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If you've stumbled onto this page, it's probably because you were bored, isn't that right? Well, you're in luck, because this is my screenie page! :D I don't have a ton of screenshots yet. I mostly just screenie good stuff that happens to me. And no, I don't doodle on my screenies, either. I'm too lazy. XD

Last updated: 4/28/12

Beauty Contest Entry

Vote for Augla!

Augla didn't win with this picture. I've since won a trophy in Cybunny, but I'm keeping this picture up for posterity's sake. :)

Random Events

Random stuff always keeps me on my toes.

I swear, it was just a really bad game. I started off with most of the columns having red-suited cards on top and I found none of the aces! DX

No, I was not playing Sakhmet Solitaire this time.

The real reason I screenied this is because just minutes earlier, the Royal Paint Brush I had gotten for Souha was still in my inventory. Timing is everything. Enjoy your worthless rock, Grundo Leader. :P

I really wish this had been Princess, but oh well, you win some, you lose some... *shrugs*

...Now that's more like it. :) (This happened on my new main, rather than my old one, like the other Jubjub RE.)

I got that same random event AGAIN less than 24 hours later. I decided not to screenie it because a bunch of shaking Jubjubs make for boring screenies.

Just because she's a Royal Cybunny doesn't mean she can feign sickness to get out of chores... -__-

Blargh... Needless to say, I didn't take the suggestion... DX

*plays a random game and quickly recovers her losses*

I think I almost died of a heart attack when I saw this. Funnily enough, I was at the Healing Springs, too.

This could go under Random Events or Dailies, but I'm putting it in this category because the Daily prize wasn't that amazing anyways.

Petpet lab maps from the Fruit Machine. Who knew?

This pet won the BC in Chia that week, iirc.

Yes, I was just being random here. XD

I wish I had more awesome random luck like this. 8D

I've been on Neopets for 7 years. You'd think I'd know that by now. XD

And then I won TWO Genius Neggs from the GMC a while later. Ironic, yes?

No photoshopping involved. Just random luck. XD

I didn't know REs could warp you places until I got that one... I had to try several times to get a screenie before being warped back to Faerieland. XD

The pet ended up winning 2nd place in its category that week. Oh well. At least I got a Nerkmid out of it.

I was thinking "PLEASE DON'T HAVE HIT SOMETHING VALUABLE! D8". You probably would have been thinking the same.

Meh, I'll take it. I'm not taking the detached zombie arm, though...

Who the heck loses 1,000 NP and doesn't notice it?

Typically, I got junk out of it. Oh well, not much of a loss.

Another one of those "timing is everything" screenies. I wish Coltzan's Shrine gave out codestones... XD

Nice birdie... You can have my jelly, just don't hurt me...

Senkou: Because I'm a funny bunny, that's why!
Me: ...That wasn't funny.

Yes, I went there. I made that joke. /runs from the angry mob

Back to the drawing board, I guess...

Once again, this was me being silly and messing with filters on GIMP. XD

FYI, my birthday is on January 29th. Turning 21 on 1/29/13. ;)


A break in the daily doldrums.

The first one was a Desert Paint Brush. :3

And a third! I'm so lucky! 8D (Won on 6/21/11)

And a fourth! I'm extremely lucky! 8D

At least I didn't just watch the wheel for those two hours... Then again, I wasn't doing much YYB either... DX

Ooooooh... Flashy... Must. keep. staring. at. flashy thing! (I've been reading WAY too much Homestuck lately. XD)

And this is on the OTHER end of the epic spectrum. Still nice and flashy, though. :3

...Aaaaand back to the fail side of the spectrum again... DX

*hides the extra Neopoint and pretends to be 1337 anyways*

...I have no comment.

I guess this is why it's called the Wheel of Mediocrity...

Hey, if it counts, I'll take it.

And on the topic of high scores in Splat-A-Sloth...

Yaaay, I'm on the high score list! 8D

I had no idea it gave out that much. Wow. O__o (And now I've gotten 10K twice. XD)

Speaking of 10K:

I wish that happened more often. XD

I don't think I had Geli active, either. I hate random picking. D:

Somebody has since given me a clue as to who the original quote maker was. Thanks. :)

Yay for random luck!

Now, as for that potion...

He's been zapped Wraith since then. Still an Ogrin, though. XD

I got the same kind of scratchcard a few days later. I also failed on that card. XD

I had been starting to get flustered because the Water Faerie refused to heal her sickness, too.

Speaking of the incompetent Water Faerie:

We've all had this happen before. Multiple times. Every time, it frustrates the heck out of me.

*in a monotone voice* No it is not suspicious. Not at all. The Tencals are friendly and do not wish to take over Neopia by enslaving the minds of unsuspecting Neopets.

Neopets was derping pretty hard that day. Error NP, I would have loved to win that. XD

Happened on the same day as the screenie prior. Neopets was having a bad day, and it wasn't even a half hour into the day yet. XD

I haven't gotten more than 20 points since. OTL

I can't even remember which petpet this was and what it eventually ended up becoming... XD

Hey, free wearable. Who's complaining?

I'm pretty sure I sold it via my shop.

Typically, I've lost it again since then. I've lost my touch. DX

A hilarious result of the Lab Ray prank from the 2012 April Fool's Day jokes. XD

Sold it for about 600K. Used that money to buy myself a Yellow Cybunny Morphing Potion, as you'll see later.

Silly cache, taunting me with her old color... T3T (Yes, since then, she's been repainted Cloud, as a later set of screenies will show.)

B-but... I want my worthless item... ;__;

Seeing as codestones are the most expensive items you can win from Tombola and I won two, I guess that counts as a Jackpot.

I don't even like Moehogs. Oh well, more fodder for the Packrat avvie.

...So close! DX

Not long later, I won the fourth PB, so it wasn't all bad.


I'm not much of an avatar collector.

That was avatar #155 for me. :)

I've wanted this avatar so much, so I rejoiced when I finally got it. 8D

Speaking of other avatars I've wanted...

Cue more rejoicing. 8D

The next two screenies aren't directly avatar related, but they're related to the third, which is avatar related.

I'd been saving up for a while to get this paint brush. As soon as my Habitarium hit lv. 50, the process got a LOT faster. XD

She's painted to perfection~~~ *huggles*

So, now that I have a pink pet, let's go get the Pink Popcorn avatar!

I guess it was too soon after I had painted Rose that I gave her the popcorn, seeing as she still had her old color. XD

I am NOT lending out Rose for people to get the Pink Popcorn avatar!

Speaking of food-related avatars:

My reaction can be summed up as this: ''Wait, I got an avatar? ...I didn't already have that avatar? Okay then...

I am usually really bad at games. I seriously rejoiced when I got this avatar.

I got the Mootix in an RE (the screenie I made when that happened is missing, though), and it FINALLY attached to Senkou's petpet. :D

Hoorah, another random and kinda rare avatar.

This can go under Dailies too, but it's more related to the avatar:

Let's hope I don't lose it again. *knocks on wood*

I can't spell 'Achyfi' to save my life. XD

Hooray for free avatar items. :D

I was lent for full collat. Went pretty smoothly. :)

Not quite an avatar screenie, but I'm putting it here anyways:

At the time of writing, I'm STILL using that site theme. :D

I got lent this for free (just like Meowy). Thanks SO much to the free ZDAP lender! :D

I didn't even go out of my way to get this avatar. I just let stuff randomly collect in my SDB from events and dailies, and I got it.

I mad about oranges.

Supposedly people fish up their first Titanic Giant Squid around lv. 80-90. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO FIND ONE, SENKOU?!?

Not quite an avatar screenie again. Forgive me. OTL

Typically, the friend in question who received my MVC was evilsapphie. I don't do nice things like this to strangers.


Other people (AKA mostly me) are funny.

I find the randomest things to be funny. And I left in the username with permission. :)

(The screenie's from a board where I tried to fool some people into thinking there was an unlockable Nyan Cat theme on Neopets. It worked... until somebody spoiled the joke. XD)
If you want this theme, go here. /shameless advertisement

BEST. SIGGY. EVER. 10000000/10. *shot*
(If you don't get it, it's an inside joke with a chat group I belong to. :P)

My post is on an nonexistent third page. What.

I have no idea how common this is, but this was the first time I saw a lock picture on a topic.

If you know why it's disallowed, please NM and tell me.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates this.

Yeah. Epic fail on my part. XD

Aaah, 2/28/12. The Neoapocalypse. At least I lived through it. XD

OMG. This screenie is annoying. *shot*

Guess I was just a few seconds too early.

Lab Zaps

For the rare occasion my lab decides to be nice to me.

She's still in the pound if you want her... *cough*
EDIT: Not anymore.

Gave him back to my friend evilsapphie.

Screenie says everything. Adopted out to a wonderful new owner.

Snatched up by a pound lurker when I was pound trading the poor thing. D8

Seeing as this has to do with the lab map, might as well put it here:

Now I have two accounts I can use the lab ray on. :3 Yes, I took advantage of the dropping prices of lab map pieces after the TrillionFTW celebration. :P

This too:

This was a royal pain in the butt... DX

I pretty much went crazy when I got that zap. Fit well with her Christmas themed custom, too. Currently on a side account.

That's the second time now I've gotten two good color zaps in a row. XD Currently on another side account.

Probably my best zap yet. Timing is impeccable. Currently on the same side account as LFD.

Oh, Angry Meepit Eyes, how much I love you. Making things funnier than they should be. XD

I get so many nice colors when I zap my pets... ;__; Gave him to my brother who barely plays anymore.


Stuff that doesn't fit into the other Neopets categories.

Learn to spellcheck your work, TNT.

I can already see hunting for TNT's spelling fails being my part time hobby. XD

Yep. Definitely a part time hobby.

Oh TNT, you definitely need new quality control.

I've wanted this paint brush ever since the Woodland Cybunnies were released. I was overjoyed to finally get it, needless to say.

I later removed the bow, but I was really happy after she got her paint job. :D

After making this screenie, I did something dumb and had my account suspended for a day. Later, I finally painted Souhajin Royal. And then after that, I decided I wouldn't crosspaint her and just save up for nice customization stuff instead.

Speaking of Souhajin...

I sent TNT a ticket about this. I would be okay with this if the dress was fixed to come up all the way to her head, but this is ridiculous!

Erm, I'm pretty sure Sapphie is 27 (at time of writing), not 2011 years old...

Oh the irony. (For those who can't read the text, it says "Even the Crazy Techo Fan wants an Unconverted pet. XD")

He is the luckiest new player on Neopets I've come across. :3
And I'm warning you now, do NOT beg to him for items, money, or anything else. I WILL find out. If it's enough of a problem, I will take measures...

Gotta love glitches. XD

This happened on my new main before I had swapped mains. I think I still have this email saved in a special folder. XD

I couldn't help but laugh at the irony. XD

Thank you to EvilSapphie and the other 174 people who goldbanned my Kiko! This was my first BC victory EVER! 8D (The Kiko is on one of my side accounts.)

Speaking of the BC (drag to address bar to see full size):

I didn't get the bronze trophy. Just my luck. DX

He's not UFT unless you have an amazing offer.

I still have no idea what happened, but it's fixed, I guess.

They were fixing the female Biscuit Cybunny eyes (they looked like the male eyes before), but I just needed to take a screenie of this anyways. XD

Two part screenie!

I've wanted a Royal Ukali ever since they were released...

...I finally got it. 8D

More painting dual part screenies!

Found Shari in the pound. I decided I'd paint her because I came up with a great custom for a Striped Cybunny and she just happened to be unpainted.

Her custom has been since completed. And yes, I changed her gender, too.

I'm not THAT pleased with myself (I was so lazy that week DX), but at least I FINALLY can say I've won a Cybunny trophy. :D

Me getting my dream pet! :D

I woke up just as the auction had ended. I practically flipped out. And no, Sapphie will NOT buy you anything, so don't even TRY to beg to him for items.

At this point, I was bursting with excitement.

I think I died with happiness here. I've wanted a Plushie Cybunny ever since my old main was wrongfully frozen.

I could have put this set of screenies under Avatar related, but I decided against it (it was more about the morph and the result rather than the avatar). She is NEVER, and I emphasize **NEVER** up for trade!

No, Outcast, just because there's three of you doesn't mean I'm more likely to adopt you.

Blue font, whee~ I just randomly noticed this one day when it was sitting in my inventory. XD

Probably worked back in the day, but it apparently won't work on Chrome. Yes, I use Google Chrome as my browser.

Umm... Wow. I didn't realize Acaras were that intimidating until I saw this... .__.

I was trying my hand at restocking and failed. And then I was greeted by this. XD

Refreshing the page fixed this.

One of these days, I need to buy a gift box cap, send it over, and get that LE off that account.

Small glitch, I guess.

Speaking of Senkou and Flipsy...

I put in a bad word solely to get this screenie. I'm sorry, TNT. OTL

This one comes from DTI, not Neopets.

Guess DTI was being kinda glitchy that day.

Here comes a bucketload of multi-part screenies!

I had a hard time deciding what color to paint her for a long time. Went with Disco in the end.

Her custom has since been completed. :D

I only do this for close friends, so don't ask unless you know me well.

I didn't update her custom when she got transferred to me, so the cache kept her a Biscuit Cybunny. Still... Oven fresh... XD

More like a non-updating cache, I later found out. And don't ask about that little bar that says "Delete". That was a graphical glitch having to do with my computer itself.

So, I made the mistake of wanting to zap my precious Senkoushou. Regretted it later, but thankfully she didn't change species. Therefore, I just got a Cloud PB to fix her.

Indeed I won't. Unless I have millions to spare for a Cloud Cybunny Morphing Potion.

I received this on my birthday and, for the longest time, I had no idea what to do with it.

And then at the beginning of February, I won the Schnelly Collectable Charm from the Discarded Grundo. With the profits, I bought this potion, finally having decided what to do with the Baby PB.

Time to get morphing and painting!

Why is that yellow text so illegible? Nevertheless, there's more to do.

Here comes...

Yay! Baby Cybunny obtained! And I didn't really have to spend anything to get him, either. XD

My plan is to have a RG/Woodland crosspainted Uni. Here's the first step...

First part of the crosspaint complete! The next part is solely for the purpose of moving her to my main to zap and keeping the RG clothes on that account.

Aaah, cache, trolling me as usual.

Still awaiting the lucky zap from the lab ray.

Non-Neo Related Screenies/Other pictures

Interesting stuff isn't limited to Neopets...

These are by no means in any kind of chronological order.

Somebody thought my avatar on dA was of Naruto. It's actually of the character on the left, Kyle Dunamis. So I made this to prove that Kyle =/= Naruto. Blah.

tl;dr - there's not supposed to be two of the pink haired character. The girl closer to the top is "Damian", by the way. :P

Even more of Kyle Dunamis. I blame my friend who goes by EvilSapphie here on Neopets for this one. XD

Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog is awesome. I can't believe my friends actually agreed to this. XD

Yes, I can withstand Nyan Cat for over 9000 seconds. I am that awesome. B)

Speaking of cats...

This is Basement Ca... I mean, Shea. She is the sweetest little kitty evar. And yes, that's a Baby Cybunny plushie near the top.

Yes, I made a lolcat image. XD

Crossed out my username so you can't stalk me there, as well as some words NSFN. Still, I JUST missed the kiriban (which, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, essentially refers to a milestone of pageviews, I think...)

I commend whomever made the connection and I also commend whomever made the picture. Yes people, Malik Caesars is the anime equivalent of Chuck Norris. Believe it.

I (badly) rendered this myself for a friend's lookup, but I can't help but laugh at it every time. Tipo is awesome. XD
(Psst, you can see the lookup I made with this render here.)

I swear, I drew this myself, so art thieves can keep their mitts... Hang on, I swear he just derped at me... O__o

Just the way that was worded tickled my funny bone. XD
I might edit this screenie if Neo might find it inappropriate.

(In reality, I absolutely despise this pairing. I drew the picture for the lulz on Ship Pairings You Hate Day. :P)

This certainly caught me by surprise. My initial reaction can be summed up as "What the #^(& is that?"

Awards and Fanmail

I love getting them~~~

I guess it counts as a fanmail... Sorta...

First official fanmail! Yay! 8D

This works for me. :)

I always like getting nice comments on my screenies out of nowhere. ^w^

Want to send me fanmail or an award? Do so here! ;)


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