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Anywhere, say anywhere, as long as I'm with you
Anything, ask anything, we'll watch the world go by

- "Uncanny" by Anberlin

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Shove over.
I can't. There's not exactly a lot of room in here.
Stop bickering, everyone... this may be a more-or-less permanent situation.
Well. Isn't that just great?

Get out of my head!

What do you do when your house is on fire, your ship is sinking? For some, the answer is simple: get out of the house, jump ship. But what if that jeopardizes someone else's house, someone else's ship? Would you still save yourself? Your way of life? Is it that important?

I guess, in some ways, I understand why they did what they did. I don't think I would have done things any different. I'd want to save myself, nothing more, nothing less. And that's what they did, it's just... just...

I wish they'd have picked someone else.


Hot chocolate

Sleeping on the couch

Warm Spring days

Peace and quiet

These voices

Rude people

School work

Damp, dark places


The original owner of the body of the Biscuit Zafara known and loved as "Asgarrd" is now shared by multiple entities, and it's difficult to tell exactly how many. There are at least four, but probably (and almost definitely more).

Asgarrd does his best to maintain control of his own body, but when he gets tired, sleeps, or otherwise loses concentration, sometimes one of the "others" will exert control. Only a few names are known, but it is most likely that, if you ever speak to Asgarrd you will be speaking to Asgarrd, and not one of the others. After a long, in-depth conversation, they now rarely take control without permission... unless it's an emergency, of course.


the short list

Name: Asgarrd
Age: About 14
Gender: Male
Home: Between Meridell and Brightvale
Magical Alignment: Light-Water
Personality: fun-loving, selfish, adventurous
Appearance: Asgarrd's fur color are two tones of off-white: the lighter for his belly and wings, and the darker for the rest of him. His hair and tail-tuft are gray. He has a halo, a left-eye-patch, and three earrings: two on his left and one on his right.

Family: Almedha, Diamigo
Friends: They exist! They steal your socks.
Enemies: What? Asgarrd doesn't have those.


Extrovert - - x - - - - Introvert
Sensing - - - x - - - Intuitive
Feeling x - - - - - - Thinking
Perceiving - x - - - - - Judging

Asgarrd is an ENFP, a personality type known as The Inspirer that is very similar to Fandral's personality. Asgarrd's bright personality leads him to see the world as one of potential. He he has a natural talent with many things, but only excels at those he enjoys; and since he sees life as a gift, he tries to make the most of it. One problem, however, is that he's so easily distracted and doesn't stick to any of his interests long enough to really see them blossom. However, making friends was never Asgarrd's problem. If he seems interested in your situation or interests or just you, you can be pretty sure it's genuine. He cares about people and wants people to care about him in return. Of course, his unbridled enthusiasm for anything new can make maintaining a relationship something of a challenge. Most of the time, he's up for it.


at the timehare

Asgarrd has quite a few characters sharing his brain and biscuit for the time being, unless he can find a way to get them out. Only five talk to him regularly, though there may be more... He's really not sure.

Monday seems to be a quiet and reclusive fellow, which Asgarrd doesn't mind a bit. He has on particular special ability, but he doesn't share it often. Asgarrd was confused about this ability until Friday was kind enough to share with him that Monday can see the future. Monday usually keeps confidence only with Wednesday and it's safe to assume that you will never meet Monday speaking through Asgarrd.
Favorite quote: I told you so...

The supposed old warrior of the group, Tuesday seems to have a bone to pick with the others and is just as happy as Asgarrd is to be there. He doesn't get along with any of them, but Wednesday and Thursday especially. He's loud and has a horrible temper, making him one of Asgarrd's least favorite of his "guests." Besides that, though, Asgarrd doesn't talk to Tuesday much.
Favorite quote: I was here first!

It's obvious that Wednesday is used to being in charge. He seems to "watch over" (though he doesn't really have corporeal eyes anymore...) Thursday like a son and Friday like a daughter. Maybe they really are family, Asgarrd doesn't know. He is very protective of them in any case, and is, overall, the most easy-going about this change of locale... Though he does seem to change his mind on a whim.
Favorite quote: Sorry I lost you your eye... Nervous habit.

If Asgarrd could pick any of his new "friends" to fight his battles for him, Thursday would be that one. Thursday is always looking for a fight and going quite stir-crazy in Asgarrd. He wants to be out exploring and is ultimately the reasons Asgarrd one day leaves Meridell behind to travel the world and become stronger. Thursday's only failing (before, when he had his own strength of arm) is that he's not too bright.
Favorite quote: ... Sounds like a good idea to me!

Friday only talks a little bit more than Monday, and is the only girl that Asgarrd has heard speak. She rarely takes over Asgarrd, but always asks permission when she does. In general, she's polite and always seeks peace. Of course, with people like Tuesday and Thursday around, that's a very difficult proposition for her. She does, however, treat Thursday and Wednesday with kindness she doesn't show Tuesday or Monday. Maybe they're related... Favorite quote: I'll teach you to sew.

Asgarrd's Treasure Trove

Asgarrd has a collection of fishing poles, but his favorite ones are always the simplest. Asgarrd goes fishing as often as he can, which is pretty strange to me sometimes. He'll rarely invite friends to join him and, seeing how much he loves hanging out with people, that's odd. As much as Asgarrd loves the limelight and being around others, he values his alone-time, and fishing gives him that. To Asgarrd, a fishing rod is more than a toy. Fishing is more than a hobby or pastime. It's a lifestyle.

This, my friend, is hot chocolate. It's Asgarrd's favorite drink. As such, I've had to remove pretty much all traces of it from my house because if I didn't, he'd just be a chubby little biscuit. However, whenever he goes into town (either Meridell or Brightvale--both have taverns that sell it by the barrel), he buys a big mug with his allowance. Unlike fishing, Asgarrd will invite anyone to share a vat of hot chocolate with him, anytime, anywhere!

Contrary to popular opinion, Asgarrd loves school and books. He really loves learning about math and science and magic--you know, all the things a good little Neopet has to learn about. I hope I'm not forcing this on him, since I'm a writer myself, but he also seems to like writing stories and reading. You can even read a story he wrote for school here if you'd like! Maybe it's the competition, but he really loves getting the best grades even if he doesn't always quite succeed.

This is Asgarrd's Rainbow Alabriss, Bifrost. Asgarrd once had dreams of being a knight, and what is a knight without a noble steed to ride into battle? Asgarrd has seemed to lose interest in the creature, but he still takes care of him and protests vehemently whenever I suggest selling Bifrost. Every now and again on a Saturday, Asgarrd will take Bifrost into Meridell to race him against other Aabrisses. Though they'll probably never make it to the Altador chariot races, they're pretty fast.

Every denizen of Meridell knows that it's not safe to just walk about without a trusty sword to defend themselves. Asgarrd's is somewhat special. Once while out and about with me, Asgarrd met a witch named Yshinne. After a short meeting and a probably-not-too-smart deal on Asgarrd's part, she gave him this sword made of pure starlight. The only thing is, Asgarrd knows every sword must have a name, especially one so special. He just hasn't come up with one for his yet.

Life is not a story. Life is many stories told by many people. One person's life is not just theirs. It's the story of a hundred people. No character is an individual; no story is a thread. A character is the lives they've touched and what lives touched theirs. A story is a tapestry.

Would you like to help me tell a life's story?


At first I was going to write a story for Asgarrd, but I decided that a tl;dr version would be best because I don't know if anyone really reads them. Asgarrd's life is separated into three sections, which I will tell you about here. Also, wherever any roleplay Asgarrd is involved with fits in, I will also include it here as part of his story. Without further ado,
Asgarrd's Story: Abridged.

Act 1: Young and Single. These are the years following Asgarrd's adopted from the hatchery by me, Almedha. Asgarrd lives in the woods between Meridell and Brightvale in a cabin with Almedha, only venturing out at her side, except sometimes he goes fishing. Nothing incredibly exciting happens here except that Asgarrd has aspirations to be a knight and will tell anyone he meets.

Toward the end of this time he meets Yshinne, a witch. It was a short meeting, but it was one of two things that changed his life forever. Yshinne, in exchange for a favor in the future, gave Asgarrd a sword forged of starlight, and disappeared. She hasn't been seen since, but Asgarrd watches for her and treasures the sword, and longs to use it to protect others.

Act 2: Never Alone. One day in the woods, when Asgarrd was approximately 16 years old, he went through the woods to fish and stumbled upon a crashed spaceship. Being the non-forward-thinking and curious Zafara that he is, he went to investigate. Long story short, Asgarrd seemed to be the only "lifeboat" available to the alien lifeforms within and now no less than five of them share Asgarrd's brain. After a period of adjustment and several arguments about who actually had the right to use Asgarrd's body, they mostly get along splendidly. Asgarrd still lives in the woods between Meridell and Brightvale at this time. Though he always looked for a way to get the aliens out and into bodies of their own, he never found a way.

It is a while after the events which lead to Asgarrd's friends invading that his owner, Almedha, arranges for them to go on a trip to Krawk Island. Asgarrd writes about it here... (he does sound a bit younger than he actually is, I'm afraid... but whatever. xD)

Act 3: We'll Flip it Thursday. One of the aliens that lives in Asgarrd's brain, Thursday, has a perpetual wanderlust and managed to convince Asgarrd that he had one, too. And he probably did, he was just too young before now to do anything about it. His owner goes on hiatus (for the sake of the story) for a short time, and Asgarrd strikes out on his own to see just what sort of biscuit he's made of. Fortunately, he has the benefit of Monday's level head, Tuesday's confidence, Wednesday's experience, Thursday's sense of adventure, and Friday's kindness, and his own curiosity. He can go anywhere, meet anybody, and do anything.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for adventure to me.


Contrary to popular opinion, Asgarrd does actually have friends outside of family. Granted, not many. But Asgarrd has been known to go on the odd adventure with them and has actually come home none the worse for wear! Mostly.

Here is a nice little list of Asgarrd's friend(s when he actually gets more than one), how he met them, and what they did.

One day, summoning the masses (as he usually does), a mysterious witch appeared to answer him. She offered him a deal: a treasure in exchange for a favor in the future. Being the not-so-forward-thinking Zafara that he is, he accepted. She gave him his sword, forged from starlight, and told him to be ready for when she returns to collect on the debt.

On walkabout one day, Asgarrd got himself in a little trouble. It happens. Fortunately, a nice stranger showed up and got him out of it. Turns out there was a lot more trouble to be had ahead, because the adventure was only just beginning.

This pint-sized annoyance shows up quite often on Asgarrd's ear, just nibbling away. They might get along very well if she would stop trying to eat him and he would stop trying to get away, considering they both have a massive sweet tooth. Just a slight misfortune of being a biscuit.

While hanging out with Almedha, Asgarrd meets all kinds of pets. One in particular, a rockstar, offered an impromptu concert. Asgarrd met her again a short time later, this time she suggested they take a trip to Brightvale. He's looking forward to getting to know more about her. Trips do that.

Meet Me at the Pond?

So, I really no longer roleplay. It's true, however, I used to. I'm far too unreliable to subject a person to waiting for me to reply when I might just never. So. Sorry.

However, if, for whatever reason, you want to write a story or draw a comic or anything of your pet meeting Asgarrd, being his best pal or long-lost brother... I say go for it. You don't have to ask my permission or anything. If you feel like you need it, here it is: go right ahead.

No way I'll regret this.

Just don't expect me to add your pet to his list of friends or his story or something like that. You can show it to me and if I like it then I guess I guess I could add them. But beyond that, not really a way to get on that list.

Maybe someday I'll get back into roleplaying, but don't count on it. I like writing my own stuff and reading others' own stuff. Just the way I like to do it.

Roleplay Log

Just so, you know, I can find things and keep them all where they belong and stuff. I tend to lose things if I don't do this. On the bright side, you get to read the fabulous writing of people not me! Which is a bonus, am I right? :3


featuring Asgarrd and Mokashii


Another day, which began like usual; Mokashii rose and greeted the day, dressed and headed to town. It was just like any other day. She saw the same plants down the path as she plodded towards town, again, just like she did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that one- for as far back as she could remember. Endlessly living the same day over and over and over again. Try as she might, no action she could think of would sway the inevitable outcome- Mokashii would go to sleep, and she would arise the next day, the same day, and repeat her day over and over.

Each conversation was the same, and by now she had memorized them, and the outcome of any question she could think to ask. To put it simply, through no fault of her own (as most stories are wont to start), Mokashii found herself on the wrong side of a very nasty spell. But this was neither here, nor there, because, this day, much to her astonishing disbelief would break the chain of repetition- she just didn't know it yet.

As she made it to town today, there was an immediate sense of disbelief. In the many days past, blurring constantly in her mind, there had never, ever been a commotion in the square; this morning, a crowd was closing in on something, cheering and jeering with animosity and such fervor, Mokashii found herself questioning her own sanity, as if I haven't already completely lost it. Her tail flicked curiously, and she found herself drawn over to the commotion.

He was mutterin' to himself like a nut over there, I saw it.
S'amatter with you boy? Yew got somethin' to say ta me?
- A rather brutish looking skeith had a zafara by the arm, and he wasn't looking particularly enthusiastic about his situation.

You shouldn't make fun of people who're as ugly as Billy here; he hates is when people make fun of him. Maybe you should pay him a little consolation fee, for causing such a commotion, yeah? A sinister techo leaned in with a nod, flashing a grimy smile that was decaying by the moment.

Without thinking, Mokashii found herself between the angry techo and the zafara being held by the skeith. Her fists angrily planted on her hips as she looked up at him, before wagging a finger in his face, The truth hurts; your friend is ugly, and so are you and your personality. Stop taking it so personally, and go find some other pockets to empty, clearly the kid has nothing. She whipped around, ears and tail slinging in a fury as she faced the skeith now, grabbing the confused zafara by the arm. He'll be coming with me, you will be getting no money, and you will all go back to business as usual, while I figure this out. - The last bit, she said more for herself. The villagers never remembered living the same day over and over, just her.

Dragging him away before he could object in any way, Mokashii said nothing until they were on the outskirts of the town wall, shaded by a grove of trees. Facing him, arms crossed over her chest, with a very perplexed look, she spoke to him.

This has never happened before. Who are you? Where do you come from? Why are you suddenly here, when you've never been here before? No time for introductions when there were questions to be asked, it would seem. Mokashii must have left her manners at home.


It was supposed to be a good day, Asgarrd had thought only just a few hours ago. Go into town, get a hot chocolate, go fishing, head out tonight. He didn't like towns and he didn't like company--oh, Fyora, what he'd do for a few hours alone... Just... alone.

And he had done a marvelous job of being alone today. Hadn't done anything unexpected and none of his house-guests had said anything inappropriate. Of course, that was true until Thursday thought that a Techo looked a little shady and needed to be dealt with. Maybe Thursday had some kind of sixth-sense about evil and knew when it would strike, but that wasn't any of Asgarrd's business. He was just as content to let the Techo go about his "shady business" and leave it at that... He tried to tell Thursday that, he tried... unfortunately, he had tried to do that out loud.

And then, of course, Thursday had said something. Like always, without even asking, just started talking without so much as a please or thank-you. Tuesday was like that, too actually. Asgarrd had just been in a mess from then on, the Skeith and Techo yelling at him from the outside, Tuesday and Thursday yelling at him from the inside. Even Wednesday was yelling, but at Tuesday and Thursday... It was no wonder he couldn't ever concentrate!

And then there was this Zafara-girl. Pretty, Asgarrd thought, but forceful... and yelling all these questions! He put his hands to his head, thinking, If only she knew what a complicated question that was. Today, Asgarrd didn't know who he was. Right now, even less. And then there was that last one... Do you always ask such weird questions? he asked, rubbing his arm where the Skeith had grabbed it with a sore look on his face. He tipped his halo back into its usual place--slightly askew to the left, these days--and turned his eye up to look at her.

He quickly turned it away, looking back and forth between invisible debaters. The voices in his head bickered and argued over what to say, even Thursday spoke up like he thought he ought to have some say in the matter. You've already caused enough trouble today so shut up! He realized he'd spoken out loud a moment later.

He looked up again, a little shamed, before answering hesitantly, I'm... Asgarrd? Since he had said that with little finality, he straightened up a bit squared his shoulders, about to charge right ahead without giving her a chance to sneak a word in. His tail flicked once, defiantly. Or maybe I don't know who I am or where I'm from, he back-pedaled. I've been here a few days, and then you show up. You're the new one. How about who are you and where are you from--Tuesday! He shook and jumped backwards away from her.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry... he muttered, throwing his hands over his mouth. He was used to these strange looks by now. He slowly, carefully, lowered his hands once the voices had stopped talking. I am Asgarrd and I am from Meridell. He narrowed his eye up at her. You... look lost... Or confused, he thought.


You're the new one.

The words resounded in her head a moment bouncing back and forth. No, this couldn't possibly be possible...could it?

I've been living this same day over and over again, walking into this town, trying to break this cursed loop I've been in; I've had the same conversations over and over again with the farmer, the butcher, the leathersmith and tailor- but you have never been here before; you mean to tell me that I am the new person? I grew up in this town, I... the Zafara fumbled with her ears as she trailed off, making a confused look out to nowhere. No, that's not right at all..I came here to...something.... again, trailing off. Her paws ceased the fumbling and fell to her sides, as she looked to him now, more confused than ever.

You're Asgarrd. I'm Mokashii. She looked him over, walking a small circle around him, ...You must be right. I wonder then, how did I get here? If what you say is true, you've only been here a few days? ...haven't you noticed that time isn't passing at all? It looks like it, but it's not. The sun will rise and set, sure, but it's the same day- over and over, and over again, Mokashii began, looking down at him. She was a little taller, and a few years older going on looks. Look, I'm sorry...I don't know what all of that back there was, and it doesn't matter to me at all; but, I really need you to think back long and hard...if you went into town any of those past few days, can you recall anything peculiar, at all? There's gotta be a hint, a clue somewhere. She stroked her chin, deep in thought before returning her gaze upon him. I'm sorry I ask so many questions, but from my perspective, this is the only change I've witnessed in ....who knows how long; from my point of view you've somehow broken this chain by showing up, and I've got to figure out what it means...

Quickly, she grabbed his hands. Please, don't cower because of me, I don't mean to be startling, I really don't. Don't cower at me, I'm not a threat, I just...want to get out of this place.


Asgarrd had the sudden impulse to withdraw his hands, but didn't. He wasn't sure why. She seemed to need it. Asgarrd tried to think back, beyond this morning, to last night, and muttered to himself. I'm pretty sure that I was here last night... he started. I mean, in the town. But yesterday morning? He wracked his brain for the answer that didn't seem to come. Yesterday morning he had not been doing this, that was for certain. I don't remember seeing you yesterday, Asgarrd offered.

That was hardly comforting to Asgarrd, though. He couldn't remember exactly what he was doing. Four days ago, I was at home. I was getting ready to come on this trip. I was all packed up and ready to go. I said goodbye to my family and left. And left... Asgarrd repeated in his mind, trying to think of what had come after that. But there seemed to be nothing. He was walking down the road away from home and then... Nothing.

He sighed. Do you mind? he asked, reclaiming his hands and turning away from her. Do any of you remember anything? he asked. She said it didn't m atter to her, so it didn't matter to him, either. Thursday was useless, as usual. Wednesday was contemplative. Monday was quiet, but Tuesday said Monday seemed scared to death about something. Friday was too busy trying to calm everyone else down to give a cohesive answer. So much for them being any use at all.

He looked over his shoulder at Mokashii before spinning back around to face her, adjusting his black leather vest idly. Mokashii, huh? He felt Tuesday try to assert himself and squelched him as best as he could, begging Wednesday for help. I don't think that I've been repeating days, if it helps. I don't mind questions if you don't mind that... that I'm insane... he offered with a small smile. I'm not scared of you if you're not scared of me. He heard Thursday scoff.


Her head tilted to the side, a bit confused. I don't know what's going on here, Mokashii began, wringing her tail in between her hands. It seems you've somehow managed to wander into this loop from the outside, which means that there must be some sort of end to the area this affects. Mokashii only knew a little bit about magic and spells, but it was never something she really paid much attention to, and instead put her focus into medicine.

She seemed amazed at the way Asgarrd would talk to himself, mumbling, but she could swear his voice would change every few sentences. It was curious to her but for now, she held off inquiries that weren't a priority, mainly being, how to get out of this situation.

I have no idea of knowing how much time has passed, but maybe you could help me figure it out. Do you remember the date, four days ago? The day you left your home to start your trip here? Letting go of her tail, she reached into the sash at her side and produced a piece of paper, well-worn with little tick-marks. At the top corner of the paper, a scrawled number: 235. Her starting mark for this piece of paper, which had only a little bit of space away from being full. She looked back four tickmarks, holding the small pencil over it. The number and the day, do you remember? She hoped that he did. But it was easy to start forgetting things here, Mokashii could attest to that. She was already having a minor panic over the mess in her house; there was no doubt that in order to explain it farther, she'd have to show him all of her notes. For some reason, they seemed concrete. Anything she would accrue from the former day that was material would stay, the one sign, at least, in her eyes, that there was a way out of this mess.


Asgarrd nodded at that, looking at her page full of tickmarks. Of course, I remember! he announced proudly. It was my birthday--shut up! he suddenly hissed. What? I didn't get any cake, he added and pulled at his own ear. Ow!

Asgarrd straightened his vest and then, after looking from side to side as though he were afraid of being watched, tired again. I remember. It was the second day of Hunting. Are all of those days? he asked, pointing at the tick-marks. That was a lot of days to be stuck wandering around. Maybe he had been wandering around in circles for a long time and he didn't know it. Not that he didn't want to wander in circles. How... um... he said, stopped, and started again. You've been here that long? he asked, pointing at the page. Does that mean... I'm... stuck, too?


She could only give a nod, and try to keep up as best as she could with Asgarrd. He jumped back and forth between ideas a lot, and every time, her head would tick to the side, or her ear would perk up to try to catch what he said. Alright, so then it was settled... Four days ago....birthday; ...second...second day of Hunting?! Mokashii dropped the pencil nub and paper, which coasted through the air at its own leisurely rate before hitting the ground. Her fingers wriggled as she counted backwards. The ninth day of Gathering lines up with that- give or take the first few days when I wasn't quite aware of what was going on. She only knew it because she had counted every day back...every day. It was still around the ninth day of Gathering here. But outside it was already the sixth day of Hunting?

She looked to Asgarrd with a look on her face that was far from pleasant. I may have some bad news for you. She began to pause, thinking best of how to put the following news, Time hasn't passed here. It simply hasn't. You've...probably gotten stuck here with me now. Mokashii paced back and forth, stooping to pick up the pencil and paper before she continued, drumming her fingers against her forehead. Alright, alright, calm down, let's think this through, she spoke aloud, but moreso to herself before she turned to Asgarrd on a random tangent, I have cake at my house, by the way.

There were a few more moments of silence until she paused and shrugged. Let's go back to my house, I'll show you how this all began. You may be stuck here with me now, but at least you can have your cake, and eat it too, right?


I like cake, Asgarrd said, following her, following up with, And so do I. Thursday! Asgarrd snapped. He hop-skip-and-jumped foward a few steps to walk beside Mokashii, his halo almost falling off the back of his head. After fixing it in its rightful, centered spot, the only place it ever really stayed completely still, he looked at Mokashii. So you live near here, Asgarrd guessed. What have you tried so far to get out?

Then he had a terrible thought. Does this mean that I'm going to go through all what happened this morning again? he asked, crestfallen. He didn't want to have that argument with Thursday again, and he certainly didn't want to talk to that Skeith again. What happens when you go back in time? He looked around and wondered if the grass and the trees knew they were reliving the same day over and over again. Sorry I ask so many questions, he muttered after Wednesday was done.


She took in all of his questions as they fell from his mouth like water over the edge of a cliff side fall. I live a little farther out in these woods, she began, as they pushed through some brush. Mokashii held a branch back as Asgarrd passed under, paws jumping up to secure his halo from any stray branches that would wish to grab it up. She didn't mind all of his questions, and admittedly, she had a few of her own, but it would be better to wait until they had a good sit-down.

The path before them was gently traveled, barely anything trampled, much unlike the mainroad into town. This course would take them just a little more west of the walls of town, and into a glen where all sounds of nature ceased. In fact, it was almost as if here time stood still, but not in the foreboding daunting way Mokashii had explained reliving the same day over and over again.

The area was well loved - a fire pit in the middle, with a cauldron over it, currently empty. A half circle of stumps varying in height crowded it. But by far, the most stunning feature of this glen was the massive tree in which Mokashii resided.

Its bark was of silver, and looked similar to birch, with vibrant, long, tendril like leaves that seemed to mock that of a willow tree. Asgarrd would find that while the tree itself looked quite thin, it took a much, much longer time to walk around it; A door was placed neatly in the center front, and Mokashii opened it and motioned for him to follow her into the tree.

Before he could even begin to say anything, she cut him off. Yes, you'll find it's much more spacious within the tree. It used to belong to a faerie, I only just recently found myself in its possession, she began, moving off into the other room to fetch the cake Asgarrd had previously been promised. Returning shortly thereafter, a huge chunk of cake resting on a plate, a fork stuck straight down the middle. A glass of Kau Milk was in her other hand. Both objects were set on a table in the main room, where Asgarrd's curious self was eying the decor, and debating the finer points of interior design while doing so.

Ahem... she cleared her throat awkwardly.

So far, my escape attempts have been, but are not limited to: wandering out of town into an invisible wall, trying to dig under said wall, trying to explode said wall, trying to cut a space into said wall; I've tried begging, pleading, bartering, blackmailing and reasoning with the wall. I have taken extensive notes of the goings on in the town concealed by this invisible wall. I've tried to reach the top of it, but it's likely impossible to get out that way as well, she commented, eying his wings curiously for a moment before she drummed her fingers together, continuing.

You're from the outside, I don't know how your sudden appearance is going to affect the reset this evening. Nothing has ever wandered from the outside in, not even stray petpets, so I couldn't tell you. I've scoped everything out...I've had a lot of time....as you can see, her arms motioned about the room, stacks upon stacks of papers scribbled with dialogues and scribbles, and crude drawings - Mokashii was no artist, sadly.

She sat down drawing a quill and scrap of paper near. I don't know if we will actually experience a reset this evening, as she confessed this, her voice sounded almost lighter, as if less weight were carried behind it. You see...I saw a mage in my dream the other night, one of the few times I've been able to remember my dreams. Mokashii looked on as Asgarrd continued to inspect his cake, allowing him a moment to take everything in.


Asgarrd looked around the interior of the tree for what seemed like quite a long time. It was a very homey place, with patterned fabrics on the pillows and pictures hung on the walls. The only thing that detracted from the place, in his mind, were the stacks of crinkled papers that lined the walls. Finally, after turning his eye over all the inside of the tree, he turned to Mokashii.

I made camp last night, he began, and then cut himself off. It was such a dull place; you have no idea, he went on with a wave of his hand. But not anywhere near this place. And this cake? He paused only long enough to lift the fork from the cake and jab it into it again. What kind of birthday cake is not strawberry? I really don't...

He paused for a moment and stood perfectly still, whispering to himself incoherently. When he finally stopped, He stood a bit straighter and smiled at Mokashii. Sorry. That... that was Thursday. He won't be doing that again. He's just mad because... He shrugged. Well... just because.

He looked around at the stacks of paper against the walls again. What do you mean when you say reset? Because this place... might not be resetting? he trailed off as he spoke, and then sat down in a cute little wooden chair and picked up the fork carefully. It was a chocolate cake. Even though it wasn't Thursday's favorite, Asgarrd couldn't think of a flavor he liked more. Thursday could just put up with a chocolate birthday cake. Thanks for the cake.


Every night at midnight, the day has reset. Or at least, I gather it's at midnight, I haven't really been awake for it but once, and I only remember getting out of bed immediately after, as if I had started over again. Mokashii looked over to the grandfather clock, its slow tick-tick-tock plodding along. In and of itself, it was just another thing left behind by the faerie - in fact, most things in this house were once hers, but that was another story for another time.

My only suggestion at this point is to wait up for midnight. I hope you aren't off put by borovan, because we're going to need a lot of it to make it through the night. But, until then...how good are those wings of yours? she asked, curiously, looking at those wings once more. Because if you can fly to the top of this dome or wall or whatever we're contained in, we'll know whether or not it's closed off. Those are real right? Not silly fake ones made of wax and feathers?

There was a small chuckle to herself; she really did enjoy the story of Icarus, and had always coveted wings, having somehow mindlessly losing her own pair, along with her halo.


Asgarrd looked behind him for the wings that Mokashii had indicated, almost spinning himself around. Oh, yeah, he answered with a slight grin at his silliness. Of course he had wings. He'd only had them for practically ever... Yes, they're real. And really strong, too. Asgarrd mindlessly wandered over to the clock that Mokashii had been looking at and reached out, almost touching the face, before pulling back.

He spun around. Well, if I'm right and this place doesn't reset, then we should stay here... you know, to see what I do? Because what if I'm out at midnight and I reset? Then who knows where I'll be...

He was quiet for a moment and then shuddered. I would hate to do today again...


Well, the good news is that any material thing I've gathered over these some odd days has stayed here through the reset. I never really thought about taking them outside of this place, but now that you mention it...I've never been outside at midnight either...

Mokashii scribbled down something on her notes. Tell you what. Either way, we need to figure out this puzzle. Take this note. If you disappear, I'm willing to bet you'll be right where I found you this morning. Maybe though.... She trailed off for a moment. What if tomorrow, I mean, if you reset that is, and you start back over at your campsite in the morning...what if I stop you on the path instead? she asked, scrawling in a quick whip of her hand Meet Asgarrd on the Path.

We really have no way of knowing what's going to happen when the clock strikes midnight. We have some time to waste between now and then though, and judging by your curiosity, you wanna take a peek around? Maybe your friends will notice something I haven't. Reaching for the empty glass and the cake graveyard that was the plate, Mokashii offered one more piece of advice.

For what it's worth, as confusing as it sounds, they do sound smart, whoever they are. Then she was off to the kitchen, lost in her own thoughts. The notes are there, worst case scenario is that I have to explain today all over again to him, she thought, rinsing the plate and setting it aside to dry.


Well, Asgarrd pondered. Like you said, we have time to waste. Without another word, he strode outside and looked up beyond the canopy of the forest surrounding the little tree-house and gazed up. I don't want to do this, he muttered to himself, immediately followed by the exclamation, Then you're a coward and I want nothing to do with you.

Asgarrd paused to frown at himself, and looked over toward the door he'd left open into the tree house. Then he sighed. Do you want to come with me? he asked. If I find a way out, I don't want to get stuck out there and not be able to come back in for you...

Well, isn't that sweet, he muttered darkly.

Never mind Tuesday, Asgarrd said half a moment later. He's always grumpy.


For a few moments, she looked out the window above her sink, drying her pawfingers. Hm. A way out. Well, it's just that, honestly, I don't know if you could carry me and fly up that far. I assume it would be exhausting, though, I never really did test my wings out too much before they went missing! She let out a chuckle. That's a story for another time, she would then continue, but as for your question? I suppose I should at least make sure I can catch you if you fall.

She was teasing, a small poke at Asgarrd's shoulder. So Tuesday is the grump? Mokashii asked, sticking her tongue out as she motioned to Asgarrd and his myriad of pals to follow her out the door. So, how far up do you think the wall would go? she asked. You look like a seasoned adventurer, what's your expert opinion?


That would be Thursday, Asgarrd said as he followed Mokashii out the door and looked up at the sky. Looked pretty normal to him... Thursday's the adventurer. He's sort of... teaching me.

With that, he sighed at the distance between here and the clouds. I'm pretty sure I could carry you pretty far, he added. It can't be that high... He looked at her, rather unconvinced at his own words. Right?

Asgarrd and Me

If you are interested in the real story of me and Asgarrd, then please read on. If you aren't... well, then you could skip this. But you already knew that. I suppose you actually knew everything I just said. Sorry, I do like stating the obvious.

On the thirteenth of December, the last thing in the world I was looking for was another permanent pet. I was actually really unsure what sort of pet I wanted, but I did like trading pets, so I was looking for a nice name to zap and then trade. Earlier that day I had checked out a book about Norse mythology from the library and so I flipped through it looking for real spellings.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any, but I did find a few nice misspellings, and Asgarrd was one of them. I was sort of surprised since it was just one letter off and a pretty neat misspelling anyways, so I created him immediately as a red Shoyru.

And there he sat, looking at me with those big Shoyru eyes. Needless to say, it didn't take very long for me to decide to keep him as my very own. I think it took all of thirteen hours, maybe, and he was mine for keeps for sure. All that remained was for me to figure out what species and color he would be.

After fooling around with several customization ideas (none of which I remember, unfortunately), I discovered that the pirate Zafara had an eye patch on the left eye. It was perfect, if I wanted a little homage to Norse mythology besides his name, seeing as Odin is missing his left eye. But pirate? Asgarrd wasn't a pirate, to me. He was good--angelic, rather.

From there, it was rather simple to decide on Zafara. I morphed him in January into a pirate Zafara (quickest saving I ever did, that I know) and painted him Christmas with a brush I had been saving for who-knows-why. I can't think of a better use for it, can you?

Almedha's Halo-Chasers

Right now, I'm working through the colors and I hope to have them up in no time. I'll do a custom if asked, though. Just mail Almedha.

Zafara Colors: 23/57
Unlike my last (short-lived) set which were modified Neopets images, I actually drew these. I know, amazing, right? So, just follow the usual rules. Don't steal them or claim you drew them or anything.

Requests: Open, if it's a simple design
Trades: Loved ^^

Here is what they look like:

Biscuit - Brown

Blue - Camouflage

Christmas - Darigan

Desert - Disco

Ghost - Glowing

Gold - Green

Orange - Pink

Plushie - Purple

Red - Shadow

Silver - Skunk

Split Orange - Split Purple

White - Yellow


don't take if it isn't yours

Toy Box

art by tons of people, either adoptables, makeables, requests, or gifts
Asgarrd and I love all of you guys!!

(this is in some loose kind of order. You can try to figure out what that order is if you want. Good luck)
(drag and drop to see them in their full glory!)

First, the quintessential Asgarrd, by Pirat (who happens to own Asgard!).

That one time Shii morphed him into an Aisha. Good times, good times.
Right, Asgarrd?

This lovely pixel by Mickey! Thanks so much for the trade!

I almost died when Aerynn gave this to me. x3

Thank you for cramming Asgarrd in a barrel.

An (adorable!) adoptable request by Anja!

A wonderful gift from Kayla, who, I think, loves Asgarrd almost as much as I do. :o

A most adorable doodle from Alice. Thank you, he's darling. ;-;

Well, look at that. Sunny stole Asgarrd's shadow (upon request).

A request by someone whose name I've lost. D: If this is you, drop me a mail?

Makeables by Bookkeeper. c:

An art request, by Val Thank you! He's so fancy-looking.

Bones drew this fancy human-style request. Holy kau, isn't he cute? *tousles Asgarrd's hair*

Kita drew this lovely art request. Ain't he so boss? :3

A little trip to the Neopark by Carmine that Asgarrd got in on. Thanks!

Part two of that request by Val. Thank you! Asgarrd is so spoiled.

All Roads

Here would be where I put links and stuff like that. Because it's exciting to do that. Any Zafaras out there who want to trade links? Drop me a mail. ^^ It'll be grand.

oh hello there
Jackovy link


If you ever find yourself wanting to come back and visit, just follow the road. But here. Take this. It's dangerous to go alone.


This is a quick shout-out to all of you lovely people who contribute to Asgarrd's ego-mania and falsely offer your beautiful UCs on him. So sorry I had to reject your offers.

adoptables listed @

Thank you for fixing the table for me. x3

bullets @ details

button @ spacetime

makeable in pic at top @ here

color scheme @

css @ Itzel.

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