and request services provided by Ken and site maintenance provided by Joan.

At Canvas, we offer a vast assortment of picture fonts to choose from and allow our patrons to commission their very own font requests if our premades aren't quite up to par.

One of the reasons Canvas was created was to offer the community stunning, intricate, and accessible picture fonts.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns don't hesitate to send in a neomail.


23 April 2019
on semi-hiatus: requests will open next month.


1. Please refrain from claiming any of these fonts as your own. I have worked very hard to create each and every one of these fonts.

2. Do not redistribute any of these fonts. You may redirect new customers to the main site using one of our nifty buttons found under Sitely.

3. You are allowed to get these fonts rated; however, you must include to the rater that you are using a premade from Canvas.

4. You can edit any of these fonts to the point were they are unrecognizable, but please just remember that they are still mine.

To remove the periods simply highlight and press Alt+255.

Non-Neoboard Pen

Unamused - Mediocrity

Octopus - Flotsam

Cloud - Babaa-Maths Nightmare

Jellyfish - Flotsam

Kad - Kadoatery-Mew!

Squid - Fishing-Titanic Squid

Snake - Hissi

Dragonfly - Buzz

Rose - Gnome!

Starfish - A Day at the Beach

Butterfly - Earth Faerie

Star - Alien Aisha

Jubjub - Jubjub-Default

Bumblebee - Mootix

Moon - Kau-Starry

Duckling - Bruce

Snail - SlugaWOO!

Turtle - Kacheek Swim

Palm Tree - A Day at the Beach

Owlet - Soup Faerie

Koala - Harris-Hi

Puppy - Goggles

Butterfly - Mootix

Ghost - Ghost Lupe

Beetle - Scarabug

Aisha - Aisha-Default

Birdie - Pteri

Cloud - Neomail Addict

Snowman - Snow Roller

Kitty - Wocky-Snow Day

Rain Cloud - Gloomy

Dolphin - A Day at the Beach

Mountains - Cliffhanger-Game Over

Elephant - Jazzmosis Elephante

Sword - Obelisk War Veteran

Riceball - Cyodrake

Neoboard Pen

Pizza - Techo-Cheesy

Burger - Neopocalypse

French Fries - Neopocalypse

Soda - Achyfi!

Roe - Kiko Ninja

Shrimp - Spotted Koi Plushie

Sushi - Florg

Egg - Toasty

Peach - Lenny-Default

Milk Bottle - Kau-Default

Milk Carton - Kau-Default

Bubble Tea - Kau-Default

Cake - Neopets 10th Birthday

Typing Terror Grundo - Typing Terror


Sun - Light Faerie

Daisy - Pick Your Own

Dandelion - Pick Your Own

Flower - Must... Keep... Smiling...

Water Lily - I ♥ Happiness

Japanese Cherry Tree - I ♥ Happiness

Meepit - A Meepit! Run!

Sand Castle - A Day at the Beach

Whale - A Day at the Beach

NB Version

Non-NB Pen Version

Please take into consideration that your request may take a few days or hours depending on the amount of requests sent in and how busy I will be. Upon receiving your request, I will neomail you to notify that your request has been received and has been added to the list. After completing your request, I will neomail you to pick it up as soon as I upload it to the site. Please be sure to read the rules and fill out requests correctly.

If you want a Picture Font, like the example above, fill out this form with the subject as Picture Request and neomail it to me:

If you want a Name Font, like the example above, fill out this form with the subject as Name Request and neomail it to me:

Waiting List

1. Lio - Name (FQD // Pink)

2. Cindy - Kookith (Shell Collector)

3. Ellen - Name (BGC)

4. Dracula - Spaceship

5. Chelli - Crescent Moon + Star (Beauty Contest // Pink n Yellow)

6. Toby - Name (Maths Nightmare)

7. No One

Pick Ups

At the pick up section of Canvas, requests are displayed up to a week after they are completed.
If you are searching for a past request, try taking a look at The Louvre, Canvas' storage archive for past requests.
If you did not request a font from this page, please refrain from using any of the content below.
If the customer agrees to let the public use their request, the font should be uploaded to the Premade section of the site within a week.

For Lio:

For Cindy:

For Ellen:

For Dracula:


For Chelli:
Moon + Star - v.1

Moon + Star - v.2

For Toby:


For Angela:

For Ceyii:
Hammer + Sickle

For Brittany:


For Lily:


For Aurora:

For Kee:

For Rexi:


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