You brush away the leaves covering your outlook at your position and the sight that meets you is breathtakingly beautiful. You're standing on the brink of a vast shimmery lake, where the bright sunlight is playing in the unsteady surface, creating many a blue and green colour. You see a little cottage between two old trees on the other side of the lake, and you decide to take a closer look at it.
As you approach the house, you especially notice how many plants and flowers climbing up the side of the walls. You notice various petpets peeking out from behind the potted plants, petpets which don't even belong in Meridell. You go around a corner and bump into something or someone. The someone utters a surprised sound and so do you. You blink your eyes and observe who you've surprised. A stunning blue Kyrii gives you a puzzled look. Her long cyan and turqoise hair is tied up in a fancy ponytail and she is wearing old overalls, a cute white t-shirt and gardening gloves. In her hand she is holding a small shovel and hovering by her shoulder is a young Kazeriu with an annoyed look on it's face.

- Excuse me, can I help you with something? You look like you are not sure where you are, she asks you.
You explain your business at this place, and the puzzled look gets replaced with a friendly smile.
- Come with me, you look terribly tired. I have a warm bed and food in my hut-- Hush Chai, I know what I am doing! she says cheerfully, stroking the Kazeriu's head with a cheeky swoop. The Kazeriu named Chai looks at you and then her with a serious and worried blink in its eye.
You enter her cottage. It even looks fairytaley from the inside. Rustique interior with some advantages, like the very soft-looking bed with cushions and a royal-looking box which appeared to be filled with delicious cake. The Kyrii puts a teakettle on the cosily warm iron stove and cuts out two chunks of the tastylooking cake. Chai keeps watching you as you carefully place yourself on a chair by the kitchen table.
- You didn't tell me what your name was. Well, my name is Lady Arcianas, but my friends just call me Arcia. This little Kazeriu is Chai, don't mind him, he just wants me to be safe, that's all. So what was your name again?
You tell her that your name is chemoi, and she smiles. She talks about how nice a name she thinks it is for someone like you. She presents a plate of cake and a hot cup of tea in front of you and asks what it was that you wanted to know about her.

Lady Arcia

At first, you just ask for a short presentation to who she happens to be. She sips her tea, and begins to tell.
Full name: Lady Arcianas Van Nellioni.
Her friends call her: Arcia.
Gender: Female.
Age: A lady ought not tell ;).
Birthdate: 30th December.
Height: 1,67 cm
Weight: Enough.
Habitat: The Royal Gardens in Meridell.
Specie: Kyrii
Painted colour: Royal
Pelt: Blue
Eyecolor: Teal
Accessories: Crown and Gown.
Neocode: NC=NkyrSfW2DCroysmgEblultAdtT---Lev[1]M[none]VpoiV[crown]G[none]RP[~]
Personality: I see myself as a very feminine individual. I care about my friends and family very deeply, and to me, they always come before me. I might look like your regular old sweet doll, but on a dancefloor I'm wicked.

My hobby is jewellery. In my home in the Royal Gardens of Meridell, pets come with jewellery to see if it's real or not. I'm not very good at making jewellery, but because I've been around Royal Pets all my life, it has become easy for me to spot fake jewels and faux gold. My favorite metal is gold and my favorite jewels are Turqoises and Sapphires. I simply love to collect jewellery.
My biggest flaw might be that I look young and perfect. People see me as some little girl, as does my father, who loves me very dearly. This is also why he lets hme live so close to his castle even though I'm not his legitimate child.
As of love, it is an unopened chapter of my life. I've had my share of schoolgirl romance, but nothing too serious yet. Currently, it is not something I worry about, I know it'll come eventually.


This evening, the moonlight from the crescent moon gently caressed the features of the waterlilies floating in the lake, like little paper lanterns on the calm ocean. The gentle summernight breeze played with the bluebells, and made the leaves of the mighty oak trees sing like birds flapping their tiny feathery wings. Lightmites lazily fluttered around by the bushes, creating a romantic cozy atmosphere in the Royal Gardens of Meridell. Yes, it was truly a lovely evening.
The pavilion by the lake was covered in light from the colorful lanterns which covered the ceiling, and stretched to the nearest trees. White and golden silky drapes hung from the columns, reflecting the light from the many sources. It was quiet out at the moment, except from a little sound of ballroom shoes carefully tiptoeing around the marble floor of the pavilion. The sound was made by a beautiful Kyrii wearing the most fantastic emerald green dress you had ever laid your eyes on. Her long turquoise hair floated behind her as she walked around making sure that everything was absolutely ready, and she smiled with delight when she found that everything was absolutely perfect. This party would be one to remember.
Arcia had always loved the role of the hostess. When she was a child, her favorite game was making teaparties for her dolls and plushies. She would occasionally invite King Skarl and he would come and drink her imaginary tea and eat the cakes she had made, even though her cooking had been terrible. She smiled to herself by the thought, while setting out the appetizers on one of the tables, which matched the drapings fabulously. King Skarl was like a father to her. He had raised her to be Royal, even though she had been found as an infant in these lovely gardens after a terrible thunderstorm. She knew she was probably one of the luckiest orphans to have a fatherfigure that grand and magnificent. All the other Royals had frowned upon her being raised as one of their own when she was not actually coloured Royal, but after all he was the king, and it was his decision to make. However when she had gotten older, the other Royals forced him to kick her out of the castle. He had a beautiful little house built for her in the Royal Gardens, on the exact place where she was found, and there, she had lived since that day. The other Royals had had to settle with that agreement. The king still provided well for her, and she was free to visit him at the castle and use the Gardens as she pleased.
She could now see lights in the distance. The guests were arriving. All were people she knew and loved, and they were talking and laughing as they walked towards the pavilion. Her heart started beating, for to her surprise, King Skarl was amongst them along with two Blumaroos carrying a large present. All of her guests walked up the stairs to the pavilion and formed a halfcircle around her and the mighty king.
- I didn't expect you here tonight. Aren't you supposed to be entertaining the children of the castle tonight?
- Anytime for you, my precious. After all, it is your night tonight!
- What are you talking about?
She looked around. Her friends had stopped talking and were watching the scene, except for Zechire, who was busy handing out glasses containing a sparkly golden liquid. Briefly, her mind chuckled at the obscure proportions of the little lupe carrying that huge tray of glasses.
- 18 years ago tonight, was the night you were found here in the gardens between the two cherry trees. You have enlightened my life in so many ways, and for that, you deserve this.
He brought forth the Blumaroos, who placed the large package on a chair. Arcia stepped forward, and untied the bow with trembling fingers. The minute she removed the paper from what it contained, her eyes filled with tears of joy. In her hands she held a Royal Paint Brush. The crowd started clapping, and without thinking, Arcia ran to King Skarl and gave him a tight hug while whispering thank you.
- It was about time, he whispered back.
Then he took her hand, raised his voice and said:
- Here, I present to you, the new member of the Royal family. Lady Arcianas!
The crowd cheered, and Arcia somehow couldn't stop smiling. Then she bid them to be silent, and stepped up on the chair.
- Enough talking! I know that you all are longing to get this party started, and I say, let's party!

When Skarl walked towards the castle, he could still easily hear the bass from the pavilion. He subpressed a laughtergrunt by the thought of King Hagan, who could probably hear it and get really mad. He knew he had made the right decision by granting her this blessing, and as he walked towards the castle, he sent a warm thought to the biological mother of the young Kyrii, who unknowingly at the time had blessed his life with such a beautiful gift.


Social life.
Food; Watermelon Salad.
Gem; Sapphire.
Game; Hide and Seek.
Flower; Daffodils.
Season; Summer.
Music; Something you can dance to.
Color; RAINBOWS *u*!
Scent; Freshly baked buns and bread.
Neopian Hero; Jerdana.

Being filthy.
Gross immature things.
Least Favorites
Food; Anything with Gruel.
Gem; There is none, she likes them all.
Game; Basketball.
Flower; None yet.
Season; Rainy Season.
Music; Metal.
Color; Olive.
Scent; Rotten cucumbers.
Neopian Villain; The Pant Devil.

La Famille et Les Amies.

King Skarl
Skarl is my dad. Not biologically, but he is like a father to me. He has told me that he found as an infant while walking in the gardens after a horrible thunderstorm. He raised me, and let me stay in his castle. Even though I'm not allowed to live inside the castle anymore, he still comes down to visit me sometimes.
My parents
I don't remember my real parents very well. My memories with them are just shadows. I asked my father once if he could tell me anything about them, but he knew as little as I did about them. An investigation began, but they weren't found anywhere in Meridell or Brightvale. After having seen pictures of Altador in books, bits of memories have started coming back to me, and I suspects that if they are still alive, I might be able to find them there.
Zechire taught me some things about cooking. Well, he taught everyone some things about cooking, because he is a genius in a kitchen. This talent has also caused his large belly, haha. He is a very jolly and hearty character, who I absolutely can't help but adore. When Zech and I hang out, I enjoy taking walks in the royal gardens with him and just talk about everything from A to Z. Zechire thinks I could develop my cooking talent a lot more, but I'm fairly happy with just the basics.
Image coming soon! Tea
I've always admired Tea for her impulsive nature. She just go out there and do it, you know?
Ellie and me are very closely bonded. She's really amazing, and I simply love her beautiful golden markings. Ellie, Tea and myself love taking a break from all the boys. Then we might drink some tea and chat about what silly things the guys have got themselves into. Even though Ellie can be away for long periods of time, my bond of friendship with her will always remain strong.
Cosmo Delicious is an infamous name at my gatherings, and he is my favorite homme du nuit. He is a player and I always joke about his eternal lifestyle leading to many broken hearts. He really doesn't break GIRLS' hearts, but he easily could. We tell eachother almost everything, and I really enjoy all his gossip. He is quite shallow and selfabsorbed, and I really dislike that about him. I must admit though, when I first met him, I truly felt like a schoolgirl about him, but it soon passed when I learned more about him. Even though we seem tight, I only see him at parties.


Here's what Duckie and other nice people did for me. It's such a beautiful collection and I'm so proud of it. Thank you everyone who did art for me, you can find them by clicking the art pieces :D

These also did art for me, but it broke :'(

Go HERE for Duckie's artpage!

Pour toi.

I'm not so sure I dig these that much anymore, but I'll keep them up for now (:
- Don't edit these.
- Don't enter them in contests, like the BC.
- Don't ask me to do these for your application.
- Enjoy them.
Mail here and ask for Kyriiheads.
(I might add tiny crowns on female ones :D)
Status: Complete.

Count: 17.

Duckie's other adoptables;
Aisha and Cybunny, Draik, Ixi, Hissi, Plumpies and Lupe x2.


Oh, these? These are just some awesome little pieces of art. Thanks to the people who did them. If you're lucky, you may see regular Royal Kyrii and some jewellery as well :D


- I don't like to brag, but I've won some interesting things. People really flatter me when they pick me for something like this.
Arcia puts down her teacup and half-finished cookie and makes a gesture towards a cabinet in the corner.

Arcianas won the Pet Spotlight on August 30th '11.
In there are also various silver trophies and a golden one, all from the Beauty Contest.
- Oh, they're nothing. My keeper did all the work while I just sat there being pretty!


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Name: blackyuni
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Status: Inactive, page taken down.

A bientôt!

Arcia look at you and smile. Your eyelids have started to get heavy because of all the good cake and tea.


As you leave Arcia's little cottage behind you see before you some small windows. You feel an urge to touch them, maybe to enter a whole new adventure..

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