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A grassy field is laid out in front of you. Spanding miles and miles, there seems to be no end. You get bored and tired of sitting so you move and explore the place around you. Its so big and natural. You can't help but keep going forward. Eventually you walk so far from your picnic area, you can't see it anymore. You walk on anyway, only to be shocked by a tail, blue with a yellow stripe on it, laying right in front of you. Wiping the sweat off your forehead, you're glad you didn't step on it. After a careful observation you see the rest of the body hidden in a bush, and looking up slightly you see green eyes staring at you. A shock runs down your spine, but you try to stay calm. Infact you're somewhat confused as to why the creature doesn't attack.
H-Hello?, you ask.
There is no reply but you dare not speak again. You hear a small sound and a rustle coming from behind the bushes. "Hello." it says, barely audible. Its eyes stare at you and you feel uneasy. But these eyes don't feel evil at all. You relax and stand straight. Wh-Who are you? you ask. It throws a rock out at you, just missing and landing in front of your feet. You pick it up and examine it upclose, still wary of the thing in the bushes. The rock as some kind of carvings on it but they aren't foreign. You begin to read them

Name:// Arkk
Alias:// None
Parents:// Somewhere
Pelt:// Yellow and Cerulean
Love:// ...Heh
Children:// None
Siblings:// Nenechii -Cousin
Birthday:// 9/1/90
Eye color:// Dark Green
Species:// Lupe (Neopets), Manectric (Pokemon), German Shepard-Wolf Mix (Animal)
Pelt Color:// Electric or Yellow
Foes:// Poison type Pokemon
Faults:// Shy yet trustworthy at first. Easily forgives enemies and a sap for Oran berries. :3
Extra info: Mutated by a Muk he met on one of his ranger missions. It gave him enhanced senses and abilities and changed him to appear more feral. Markings appeared on his body as a result. He really likes Oran berries and would do anything for one.
NeoCode :// =NlumW4SMDCzap|||[Yellow]EgdkAaT---Lev[2]Y[1]N[0]BxMlinV[Useless Necklace]G[GXM]


Qu-Quick Facts?

  • Thunder
  • Rain
  • Playing Games
  • Thinking
  • Being around people
  • Fooling around
  • Eating Oran berries
  • Raddish
  • Running
  • Muks/Grimers
  • Being in small cramped spaces
  • Feeling Helpless
  • Feeling Alone
  • Loosing things precious to him
  • Rawst Berries
  • People with Egos

My...My story?

Sitting around a small table, I ate my meal for the day. I was laughing with my friends. The ones that just came back from a big rescue mission. How I admired them. They were so skilled, so well known, so amazing. I wished to walk a few days in their shoes, maybe weeks. The feeling must be amazing, I mean I've only dreamt of it so many times. Sadly, I still had so much training to do. Being a ranger wasn't easy and I knew that but still I wished there was someway me and my partner could get better faster. I just couldn't wait. Just the sheer thought of being a famous and skilled team was enough to make my blood flow in loops. I suppose this finally became evident to my partners boss. I forgot his name already, but just as he was any other normal human in my life, I was just another Pokemon in his. I felt really indifferent by this thought. As long as he could make me great, then that's perfect. So I think he noticed my starvation to grow up and be better and as a test, he gave us a mission that was a level higher than normal ones. I didn't need to hear what they were saying at the time to read the expression on my partners face and know something was different. She was quite happy about it. I know she felt my passion. We rushed out of there as soon as we could, plenty of oran berries in hand and potions by the bountiful.

She checked the map again to make sure. Everything had to be right. We had to prove that just 'cause we were a low rank doesn't mean we don't have the capacity to be the best teams one there ever was. And I was sure we could be. Mkay...we have to go through Krokka Tunnel right? Then we make our way through that city and down into the sewers..ew. she asked me. I barked in reply and started to walk through the town I had been in and know like the back of my paw. We made it to Krokka Tunnel in no time. Going through it for the 98534985 time just made it that much eaiser. The city welcomed us too. I remember once we did a delivery mission here and had to get back a bunch of Pokemon that ran loose for this nice old lady. I had to admit, even though the Pokemon were as stubborn as a rock, it was really fun. We got stuck for a few minutes but finally found the sewers. I pushed my head back in disgust. Ugh what a foul stench. I thought. I'm pretty sure my partner thought the same. But she went in anyway. If we failed this mission we might NEVER get a chance like this again. I sucked it up and jumped in. The lighting wasn't too bad but that was just 'cause we were near the entrance. I was scared of what might be behind those dark corridors. Putting one foot in front of the other, I made my way forward. Inch by Inch, I followed behind my partner, looking in every direction. Finally something stumbled out in front of us. A grimer. A small one but it was there. I heard a loud gulp coming from someone that wasn't me. My partner took a step back and a deep breath. Her hand shook as she took out her capture stylus and she looked at me. I looked back, scared. Wondering if I really was cut out to be a great adventurer. My ideas seemed to be fake. She gave me a small smile. I knew she would try it, with or without me. I...really didn't know what to do. I decided to wing it and try. Stepping out from behind her, my fur ruffled and it stood on end, electricity going every way possible. With some energy I used a quick thunder wave attack on the grimer which paralyzed it for a few seconds. A smile came across my face and I wasn't THAT scared anymore. But sadly, the grimer wriggled free from my poor attack. I growled at it, gathering more electricity in my fur. Let's go Arkk! she yelled, and I let out a normal Thunder Wave straight at the grimer, leaving it paralyzed for way longer than before. With a flick of her wrist, the capture disc circled the grimer and soon enough, it posed no threat. Giving the grimer over to Joel, we felt a rush of adrenaline run through our veins.

Shes amazing. I've known her for like ever. Shes was my first friend and we hang out all the time.Shes hilarious and crazy. But I think that makes her just that much cooler. Some people get freaked out by her random outbursts but I just sit there and laugh. I couldn't ask for a better friend, and someone who has something in common with me. She just makes my 'curse' that much more bearable. I know she's going through a similar thing and I promise till the day I die, I'll be by her side. And I think I might, like her...

Only ask for a custom/take a Neopets color if you know the rules.
-No stealing/entering in the BC or AG
Neomail Hokagehelen with the title "Berry Head!" for a custom!
Requests//Open Closed
Trades//Open Closed

Waiting List:

Redoing Neo Colors.


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The rules~
1. This is an adoptable award.
2. Neomail Hokagehelen with the title Speechless!
3. If you dont get the award, do not complain to me or flame me/anyone who got it.
4.It is MY opinion only.
5.Do not take the code if I do not give you an award. This one is not free.
6.If you want an award for more than one set of your adoptables, don't be afraid to ask =D!
7.If you have all/most of the colors for the species you are making adopts for, OR if you have a lot of customs, you have a high chance of getting them even if they aren't the best ones out there =3
8. Applications work too =D


It's true- Yuki and Maya said so!YOU WIN. 8DYou've won the Golden Oyster Award Arkk!

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I wanna go to the next party!! BEG, CHILD, BEG! D8 :B :B My oran berry brings all the Raddishes to the yard.


Blurred Sight,empty mind RADA RADA RADA

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