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It was 6:00pm and the setting sun had just slipped into the ocean. The vibrant pink and orange sun rays covering the blue sky. The ocean was calming as always. The blue and green tides came splashing onto the white crystal sands. The ocean gave off a saltwater frangrance as it splashed the sand. On the shores of the ocean, you could see tiny silver fish racing one another. The clouds in the sky were puffy and a light orange color. They looked like cotton candy. Big rocky brown rocks made a border around the shores. The sunset and the ocean setted really well together. They looked like someone had painted them. As you sit on the rock and dangling your feet in the water, you look to the ocean and see a strange dark shadow under the water. You stand up real fast, following the shadow. What is that?, you thought. Suddenly, the sound of the wind, waves, and everything else stopped. Pure silence had taken place in this small dreamily place. Suddenly the sound of this weird whale could be heard, and it's body slithered in and out of the water slowly. You watch it's diamond back and wonder, Is that a new species? The whaling sound repeated and then stopped. The waves were calm and not rippling. You hover your face slowly over the ocean, and out sprang a mysterious underwater creature. It's flapping it's wings slowly above you, her eyes looking down at you. You watch, scared, at the unidentified creature. It wasn't a whale, it looked like a dragon. You punched yourself against your head saying Come on, snap out of it, I'm totally dreaming The dragon creature tilted it's head in confusion. She didn't know much about humans but she knew that some were good. The creature looked at you with a relaxed expression. The markings on her were very real and hard to understand. She flapped before you and then made a painful screech. You cover your ears from the painful drumming. The creature turned around and there was a sharp aluminum piece stuck in her back where she couldn't reach it. You finally realize that she had needed help this whole time. Your hand nervously touches her skin. Her skin felt soft and smooth like a Dolphin. You close your eyes and pull hard on the nail and it pops out. You pet her back again reassuring that the nail is out. She turns around and her eyes seem very happy and she smiles. You blink smiling back but she disappeared. You could hear everything around you now. The sun was nowhere to be seen and the moon had shifted into the sky. It was night time, and you begin to walk home when you find a note on the ground. You pick it up and read it and it says, Thank you stranger, I have no more back pains, Take care!~ Rui; the water Draik. You smile thinking you were the only one to spot the legend of the ocean and to help a friend. Now you fold the note in your pocket and run home.

.:About Rui:.

Name: Aries
Alias: Rui
Other Titles: Underwater Draik
Gender: Female
Species: Draik
Age: Unknown
Painted Color: Blue
Main Pelt Color: not black but a very dark grey..close to black
Eye color: cyan/blue
Roleplay Style: Quad
Skills: very fast swimmer
Power Skills: can make sound stop, she can't die
Parents: Unknown, possibly water Gods/Goddess
Adopted:adopted 3rd day of Relaxing, Y10 - 5:48:45 pm NST
Personality: Rui is a wise draik. She has alot of knowledge about everything underwater like fish,seashells,locations, and hidden treasures. She is calm when someone confronts her of something dangerous near. Rui is laid-back when it comes to other creatures talking to her. She is one draik to look up to and a great influence. Other creatures describe her as dreamy and soothing.





sharp objects

It all began when a two eggs were laying right beside each other. They were laying on the shore of the ocean. One was a blue color, the other was turquoise but had a weird shiny glint to it. The blue one hatched and a small blue figurine sprawled in the nest. He was a krawk with a dark blue spiky spine. The shiny one cracked open to a beautiful elegant blueish-black draik and she had a strange diamond charm necklace around her neck. The krawk was named Koosh and the Draik was named Aries.

Rui opened her icey blue optics, peering over her surroundings. It was alittle dark and cold. The area around her was a big area that was just a rocky downfall, with walls up to 30ft surrounding her. The walls almost looked like mountains. All she remembers is extending her wings and flying down the drop. There was a stream of water that was flowing endlessly across the ground. She walked over and drank from it. The T-rex must have given up on me, she thought. She lifted herself from the ground and flew 30ft above and over to the cracked earth where she had made that flip. There seemed to be nobody around. She looked at the ground and saw faint red stains on the cemented gravel. There was also a few strands of gray hair over the stains. Koosh had lost in trying to defend himself. That is what she thought. Her parents dead, and now her brother...dead. She looked down in sorrow and she sobbed right there. She said her farewells as she lifted in the air again to start a new journey without anyone she knew. A feeling of dread bit at her heart. She wasn't sure to accept that the fact that her brother was gone.

Through tragedy and sadness, Aries carried on with her young life. After many years, her body went through drastic changes to an adult. She was still a blueish/black color and she still wore the diamond shaped necklace around her neck. There was nothing else on her body. It was all plain. She was very tall and her wingspan reached out to 6 feet! Flying over the clouds she swoops down onto the soft hot sand, looking at the calming ocean. The necklace that she wore since she was born started to glow on and off. Aries looked down at it in confusion. Suddenly, her senses urged her to walk foreward towards this rocky wall. She felt as if a great power was pulling her. There were vines that were covered and hanging around the wall. The charm lifted off her neck and fitted in the same diamond shape imprint on the wall. A big patch of vines lifted, and a dark hole opening had appeared. "Come Ariiiieeess, coooome!!" She hesitated for a moment but the charm lifted and pulled her in the direction of the hole. She walked in, the only light was the glow around her charm. The room was very small and circular. There was a statue in the middle of it. It was shaped like a dragon but with a longer body and about six arms and long whiskers. There was a weird alphabet of letters engraved in the stone. Aries could not read it.

There was yet another diamond shape mold by the words. The charm fit all snug within the shape. Random invisible voices called out, "It has begun. Waited for 150 years for youuuuu. The ocean will be saved. Aries!" The ground shook and crumpled. Aries tried flying but a big rock fell from the ceiling and she dropped down below. The area that she was in now was a dark blue room. There was nothing much to see but tile was the texture on the floor. What felt like hours but was only minutes later, Aries arose from the rocks, tired and hurt, and said, "What do you want with me!? I'm tired of playing games." Her necklace stopped glowing and fell against her chest; not moving. In the middle of the room, a bright swirling light appeared and glittered. It was big and made the form of the dragon statue from the room up above. The glitter form moved and stretched. "Hello Rui." It called with a echoing voice. Aries replied, "Rui? I'm Aries, not Rui." The white dragon called out, "No. Your name is Rui, but your guardians named you Aries." Aries looked puzzled at the creature. The dragon replied, "I'm Maku and I am the God of the sky, and a dragon at that. I brought you here because you are the anwser to everyone in the ocean's problems." Aries still looked confused.

Though you don't know it yet, you are the Goddess of underwater of the ocean, called Rainwater. Now that you are an adult, you'll understand more." Aries replied, "Whaaaaaa??" Maku said, "The ocean needs you, they've been waiting for 50 years. A dragon like you will last a century. They need a Guardian, someone that can protect them." "I think you have made a mistake." she replied looking around for a exit. "A God does not make mistakes. Look at your charm, it says the name Rui engraved on the back of it." She stared at him for a moment and flipped it. 'Rui' was plastered on it. She looked stunned, and cautiously watched him. "I don't remember seeing that there before." she said. Maku anwsered, "Or maybe you never looked. Please, Lady Rui, protect the sea creatures from any evil spirits,immortals, and enemies. Almost every place has a God but the ocean is bigger. If you accept this, I will be eternally grateful." It was a scary idea to take on such a big role but then again with her brother gone, there was nothing that she really did. "Okay..I will serve as the protecter of the Ocean." Maku smiled happily and clicked his tongue together. Aries's charm started to glow wildly, and a beam of light from nowhere directly hit her. The beam of light surrounded her and suddenly new features on her body started to appear. Markings appeared on her eyes and back hind. Diamonds scattered her back. Rainbow scales grew on her front arms. A webbing transparent blue frill wrapped around her neck. A rainbow horn grew from her skull. Different colors swirled on her tummy and nose. She grew a flipper like finny tail. Now, she much resembled a Goddess of Rainwater ocean. The glowing stopped. She stood on all four's on the ground. "You are ready, brave one. Your body holds mysterious, magical powers. Do what feels right to imprison the lifes of the evil, and to make all other evil flee. Your horn serves as a important role. It has many uses. Use them wisely. If you ever need me, talk to your charm and it will send me a message." She nodded and felt a feeling of power. Her wings flapped against the ground, and she hovered onto the first floor. She looked at the statue and under it she could read what the foreign language said. 'Maku: The God of the Sky; wise and strong.' She flew out from the hole. The vines covered the hole again. The hole now was no longer visible to the human eye.

Her scales felt dry and she suddenly felt a bit light-headed. She dove into the ocean, the taste of salt on her lips, the millions of bubbles she created danced around her, and the refreshing feel against her body all purified her. It was soothing and she felt fine. It took some time to get use to her new body, but for now, she liked the fact that she was a royal, important Draik and it is fun.

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This Reference pretty much explains her design. It took me literally 2 hours to come up with a design and then another 2 hours to color her. She's a underwater Draik. :3 She hardly ever comes up on land. Yes, she has a rainbow horn. I don't know any other Draik character who has a horn like that. I thought to put that there to make her unique. Her front arms have rainbow scales that go up to the middle of her arms. She has that light blue piece of hair that extends from her scalp, and there are the same colors but stripes on her the base of her wings. Her nose and belly have two colors swirled on it. Around her neck is a blue, thin, and webbed frill. It helps her to swim in the water. She has a wide and thin silver bracelet on her tail. She has some designs around her eye and on her back leg. Her wings are grey, with her body color being a dark black but not purely black. Tiny light gray star and diamonds are scattered on her wings, as well as diamond cut-out shapes. She has some webbing in between her feet too but you can't see them. Her tail is like a fin tail too. Her ear fins have the same design as her wings. The necklace that she wears is unknown, because she was wearing it on the day she hatched out of her egg. That's about it. x3


*splashes* Hi. I'm Rui, an underwater Draik. I want to tell you some background information about my life after this mysterious meeting with Maku. I don't know many others that are like me. I grew up on my own, after my family had deceased. When I was smaller, I would hide out in this small cave. When I first entered it, there were shiny diamonds in the sand on the outside and as I entered the cave, it seemed to have a welcoming feeling. After I found the cave, it was my permanent home. I love the sun and how beautiful it makes the ocean look when I'm swimming around. There was this one time I raced a Maraquan Krawk for speed and with my webbing and agility, I beat him easily. I was one of the fastest creatures there was. Shrimp catching wasn't that easy though. It was before I knew my secret speedy ability. There was a school of shrimp near me and I tried to catch them with my mouth but a stupid Flotsam came right up and snatched it away. There was another time where I was swimming really fast to catch a few shrimp for lunch but a green flotsam bumped into me hard and I swam away. Those were the younger days when I first started out as a Guardian of the Ocean. The sea creatures didn't accept me right away. Being a immortal was alittle scary at first, but I soon learned to accept the fact that I was important to my area. It's easier now. I don't have to worry about much anymore. After living in the sea for a while, I decided to walk on shore, and I tried my wings out. I ran on the golden sand and I jumped in the air, kicking myself at the same time. I batted my wings real hard for a moment and I was gliding through the sky. It was really fun. So on bored days, all I have to do is fly out of the water and enjoy the land life. As I was swerving, spinning, and diving in the air, I noticed the clouds around me were beginning to get darker and darker. I wasn't sure what was going on but I kept flying until I heard a rumbling sound within the earth. The noise didn't sound too good so I glided back to the ocean about to hit it when my body struck with electrical charges going through all the veins in my body. I was smacked on the ocean's surface hard. I didn't know what it was but electric. I was suppose to die from the incident, but a half hour later I woke up to birds pecking at my face. I swam underneath and gasped 'I'm alive?' That's when I knew that I couldn't die. It was a deadly pain but no scar on my body whatsoever. As I got older, I started to understand a lot more and I was careful of storms. In my spare time now, I lay in my cave and I like to help others with their worries. Now everyone comes to me with their problems and every problem has been solved from me. Everyone looks up to me as I am their Guardian. Sometimes, I'll be curious about the world outside of water. One day, when I was swimming along the coast of Rainwater, I saw this small white dragon abanded in purple coral. I decided to adopt him as a pet, and his name is Charlie. We are really great companions now. Charlie lives with me. I explore the ocean alot and I know alot about locations. I'm helpful and courageous. Now I continue to protect the ocean, Rainwood, that I humbly love.

Rainbow Clownfish:
This very beautiful fish is harmless and blends easily with their natural environment, coral. They have kind-hearted personalities and they love to hide in tall seaweed.

Four-eyed demon Bite:

This rare species, related to the shark, only comes alive during the night on the ocean's floor. It has glowing lights on it's head to see. It loves to feed on anything smaller than it's own size.

Peacock swimmer:

This vain small creature shows off it's tail fins alot to show off. Their colors arrange in seagreens,purples, aquas, and sometimes pinks. They come out during the day but have super poor vision at night. They feed on algae.

Ultra Bet:

This fish has a tail that curls in a spiral. These fish have a long mane, and wavy fins. They have fangs too. They are mostly dark blues in color. They hate females and are super sensitive to others. They are often found under rocks. They eat snails. They are about 20 inches long.


This is a mutated merman. There are not many of these in Rainwater. They originated from the mermaids, but later they got ahold of a poison/mutated potion. They now have poisonous barbs on their tail, they have three fingers, and pointy wings. Skepoar's are dangerous and can outsmart most fish.


This creature is about 10ft wide and 10ft tall. They are huge creatures who can pretty much eat anything. They are a mix between a blue whale and a lobster. They have pinchers about 4ft long. They are easily angered.

.:Six Elements:.

Each dragon controls a certain element and has that element symbol somewhere on their body. Starburst, Rui, and Snowce are the only dragons I remade into the draiks, the rest are not made as draiks.

This is Starburst. He is the Dragon God of the sky. He controls the weather such as storms/rain,high winds, sunny days, rainbows, twilight, and night. Lightning bolts regenerates from his mouth. He is rarely seen with electricity sparks randomly appearing on his body. He has a long body and long whiskers. He is hidden among the white clouds. He floats rather than flys.

This is the calm, Minleaf. She is the guardian of the Eurostile Forest. She protects plantlife,animalife, and guards against forest fires. She has a great sense of smell and has amazing acid breath. She has the power to grow plant life, and heal animals from injuries. Her tail can transform into a whip-like vine. The leafs change colors depending on her mood. Red means mad, green means calm, yellow is happy, and brown is sad. She can also communicate to trees and flowers.

This is Firenix, the God of fire/lava. He is half dragon and half phoenix. He has feathery wings, tail, beak, and front feet for a bird. His body structure, back legs, are like a dragon. On his thigh he has a symbol of fire burning. He lives in a small cave in the volcano. He can stay in heat as high as 450 degrees Celsius. When he gets angered, flames cover his body.

This is the beautiful, Snowce. She controls snow, and ice. One touch of her scaly body and she'll knock you cold solid. Everytime she walks, her trail leaves frost behind her. She can make hail stones the size of a bowling ball. When she walks on water, the water beneath her instantly freezes. Anytime she makes movement, there are faint bell sounds from the icicles frozen on her ears and tail. When in combat, sharp icicles spike up on her back. She lives mostly in the snowy mountains.

This is the mysterious Rui. She is the Goddess of the ocean of Rainwood. She is able to swim fast with her webbed feet,dorsal tail, and neck frill. She is also able to stop time. Rui tends to be a laid-back, friendly, and soothing dragon out of all the Gods. She can create whirlpools too. When in battle, she creates millions of bubbles to blind her enemy of where she is seeking to attack.

Lastly is, Dradow. He is the God of shadow and the deceased. He is able to communicate with the dead. He can see objects in pure pitch black darkness. When he is in the mood to escape, he vanishes in smoke. He has this odd power where he can breath out ebony fire to his enemies. When hit by this fire, it makes his enemies weaker, sick, and also making their death slowly dying. He is quite the unsocial one. He is usually seen in the shadows of trees. He rarely comes on earth to prowl, he mostly lives in the underworld.

This is the Ancient Foreign Dragon God's Language. The Gods have a different language other than real creatures. The left side is the English Alphabet, and the right side is what Rui can now speak with. She didn't understand the symbols before, but now that she is guarding Rainwater..she is very used to this language.


-sticks out tongue- This is Hazenah. She is the protector of the mountains and the god of everything cold including snow, ice, rain, hail. Anyone could say she's gorgeous but she has a large bitter heart. I can't STAND her. I barely fly out of the water to visit her. She doesn't need friends. She's strange indeed.



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Shay's Izil

These are all drawings of Rui of her design that I made. I made some creative/unique styles to each one. Drag in Address bar for full view.

Below are some pictures other users on Neopets drew for Rui. I am apolled with how many fanart I got for her, and how many people drew her so well.

Very nice laying position, 000catlover000!! :)

haha cute, Gadzookes!

Very gorgeous, payper647!

Lovely blurring, Tina!

I love the wings, Kristle!

Amazing color job, Sakoris!

I love the anatomy Nevar_Forestream!

Cool watercoloring, kuro_hyo_chan!^^

Amazing ms paint skills, Karikinet!^^

A darling piece, thou_art_master!^^

Love the background, Hana!!^^

An awesome sketch portray, Icrywaitingforbook7!!^^

I love the pose, Moejoecookie!!^^

Cool use of media, Thekk!!^^

What a fun adoptable!

o0oo0o, underwater fun! Thanks K0tteh!!!^^

Omg Silvermoonfox, this is wonderful!!^^

Hehe, she looks mad. Thanks WhiteZhyper!

Whoa! I definately love the pose/background and the fact that it's different from the others. Thanks a bunch Taeryne!^^

Thanks Aquawaterphoenix!

Omg, Chrisabell, amazing!

Aww..Rui licking Koosh, thanks Toasible!

*hides* Wow. She looks real! Thanks Angel!

Yet another picture from Angel!^^

Wonderful, thanks Crimson from DA!^^

My school friend drew this..thanks John!^^

The water is soo dreamy, thanks RyokoNoKalo!^^

Adoptable by _Koolness_

Yay another adoptable!^^

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