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Name: Aueze

Pronunciation: Aww-z

Alias: Ozzy

Pronunciation: Aww-zee

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Adult)

Weight: 110lbs.

Height: 4.3 ft

Length: 5 1/2ft (from tail tip to nose)

Species: Wolf/Lupe [canine]

Color(s): Soft black, pale blue and green.

Fur type: Long and thick near chest/tail. Suited for cold weather.

Species: Lupe

Color: Faerie

Owner: Foxx

Mother: Deceased

Father: Unknown whereabouts

Siblings: none

Friends: none

Crush/Desire: none

Love/mate: none

Pups: none

Personality: Timid, Nervous, Mysterious, Intelligent, Distrusting, Fearful.

Qualities: Sweet, Intelligent, Good friend, Watchful.

Flaws: Distrusting, Fearful, Jumpy/Nervous around males, Presuming.

Currently: Scared, on the run.

Note: Due to spraining both front paws when she was younger, Aueze has very weak ankles. Meaning she can't really walk for long periods of times, as well as running. Due to this she usually flys.




Chapter 1:


Aueze slowly blinked open her eyes as the sun rose, sunlight filtering inside of the den she called home and washing the rock walls with light. Her jaws gaped into a small yawn, claws flexing and gently scraping the rocky ground. She turned to glance over at her father a few feet away who was sleeping soundlessly. Cautiously, Aueze rose, and began to walk out of the den. Making sure she made no noises to alert her dad she was leaving. And then as she stepped outside the warm sunlight licked her coat, a small smile spreading across her muzzle. Aueze then began to trot through the forest, she knew her father did not allow her to come into the forest. Which is why she snuck out for the past few mornings to try and practice flying. Another thing which her father also prohibited. Ever since her mother had died he had began to turn rotten towards her.

I wonder if he thinks it was my fault she died...

Aueze thought remorsefully, but quickly pushed the painful thought aside.

She soon came to the small cliff that dropped nearly 15 feet. Stopping at the edge and glancing over, gripping the edge with her claws.

Take deep breaths... unfold your wings....then spread them out and flap.... Aueze quoted her mother with her eyes closed. And she slowly unfolded her wings which had been resting on her back. They were very large for her size. She then backed up, wobbling almost with such the strange weight from her wings.

Now run....and glide...

Aueze then opened her eyes, determitedly staring out at the edge of the cliff before her.

And then...she ran, flapping her wings and she pushed off the edge of the cliff. This was it, it was either she would fly, or fall.

The wind ruffled her fur, hair and tail streaming behind her. She gave a small triumphant yowl...for a few seconds she was flying. And then...she began to descend towards the ground. Panic struck Aueze, and she kicked her legs as if swimming, flapping as hard and fast as she could.

Fly, my love! If you must fall, try to protect your wings!

She could hear her mothers voice echo in her mind. Aueze knew she was in trouble, still flapping with no success. Aueze twisted her body and folded her wings, protecting them like her mother said. Her body hit the ground with a sickening thud, pain shot up her legs like fire. And her breath knocked out of her. She lay there for a few moments, stunned, in pain, and not breathing. And when she did start breathing she sobbed. A small whimpering was all she could manage to do.

Aueze! came a large, angry voice. And a sudden fear flodded her. It was her father.

What in the world are you doing? Get up! Come here right now! he barked fiercely.

Aueze lifted her head, trying to pinpoint where he was and spotted him up on the edge of the cliff where she pushed off. She slowly tried to rise, but then fell back down as even more pain surged about her ankles.

I can't. she managed to cry out a sob.

What do you mean you can't?! Get up here now- I'll make sure you'll never get the chance to fly, I'll rip those wings off now myself! he snarrled viciously. Aueze trembled in fear, and she glanced back up to see him gone. After struggling to get up again, a few moments later he was walked around a corner, his eyes narowed and glaring at her.

What did I tell you about flying? he growled.

Aueze tried to get up, shuffling away from him quickly. But falling once again. He approached her quickly, and jabbed his muzzle under her ribs and forcefully nudged her up.

Get up!

After Aueze continued to fall back down after the pain would shoot through her legs, another growl rumbled deep within his chest before he grabbed her by her scruff. Letting his teeth slowly sink into her scruff, slowly breaking through the skin. Aueze managed to keep down a whimper as he carried her all the way back to the cave. Nearly throwing her into the wall when they finally arrived. Another growl errupting from his chest, and she cowered fearfully. He stared at her, his fur beginning to bristle but he let it go. Snorting and leaving her alone in the den. She watched him go, and slowly sank back into the comfortable spot against the wall. Her legs still throbbing. Sleep soon taking her...her vision blurred and eyes slowly closing.

Chapter 2:


Months later...

After many months of Aueze's father neglecting her, Aueze's anger begins to build. He always hints about it being her fault her mother died. And one day...she makes it apparent she's had enough.

Aueze.Get up... her father had pushed her side with his hind leg.

GET.UP. the voice is louder, and after a few moments followed with a kick. Aueze awakens, lifting her head and blinking her eyes to see her father. It's the middle of the night, and a half moon is climbing to the center of the sky.

Dad...what is it? she murmurs groggily.

I'm hungry...go get me something to eat.

Aueze's eyes adjusts, and sees her father laying beside her. After no reply or movement from Aueze, he repeats.

Go.NOW. he growls lightly. And she's up. She slowly slinks out into the moonlight, sniffing the cool air lightly for any prey scents. Walking through the forest quickly, seeking anything that could satisfy him until the morning. Aueze soon coming across the scent of a small rabbit, and she quickly followed it. Finding it nibbling amongst the bushes. And within moments, Aueze is finishing the rabbit off after a small chase and bringing it's limp body back to the cave. Resting it by her father's paws.

There. she sighs, and then walks over back to where she had been sleeping and curls up. Closing her eyes and yawning. She hears nothing. He's not eating. And then she hears him clear his throat. She opens one eye, to see him staring at her. Aueze lifts her head.

What is it...?

I don't want rabbit. he snorts.

Umm...what do you want? she asks.

I want deer.

Aueze blinks, and stares hard at him.

Well...you can go get it yourself, or eat that and wait until the morning. Aueze dares. And she lays back down.

He replies, too calm. No, go get me deer.

Aueze turns her head, staring back at him.

Go.Get it. Yourself.

He rises, his eyes narrowing. The familiar growl rising in his throat.

Deep inside she is terrified, but a new surge of courage and hate grows inside her. She narrows her eyes as well.

Go get me a deer, you good for nothing flea bag!

Go get it yourself! I'm so sick of having to do everything for you. I wish mom were here to see how you're acting... Aueze added with a snort.

Suddenly she realized she shouldn't have said that. For his gaze turned icey, and she knew she was in trouble.

Maybe she still would be if you hadn't killed her. he snapped.

I didn't kill her. Aueze quickly snapped up to her feet, stepping towards her father. Eyes narrowed and ears flattened against her head. Her fur beginning to bristle and tail beginning to raise.

Yes you did. If it weren't for you, if you weren't born, she would still be here. I wish everyday that you would of died instead of her.

Yeah? Well I bet the only reason she died was because wanted to leave a scumbag like you-

Aueze was cut off as there was a flash black and weight was thrown into her. A snarl ripping from her father's throat and she felt a crushing grip on her neck. She yelped, and quickly dropped. But was soon rammed into the wall. She looked up to see her father standing before her, lips peeled back to reveal sharp teeth. And he lunged at her, she tried to back up but was stopped by a wall. Then clawing at her wings, chest, and face. Aueze yelped and cried out as he raked his claws across her face. Feeling blood beginning to gush down her face, staining her soft white fur, her head dropped, trying to wipe it away with her paw as gently as she could, wincing at the horrifying pain. She felt herself shoved into the wall again, and she looked up. Cold hatred beginning to lighten her gaze. Which burned furiously into her father's dark fur.

With a growl increasing into a snarl, she shot forward. Raking her claws across whatever she could, snapping her jaws and clenching as hard as she could around her father's cheek. In return, he jumped up onto just his hind legs and swatted her off. She jumped back, then got onto her hind legs as well, her wings flaring out behind her in attempt to look more bigger and dangerous. Another, more deafening snarl ripped from her lips, and she sprang forward. First catching her claws in the fur above his left eye, and raking it down just as hard. Hoping she had caused the same pain he had given her. He cried aloud, stumbling backwards she took the moment and swiped across his nose and muzzle on the opposite side. And with a growl she stretched forward and clammed her jaws shut around his neck. Clenching her mouth as hard as she could, she got back down to four paws, bringing him down too. She roughly shook her head, trying to make the holes she was making bigger, all her years of pain, hurt, frustration, hope, wishing, unhappiness, and most of all, anger, hatred and confusion suddenly burst from her. All the memories of what he had did to her flashed through her mind quickly, all the fear for him disappeared for just that moment, and with a growl she slammed him against the wall.

He had gasped beginning to cough and squirm as he tried to get loose. Y-yo.....you're not going to k-kill...your own father...are you..? he challenged. She slammed him down onto the ground, releasing her grip on his throat and padding towards the entrance, she stopped and turned to face him.

Good riddance.. she growled, before turning and padding off. Tears beginning to spill down her cheeks silently.

Chapter 3:


After she knew she was out of sight of the den, she began to run. Her ears pinned against her skull, heart racing and fur whipping in the wind. Fear pricking at her heart as well as sadness. Ever since she lost her mother she had no one...and her father had turned against her. He hated her. He had wished she had never been born. Aueze secretly wished she hadn't been alone, that it had been her father that died instead of her mother. That she was actually loved, and in a family which she lacked of now. And now she was alone. Almost deathly afraid what was out there and being alone, and how she would survive on her own? Aueze began to glance behind her shoulder, the thought of her father following her fearfully clouding her mind. But as the memorable cliff approached where she had tried to practice flying and sprained both her ankles, her wings unfolded. And with pure determination to get to the other side, she pushed off the edge. Her neck and front paws stretching forwards as her hind legs stretched back with her streaming tail. Wings flapping slightly, the wind brushed her fur and wings magnificently. Aueze glided across the large stretch, and for the first time, she reached the other side. Pride ran through her, and she stared onto the other side. Her home. No....the place she use to live. She lowered herself to lay on the edge. A sigh escaping her lips and she lay her head down onto her front paws. Staring out below her.
A green and blue wolf padded through the woods, carrying a puppy in her mouth. The small puppy glancing around as the trees moaned and bowed down in the wind. The green and blue wolf stopped at the edge of a cliff. Setting the puppy down carefully.

M-momma...I wanna go. Can you take me please...? the puppy whimpered.

The green and blue wolf smiled warmly, her eyes full of affection as she stared at her daughter. Aueze...you know how dangerous it is. she murmured. Her voice seemed to blend into the background, while Aueze's voice was loud and clear.

But mom...please? Just this one time? she begged, eyes widening as she puffed out her bottom lip in a pout.

The blue and green wolf laughed. Fine...I suppose. Just don't tell your father.. she smiled. Reaching over to grab her daughter by the scruff and set her on her back between her wings. Hang on dove, okay? she said with a lick to Aueze's forehead.

Aueze grabbed two pawfuls of her mothers fur. Lowering herself, as her mother backed up and pushed off the cliff, gliding around in circles and diving down towards the ground, pulling up before they hit the ground and landing smoothly.

An excited smile swiped across Aueze's face, Again, momma, again!

Her mother smiled, but shook her head. I'm afraid that's it my love. No more. Maybe we will again tomorrow........

The scene changed abruptly as night fell. Aueze stood at the edge of the cliff alone. I'm going to fly just like my momma! little Aueze declared. Dark thunderous clouds stormed above, thunder rumbling in the distance. Backing back a few paces, Aueze planned out what she was going to do. With a determined grin, she shot forward, grunting as she pushed off like her mother had done earlier that day and flapping her small wings. Aueze yowled in triumph, as she glided for a second, but then began to drop. A terrified yelp escaping her lips. She flailed her legs, flapping frantically as she grew closer to the ground. She stretched out, digging her claws into the side of the cliff which slowed her fall, she grabbed a hold of a tree root. Glancing down at the ground which was nearly twenty feet beneath her. She stared up at the top of the cliff. Aueze beginning to call her mother in terrified cried. Rain now beginning to fall gently, loosening Aueze's grip on the root. Help! she cried. Before hearing her father. Aueze! What in the name are you doing down there!!! he shouted, before turning tail and disappearing. She could hear her mother's frantic wail and father's alarmed sharp tone in the distance. Hurry! Aueze wailed as she nearly slipped to the end, her fur wet but still sticking straight up, bristling like needles. Her eyes wide in fear and ears flat as she whimpered. Maybe this was it...maybe this was the day she would die?

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard a wet flapping noise, seeing her mother dive down towards her. Her mother reached forward and grabbed her scruff, then trying to pull away from the cliff with no success. Her back scraped the side. An alarmed yell coming from her mother as she began to tumble down the cliff, a loud snapping sound near Aueze made her realize her mother had just broken her wing. Aueze wailed fearfully. Her mother yelping in pain, although her mother still curled her body protectively around Aueze. As they hit the ground Aueze jumped, her mother's back hitting the ground with a sickening thud, Aueze could hear the breath wheezed out of her and her mother's grasp released. Aueze rolling away from her. Aueze trembled, M-Momma? she croaked. She bounded forward, shaking her mother violently. Mom? she whispered, nudging her. A large thunderous noise erupted above, and the ground shook. Rocks from above began to tumble down. Aueze quickly grabbed her mother's scruff, pulling her frantically away as fast as she could. Tugging and tugging before she lost her grip, jumping back as a second later huge rocks fell onto her mother's body.

MOM! NOOO! she screamed, lowering herself and running towards the pile. Tensing up as rocks continued to a fall, one nearly as big as her bouncing over the other rocks and nipping her back. Aueze yelping and lowering herself even more and creeping forward. The rocks had stopped. Little pebbles raining below before stopping. Aueze pawed at the large rocks carefully. MOM! she cried, desperately clawing at the rocks, unable to move the large ones on the side, she clambered to the top. With much effort she removed the rocks until she could see her mother's green and blue fur underneath the rocks.

Mom! she called, her voice full of relief. Her work becoming easier and faster as she removed smaller rocks quickly. I thought you wouldn't be okay mom! I thought you were dead! Aueze cried happily. Then sitting next to her mother's body her big smile vanished. Mom? she called. Mom? she nudged. Aueze put her paws on her mother and shook her. Mom.....mom you gotta wake up... her voice began to crack. Her mother had been facing away from her, but she now flopped over to face Aueze. Her body still and eyes closed. Aueze shakily pressed her paw to her mother's chest. Not feeling any signs of breathing or her heart beating, Aueze lowered her head, pressing her ear to her mother's chest. Aueze strained her ears, listening long and hard for that steady thump. The memory of that comforting beat had always lulled her to sleep when she was curled up near her mother. Now, the steady pace of her mother's heart had stopped. And sudden, powerful waves of grief washed over her. Threatening to drown her and her choked sobs filled the air. The rain now hissing as it began to be driven into the ground by the howling wind. Thunder cracking and lightening striking the sky. Aueze's upper body rested on her mother as she buried her face into her mother's chest. All the warmth gone. Oh mom.... Aueze wailed mournfully.

The flash back faded, and Aueze was pulled back into reality. Still staring down at the bottom blankly. Tears now flowing freely down her muzzle. Disappearing as it descended towards the ground. Thunder growled above, a soft drizzle beginning to dampen her fur. Aueze lifted her head, staring up towards the sky.

Oh mother.....a-are you still watching me? Aueze whispered. A sudden gust of wind ruffled her fur, making Aueze blink as she stared into the wind. The sudden warm and comforting familiar scent washed over her, the scent seeming to wreath around her and brush her fur. Aueze closed her eyes, her wounds still stinging. Her ears flickering as she felt the wind brush her fur once more, Of course my love...I will be here with you, always and forever... she heard the warmth and affection in the voice. And Aueze felt a sudden pang of longing. The warmth and scent beginning to fade, Aueze slowly rose. Still shaking from the fight she had earlier. Turning, she said goodbye to what she once knew. Venturing into the lands she had never knew of, and leaving the last of her family behind.









Aueze has never felt the emotion love. The closest she's felt is the family love she had for her mother, and her mother's love and affection for her. Since Aueze's father, Aueze has been led to believe that every male is like this. Making it difficult for her to ever feel like this for anyone else. Although it is possible.



Demiq is a small little bird that Aueze found by the waterfall where she lives now. Demiq is the closest thing she has to a friend. Although Demiq isn't around as much, she does go off on her own and migrate.









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