Here's my collection of screenies. It's not much, but I've really enjoyed making them, so I hope you'll just as much fun looking at them!
If you have a problem with any of the screenies, or if there is anything that you would like me to display, then neomessage me.
Feedback and ratings are greatly appreciated. Well, enjoy the show! ^_^

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I've only gotten this random event like, twice or something XD *Is not a luck magnet*

Not much, but I'm still getting the feeling that I'm getting less than ghosts are stealing.

To tell you the truth, I think the little blob of a pant devil is pretty cute ;D

At least this is better than my friend, who got her Faerie PB zapped into a pile of sludge...

That is my THIRD lime jelly stolen in a random event... do they even eat them??

They should write in the Gallery of Evil that villains have a soft spot for jellies, especially lime.
In fact, if you visit Elegon's screenies, they DID do just that :P

(I do tend to get more bad than good REs. I sadface).

bligbluelrules gave me 10/10, and when I went to his check out his lookup, I got this ~_~ gah.

I'm beginning to think my lime jellies aren't the only victims of bad Random Events.

Not much, but better than getting my nps stolen again. Hopefully there'll be no more ghosts...

...Ok, so I guess I was wrong.

Aww *cuddles Angelpuss* what a cute little thing. Made me feel better after all those ghosts.

Isn't Sydney a nimmo? ...Do nimmos hiss? o_O

It's one of those things that I would've loved to take out of the computer and eat for myself ^_^

Got it from the McDonalds promotion. Those were the days... too bad that yucky gambling issue was raging though.

*sticks out tongue at lava ghoul* What was he doing pulling his lips back anyway?
*Looks into lava ghoul's mouth* He doesn't seem to have a tongue...

It was extremely hard to sell and took me ages. But I'm still grateful I got it ;D

Ever since I took this screenie, I'd gotten this prize one more time. :)
Wouldn't mind if I got it more often than that though LOL.

Counting my luck record since ages ago, I naturally got this random event before the avatar came out. -_- Oh well, I should be grateful...

I wonder what a scamander is. A scaly salamander...?

It's ridiculous really, the price of Draik eggs these days... and all the kadoaties in the kadoatery are crying for them too o_O

I actually had nightmares about Boochi the night that I got this.
Needless to say, not long after I arranged for Orthia to be created to protect Artemis.
Boochi's been my Neo paranoia ever since D:

I only ever got this once :D Never seen other people get it.

One of Neopia's most pointless Random Events lol.

Monster #2 with a hunger for my pets.

That's the third I-will-eat-your-Neopets random event.
It kinda gets old after a while XD

I don't get too much luck in dailies. I savor the moments that I do. :)

Awwww *cuddles my little bebbeh* it's REs like these that keep me playing!!

She's too pretty to fight. What if her face gets moulded into nothing :P

I'm actually surprised this is categorized as 'food' rather than 'gross food'.

I want to save the poor buzz D:

I love sniping. XD I don't have SSW so I snipe when I can.

Better than enduring half an hour of KeyQuest XD

Never got this prediction before. It's really cute :}

They should have a few Mortogs falling out of the top of the screen with this random event :P

That's a horrible random event ... it could give an unwary person a heart attack :o

Actually, that was the map, not the zombie who gave it to me :P

Right, time to play Smug Bug Smite!

Artemis is no longer a blue shoyru... but he'll say hi anyway ;)

Looks like no one's been doing her quests for a while. LOL XD

Not only that, but the game is in the Game Graveyard... how useless.

My poor Natsef-Amun!! I've had him for so long - years - that I would be rich if Khnums were chosen for the PPL.
RIP Natsef-Amun, 15th December 2006 - 15th day of Celebrating, Y8. Ah well, at least I got an avvie. T_T

Other people have gotten this too. Why snowball? o_O

Goody... I was getting sick of my hands glowing blue and hearing high-pitched screams XD

DANGIT!! Give me a Fountain Faerie Quest already!

...Although with a reward like this, I suppose I can't complain...



This was a really weird bug. Even now I don't know what the snowman looks like.

I had no idea what happened here. I could still type in it, though.



I couldn't stop laughing when I took this. People try too hard to make themselves look impressive sometimes.

It's funny when people know something is stupid, and yet, they say it anyway.

I'm usually quite a bit of a feminist, but for this one I just had to make an exception.

You just gotta love the response from the Mystic-avatar girl :D

Needless to say, she didn't get much help :P

Fans of teeny-bopper starlets generally enjoy taking over Neopia @_@

Suuure they did. And I'm Fyora's mom.
I mean, honestly, people, wouldn't TNT have better things to do than scam their players??

And how is this related to Neopets help?? X_X
After that, this board about men in green tights became a very fangirly conversation about Orlando Bloom in his Legolas form...
Stupid Orli-fangirls. (No, I am not one, thank goodness :P)

Traits that would enable you to enlist for the Neopets' Landlubber-Be-Gone competition:
(1) If you're so thick that you would gamble when it's clearly risking your money
(2) If you are lying, but manage to find an excuse as pathetic as gambling
(3) Gambling/using gambling as an excuse, then begging on the Neoboards
(4) Begging because you've tried to do a quest you can't afford because you lost your money gambling.
... Yep, this guy qualifies. :o

The irony of this got me speechless :P

Admittedly, there are sillier/stupider people on the HC. Still, it was amusing to put this up.

A lot of ironic spammers posting recently :P

I rarely see this happening around the Neoboards, so I decided to take advantage when the opportunity called. :)

Double comedy in one sitting! Oh, the HC gives so much entertainment.

Another opportunity I couldn't miss! My favorite is the one who called themselves dumb, that was picture-perfect XD

I finally understand this concept everyone has been talking about of n00bs being people who regard other people as n00bs.

Poor thing! This was because the URL he posted wasn't the specified!

Totally random, and yet still somewhat amusing.

LOL! Blunt HCers = pretty funny. Oh, we have such a bad reputation. XD

Even Neopian hours are normal ... right?

Someday I'd like to screenie one of these that goes on for three or more topics in a row rather than just two :P

... A comma? *Is actually bothering to guess* XDDDD

98% of statistics are inaccurate. Probably including the one I just gave you. XD

Needless to say, people expressed the same thoughts I did when I clicked into this topic.

Tsk tsk, TNT D: what have you been doing to these people?

This was so cute! This person even let me make a screenie! But because of their embarrassment, I still concealed their name :)

You've almost got it ... just switch two of the letters around ...

... Can people not spell or something?? o_O

ROFL!! Where on earth did the "blah" come from? That wasn't part of the avvy!

That sunglasses emoticon and the angel face one turn me off so bad.
You already know what kind of Neopian they're like if they use it in the first post D:

Neopet haters? No wonder there are so many pets in the pound :o

Stating the obvious... 'offer me something good and I'll trade with you'. Well, how else would you trade?? O_o

Look around you, my dear :D

I feel so sorry for jazz. I still totally LOL'ed though.

I know it's mean, but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. Poor guy.

I have a feeling that this person was being dumb on purpose.

This could very well be the same person, or two random people copying one another. :P

I'm seeing double. o_O Do people do this on purpose??

This was during Borovan day when all pets turned into the Asparagus Chias... reminds me of the Mutant Day frenzy.

She actually meant blue kacheekb... LOL I thought this was cute ...

This particular screenie isn't supposed to be funny or anything, but it's simply delightful. I love my pirates.

I give you: my wonderful neofriends. ♥



The very first time I painted Artemis Pirate!! *Hugs everyone in joy*

And the first time I turned Agrotora into a Krawk! W00t :D

Yeah, I've kept the Mystery Kougra Paw there from my newbie days. Never left my inventory.
And the miniature Tiki Tack man is obviously for my pets to play with, lol.

I keep telling myself that she'll be the last Pirate pet. Now, I very much doubt it :P

Yes btw, there IS another Pirate on the way ;)

This is NOT fake. It is absolutely real, I do not make any fake screenies. ;)
If you're a Faerie Bubbles ace, then you'd know the cheat already ;D It's pretty cool.


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A dancing sloth clone for your amusement.