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My Story

Well, hello there. My name is Chloe. I suppose you've come to learn a little more about me. All right then.

I was born in year 3 on August 30 as Blue Grundo. Kristy brought me home from the Space Station where I was born. Kristy also had another pet, my big sister Elise. Elise was a blue Cybunny. We've always been good friends.

We lived a fairly normal life then, I kind of miss the normal days. Elise had an Angelpuss and when I was a little older Kristy took us to the petpet shop in Neopia Central and told me to pick out a petpet. There were so many choices that it was hard to choose at first. Then I saw a litter of tiny Warfs. I fell totally in love with one of them. Kristy bought the little Warf and we took her home. I named her May. I've always liked the name and May is just about the nicest month of the year.

Not long after that Kristy's mom came to visit. Her mother lived on Mystery Island and we lived in Neopia Central. Nowadays we live half the year in Neopia Central and the other half in Meridell. Anyway, she brought Elise a present, a faerie paint brush. We were so excited and Elise was so beautiful. Kristy also painted me a different color about that time, I don't even remember what color it was, but we both decided that it wasn't me and back to Blue I went.

A couple of months later Kristy started an addition on our Neohome. She told us she would like to adopt another pet. Of course, we had no clue what adoption meant at that time. So she explained it to us. Of course we were thrilled at the idea of having another sister or even a brother. A few days later she came home with a red Uni.

We were both a little surprised that she would bring home a Uni. After all, we had only ever heard of them as vain, self-centered creatures. Princess was completely the opposite. Not that she completely ignores her looks, but she doesn't mind if she has to touch dirty things or if her hair is windblown. She is also the sweetest and most understanding of all of us. Princess is a total history nut and wants to be a Historian. She got a Beekadoodle that she named Rebecca, but no one ever calls her that, she's just Becky.

So we four girls lived happily by ourselves for a long while after that. Then Kristy decided that she wanted to add to our family again. So another bedroom was added to our Neohome and off she went to the pound. We expected her to bring home another sister, probably an Aisha. So it was the biggest shock of our life when Kristy came home carry a small yellow Pteri, a boy Pteri. His name was Bluejay.

Bluejay quickly became our spoiled baby brother. He was quite a bit younger than us and so sweet and reserved. We were a little worried that he would feel out of place among so many girls, but Blue was simply happy to have a family again. Unlike Princess, Bluejay had no memories of his former family because he was abandoned at a much younger age than her.

To try to combat the overly feminine presence in Bluejay's life Kristy bought him a masculine petpet. He hated it. Bluejay wouldn't even look at. So, Kristy's older brother sent her an extra petpet his pets didn't want. It was a Bowla. Kristy was a little reluctant since the only thing more feminine than a Bowla was a Faellie, but she showed her to Bluejay anyway. He was ecstatic. He named her Mia and they have been best friends ever since.

Things passed happily along for about three after that. Then Kristy decided that it was time to paint us unpainted three. Princess being a Lost Desert history freak was obviously paint with the Desert Paint Brush. Bluejay had to continue to match his name and coincidently he loved stargazing and astronomy. So the only choice was a Starry Paint Brush. I was a little harder.

There was no color in any species that particularly appealed to me. But I wanted more than I anything to some day be a battle master. So, decided to get access to the laboratory. Best choice ever. Zapping is a constant thrill ride; you never know what will happen and what you'll be tomorrow.

Our family remained like that for the next year and we thought that it would always be like that. Then Kristy brought home Yanli. It was completely out of the blue and it kind of blindsided us, not in a bad way though. Yanli was a green Zafara with more energy than the sun and an attention span of a Warf. We were happy to happy a new little sister around the house, of course. She inexplicably took a liking to Bluejay right off the bat. They are polar opposites. Blue was just as happy to be friends with Yanli though. She pushed him out of his comfort zone and he toned her down just a little bit.

Then the worst happened. Kristy has always been what Elise likes to call her 'a walking disaster.' Well, she decided that she wanted to be a journalist. Oh, life has never and will never be the same. I've taken on the role of bodyguard for her, and honestly, sometimes I wonder what would become of her if I wasn't there to shut her big mouth or clean up the messes that mouth can create. Also, Kristy's job brought Princess and the Nightsteed face to face, and now Princess is hopelessly smitten and Kristy is hopelessly freaked.

Following that, we had a refugee from Sakhmet come to stay with us while until her home was rebuilt. Her name was Anita. She was a blue Aisha. She had been born in Sakhmet and lived there all her life, but she liked to travel and had been all over the world and had painted herself blue on one such trip. We all loved her like a part of the family and she didn't have any family of her own, except a cousin who is seven years older than her and an archeologist. So Anita became a permanent part of the family.

Then, a month or two after the adoption of Anita was finalized, Kristy started a foster service. She brought home sick pets, healed them, cleaned them up, up their stats a little, and then returned them to help them find permanent homes. Our last foster was a day old baby Acara name Sireinna. She was so shy and sick. It took forever for her to get well. After Kristy returned her, she stopped with a foster care. She was really depressed for the next three weeks. Then one day Kristy just bolted out of the house and returned twenty minutes later carrying Inna. Inna had not been adopted and Kristy loved her knew that she was supposed to come home and be our baby. We adore her and spoiled dreadfully. Inna is still very shy, but only to strangers.

Not long later Kristy brought home petpets for Yanli, Anita, and Sireinna. She had not gotten one for Yanli before that because she was waiting for her to develop a bit of an attention span, she never will in all likelihood, but Ella simply takes what she needs, whether it's food or attention. For Yanli she bought a Faellie who Yanli named Gabriella, a bit surprising since all her dolls are all Kim, Sue, and Bob.
Anita's was a baby Seti, a desert petpet to remind her of her old home. It was a normal sized puppy, but it quickly grew into a behemoth of a Seti, becoming about a foot taller and longer than the average Seti. Anita named her Celine, but we all call her Cellie. Cellie is an invaluable member of the family. She is a guard petpet and takes very good care of all of us. She is a good babysitter too, she always notices if Yanli wanders too far off and alerts us.
Inna got an Altachuck. Since Inna was too young to name it Yanli picked the name. Again, she chose a name we would not have expected. Rosalind. We all call her Lyn, well, Inna calls her Wyn, which coincidentally is one of Kristy's pen names.

Kristy bought paint brushes for Yanli and Anita for Christmas that year too. Yanli got Christmas and Anita White. Both were very pleased with her choice.

Then Kristy decided our Neohome needed a makeover. It was crazy in its layout because Kristy never really planned anything, she just added as needed. So she packed us all off on vacations for the next three weeks. Anita and Princess went to stay with Anita's cousin Hector. Elise and Yanli went to Meridell to stay at our summer manor there. Bluejay went to Altador to stay at the observatory and learn more about astronomy. I went to Shenkuu to study their form of Martial Arts. Kristy kept baby Inna with her; Inna would have been completely inconsolable if she were separated from her mama for that long.
So, three weeks later we all arrived home at the same time. It was not what we were expecting. We had left a mixed up but modest sized Neohome with a yard and a garden. We came back to a Neomansion with 42 rooms 9 gardens and one yard.

I got carried away." Kristy explained as she gave us the grand tour.

There was a Library and an Art Gallery, and a Ballroom, and a music hall with a stage and everything. Not to mention a dinning room and a tea room.

It's the most fun I've had since I told Jhudora about Dr. Sloth's feelings for her." she continued. "Just wait until you see your rooms! I really did my best on them, Inna loves hers."

Yeah, maybe she went overboard, but she did have fun and stay within the budget she allotted to the remodel. It is a wonderful place to be, which is what she wanted for us.

Recently I've gotten a job with the Defenders of Neopia. It's a desk job, secretarial mostly.

I play the violin. I am fairly good at it. I really don't practice enough, there simply aren't enough hours in the day for work, training, and practicing. Bluejay plays the Pan Pipes, Elise and Piano, and Anita plays the harp. Anita is very good, but very shy about her playing, we rarely hear her. Elise plays almost n-blocked-, she wants to be concert pianist. Kristy and Elise have been trying to teach Yanli to play the piano, but it is uphill work.

So that's how things are really. It's crazy and unpredictable and our medical premiums are crazy. Still, I love my owner and my family no matter what.

My family








My mom Kristy. She is a journalist and a minion. She is a walking disaster and really can't get through a day without doing something ditzy. We all love her a lot, though, and her love for us is indisputable. She is also totally, almost frightening, loyal to Meridell and King Skarl.

My older sister Anita. Anita was adopted into the family following the events in the Lost Desert years ago. She is from a old and respectable Sakhmetian family. She likes to travel the world with her closest companion her Seti Celine.

This is my older sister Elise. She is quite the lady. She paints landscapes attends to all the gardens and does needle work. She also is brutally honest and often rather harsh. Still, she is loyal and will do anything for you. Her greatest talent is her ability to play the piano.

My sister Princess. Princess is my closest friend in the family. She spends most of her day locked in her room studying dusty old tomes and scrolls. She is obsessed with history, Lost Desert history being her main passion.

This is Bluejay. Blue is the only boy of the family. He loves astronomy, stargazing, and the Space Faerie. He also loves to read and spend time with his two directly younger sisters, Yanli and Molly. They are so often together that we refer to them as the 'Three'.

My little sister, Yanli. Yanli is all energy and sunshine. She has the attention span of a Warf, making her stay absolutely still for more than two seconds is impossible. She is incredibly loving and giving, and she is probably the glue that binds the 'Three'.

This is Molly. Molly, or Mollykins as we often call her, came from Altador. She loves the ocean and dandelions. Yanli and Princess met her on a trip and Kristy adopted her not long later. She fit in immediately and is the final member of the 'Three'.

This is baby Inna. Inna is the sweetest, most lovely baby ever. We all adore her. She's super sweet and loving with the family, but incredibly shy around strangers.

My Home
My Room
This is my room. Kristy worked really hard on trying to make our rooms match our personalities so that they could be a haven for us. Judge Hog is my boss and my role model. I have all the work our equipment I need and it is still a cozy wonderful room.

Indoor Swimming Pool
I love to swim and it is the one activity I can always count on, no matter what I am, expect fire and ice, but that happens rarely.

My Favorite Things

Illusen, she is my favorite faerie ever and a family friend. I love to do quests for Illusen whenever I can.

Judge Hog. He is not only my role model, he's also my boss. I want to serve Neopia like he has.

This book and others like it are invauable to a battle master in training.

The Things I Hate

Evil-doers. Nuff said.

Meepts...curse those creatures.

Artwork of Me
This is a whole place of drawings Kristy has done of me. Or at least the ones she got around to scanning and coloring and uploading.

Drag them into your browser for a better view.


Kristy: This background was made by me so, NO STICKY FINGERS! You can make one like it if you just take a little time to play around in Photoshop. So please, don't take mine.

Art By Others
Drag into your browser for a better view.

1 In order: Mad Sabre (eevee0011) Shinkoryu14

Kristy's Screenies
Kristy decided she'd like to do screenies. For fun, and to help her get better at drawing on the computer in comic format. So, being the loving little thing I am, I told her she could use my page. Enjoy, if you can. (she'll be subtitling all of her pictures.)

Hi, welcome to my Screenies! I hope they'll be a screamie! Sorry, really bad joke...
Anyway here they are! Last updated 12/1/2011.

He is so scary. Mean old Chloe for even making me sweat it for a minute. :[

One of these days I'll learn to control my big mouth...

Wow, and I thought the Meridell rubbish dump smelled bad!

So what if it took me years, it's finally mine!

That was actually the second one I got that week.

Do I want to know if his toenails are naturally purple, or if paints them?

Waahhh! I'll never get rid of it all. The Money Tree sends it all back and TNT tells me I'm clogging up their discard system!

Mean old Ugly bug ran off before he finished so I had to improvise...

I'm not that I?

Chloe kicked its butt not five minutes later. I was a happy camper.

I've had some pretty weird encounters in my life. BTW where's my nose?

This may very well be the very best day of my life. Other than the ones that my pets came into my life on. *does super awesome ubber '"I'm king of the world" standing on the deck of some big cruseliner' happy dance* P.S. Sorry about the poor picture quality. Mouse was acting up and I had enough.

That's my nickname, don't wear it out.

If it glares, hisses, has sharp teeth, and/or plots world domination, I'm totally in love.

A rare showing of Princess' sneaky side. I'm not good at Unis and wings.

She was the most beautiful and generous faerie that ever lived. I will tell sing of her to my children, and their children, and their children...

Twice? I'm getting scared.

Ugly Bug, its payback time for running off on me last time!

Learn from Clo, don't tempt the magic kelp.

O.o Let's not talk about this anymore...

This screenie is titled 'Proof that Kristy needs serious mental help' I laughed my head off time entire time I did this. I can't write in chatspeak to save my life.

O.o This picture speaks for itself...

Oookay...I'm going to bathe them in garlic or some other such nonsense...


Toy Story, I luvs it. XD

*is slapped* Ow!

This was in July, too. ^^;

*runs in panic circles*

Are you guys just trying to mess with my head? O.o


This was the very next day...

Maybe there is hope for him! =D *dumps Blechies in his bed* *runs away from the Brightvale Guard*

*supermegasquees* Finally! This was the first time I had gotten the answer in in time to win. I got second place. Thank you, Professor Layton, you are the best teacher ever.

Second place! Thanks again to everyone who voted. ^-^

*sniffles* That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said about my writing. :'D

The big 25! 8D


Starry Paint Brushes are my favorite! I have awesome friends. 8D


Too cute!!!!!!!!!

I'm probably pushing my luck a little here...

50 NT trophies!!! 8DDDDD

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