Aroiis's Petpage of Awesomeness!


Hey everyone! The name's Aroiis (or just Aro for short) and this here is my petpage. Pretty snazzy huh? Well, I think so at least.

This page basically is a mismatch of stuff Vanessa wanted you guys to see. The status of her current stories, her Goals, her Wishlist, etc. Please take a look around! Sure, it might waste five minutes of your life, but it might be worth it. ;)

Currently Working On

So, my owner is one of those crazy NT writers, and she decided to keep a little list right here to let you guys know what she has planned for the future!

Nothing :(

Nothing is in the works currently, but who knows when an idea might pop into her head?


These are some of vanessa's goals. Some may never work themselves out, but it gives her something to strive for when she plays.

Neopian Times 1x [x]
Neopian Times 10x [x]
Neopian Times 15x [x]
Neopian Times 20x [x]
Neopian Times 25x [x]
Neopian Times 40x [x]
Neopian Times 50x [x]
Neopian Times 75x [x]
Neopian Times 100x [x]
Anniversary Issue of the Neopian Times [x]
Storytelling Contest 1x [x]
Storytelling Contest 5x [x]
Storytelling Contest 10x [x]
Storytelling Contest 15x [x]
Storytelling Contest 20x [x]
Storytelling Contest 25x [ ]
Poetry Contest 1x [x]
Poetry Contest 5x [x]
Poetry Contest 10x [ ]
Neoadventure Spotlight [x]
Have Coldfire win the Pet Spotlight[x]
Have Snowfall win the Pet Spotlight [ ]
Have Aroiis win the Pet Spotlight [ ]
Have Scotchmel win the Petpet Spotlight [ ]
Have Twalayla win the Petpet Spotlight [ ]
Have Kelvin win the Petpet Spotlight [ ]
Get a Weewoo for Coldfire [x]
Paint Scotchmel the Weewoo white [x]
Get a Fire Yooyu for Aroiis [x]
Paint Snowfall Speckled [x]
Paint Coldfire Pirate [x]
Paint Aroiis Halloween [x]
Paint CaptainFaer Pirate [x] (FFQ Feb 16, 2011!)
Obtain Access to the Lab Ray [x]

I got my counter at!

On 1/10/14, my 100th NT story was published!


Currently vanessa doesn't have anything on her wishlist, but she would like to say thank you to everyone who has donated items to her in the past! Also, you can click HERE to see some of the items that people donated in her gallery which contains items related to her stories in The Neopian Times.

Thank you to everyone who has gifted me items throughout the years! You are all awesome!

Thank you so much to maverden for the Desk Candelabra, Kitchen Sink, Tall Candle Holder, Autumn Guitar, Fantastic Ixi Robe, Gelert Spy Trousers, Gnorbu Sheriff Coat, Meridell Countryside Background, Misty Shenkuu Background, Spring Negg Wig, Stack of Tax Return Forms, Tropical Island Paradise Background, and Gnorbu Sheriff Hat. This was such a great surprise! Thanks!

Wow! Thank you 77thbigby for the Scenic Mountain Background, the Pink and Green Sunhat, and Old Picket Fence. My neopets are sure to look snazzy!

Thanks so much yunomi for the super pretty Lightmite Background! It's so nice!

Thanks midnight_moon2 for the Brightvale Prison Cell Background! I'm vert excited to customize with it!

Thank you orcaas for the Snow Covered Lantern Garland!

Thanks birds_of_west and for the Snow Covered Lantern Garland!

Thanks the_pie_love for the awesome Field of Grass Background! I can't wait to customize my pets with it!

Thanks for the Puntec Fruit Pasta flowvett990! It's a great addition to my gallery.

Thank you thornfoot2 for donating 1000np!

Thank you booklover990 for the Purple Acara Plushie. She's just like Celia!

Thanks silverlightningstrea for the tchea fruit! It looks so yummy.

Thank you bunnika for the stained glass and artist palette! They're perfect!

Thanks leyla_1201 for donating 1000 np to the cause!

Thank you fire_fairy_far_gal for the Mint Jelly. It's making me hungry!

Thanks samcip876 for the Plate of Chocolate Chip Biscuits! They look good enough to eat!

Thank you, thank you phonix_flyer for the Blue Lutari Plushie! He'll be a wonderful Mr. Clyde Silverman for this gallery!

Thank you, thank you tigerlily_1968 for the Faerie Kougra Pen. It's so pretty...

Wow! Thank you tsk_786 for the Skunk Pattern Pen, Quill and Ink, Mechanical Pencil, Flexible Pencil, Drawing Pencil, and Inky Pen! I'm speechless...

Thank you hugme9000 for the Broken Pencil! Now if only there was some way to fix it... :)

Grazie tanminhhuynh1 for the Basic Pen, Blue Pencil with Eraser, Fancy Pen, and Gelert Wizard Pen! All the more to write with... muhahahahahaha!

Thank you winter_puppies for the Deluxe Set of Colouring Pencils. Now I can make everything pretty... :)

Thanks taipherra for the Red Notebook! Even though it isn't exactly a pen or pencil, it helped me to get a Pea Pen, so thanks!

Thank you so much dark_crystal_dragon_ for the Ketchup Bottle Pen, Pepper Chia Pen, and the Carrot Chia Pencil! They all are soooo cute!

Many thanks sakura_drops_ninja! That Chocolate Chia Marker looks good enough to eat!

Thanks lollilollipop88 for the Cloud Gelert Pencil, Multicolor Pen, and Neoquest II Sword Pen! They'll look great in the gallery!

Neohome Spotlight

On January 3, 2014, vanessa won the neohome spotlight with our neohome: A Writer's Home! It had been held over since the summer, and she was very excited when it finally won!

Lenny Conundrum

Surprise! Yes, vanessa1357924680 actually won a couple of these and has decided to put them down in case she forgets later on... which, no doubt, she will...

Round 218

This was the first Lenny Conundrum that actually looked somewhat do-able to vanessa1357924680 and was pretty much this: get these weird shapes with random letters on them to make sense and then answer the question. So, she printed it out, cut out each individual piece, and started putting the puzzle together. Although her resulting shape wasn't the beautiful square pictured in the SOLUTION, vanessa did manage to see the question: What team won the Altador Cup last year?, and answered it correctly: Haunted Woods! Unfortunately for her, a lot of other Neopians figured it out as well... and she only got a small neopoint prize, but it at least proved that winning one was semi-plausible!

Round 227

This next one vanessa found really, really easy for some odd reason. Apparently you're in a secret cave in the Lost Desert (*hint, hint*) when you find some coins, drop them, and they spell out a Neopian word. It didn't take long for her to spot the answer: Qasalan, though it did take her a while to actually spell the word correctly (she was quite sure there was a "u" in it somewhere, but whatever...) However, she wasn't fast enough because the first 250 neopians had already answered it, leaving vanessa with, once again, a small neopoint prize... Oh well; she's getting closer at least! Click HERE for the question and solution!

Round 234

Yay for math! Well, at least for vanessa... she's a tad weird like that, liking math and all. This next CONUNDRUM was a math problem, and strangely enough, it didn't need some long complicated formula to figure out: just a calculator and three minutes! Vanessa simply figured out the digital sum of this weird-looking math problem that really wasn't so weird and got a nice, friendly answer: 8. And to make things even better, vanessa finally got her answer in as one of the first 250. YAY! So, besides collecting the usual small neopoint prize, she also got a cool Jazzmosis Grarrl Plushie and a spiffy silver Lenny Conundrum trophy for her lookup!

Round 248

This latest PUZZLE involved words that were stated in a pattern around the Neopia. Normally vanessa ignores these, but after typing one of the words in the search bar and discovering that it was a TCG card, she figured the pattern out and came out with the correct answer: poogle... as did 5019 other people. But as it dealt with numerical patterns, it was a new type of win for her and vanessa still feels it deserves a spot right here. :)

Round 283

When vanessa saw this QUESTION, she thought for a moment that it was too good to be true: What do you get when you multiply six by nine? But trusting her elemetary school math abilities, she entered 54 and was right! However, an amazing 17,512 people seemed to have gotten that answer as well, giving vanessa only 115 neopoints. Despite this, it was technically a win, which is why it's listed here!

Round 286

Vanessa entered this PUZZLE on a complete whim, randomly and correctly guessing the correct neopet speicies as an answer: Xweetok. Completely random, yet completely right. And although she wasn't one of the first to get it, she did get a decent prize of 988 neopoints!

Round 301

This CONUNDRUM answer was mainly based on luck, although Vanessa used a slight bit of common sense. The question was which answer was the third most popular the previous week, in the 300th Lenny Conundrum. Vanessa took a wild guess of 300 and was correct! And although she wasn't one of the first to answer, only 570 people got the answer right, giving her 3509 neopoints! Not bad for a guess, huh?

Round 303

In this PUZZLE, a scrambled mass of letters was presented and had to be unscrambled. Lucky for vanessa, the Daily Dare was going on and allowed her to realize the answer almost instantly: Aristotle A Avinroo. Unfortunately, it was too late to be in the top 250, but she did get some neopoints for her efforts!

Round 322

This QUESTION was a good old math problem that vanessa solved in a matter of minutes. She imputed her answer, 515, and it was right! However, a lot of others got it right too, and she was too late to get in the top 250. *snap*

Round 326

Although it was late in the week, vanessa attempted this PUZZLE once she realized that the true question was hidden in the source code. But of course, it wasn't that simple as she was led on a wild goose chase until she finally got the answer: 2018. She wasn't in the top 250, but she was proud that she got it in the end!

Random Contest

Week 146

Wow. O_O Vanessa actually won the first RANDOM CONTEST she entered-- and first place at that! It involved writing a funny neopet-themed limerick, and after a bit of inspiration from the New Features page, she entitled her poem "Space Delicacies." Sure enough, she was one of the ten lucky first place winners, giving her 10,000 np, a Rolltop Desk, the coveted trophy, and...

...the totally spiffy avatar! Wow!

Some Awesome Links

Vanessa has wandered around Neopia for some time, and has found some pretty cool places she wants to share with you! Check them out if you want.

Userlookup Tutorial

This is the awesome tutorial that taught me how to design my own userlookup. Just click the pic and you can learn how to make yours undeniably spiffy!
The Restock Machine
The Comic

I recently stumbled upon this page, and not only does this comic have outstanding artwork, it's funny and incredibly creative as well! If you're looking for a good read, or a cute adoptable *hugs mine* then head on over to Betanko's petpage! (Or just click the cute little green dude, RS)
The Secret Rulebook
by schefflera

So you're ready to write your piece for the Neopian Times... however, it might be good to know the ins and outs of this virtual newspaper, and what is and isn't allowed. That is when the Secret Rulebook, a petpage created by schefflera, will help you! So click the book above to learn all the rules to make sure your piece for the NT won't be rejected due to silly things like "cars" and "Jelly World!" (Jelly World? I thought there's no such thing?!)
Submit to the Neopian Times

What's that? You're a writer/artist who has always dreamed of submitting something to the Neopian Times? If that's so, then once you have your piece all together, make sure to click the stack of newspapers and submit your piece for all of Neopia to read!
The Neopian Times

Prepare yourself for one of the greatest things on neopets: THE NEOPIAN TIMES! This virtual newspaper is packed with informative articles, lovely short stories, intriguing series, and hilarious comics! And everything is made by the people of Neopia! That's right; even YOU can be a part of it! Just click the pic and lose yourself in this fantastic newspaper... After all, 4/5 Neopians say that it's the best Neopian Times there is!
The Best of the Neopian Times

This page is a giant list of some great Neopian Times stories, as amassed by readers of the NT! Check it out for some recommended reads!

Thank You

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Since this page is ever changing, make sure to stop by again and see what we're up to. Ciao!


Oh, and of course, we can't forget to give credit where credit is due!

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