Welcome to Hilariously Bad Art!

Want some awful, awful art for one reason or another? Request it here!

I created this site just for the lolz.

Oh, look. I'm listed at Find A Laugh.


Page One - Introduction

Page Two - Rules and Examples

Page Three - How To Request

Page Four - Pickups


1. Don't ask for anything bad.

2. Don't ask for anything overly complicated. Overly complicated would be all of your neopets drinking hot chocolate or something.


Example One - Food: Fabulous Apple

 photo d3f44c10-73ce-44e6-b757-18b0a386f740_zps3f5bf1e6.jpg

Example Two - Item: Plumpy with Bacon  photo plmpy_zpsf0efd5b4.png

Example Three - Pet: Tarcie the Speckled Xweetok

 photo tarcie_zpsb0e75229.png

Requesting Your Bad Art

Do you want some awful art? Here's what to neomail me.

1. What I want drawn:

2. What color:

3. If it's a pet, do you want them drawn just color and species or with customization?

4. Background Color (optional):

5. Any extra details?:


Here's where you'll pick up your art.

Plumpy and Bacon for Honora

Stealthy Grarrl for Neometriod

Frog for Acidrat

Wraith Krawk for Clydesdale

Official HCer Star

Hate Star for Naldia

Pillow for Reese

UC Darigan Draik

Fyora Eating Jelly

Heels the Grey Aisha


Gif for Grarrlz

Mazja the Glowing Korbat

Flubbsie the Zombie Cybunny


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