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Clink. CLASH.

Your attention was drawn to a door a few feet away which seemed to lead itself into a large garage.

This was the place.

CRANK. Clink.

There goes the noise again.
Curiosity won you over, and by instinct made your hands wrap around the door knob. Instead of the door opening decently, it fell aruptly to the side, giving your body the signal to play your reaction to the door's collaspe. Woah.

Before you could say anything else- not even a sorry- a skunk krawk with blue hair and custom-made cat goggles leapt straight out from the center of the garage. "Sorry about that! I was just trying out a new hinge for the door... I guess it didn't work so well," He seemed to say, although you couldn't hear it very well due to his fast tone. "Are you alright, buddeh?!" The krawk began pacing around you, observing your limbs and clothes for any sign of injury.

I'm fine, thanks. You say, studying the garage while he checked you out. It wasn't the biggest garage or even the smallest, but there were many interesting things inside it. Strange inventions and machines lined up on every shelf along with different toolboxes wedged in between two or three so often of the line. Other tools, gadgets and thingamajigs were scattered against the walls and around the corners of the garage. There was a wide space in the center of the garage, which was occupied by a really cool looking yellow car that reminded you of those little hotwheels cars in the toy stores. It gleamed in glory, coated in the light from the ceiling. The car stood out very well to the dozens other inventions and machines. Beside the car was a robotic raptor. Wow. So this was the krawk you had been waiting to meet? Did he make all this? You took a glance down at the krawk, only to discover he wasn't there checking you anymore. Looking up, you realize that the krawk seemed to have teleported in front of the car. He was sitting with his legs crossed, his eyes giving you a questioned look.

So are you Aurendack?" You asked.
Yes! You may call me Aure! Nice to meet you.. uh.."
The krawk scratched his head and stared up at the ceiling as if he were about to answer a question from Jeopardy.
Oh right! guest! I'm guessing you're here to learn about me, si?"
Of course.


You can imagine what experimented pets are like. If you think of one, you could say that it would most likely be a sad character; emo and distant from the world and full of many questions. Are all experimented pets like that? Nope.

Aure is totally different. Aure was experimented to test if altering the brains and result of immense intellect from normal persons were possible. The scientists succeeded in making him an intelligent living creature at a young age. He became a mechanical genius, who could fix or make from almost or maybe perhaps ANYTHING he could get his paws on. The only thing different about him was that he did not mind most things, and he didn't even bother to question his own troubles. Aure isn't at all troubled about his past or if he had any relatives and family. He isn't angry his destiny was to be made as an experiment, unlike others. It was not a result of his brain being altered, or stupidity, it was just.... Aure himself. He rarely questions about his origins or future. For some time in his life, Aure lived at the lab.... until one day the scientists decided to put him into another project.
This project was completely different from before. Craving for a living weapon, especially one who does not question them, the scientists decided to try to fuse him together with another person. This other person was Digi, a krawk with the lightning attribute. When the scientists fused them together, Digi's soul latched onto Aure's; however Aure took control of Digi's body. But during the process, Digi took advantage of the lowering in the lab's defenses. He took control of Aure first, and then busted him out of the lab. Some time later, he lost control when Aure became conscious again. After that, Aure wandered until he found an abandoned garage. He made his home in it, and made daily trips to a nearby scrap metal dump to find any parts for his inventions.
A year later, in a broken city, Aure discovered Digi. He was in danger during a fight, and Digi lent him his power; letting Aure transform himself into Digi's body. With this new form, Aure was powerful but there was a big flaw. He couldn't fight. Digi, able to communicate in Aure's mind, began to teach him fighting and controlling his element. When Aure became decent at fighting, Digi asks Aure to do a favor for him; to take over the duties/missions he had before they fused together. ...And now Aure is faced with having to keep his true identity secret while he goes to fulfil Digi's duties. But wait... what kind of duties DOES Digi have anyways?...

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Aure, Ren(rarely)
Single; not interested
Sero(lost brother, but he doesnt know yet)
Digi's Elements:
Lightning/ Electricity
Mechanical genius
Afraid of deep water, and no knowledge about fleshed bodies
Likes sour patches; Digi's (see about aure) soul is latched to Aure's soul.



Sunshine, flowers,
Mechanical things,
Inventing or altering items,
Friends, nice People,
Helping out, Cute stuff,
Dinosaurs and dragons, cars
and sour patches and any candy


Rain, Being bored,
Deep water, Piranhas,
Being clueless about bodies,
Mean people, Hunters/Poachers,
Realizing being alone
No candy D:, Digi teasing


Aure is your average krawk boy. He's nice, and he's also a gentleman sometimes. Aure is eccentric, so his personality changes around hyperness or mischevious. You could say he's an all-around krawk. X3 Aure also has a hint of my personality. He's usually fun and happy, but on some situations or occasions, he tends to turn serious.... Which is the part I love so much about Aure. Because he can be any type of person, he's very different and unique, and it always gives me inspiration whenever I see him as something different each time. One day he's a gentleman, on the other day he's a hardcore fighting machine thing. His difference attracts a lot of friends, and he's quite outgoing that way. Most of the time though, he's just your average, sometimes cluless, clumsy, reckless, hyper, eccentric, nice(a very very adorable side of his), cute, fun, and just plain goofy.

Overall, Aure can be anyone's friend- and he's your average bundle of random fun.


[ Description coming soon ]


What? Who is this? This is Digi- the person who fused with Aure for an experiment. His soul latched onto Aure's in the process, and he was the one who busted them both out of the lab. A mysterious fellow, Digi has a hasty personality. He's impatient some times, but in a good way. His element is lightning. With the electricity, he's a fast and powerful opponent. However, because Aure has control of Digi's body, Digi is reduced to just a voice in Aure's head. With no knowledge of how to take back control, Digi and Aure decides to find a way to break them apart. But... Digi has some missions to finish- and there's no time for them to find the secret to their separation....


Roo came to Aure one day, and asked if he could make a body for a wandering soul. So Aure went to work, making a raptor-like robot with similar features of a mechanical animal called a ZOID. When he finished, Roo put the soul inside the animal's heart; bringing it to life. Roo said that this soul's business on this world was forgotten; it had stayed on earth so long that its memory was either faded or sealed away. Roo suggested that Aure should watch over this being until he figured out a way to deal with it. Roo was too busy with other things to take care of it right away. With that being said, the robot animal stayed at Aure's place, providing company and help. Aure named the soul LAN, meaning blue in chinese. At the time of building, Aure found only blue metal parts, so he saw that the name was fitting for this robot. (Thanks to Zaro for suggesting this name 8D)

LAN now stays around the garage. It doesn't speak, but it helps Aure out. Usually it can be caught exploring the garage or playing around with various parts scattered around.

So that was what it was... The robot raptor that was near the car when you first came in..

Here is a picture of LAN and its features:


Read Gear's story first! It's in comic version, and you can find out how and why she got goggles!

Gear is a rat who hangs around my garage! She's so awesome and totally cute.~ LAN is her favorite transportation device and lounge. Gear explores my garage a lot, and sometimes goes for adventures down in the basement. (shiver- I've never gone down there before) Gear brings back interesting yet strange things. She loves munching on our snacks and sleeping. Amazingly, Gear is a pretty clean rat.


Huh? Family and Friends you ask? Of course I have some!

Kai was the one who introduced me to the whole family and RP house! She's a pretty nice and crazy person.~ Kai owns the RP house and her neohome. I mean, everyone in the house knows her for that! Usually you can see her running around in the house or off someplace. I don't think she stays still at one place at all?

Sei's kind of a grumpy person! We don't talk as much, but sometimes I watch her practice fights with her friend Wally. She's a really good fighter! Sei lounges around the sofa though, so I wonder how she can be so good when she just slumps on the couch all day.... Hmm.

Kio's a very good house cleaner! I usually see him doing the dishes or dusting off things in the house... He's also very nice! We always get to talk while he cleans. Sei keeps bothering him sometimes though- I wonder why... But Kio's pretty fun to be around with~

Koori reads a lot of books! I mean, when you go into her room she has this big shelf with a lot of books! Koori reads lots of different books- from mystery books to manga books even! Sometimes when I visit the RP house she lets me surf through her shelf for something interesting. She even lets me borrow the book if I promise to return it! If she reads this many books she must be very smart...

Roo's a really big dragon! He's a soul guardian, so his job is to guide souls and aid them in some ways! I think he's really cool. Roo's also nice, and he's polite too! We don't really talk a lot, but I've talked to him more than Sei. He's interesting. I wanted to follow him on his job, but Roo says its dangerous. If so, he must be a super good guardian!

Tae's also a big dragon like her dad, Roo! I could see the resemblance in them both- and Tae's really strong too! She's very quiet, and I rarely see her around the house. She usually comes on holidays. I don't know much about her, but she hangs around with my friend Sero. Sometimes I get to ride with Sero and her on Sero's skyship!

Reiyn's the moon guardian! He's really cool! His wings are pretty huge, and they're shiny at night when he absorbs the moon's power. A pretty interesting guy, Reiyn knows a lot about the moon. He says the moon is also the controller of the waters. He says if the moon's disrupted, there would be tsunamis everywhere! Eeesh! Just the thought of the deep waters scares me!

Keyai's a nice krawk. He used to have a curse, but he said his friends helped him find the cure. He used to go in killer mode and attack people! That sounded scary! Keyai loves strawberries! Sometimes we would go buy strawberries together with some other peeps! But every time we buy strawberries, the next day they're all gone... I wonder who would have eaten all of them?

Oku knows how to play the piano! He's a dimensional plane guardian so he warps things that aren't supposed to be in this world back to its original dimension. He has a huge glaive for fighting and it also serves as his piano! Oku knows a lot of songs. I would listen to him play sometimes- when he's not near crowds of people.

Koto's quiet and not very social. We don't talk at all, but we do greet each other once in a while. I have never seen her smile before... I wonder what's bringing her down? I do hope she's fine though.

Mac's a really rad techo! We hang out with each other when we have the time. Mac plays the guitar very well! He loves rock and likes to play some rock songs from bands he knows. He hates it when people see him as an emo. Mac likes the color black. We go out to get pizza or bubble tea often.~


Sero is a sky pirate and owns a skyship! He's really nice! Sometimes he stops by to say hello.~ When he has the time, he lets me and Tae take a ride on his skyship! I'm a bit curious about his homeland though... Maybe someday we'll fly there? (ps I think he likes Tae)


Kai says:


Got the rules? Then you're good to go. 8D

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SHAMROCK. Found 'ya!


Kai: Yes- Aure is being rped currently~ This rp is an rp between Jazz and I.

Jazz = BOLD- Kai = normaalll

So here's the plot: Aure and Sero has been friends for quite some time, and Aure is interested in Sero's story that he told him after they met. Aure wants to go visit Sero's home, so they go down in the sea- but not expecting a very shocking surprise of lies for Sero and Aure when they get there. The mechanical genius feels something there may connect with his mysterious past, especially with Sero. What could this mean, and is Aure's and Sero's real past revealed?


Aure shoved the underwater breathing gadjet he made in front of Sero's face. It had been some hours after Sero's telling of his past, and Aure felt so sorry for him, he had created this machine just for Sero. Aure thought it would cheer his new friend up. "Now you can go back because you can breatheee underwater!" The skunk krawk exclaimed, wagging his tail in sastifaction. "We can go back to your place now, right, right? It would be cool to go there, and I made a copy of this machine so I can breathe too!~" Aure was excited. Despite him being terrified of deep waters, swimming with a friend felt more secure than anything. Anyways, he also wanted to learn more about Sero's clan. They sound interesting.... Tooo interesting to leave alone. "So, do you like it?" Aure asked. He couldn't wait for Sero's reaction to his new invention made just for him.

He blinked countless times, staring at the odd, but perfectionally put together invention . "A-Aure, how the heck did you put that together so quickly... ? " despite his blunt comment, he was rather shocked. Who was this person, who he calls a friend.. ? He wasn't exactly sure what to say. "Aure, listen.. You really have... No idea what's down there. I was abandoned by my family and I dont think it'd be fair for you to like ... Go there. It's too dangerous and--" he drooped his head down miserably while telling him this, but something about his new friend made him want to go. Whether it was his enthusiam or something else, something struck him to agree to go with the krawk. "Okay, nevermind what I said." he grinned widely. "Just tell me how to use this intresting ... mechanism."

Aure jumped up and down. "YAAAAY!" He cried out. He couldn't wait until they reach Sero's place. Aure explained as quickly as he could to Sero on how to use the machine. He said that he made the machine similar to a snorkel, so that it would be easier to use. It didn't take him long to say the instructions. "You put this in your mouth, and then you press this button! That will make you breathe! You gotta keep swimming though, because if you don't, there won't be energy making for the machine and when it runs out of energy, you're dead!" Aure placed Sero's Snorkel on the ground and ran off to collect his. "SO, ARE WE READY TO GO NOW?" He shouted out from across the room once he reached his own Snorkel.

... OKAY . " He grinned and raised his hand to give him a high five as the krawk ended his lenghty explanation. As he began to fit on the odd device, a shiver went down his spine for an unknown reason . Sero simply ignored it and looked over at Aure. "Make sure you head straight down, Okay? "he told him, flicking the device. "Now.. we're goin' ta race, whether you like it or not!"
He took a step back, a deep breath, and plunged himself right into the water. He had been a bit nervous about going in water, since he feared his parents and whatever else lurked down there. But he could trust Aure. He could feel it. He glanced back at him to make sure he was following, and continued downward. "See that blackened area.. ? That's my town. Just keep going, try to stay near the shadows."

Aure gasped fear washing over him as he faced the water; he was about to interrupt but it was too late; Sero was plunging into the water. Leaping foward, he grasped Sero's tail and clung to it tightly, fear invading and overruning his mind... However, as soon as he got into the water it seemed fine; he was a little shaky, but it was okay, for now.

What are you, a chicken?" he eased. "You'll be okay.. I'll bite anyone who tries to get us.." He made sure his friend was okay; he clung rather tightly to his tail.. He also continued going deeper and deeper, they swirveled around. "Be sure to keep quiet, okay...? The patrol guards are out at this time. They're the most deadly kind of guard in the territory...

Aure nodded and stayed close to Sero, staying in the shadows as he continued along. This new world under the water fascinated him. He wondered why he was afraid of the waters in the first place. It didn't seem as terrible as he thought it would be, yet he still expected sea monsters to gulp them up. Aure shivered at the thought. The more they swam closer to the city, the more guards and people appeared.

Are you alright..? " he asked, just to make sure. He was hoping his friend wasn't scared; by the looks of him, he actually seemed kind of nervous... "We're heading to my home; if that's where you were hoping to go..?" Sero was actually wondering why Aure wanted to come here so bad; if he were him, he'd stay away from the waters. Sea creatures, guards, nighttime, and two teens were not a very good mix.

Yaaaa-" Aure replied softly, his tone obviously showing his awe of the ocean. "And yeah- your home sounds like a cool place, underwater here and all~ I want see it!~" He smiled and then turned his attention to the city. It was a little too dark for him to see now, but the golden lights of the city shined enough light to keep it visible. Aure felt homely here. 'Sero must have a nice home...' He thought. 'I wonder where my home is...' He tried to remember his original home before he came to the garage. Nothing really came out though, and Aure failed to remember his own homeland. He felt lonely at that moment again. Aure really wished he could remember where he came from.

He nodded, absorbing in everything Aure just said. "Ahaha-- Isn't the city awesome? It's glowing and full of lights, despite being so deep in the ocean.." he sighed quietly, swimming onward_ It was a tad bit uncomforatble swimming with his fur and wings; they were heavy. But he pressed them tightly against his body so they didn't interrupt his swimming. " They use electic eels for those voltage lights, you know. " he added in randomly. He remembered his childhood, examining the odd glowing light with one of his friends. They laughed at the odd glowy light that was surprisingly light. Friends.... He'd left every single one of them. They made him feel warmth when he was in there presence. It saddened him to think they were grown up now; and he was erased from thier memories, probably... When he thought about it and glanced at Aure, something struck him; "Aure, have I ever mentioned to you that you look like one of my old friends?" he thought aloud. He blinked; oh geez, he prayed to Fyora he did not just say that aloud. He wasn't to mention his outcastness in this area; not anywhere..

Thats so cool!" Aure piped. What an extraordinary idea to use electricity like that! No wonder the city is bright. The one who thought up with that idea must be a genius. Aure's mind wandered off about electricity and its beginnings until it was cut off by Sero's sudden speak of his old friends. The krawk blinked and tilted his head to the side at the question. Him? Familiar? Now that Sero mentio ned it, Aure felt as if he had seen Sero before. It was faint in his memory, and it was hard to review it, but Aure was sure. He thought about it for a second. Maybe he did meet Sero when he was young... The krawk chuckled. "Heheh- Maybe I am one of your old friends!~ You'll never know- the world is so strange. A lot of unexpected things happens, huh?"

He was rather shocked at his reaction; no sudden outbreaks in anger, like how his mother would usually do. Just... Pure curiosity. He drifted away from his negative thoughts and grinned, as he snapped out of his trance. "I know right!? I bet you were the genius behind all of that. " he teased, nuging him playfully. "That would be really neat though; if we knew eachother..It's a big world."
He leaped swiftly, entering an allyway. he motioned for him to follow, one finger set across his lips to tell him to remain silent. "My home's really close. I'll check if it's abandoned or not... Then we can go.

Aure blinked. He could not imagine himself making up this electricity usage. He wasn't THAT smart.... Or was he? Aure laughed nervously. "Hahah- yeah....." He kept quiet as they neared Sero's house. 'There aren't any guards here... Why do they need to keep quiet?' Aure thought, looking around the alley. He pressed himself against the alley's shadowed walls, blending in with the dark color easily. Aure watched Sero and waited for him.

He swam up very silently to the little house, peeking through the window as he lurked in the shadows. What in the world was he expecting? After about twenty years past his abandonment, what were the chances of his parents still living here.. ? A chill went down his spine. Nothing, maybe. But then he could show Aure his home, then quickly get out of here. It was starting to get creepy, but the building suspense got him excited. Suddenly three meaningful words rang through his ears. "I love you... " It came from a beautiful voice. Then he realized his mind was suddenly identifying that voice with someone. The voice of the person important. Someone who took care of him and lulled him to sleep with a softly sung song.. Mother!? He thought, quietly to himself this time. He wasted no time to examine the room, through the window only to see his mother.. yes, his mother... His gazed shifted onto the man beside her; he couldn't exactly see his face, but he had black hair and a greenish pelt... Wait-- His thoughts stopped. Black hair? Greenish pelt? His father had blue hair, with a blueish greenish pelt.. He warned himself to not jump to conclusions but rage was already building up on him. It was the last straw when the man turned around ; He knew that was NOT his father. Tears were beginning to form in his eyes. Mother... mother betrayed father..!! And without even thinking about it, his body had guided him to the door and he had slammed it open.

Aure heard the door slam open. What's goin on?! He was getting more and more curious by the second. Sero was supposed to be quiet... Maybe there was no one home? Aure swam towards Sero's home and noticed the draik in front of his house's entrance. He felt something was terribly wrong when he saw Sero's face. He didn't look happy. "Sero? Whats going on?" He asked, beginning to feel a chill up his spine. The krawk swam up to Sero and poked him, before swerving to the right of Sero to view into the house. There they were, the two draiks. Aure stared at them, staring at the woman. Something clicked inside his memory base. She... looked... familiar. Who was she? This place looks so familiar. Has he been here before? It even smells familiar... Sero.. Who was Sero for real? Questions and lost memories were absorbed by Aure quickly. He gripped his head at the pain of trying to remember past the memories of the laboratory. "Why...?" He asked, his tone showing little pain. So many memories- yet he could not make them out. What did they mean? What is this place? Aure was completely confused. Who was he, really?

Sero had been struck with instant regret as soon as he slammed the door open. Intimidated eyes glanced up at the couple infront of him . What chance did he have up against them...? What in the world would happen next? He felt a presence beside him. "Aure...? No, no, Aure, why did you.." he glanced down at his curious face, then at the two infront of him. He felt like falling apart right then, thinking of how he got this innocent soul involved. The whole world around him had just frozen; six eyes were on him right now. Oddly enough, mother was not only looking at Sero. He noticed she was staring hardly at Aure too. He didn't do anything, he thought, wishing he had the will to move his frozen body. The man was the one to break the silence. "And... who exactly are those two, Lyn..? " he muttered. The world was so quiet that it was heard, dispite how softly he said it. "N-no one." she said, attempting a glare. It came out as a pathetic phase of shock. The man glared at mother. "You're lying." And it was true. Sero knew when mother was lying. "I-I am not..!" she backed off from him and the atmosphere suddenly began to twist.
Sero could feel the tension building up; mixed emotions everywhere. "They look like your children. Are you betraying me? Are you--" His eyes widened as he further examined the two teens. Fur. they had fur. How in the world were they underwater? Before she could deny it, Sero spoke up. "M-mother, you... you TRAITOR!!" he couldn't take it anymore. His legs were shaking. He was losing control. Fast
The man left, shaking his head. When he was out of sight, Mother was still in a daze staring at the door. The man had left. Two children were standing there. Her /own/ children. She put on a smile, and Sero didn't take it. he was ticked.. "You... you... You phoney! I can't believe you!" without another thought he had thrown himself upon her, claws flaired out.

Aure stared at the lone Draik in whom Sero called her his mother. Mother.. mother... that world ringed in Aure's head. Questions began to filter back into his mind. Aure had never had this bad of a headache before, and it was beginning to scare him. He could still see what was happening however. Aure attempted to grab onto Sero when he flung himself at Lyn but he missed. "W-wait!... Sero- dont!" He cried out, swimming towards Sero in a zig-zaggy line. The world was spinning around in Aure's head now, and he couldn't take it. He didn't know what was happening, what was going on, and why it was happening. He was so confused- and it was getting hard to breathe. Was it the machine? Wait, what? When did I make this thing? Aure flickered on a few switches of the machine in hopes of getting better conditions. Instead, it made it worse, until Aure had just accidently loosened the breathing machine enough for it to fall off his muzzle.

He let out a grunt, fustrated as he missed his target. He would've listened to his friends voice, but his head had drowned out it out. He turned sharply to attack again. And again, and again. And he was unable to the the female dragon even once. She kept glaring, and glaring at both teens in the house. Sero had turned to attack once more, but as he stepped back to leap, he noticed something ehind Mother. Wait-- Aure!! He had forgotton all about him! He was toppled over on his side, lacking air bubbles. And fear began to replace his rage; he forgot all about his revenge as he swam over to his body and picked it up. Sero desperatly attempted to reactivate the mecanism, but it didn't work out. He wasn't as smart. And now he had only one option... He gave one last glare to his mother and swore to himself he'd get her later. Though right now he had more important matters on his hands; literally. "Aurey, pleaseplease stay alive.. I'm getting you to surface soon..." he cried ,holding onto his slowly dying body tightly as he jetted out of the house

Aure felt like he was drowning. Was that Sero coming toward him? Whats going on? Everything was blurry, and Aure saw his life flashing before his eyes. All the memories he went through, all the friends... All everything... He muttered something, and closed his eyes. So this is how it all ends.... A few moments passed. Aure felt himself breathing normally. Was it over? Was it heaven? He opened his eyes to see Sero's terrified face. "WAIT WHAT?!" Aure cried out, pushing away from Sero in shock. He panicked, swimming around frantically in utter confusion. "Am I dead? I'm a ghost, right right? Wait whats going on?!" He said quickly, swimming around Sero. Maybe he was a ghost.... But then what could that mean? How- Aure stopped in the middle of his panic. He realized something. He wasn't dead.. Instead, he was breathing underwater! Aure blinked. "Wow, death isn't very exciting.. but.." He kept still for a while before bursting into celebration. "LOOK SERO THIS IS SO COOL! I CAN BREAATEHEEE!!!" He screamed aloud, swimming around Sero in excitement. "I'M NOT DEAD!" Aure whoopied some more and laughed. He was about to do another round of whooping but he was stopped short by a guard. "Ooops." Aure's hands clasped over his mouth. "Was I too loud?"

He wasn't sure if he should be happy, surprised, glad, or shocked.. As a matter of fact, he was feeling all four.. "Well if you're a ghost, I'ma magical person; cause I can see you." he grinned and high fived Aure, cheering along with him. Ahh, how lucky his friend was. He could breathe better then he could! The feeling of relief was so great though. Just as he was about to open his mouth for another word, a maracite spear whizzed right past his and Aure's snout, skimming it ever so slightly. "Owch, yo! Watch it next time.. " Being ever so smart, his glee had made him forget to keep both of them quiet. He looked at the guard, then gulped. Stupid, stupid mother... "RUNNNN-- ! Er, SWIM!" he grabbed onto Aure's tail and pushed him.

Aure swam as fast as he could, but his speed was no match for the guard's. They surrounded them both quickly, and immediately captured the two. Aure struggled at the net they cast on them. It was no use- they were just too fast! He groaned. "I'm sorry, Sero!" He cried out. The guards continued wrapping the net around the two until they were compltely motionless.

He hated the feeling of falling; the feeling of being useless and restrained. "Ah, well... IT WAS FUN. " he told him. For some strange reason he wasn't tense or worried. Sero actually found this pretty amusing and couldn't wait for what would happen next. He felt like he could take it on, no matter what it was... "Where do'ya think they're taking us?" he whispered.

Aure shrugged. "I don't know... but it looks like they're takin us to the palace castle thinger..." He whispered back. The guards dragged them into the huge castle of the city. As they traveled further in, Aure took notice of all the beautiful walls and floors of the castle. Everything was royal inside the castle, and it made Aure feel lucky to be on this trip. How many times does a mechanical
genius gets to go into an underwater castle? Their secret tour was cut short though, when they were dragged into the dungeon. Now Aure saw the deep and sorrowful side of it. Barred Rooms on either side of the two walls contained at least one prisoner in them. What bothered Aure about it was that many of the prisoners appeared innocent and different. Most seemed to have something missing of adaptation of
life underwater.... Meaning some were missing fins, and even some scales. Aure bit his lip. They were just like Sero and him.... Different. At last, the guards reached a barred room near the end of the dungeon, and threw them both in. In silence, they locked the barred room down, and left the two there alone.

He was really shocked, confuzed actually. He was in a daze so he wasn't really sure what was going on, but when they were locked in a barred room he felt like they were done. The excitement had died...
He too had noticed they didn't look like acutal criminals. They didn't look evil; they look normal, like himself and Aure... "Aure, whoa... These people are just like us.. Why do you think that is?"
He frowned wondering why Aure was taken to be arrested too. Sure, Sero attacked his mother but Aure didn't do anything...
He glanced curiously at the other cages. Fear was starting to shake him a little now. He was rather horridied at the condition of some of the pets; some of them looks bony and starved. Lacking any nutrition whatsoever... He could count the ribs of this one draik who was sitting in a cage right across from thiers. His whole body was engulfed int the shadows. Poor guy... "S-sir, what are you here for?" he rasped. The draik turned around and something was piercing about his stunning violet eyes. They widened as they looked from Sero, to Aure. Then he turned away again.
What a weird guy, eh Aure..? He gives me the chills." he whispered. But he had no idea why he gave him the chills; it didn't seem like a bad one.

Aure shrugged. "I don't know." He said, and then stared down at the net they were still wrapped in. "Hay- lets try to get this off!" The draik in the shadows watched Aure and Sero struggle with the net. He didn't say a word, but his eyes began to make them feel uneasy with him watching. It was some time after before the draik came to speak. "....Where did you two come from?".. He spoke. His voice was clearly mature, and in a way, it had a cool tone to it.

As Sero began to gnaw on the tough material, the shadowed figure spoke and it made him jump. "U-uh, nowhere, sir... We just came from my house and my mother... she.. she...." he stopped himself, not wanting to talk about his 'crime'. . He shouldn't be discussing what he was doing to just random strangers..

Aure looked up at the stranger. "Mmm?" The draik glared at them both. "Your smell.... You smell of land... Where did you come from? You came from above there?" He questioned more, his tone more determined than the first time. "Uh- yes!" Aure answered quickly, without a single thought. "We're just lookin around Sero's home, thats all~"
The draik raised a brow. Sero? Seronera? 'Maybe THEY are THEM after all...' He thought to himself. The draik kept his eyes on them. "I see....." He shifted a little, causing the chains on his wings and tail to rattle a bit. The draik moved closer towards them slowly. "It's been a while has it?..." He stepped out into the light filtering down from the dungeon's ceiling's floorboards. The draik had white hair, and his body was a fair dark blueish color.
He appeared still as a young adult, minus the long wild hair and the skinny ribs that explained that he had been in the dungeon for ages. The draik had similar markings to Sero, and his eyes and body structure was also like Aure's. He gave a weak smile. "You have got to remember me, man."

He was rather concerned with Aure blurting out the truth like that, but he let it slide. Nothing could probably get any worse..
He was drowning in his thoughts once more in a daze. Until he realized-- he finally realized and regonized the draik infront of him. Why he was so familiar. All he could do was sit there helplessly and burst into tears. "F...F-f....FATHER!?!" he wailed,
struggling harder this time to get out of the ropes. His will had somehow charged him up and made him break free, but he was still behind iron bars. "F-father.. I was so worried... I thought you had died.. and and, mother, she's horrible..." He couldn't break up what he was trying to say, so he stopped and swallowed, then looked at his father. Satisfied and at peace. He was with his dad once more.

Aure stared at the strange draik. Again, this draik looked vaguely familiar to him. Aure stepped over the torn up net to sit beside Sero. "Wow-... he's your father?" He asked, now in awe of Sero's cool dad. For once in so many years, Rarien was incredibly happy. His two sons were together, and they were alive and well.....Even better, he met them by luck! The draik's mouth stretched out into a long smile. "Oh comon'... Your old man isn't THAT old and weak enough to die." He said, flickering his paw at Sero for a while to signal him to keep down. The draik walked towards them until he stopped at the bars, the only thing dividing them now. "Yes.. I knew that about your mother.. Some years after you were left off, she betrayed me, and I had to escape..." He looked into Sero's eyes. "I went back onto the land, back to my homeland tribe.... and well, I was in rage, so I brought a group of friends and some others to terrorize this place out of my sheer anger." Rarien sighed and looked down. "But that was a mistake. I regretted that day charging in. Our forces were outnumbered, and eventually all of us were captured. We were supposed to be kept prisoner here until they find out why we attacked. I told them the reason.... but they didn't believe me- even after trial. Your mother just... had so many tricks up her back. I was left here to rot. Most of my friends were taken to other barred rooms far away and I don't even know if they're alive or not. Excecution day is in three days, and by then, we'll all get our heads chopped off." He turned his head to Aure. "I'd like to have some dad to son talk, but unfortunately we're going to have to break outta this place to do so."

Y-yeah, hard to believe but... Dad..!!" He was so excited he almost squealed in glee. His smile faded and it drew back to a serious face. I tend to do so sometimes, haha.) But yeah. I really hoped you enjoyed it, Rhiow or not~" You can tell by her look that Kai was satisfied with this app. "Hmm- You must get on your way now, don't you? Eh- its fine for you to leave since I'm done for now anyways.~" The feather dragon trotted to the door and sat beside it, waiting for you to finally exit. "Oh- and before you go, you should take a look at my final thank yous, which is a bit more below Aure's link thing!~


Aure stared up at the sunlight filtering down from the -blocked- The morning was brisk and calm as usual. Faint sounds of the city came from a few directions. The world was waking up. LAN stirred; it orange visor catching the sunlight. LAN seemed to enjoy the morning's rejuvanating rays. Aure gave a sigh of relief as he opened one of his tool boxes. His eyes followed the rays of light to the -blocked-

A relaxed voice came from Aure's mind. 'You know, ever since I broke of that lab, I always think mornings were beautiful.' It was Digi. Aure stared into the light, and then looked away quickly, blinded for a few seconds. Aure thought back, 'Really?'. 'Yes... You see, I lived in this city where I yearned for sunlight... For the rays of light and love to shine on our city... But the place is full of fighting and heavy hearts.. Its skies are cloudy; streets are restless and plagued with killers.' Digi's voice wavered a bit. 'That's why I tried looking for a cure- but ended up nearly dying because of it.' Aure turned his head to the filtering light. Digi started again. 'The light is so beautiful... Seeing this light revives my soul completely- It... it..'

There was a long pause before Digi spoke again in Aure's mind. 'This is why I have to cure that city. This is why I want light to shine down on its streets again. And I will find that cure- and it is why you must cooperate with me Aure.... I can't stand its cursed suffering any longer... I want to save it. I want to revive it.' Aure's fists clenched. This was probably Digi's feeling that made him ball his fists.

The mechanic stood up. His eyes stared blankly into space for a few seconds. Then, he whipped his head to the window; looking at the light that Digi longed for to cleanse his dying city. "I understand now..." Aure began, "And don't worry Digi, I'll do my best then! I won't give up!" He raised his fist a little. He could feel Digi smiling in his mind. Aure could even picture it. Digi grinned and quickly replied,

Thanks Aure- I'm lucky to be trapped in a good person like you... Now let's get onto training, shall we? I hope I'll be able to find the cure soon..' The light died down a bit. Other buildings and streets became visible from the window now. LAN was running around to get his engine warmed up. Aure's eyes gleamed from the light. Surely, he would make sure they will succeed.



It's the end already? Well, I hope you had fun learning about me and all my friends! You're welcome to come back anytime!



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