I am a very happy Chia

Hi, My name is Aubergeni the Chia, I am 94440 hours old. Chia's are the cutest pets in Neopia, or at least I think so. As you may have guessed I love making new friends and playing games. My best friend is Adee the Chia who I love to play guess the card with.

I love having fun with my friends. Every summer we go to a new place to have a picnic. Last year we went to Mystery Island. This is a photo of me and my friends at the beach. We built a massive sand Chia :) My Grandad
My Grandad It is a little known fact that Chias, like myself, love to bounce. For my birthday my owner, thepogostick, bought me a fantastic trampoline. I invited all the Chias down my road over to our neohome and we had a great party. This is a photo from that day. Anyway, this is my webpage. I am Aubergeni, if you want to be my friend or NeoMessage thepogostick, feel free. My owner loves to get NeoMails :)