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Enter the evil

Hi, ash_of_the_sea_, welcome to Arctic's page. It's kinda plain and boring because I'm too lazy to make it look better; I can do a lot more with CSS XD.
Arctic is, despite that he's been around a long time, one of my newer Neopet characters. I originally created him in October 2004, when you could get a free ice Bori if you downloaded the Neopets toolbar. The original Arctic has been frozen since then, but I recreated him in late 2009, and gave him some new quirks and a new design.
Also, I've bound, gagged and locked Arctic up in a cage so you can view this page safely, because if you can't already tell, he's very deadly. Arctic: -__________- -tries to talk but only muffled sounds come out- Me: -kicks Arctic- Shut up

The legend

How did Arctic come to be this way? Read on. Arctic: -gets all infuriated just thinking about his story, and gets squirming around in ropes- Me: Quit it, or I'll get the cattle prod out.

Hundreds of years ago, in the chilly meadows of Happy Valley, there lived a small pack of Bori. In this group there was a particular group of 3 youngsters, who were the best of friends. They would spend countless hours together, frolicking through the snow, digging tunnels, and sliding the day away down the icy hills of the valley.

One day, the youngsters decided to take a trip to Terror Mountain, a place where the pack rarely ventured, and from which the youngsters were strictly forbidden. Not only was it frigid, with deep snow and treacherous ice, it was also the home of the Snowager. This giant, icy snake lived in a small, perpetually frozen cave at the peak of the mountain, where it kept an impressive hoard of items. It was fiercely possessive of these items, and would not hesitate to eliminate a foolish Neopet who tried to steal one of them. However, legend had it that the Snowager took several naps a day, and if one was quiet enough, they could safely escape with one of the items.
As expected, this was exactly the reason why the 3 young Bori were heading to Terror Mountain. They wanted to test themselves, and have a little thrill outside of the mundane life in the valley.

When the Bori finally reached the peak of the mountain, they were chilled to the bone, and tired from climbing the icy slopes. Nonetheless, they continued on, until they finally located the Snowager's cave. When they reached the entrance, two of the Bori dared their friend Arctic to go inside. Though he was nervous, Arctic agreed; he knew that his friends would follow him.
As Arctic cautiously tiptoed through the icy cave, he began to feel afraid. The Snowager was far bigger than he had ever imagined, and he knew that the power of such a creature was simply unfathomable. After a moment, Arctic looked over his shoulder, and saw nothing but the empty cave entrance. As he stared, he became aware of faint strains of laughter from further down the mountain; the mocking laughter of his friends, as they abandoned him. As he realized what had happened, Arctic felt a chill of fear, but he refused to turn back. He would show them how brave he really was.
Arctic crept up to the massive pile of items, and took a moment to stare at the amazing items it held. Finally, he reached out his paw and grabbed the first item in reach. As he did so, his claw snagged the item, a sound amplified tenfold due to the cave walls. Immediately, the Snowager groaned, and began to shift upon the pile.
Arctic gasped and dropped the item onto the floor of the cave, and began to scurry toward the entrance, a difficult feat given the slippery floor of the cave. Before he could reach the entrance, the Snowager lifted its head, let an immense, wall-shaking roar, and then fired a torrent of ice at the young Bori. The blast struck Arctic like a freight train, and sent him out of the cave and down the side of the mountain, until he finally came to rest on an unseen ledge. He had been chilled to his very core, and become encased in a block of ice. His 'friends' never came back to look for him, and he remained here for over 200 years.

On one unseasonably warm day in Terror Mountain, the ice block in which Arctic was encased suddenly melted. Unbelievably, he was still alive; his body had stayed in suspended animation, other than somehow aging him to adulthood. During this time, he had changed completely. His entire body had been turned to ice, never to melt no matter the temperature. His heart had also been frozen, and would now forever hold the hatred and anger he had felt after being abandoned by his friends.
As this anger continued to burn, Arctic began to search the mountain, and finally fashioned a crude dagger out of materials he had found. Once it was finished, he began heading down toward Happy Valley. However, he did not realize that the pack with whom he had lived, as well as his 'friends', had died long ago.

When he reached the valley, he immediately attacked the first pack he came upon. By the time the fight was over, much of the pack lay dead, and Arctic bore a cut across his left eye, and a small chunk taken from his left ear.
However, even this was not enough to satisfy him. He continued to wander across the frigid valley, looking for anyone to vent his hatred on. As he walked along, the veins in his legs that had not yet frozen began to fill with ice. As this happened, all 4 of his legs began to turn dark, giving him a permanent case of frostbite. After a while, Arctic collapsed from the sheer cold taking over his body.
A short time later, Arctic was found by a young girl named Sprinter, who decided to adopt him into her large family of pets. However, he hated the entire gang on sight, and after several unsuccessful attempts to k*ll them, he retreated into the cellar, to avoid dealing with them. Other than occasionally leaving the house to satisfy his urges, he remained in the cellar for 2 years.

One night, Arctic began to feel that familiar urge, and decided to go into town. As he walked through town, he suddenly noticed a particularly irritating Neopet: a rainbow Skeith. The overload of bright colors, as well as the creature's lack of intelligence, was more than enough to fill Arctic with rage. As a result, he began to provoke the Skeith, and a vicious, brutal battle commenced. When it was all over, Arctic had lost his life, and the now satisfied Skeith threw his lifeless body into a nearby stream.

2 more years passed, and Arctic finally washed up on a frozen bank in Happy Valley, the end of the stream he'd been tossed into. Slowly, he rose out of the snow, and soon realized that he had changed once again. The ice and hatred had taken over his body even more than before, and expectedly, it will continue to do so during each dormancy. As for now, he continues to wander Neopia, searching for those to k*ll.

Going deep inside

.Name: Arctic
.Nicknames: None. He hates em
.Gender: Male
.Species: Bori
.Birthday: 200+ years ago
.Age: Adult
.Height: 6 feet
.Weight: 160lbs
.Location: Nomad
.Personality: Evil, murderer, heartless
.Voice/accent: Evil, low voice
.Mate: Yeah right
.Best friend: None
.Offspring: None (thank the heavens)
.Favorite color(s): The color of blood
.Favorite food(s): Meat when he does eat
.Favorite season: Winter

It is not mentioned in the story, but Arctic is cursed with immortality. Instead of dying, he lies dormant for years after an event that would normally k*ll him. During each dormancy, the ice inside him wreaks more havoc on his body. In time, this will likely destroy him.
As mentioned, Arctic is a large Bori, at least in terms of height. In weight, he is lithe, which gives him speed and agility, but not the greatest of strength. This has been the cause of most of his failures.

Unlike most Bori, he mostly walks on two legs instead of 4; he generally only walks on 4 legs to pounce.
Also unlike most Bori, whose teeth are those of gentle, plant eating creatures, Arctic has sharp canine teeth. However, he doesn't use them to eat; he rarely eats at all.

It was also mentioned that Arctic is blind in his left eye. This is a recent change, brought about with his latest dormancy. The eye has faded to a very light blue. His other eye has, strangely, turned into a darker blue than it was before.
Since this dormancy, his tail has changed from a tuft of teal fur, to (ironically) a flame of ice. This symbolizes his flaming hate, as well as the ice inside of him. To further symbolize the ice inside his body, the tuft of fur on his head is permanently sticking up, as if a heavy wind is blowing it. Also during this last dormancy, his claws have turned into icicles; they are deadly cold, and tipped with blood, to symbolize the bloodshed he has caused. Finally, the bone and skull jewelry he has symbolizes the fact that he's immortal.

Through all these years, Arctic has kept the makeshift dagger he made many years ago. It has become his trademark, and he never goes anywhere without it. Make sure to include it in a custom or fan art. Arctic: -muffled- I DT WNT NY FNRT! Me: That translates to "I DON'T WANT ANY FANART!" Well that's too bad, because I do, and I'm the boss of you, Arkface. :P

Those he's met
The targets

This is called 'those he's met', because obviously he doesn't have any friends, and you can't have enemies when you hate everyone xD.

Sprinter the owner- Arctic, not surprisingly, hated his owner as well. He never needed her to care for him at all, so he didn't see the need for her. The feeling was mutual: she hated him for trying to k*ll her pets so many times. However, for some unknown reason, she kept him anyway. Me: Aww, I still hate you, Arctic ^_^. But I'm still gonna keep you, cuz you're a purdy cloud color :D Arctic: -roars through ropes because he hates the purdy cloud color-

The pets- Back in the old days, Sprinter had many pets: Spirit (Uni), Arae (Pteri), Eloragirl (Kyrii), Kitty (Cybunny), Hellboy (Grarrl), Giha (Kacheek), Lufiea (Lupe), Jenna (Lupe), Lucia (Wocky), Chick (Ixi), and Sierra (Peophin). Arctic hated them all, of course. He especially hated Kitty and Sierra (due to their depression), and longed to silence them forever.

Joye839joye839_116 (Joey) the Lupe- Joey is Jenna's son. He is dark, broody and somewhat hateful, but not nearly to the level of Arctic. After all, he has never attempted to k*ll his annoying little sister, Lufiea, as Arctic certainly would. Still, Joey is the closest thing Arctic ever had to a friend. He and Arctic once teamed up and tried to k*ll Eloragirl, but this plan, like so many others, failed. Joey moved on shortly after this, and the two haven't seen or spoken to each other since.

Clemontinia the Uni- Clem was one of Spirit's friends. The day they met, Arctic attacked them and tried to k*ll Clem, but thankfully, a helpful bystander stepped in. Arctic hasn't bothered Clem since, as she's kept her distance from him.

Starricelia the anthro Korbat- Star was another hateful being, but she never attempted to hurt anyone, at least physically. She was mostly talk, and liked to cut down and insult people. However, though they had similar attitudes, she never liked Arctic, and the feeling was mutual. Arctic thought Star was weak and unable to hurt anyone, due to her being a girl. Obviously, this was the source of her resentment of him. Arctic: -lets out groan of anger at the thought of Star-

_Viper__ the Lupe- Viper was another hateful pet, and she also disliked Arctic, for the same reason he disliked Star. Viper had survived much more than Arctic's dagger, and scoffed at his threats. Arctic, of course, resented being thought of as a wimp. Arctic: -claws rapidly and frantically at the ropes- I'M NT A WMP! Me: Translation: "I'M NOT A WIMP!" Hmm...that's interesting, Arctic. Moving on.

What makes him tick


-People's suffering
-Causing pain
-His dagger


-Everything else (the top ones are children, depressed people/whiners, the Snowager, and laughter/happiness)

My art
Frozen in time

I used to have a lot of pics of Arctic, but back when I hated my pets I deleted most of their pics, so I now have very few. Plus, I tended to overwrite the old intro pics with the newest one. Me and my dumb ideas.

New design

This is actually, pretty much a doodle, as it only took a few hours. I was experimenting with realism, and already did Spirit, so I decided to do Arctic too. While I'm not as happy with this as I am with Spirit's, I still think it's worthy of putting here. This was done in early 2010.

Old design

This is a semi-old pic of Arctic. I don't know why I decided to draw him; I think I was just doodling and ended up with Arctic. If you can't tell, I was very lazy when I did this pic and used the bevel tool in PSP to shade it. It was done in late 2006.

An old headshot of Arctic for my petpages. This was done in 2005, I think.

This is an ancient pixel of Arctic I did in 2004, and by the timing, one of the very first pics of him. It may even be the first, but I don't think so. I definitely couldn't remember XD.

Fan art
In his honor

Thank you everyone! If you have made me any that isn't here, please let me know. Drag the shrunken ones to your address bar to see them full sized. Arctic: -gets roaring and snarling again because he's apparently insulted at being drawn all cute and stuff-

New design

None. Anyone care to fill this space up? XD

Old design

By Skitts.

By Pigeona.

By Pigeona.

By Cusack.

By Skitts.

By Skitts.

Evil sized down

Thank you everyone! If you have made me any that isn't here, please let me know. If you're wondering, yes, they're organized by size. Note: The custom from Zapphire_ was made by me, but it says on the page you're free to make your own adoptables. Do NOT report me for stealing, because I'm not.

What may confound you

If you're wondering about anything, check here.

Is there a story behind Arctic's name? Nope, I just named him that because he was an ice Bori.

How did you get an ice Bori? Back in 2004 there was a deal: download the Neopets toolbar and get a free ice Bori. Sadly, I lost him when my acc got frozen, and now I think the only way to get an ice pet is through the lab ray, which I don't have access to. I'm too cheap to buy the pieces :3

Why did you make Arctic evil? Because I didn't have any other pets with an evil personality.

Why does Arctic not eat? Cuz he's a weirdo XD. Actually, I just figured that with him being made of ice, he wouldn't really need to eat. When he does it, though, he eats meat. We shouldn't be talking about food with him right here, though. I've had a huge wave of visitors lately, so he's been tied up pretty much constantly for several days. As a result, he hasn't eaten in a while, and his stomach rumbles are starting to register on the Richter scale I have upstairs. Arctic: -is already hungry at the mention of food, and envisions ash_of_the_sea_ in the form of a T-bone steak-

Is there any inspiration behind the story? Nope, it's just something I made up, as are most of the stories I do. My brain is a serious random idea generator O.o

Has Arctic ever had a GF? No. He hates everything, so he wouldn't fall in love, or even like anyone XD. Not to mention, who would fall in love with him? o_O

Can my Bori be his GF? -points to above question-

Can my pet and Arctic be friends, then? Still no, because seriously, who'd be friends with him? However, to pacify you, you can be enemies XD. Arctic: -screams in anger again, this time at the idea of friends-

Why are Arctic's teeth yellow? Because I drew them that way. Also it could be because he doesn't brush...-hands him a toothbrush- ..... -gets hand amputated-

Why aren't there any of your pics in your friend section? Because...-drumroll-...I'm too lazy! Not to mention, those headshots were one thing that stressed me years ago, because I always forgot something, and they always seemed to need a revamp. Therefore, I figure it's best to exclude them.

Why was Arctic gone for so long? Because I went through a (long) stage that I hated my pets XD. Back in 2005, I had like 15 pages, and I was really overloaded and stressed out, since I also had school to deal with. That's why I decided to delete most of them. I kept my faves, but eventually, they were wiped/ruined by Neopets, and since I didn't have a back up, I just reset them.

Why did you decide to bring him back? I got a random inspiration, and an idea for a new design and for him being immortal.

Can I RP with Arctic? No, I don't RP my pets. I'm lazy :P

Link back
Find your way back

Want to come back? I'm not sure why you do, but take a patch anyway. Arctic: -finally frees himself from the ropes- I've had enough of this humiliation! You're going to be sorry you ever came here, ash_of_the_sea_! -readies dagger- Me: -whacks him with rolled up newspaper- now be nice to our guest, Arkface. -kicks him into a maximum security steel cage- Anyway, uh, thanks for coming, and I'll be sure to find other ways to restrain him if you come back, or if you want to bring your friends here. However...why would you want to? That's really mean to bring your poor friends to a place like this :c

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