Hi there ^_^

My name is Astorisis and I am a Cybunny. I am a very lucky Cybunny with a great owner called dreaming_endlessly. This is a rather fetching picture of me that was taken quite recently. As you can see I have beautiful big eyes, just like my mother.

So why are Cybunnies so great? Well for one we are unique. I mean what other species can be turned into a MUTANT and still look cute? Have you even SEEN the Mutant Aisha... now they are just plain HIDEOUS!!!!

My Personal Views
Ok so some of you may not agree with me, but oh well, this is my website so there :P


There I have said it. Maybe someone will take notice. Im sooo sick of people making dumb carrot jokes. I don't have anything against carrots as such, but I mean, come on, they are just carrots... Its not like they are the greatest food in the world. Not like Beef Rouladen hehehe ^_^

Now maybe this is just me but aren't Slorgs the greatest petpet ever? They are totally loyal, can't run away, don't chew up your nice new furniture and leave a handy slime trail behind them so you can always find them no matter where they go.

So do you want to know a little bit more about me? Well, I enjoy reading and I'm sooo looking forward to going to Neoschool when it eventually opens. dreaming_endlessly has been going frantic trying to find out more info about it so I know I will be one of the first pupils :)

When I am not reading I like to test my strength in the Battledome. I know I am not exactly the toughest pet in the battledome but with a strength of 9, I'm not doing bad either. Plus it is absolutely hilarious when I do win against a so called 'tough' pet like a Grarrl. They get so embarrassed. HAHAHAHA

Well I hear dreaming_endlessly calling me so I have to stop writing on this webpage now. If you want to find out more about me or possibly arrange a friendly Battledome match send dreaming_endlessly a Neomail.

Take care now, and thanks for visiting my webpage ^_^