I struggled to get my eyes open, it seemed as if they had been closed for a very long time. Enveloped in darkness I yearned for exit. I moved around, soon finding that I was enclosed in a box. It was large enough for my whole body, but nothing more. It was cushioned, and I had a worn silk pillow behind my head.

Becoming claustrophobic, I used my sharp claws to try to make my escape from the box. The old wood was easily broken and suddenly my enclosure was filled with grimy, wet dirt. I had been buried alive.

The ground soaked up my bloodcurdling screams as I pushed myself deep through the earth.

How did this happen?

Who would do such a thing as to bury me alive?

I burst through the earth and pulled myself up. Rain was falling, but I could hardly feel it. I could hardly see a thing, it took my eyes a few moments to adjust to the dim light.

Tombstones littered the ground around me, my breath faltered, only I wasn't breathing. Upon looking at my paws I saw what I was. I felt my face, tattered and worn. I was among the living dead.

How to Spot a Zombie

1) Glazed over Look
2) Moan
3) Stitches or exposed organs
4) Missing Limbs
5) Pale or Grey Skin
6) No response to being lit on fire

No! I don't eat brains!

How could you even think that? Uck! Miserable mortals and their imaginations...Lay off the movies!




Heroides is my younger sister. She is a fierce and beautiful dragon. She is often the subject of my envy because of her youthful beauty...


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