Hello reader, and welcome, to my petpage for Asailli. I hope you enjoy this petpage. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Anyway, please read on, to learn more about the character and story I have built for Asai!.


Cast a wish into a well, watch the penny fall to the bottom, scrunch your face up in concentration, beg whatever god is watching to give you some luck.

You've got it wrong, no amount of pennies work with me. I've watched you scrunch your faces for millenias.

Tie a rag to my branch, and shed a tear for an injured loved one, perhaps even a dead loved one, and wait.

That is how to attract my attention. How I will heal the owner of the rag, but it comes at risk, a person you don't know, could suffer the same fate.

Do you trust those peoples' fates to a Well Spirit?

Enter, please!

Careful footsteps into a beautiful forest, even careful to not disturb a single leaf. These leaves... Well, they are cast in diamond, painted pink by a perpetual sunset sky. The song of birds are instead a simple wallow of trees, tired from their long life, and wishing to simply lie amongst the long blades of dew covered grass. A deer darts through the trees, flecks of gold on its back, gold on cream. Antlers flash in another family of trees. The long willow branches pull back to let you through the crowded, ancient forest. Shaping the way toward the ancient clootie well. Granting access to the stunning blossom tree, forever in full bloom, with multi-colour rags tied to its welcoming branches, extended towards you like it expected a hug. A bird darted past your head, silent, with bright reds and yellows painting it. The rag clenched in you hand, you approached the tree, and it's branches pull back so you can move to stare down into the water.

In the front of the tree, is a raised surface, shaped like a dragon, but the carving is so basic, you aren't sure if you've seen it right, maybe it was a deformity. This place was strange enough without the legend of the draconic spirit being true. Instead, you looked at the branches, one of them is close enough to just reach over and tie the torn cloth from your best friend's favourite shirt. You go to do so, but your fingers slip, the branch is slippery cherry wood, and is slightly damp. The cloth slips from your fingers and down into the well. You freeze, and stare at your hands, before finally looking down the well.

There is no cloth. As though the well had swallowed it up, and with it, that thread of hope.

My, young one, your fingers are rather buttery, are they not? Exclaimed a... Jolly voice. You look around, but there is no source to this voice. Step back a bit if you please, it's always difficult coming out of my slumber.

Gosh, your friends would think you were crazy, but you do as the voice tells you, stepping back from the tree. A slight tremor in the ground made you jump, and a chuckle forces your head to turn, but still no source is obvious.

Until the tree shakes, and its branches move again, but this time, the ancient fossil spreads its many arms back, and that strange 'deformity' moves, like a serpent under a man's skin. The head of the dragon emerges, just... Flowing from the wood of the tree, and taking its own form. The dragon keeps emerging, until before you stands a massive, snake-like dragon, four legs, a tail as long as its body, and completely made of cherry wood and blossom. A clean reddy-brown, with decorations of lovely pink flowers down its head, neck, back, and legs. It glows a faint silvery-grey, almost like a ghost might. Its limbs are like branches, long, fingers, and clamped between its jaws is your cloth. Strangely... Eerily, beautiful. Would you like me to keep this? I'll tie it myself, wouldn't want you dropping it again! Standing on its back to legs, the spirit uses its front limbs to tie the cloth to a branch that comes forward. As soon as it is securely tied, the branch moves back, out of the way again. There we go. The happy sounding creature says, turning back to you now.

You blink at the massive creature, and speak slowly, Thank you...! Are... Who are you?

The dragon smiles a bit, a kind of crooked smile, carved into wooded head, They call me the spirit of the well, or Asailli Kymarrin.

Title: Spirit of the Clootie Well, Heart of the Cherry Blossom.
Taken Name: Asailli Kymarrin
Pronounced: Ah-say-lee Ki-ma-ryin
Nickname: Asai
Gender: Male
Species: Woodland Draik, Spirit of the Clootie Well.
Age: Unknown, if he takes a human form, he can look up to thirty years old, it's not sure what his actual age is.
Look: Quad - ((soon))
Anthro - ((soon))
Family: None, unless you count others of his species, there are about twenty at most, all over the universe. The closest thing he has to a sibling, is the female who is the heart of the willow tree, on the God's Planet.
Powers: The full extent of his powers are unknown. He has the ability to heal anyone, even bring them back from the dead, but often has to take it from another being. He can communicate with plants, any, but mostly cherry blossom because he is the heart of the cherry blossom taken form.
Personality:Asai is a fairly happy, jolly creature. He smiles a lot, and welcomes people to his forest and tree with open arms, and even manipulates the very forest itself to draw someone in. He loves a good conversation, and can seem very wise, enjoying intelligent conversation and friends. Despite seeming friendly, and being rather friendly, he does his job with little to no emotion, just picking anyone to take life, or health from. He rarely gets angry, the only way to anger him, is if you attempt to damage his tree, or the well, and even then it isn't obvious anger, but more quiet, cold, calculating anger. He's not really violent, but if you upset him, you might find yourself being taken from in return. Otherwise, he's like a big friendly giant, due to his massive size, he can appear intimidating, but the way he greets people, takes away from the idea that he is a creature that gives and takes life in a circle of balance, with no discrimination, or prejudice.


1. Sleeping, he is actually very fond of sleeping, the peace he finds in the nothingness of dreams, it is his favourite time.
2. Intelligent Conversation, he is always curious to see what humans have to say, especially the clever, but skeptical, kind, and their surprise at him being a real creature.
3. The Forest's Song, it's the sweetest of noises, the leaves rustling, grass dancing, birds singing, deer frolicking. He loves his home.
4. Icing, after he recieved a gift of cake from one of the people thankful for his healing, he has discovered an obsession with icing.


1. Those who harm his home, they are his least favourite people, human or not, he punishes them eventually.
2. Ungrateful people, it takes energy to heal a person, depending on how big the job is, and he doesn't like those who can't even say thank you.
3. Loud noises, such as trucks, bulldozers, and the like. He prefers peace and quiet, and natures' sounds, humans and their contraptions annoy him.
4. Young Children, the really young ones, that pull on his branches, and cry and scream, give him headaches, plus, they cannot even have a reasonable conversation with him.

So it is true, you are the spirit of the well. The legends are true? To say the idea is stunning... Well, it's an understatement. How in the universe could these kind of things happen on Earth? It had its legends, but they weren't real. The very idea of them being real was... Impossible!

The well spirit gives a chuckle, sitting back on his haunches and drawing his tail around himself, strangely graceful and flexible for a being made entirely of cherry wood. He seems less massive sat down, though he still towers over you. You seem to amuse him, and his voice is almost... Teasing? Is your imagination big enough to fabricate such a detailed, indepth dream mortal? You shake your head a little, Well, there you go then. You would be surprised what secrets this little planet holds. Why, did you really think you were the only thing intelligent here? There are many beings that would terrify even the strongest of humans, and they are not so ignorant of your existance.

You want to say you take the news well, but it just gives you a light head and you stumble back, but a tree moves and stops you from falling, allowing you to slide down and lean back against it. That's impossible! You deny. Things like that were stories, nothing more, nothing less. Just stories!

He lowers his head to stare you straight in the eyes, and speaks slowly, I shall tell you a story about this impossible thing. Get comfortable, it might take some time.


You shake your head, but stay silent, and rub the back of your neck in exhaustion. Asai doesn't speak for a long time, instead he watches you in curiousity. After a time, you begin to move your hand into your lap, it seems heavy with the exhaustion and you look at it, clenching your hand into a fist and then relaxing it. Only to find a bizarre looking insect, as big as your hand, curled up on the back. A scream forces itself through your constricting throat, and you fling the thing away from you.

The strange looking bug wakes up as it is flung through the air, extends its three pairs' of legs, and landed on its feet, gracefully, and like a cat, before giving a sleepy 'mwoar'-like noise and curling back up on the floor.

Now, you should be nicer to my friend. Asai says, a stern voice making itself known, as he looks at the strange creature.

You flinch into the tree and stammer, W-w-what i-is t-t-that t-t-t-thing?

About Docie: Docie isn't native to earth's forests, she's a rare kind of feline, with six legs, that's fur has evolved over time, in the harsh conditions of Lielya, the draught planet, to form a protective shell over her body, very like a beetle.
Name: Docie Liayr, Do-see Lee-yar
Gender: Female
Species: Xepru
Family: Unknown, she doesn't talk about any family, and because her species are so unusual and rare, it's not sure if any family he did have is dead by now.
Personality: Docie is fairly timid, she doesn't really talk to people much, so isn't a very big source of conversation to Asai, also, she sleeps almost constantly, as she's not used to the environment on earth, and finds it too cold and wet, and it makes her drowsy. Docie is actually rather sweet, a lot more like a house cat than an insect, and if you put her in a warm, dry environment, she easily slips into a more energetic life, but without these conditions, she is rather lazy and groggy.
History: No one is really sure how Docie got from Lielya to Earth, but Asailli seems to believe that the Goddess dumped the little creature on his doorstep to keep him from getting lonely, and despite everything, he finds her comforting to have around.

The creature, Docie, raises her head when she hears you discussing her, and blinks large, doeful eyes at you. You extend a hand to pet her, and then she yawns, a tongue, lined with.... Sandpaper?, lolls out of her mouth. So you withdraw your hand and stay back against the tree. Asai chuckles a bit and smiles his wooden, but jolly smile.

Is she the only creature you're friends with? You ask, hesitantly.

Asai shakes his head and nuzzles the insect cat, that gives a purr and settles back to sleep, I don't know if you would call them friends, but there are people I know, yes.


Do all well spirits look like you? You ask, and he laughs.

Looking at you in amusement, he spoke softly, Do all humans look like you? I don't believe that is the case, is it?

This design was helped put together by a couple of friends, who solidified it into one piece. Originally I had the bits and pieces of an idea, and they drew up ideas of him. I wanted to make him really elegant, almost feminine, but not too much so. He needed to be earthy, and look almost like a tree. I think overall, his idea came together perfectly, and made him look rather like a spirit of a cherry blossom clootie well.

It occurs to you, that this creature has given no indication of having done what you set out to ask the well spirit to do, and you decide it best to get straight to the point, and hope that Asai does not decide to bite. How do you plan on healing my friend?

He raises his massive head, and peers down at you. A quick spark of... Something, in his eyes is visible, but you cannot place it. Maybe it is just anger, but it seems more like... Amusement, perhaps? Nevertheless, he answers in a quiet but earthy voice, Well... It's something I cannot tell you about...

Why do you do this?

It's my job human. He chuckles.

Asailli sits back a bit, to shake his mighty head, as though he were yawning, and then speaks is a slower voice than before, So tell me some about you?

You blink at him a little, but slowly open your mouth to answer, Well... There isn't much to tell... Really!

You consider him for a minute, before you sit up a bit straight, not having realised that the tree you were leaning against is now soft, almost plush to the touch. So, are there others like you?

He nods, tail flicking back and forth, almost that a cat, though there is nothing but a smile in his eyes. A fair few.

Asailli is something called an essence. A being of power, that isn't really considered living, or corporeal. These are often spirits, some are omens, other beings of luck, or wish, or even lesser emotions. Asai belongs to the spirits of healing, or more specifically, those tied to the Eternals of Life and Death. He almost works, unknowingly, for these two high powers.

The other known essences, are the following;

Wishcrafter, the harvester and granter of ones darkest, or most yearned for, wishes.
Card, the essence of, primarily, good luck.
Raven, the Omen.
Arioni, the spirit of justice, or the 'No Evil' keeper.
Dream, the Oneiroi_ s pet cat, trafficker of dreams, keeper of the Catcher.

There are various other, but these are the most well known.

As for the beings of the Clootie Well, they come in all shapes and sizes, and perfectly personify the tree that grows out of the well. They can be any gender, though do not register these most of the time, and normally stay inside their tree and don't come out when other beings are around. It is customary, for the spirits to greet any others of their kind with a great gathering and feast in their forest. However, this rarely happens because they all prefer to keep to their own well, and rarely leave it's vicinity.

The only other important piece of information about both essences and Well Spirits, is that they cannot be harmed or fought, but should they choose to, they can take a solid form for short periods of time in order to ward off those who intend harm towards them. This is simply a warning.

You drink in this beings' words greedily. To have gone from paralyzing fear, confusion and denial, you have soon come to accept what Asailli is telling you, and even grown to like his company and conversation.

This place is so... Strange. You admit, glancing about, your eyes drawn to both him and the stunning tree, with the eerie strips of cloth tied to its branches.

I suppose it is rather strange. I like to think of it as an art piece, stunning, strange, but perfect.

My Art

Gift art

There must be many legends about you, are there not? You ask, looking at this creature, at the scene, at the various creatures that appear for a moment, peer at you, and then hurry off. Especially this one cream deer, with golden specks on its flank. It's a doe, and so beautiful.

Yes, little stories, big stories. They even write my kind songs and poems. You humans are certainly... Interesting. You don't believe in anything really, but you still covet it, and sing about it. Why is that?

You don't really know, so you don't say anything, just consider his words, and he shakes his head in bemusement, All mortals are unusual, and a confusing curiosity in themselves.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom,
Falling from the sky.
Secret whispers from the heavens,

Blushing as they circle,
Brushing against the skin.
Bruised simply by a breathe,

Dainty petals,
Elegant and beautiful,
What secrets do you hold for me?

By Toni (Dracotamer46)

It's silent between you two for a short time, in that time, a chorus of birds take up a song, a haunting, sad song, one that chills the air and causes the trees to sway in a non existant breeze. They quiver as it reaches the end, and the music rises, before cutting off.

Asailli looks up, extending his neck, and standing up a little, to lift his head above the trees, peering out over the forest, tilting his head to see what was going on. His little companion, the strange insect-cat wakes, and looks up at him. Bringing himself back down to your height, he has something dangling in his mouth, a wooden pendant, attached to a silver chain, decorated with blossom petals, and with his name carved into it. I wondered where I put it. He chucks, as he fits it around his neck, wiggling his head, extending the chain, so he can get it over his horns.

Welcome to Toni's Adoptable pendants, for all species, These adopties are open for customs and trades. If you want Draik adoptables come here.


1. Do not use them in the BC!
2. Do not claim them as your own or remove my name
3. Do not alter them in any way
4. Do not take anyone else's custom!
5. When requesting a custom or trade, use this form;

Subject: Pendant Adoptie Trade/Request
Your name: (So I can put it as the img url)
Pet name:
Reference: (Must be an image, if you choose to give me a description I can't help it if I get it wrong!)
Anything else?:
And include in your mail, 'Asai swears he does not wear jewellery.' Just so I know you read this. ;)

Customs: Open
Trades: Open

If I did you a custom then you need to copy the image Url and put it up!

Draik Adopties

Asailli, Toni
Ilvesia, Toni
Dream, Toni

What I also don't understand is the way your kind bring gifts as thanks for what I do... Is a simple thank you too much to ask? Should you even thank me at all? He seems to ponder this for a while, the actual question alerts something in your mind. Why wouldn't he deserve thanks for what he does? You don't really understand this idea, but you fear finding out the answer, haunted by something you'd done unknowingly.

So instead you ask something safer, What gifts do you get?


Asailli stretches, and it sound like the cracking of normal bones, but his wooden body seems to, peel away, making way for a new layer. You should be off human! I'm afraid it's dreadfully late.

You look up at the sky, but... It seems exactly the same as before, it hasn't changed. But...?

He laughs, You'll see when you leave.

You nod slowly, and standing, the branches of the tree you're leaning against, reach down to help you, Well, thank you, for helping my friend... It means a lot.

This section is for the thank yous, and credits!

1. Artists, thank you so much for doing art for me, each piece looks amazing, and I can't wait to add more to this application!
The content is by me, unless otherwise stated so.

Thank you;
1. Critiquers, Thank you! For your various kind words, your advice, and everything else you did! It really helps to know people out there are willing to go through and see what can be done better.
2. Lisa, (_neokidkind_), for helping me out with bits and pieces, and for fiddling with a layout for me, until the real one is finished! Thank you lovely~
3. App Chat, you guys and your pompoms are excellent and awesome, stay excellent and awesome, and best of luck with your work!
4. Friends, for reading, and helping me out, for encouraging me and kicking my butt. I love you guys!
And finally;
The purge, for making me able to snag the name Hekate and Kaparo for trading with me~ I'm so happy to be able to have my character made and on my account~

As you stand, you look up to say goodbye to the massive dragon, but he is gone, leaving you standing alone. The forest is silent, the trees do not move, the birds make no noise, nothing moves, nothing speaks, nothing sings. You wonder if you'd gone crazy. It seemed silly to imagine that what had just happened was real. Did you hit your head? That tree root did look like it might have caught your foot.

You take a look at the tree, growing out the well, scattering it's blushing petals on the floor, the pieces of clothed tied around every branch, the one you had tied, calling your eyes. Surely he was real... surely. You weren't sure anymore... yet, as you walked away, you took a glance back, hesitant as you spoke, Goodbye Asailli. You managed.

Less time passes than entering the forest in order to leave it. Soon you see no light, the sun has been swallowed by the darkness, but there is the faintest haze, that suggests it's soon to return. You rush home, not wanting to be caught out so late, if only for fear of the beasts that lurk in the night.

Returning home, you race upstairs, suddenly feeling an urge to phone your friend, the one you went to save in the first place. Hope is a weak word for the feeling building in your being, in your soul. If the legends were true... they would be ok... they had to be ok! The phone is ringing, you blink, racing to the side of your bed, and ripping it out of the holder.

As you place it to your ear, your friend's voice fills your ears. They speak for a long time, talking in excitement. They're ok, a few tests to go, they're coming home. Unable to get any kind of conversation, some explanation to their good health, you stick to listening, until the conversation is over.

Head reeling, you fall back onto your bed, How... is that... possible?

Something is digging into your back, you sit up quickly and feel around, pulling up a small item. It appears to be a button of some kind, on it, is the engraving of a cherry blossom petal. It looks very old, tracing your finger over it, it is smooth too.

H-he was real? You manage, confusion and exhaustion weighing down your lids. Without bothering to even kick off your shoes, you sink into the softness of your bed. The smell of the blossom and the soft song of the birds drifts around you, hand clutching the button, you fall asleep.

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