What We Are

Hello and welcome to Arcane's webbie. If Arcane was forced to add a label it would be considered semi neo-related, chat based, semi-literate guild.
We value quality over quantity when it comes to members and try to remain on the smaller side so that we never lose our family vibe.
We are an established, fun, and friendly environment within our own little community. We believe that a guild should be like a home and the members should be like family. We are forever changing and growing but we never stray away from our core values. We offer a variety of optional activities.
Right now we are looking to expand and hoping to offer the right fit for you!
Click around our website for more information and more details. You will find the rules, FAQ, and other useful links to help you learn the ropes and get a feel of the place.

Click Here. If you would like to read Arcane's "Once upon a time".

Click Here. If you would like to learn about our Council history.

Click Here. If you would like to know why we no longer have teams.

Arcane's Once Upon A Time:

Once upon a time the Arcane founders were guidless. Yep, that's right. They had no home to call their own. You see, previously the founders had all belonged to a fun inviting guild which they loved and were quite active in, but things turned sour. The good turned to bad, and the 'friends' turned venomous. The gossip and drama made the founders head's spin, and they started becoming uninterested in that guild. They dreamed of a place where members weren't guilted for having a life outside of Neopets. A place where you could just have fun, with no drama, a place where members had a voice.

The problem was, the Arcane founders were loyal people, because of bonds created they did not want to leave the fore-mentioned guild. They hoped that things would turn around and get better, and everything would eventually work towards it's happily ever after. Alas, things did not make a turn towards the light, it continued down it's dark path until the final flame flickered away.

But wait, the story does not end here. In this darkness came new light. The Arcane founders decided they could create their own paradise, where good always triumphed over evil, and member's had a voice that was heard. With those thoughts, the idea of Arcane was born.

After a solid foundation was created the founders of Arcane invited members from their old guild who they knew to be pure of heart. With these members they continued to grow and thrive. Enemies attacked but rather than partake in their issues Arcane remained strong to its values and their foes soon disappeared. Mistakes were made along the way, but Arcane was always adjusting and re-inventing themselves.

A large number of months passed, and Arcane decided to take some time for leisure and temporarily closed it's doors. The dedicated member's stayed and continue to chat and help, but it had become obvious that more was needed. After some relaxation and clearing of the mind, it was decided that the current structure needed a make-over. The Council began to discuss innovative ideas that would set them apart from the guilds that had now adopted the same systems that once made Arcane unique.

After weeks of discussing and creating, they had simplified a system that had become over complicated, and made it desirable to the masses. It was decided they were ready to re-open their doors to create new friends and alliances.

Upon joining us, you will find that not all great stories are in need of an ending. For if you can dream, the possibilities are endless.

Some Council history

The founders of Arcane are held in high regard.
After all, they were the ones who created this guild's structure as well as kept it running for the newer council to take over.
The founders love Arcane but once they saw that their real lives were taking over their free time they made the choice to step down from council so the guild would not suffer and could continue to have strong leadership.

All founders still have all of their council controls (although not all are still in the official council spots) so they will have the option during their free time to help out or give input.

The current Council members of Arcane were hand picked by Danie (baby_lovey), she continues to give guidance (where needed) and is involved in any large guild changes.
However, she does leave majority of the decisions to her trusted council.

The current Council members were chosen for their loyalty, creativity, sociability, and problem solving expertise. They are more than capable of handling any issues that may arise. They are the best of the best, they are dedicated to Arcane and what it stands for. We know that they will continue to help Arcane grow and thrive.

Founders & Their Council Timelines

(Danie) baby_lovey: June 2012 - Current
(Jess) sweetsimplicity29: June 2012 - January 2013
(David) davidn_1985: June 2012 - December 2012
(Lee) xylography: June 2012 - September 2012

Bright & Shiny Current Council

baby_lovey, unita90, smoothie888, kailehmb

Goodbye Teams

Originally when starting Arcane we had a team based system, which was fun for a time, but it slowly began to out live it's effectiveness.

Many guilds now a days are pro team, we have decided to stray away from this for many reasons.

● Team systems make it easy for less active members to benefit from a few members hard work. In the grand scheme of things this actually created less drive for those active members since they weren't receiving personal recognition for their own hard work.

● We are a guild where activities are optional. We promote that real life comes before neopets. When we put a member on a team who had no desire to participate in activities it created awkwardness/pressure between them and their team-mates.

● Council work hard to create new and interesting activities for members, but this does take up quite a bit of their time. Team systems are a huge amount of extra work load for council members to maintain. A personal based system is more beneficial to both council and to the activity driven members.

● Lack of originality. When we started out there were not many team based systems that compared to the way we had Arcane organized. However, the more successful we became, the more we saw guilds copying our system. To keep Arcane on top we felt the best move would be to do away with teams all together and create a new innovative personal system.


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Founded: 06/11/2012


What is a NoteBook?

A NoteBook is a record that is kept to indicate how much work you have done in the guild. This will include your awards, rank, and other accomplishments.

What are Personal Points?

Personal points you earn by completing activities. These are used to measure your personal progress. Each month top 5 members with the most "PP" will be given an award for their notebook. For further explanation Click Here.

What are bux?

Bux are a form of currency you can use to buy awards for your notebook from our Award Shop, or use to participate in exclusive activities. You can earn bux by completing certain activities.

Do I need to participate in activities?

No. You are in no way obligated to participate in activities.

How active must I be in the guild?

You are expected to chat on the board from time to time. People who have been inactive from the boards for more than fourteen days (without notifying a member of the council) will be swept. If you are swept you are more than welcome to rejoin when you have more time.

I finished the current activities, what else is there to do?

Although we have a lengthy amount of Activities to keep you busy there are always more things to do in Arcane. You could ask a council member or Board Game host to host a game for you. Or take a look in our Job Center to see if there are any listings. If there are not any full time jobs available at the moment, you still have other options. You can write a review or even recruit new members if recruiting is open.

What happens if I leave the guild and decide to come back later?

Business as usual. You will be given a new Notebook and start from square one again. We do not save past member's Notebook information, once you are gone it is too.

Can I have more than one username in the guild?

No. You are only allowed one username in the guild. If you are caught with multiple usernames in the guild ALL of your usernames will be removed and banned.
If you are silenced on your main username you will be allowed to use your side until your main is unsilenced. Once you have your main username's privileges restored you are to immediately remove your side username.

The guild is private, can I still recruit?

Yes. But only when recruiting is open. They must send an application to the Council member in charge of recruits for that month. If their application is accepted they will be sent an invite.


Below are the rules we abide by in Arcane. Please familiarize yourself with them so you are aware of what you can or cannot do. If you do have any questions or concerns, please neomail one of the council members.

1. Please follow all of the Neopets rules. If you're unsure of what they are, please click here to read. Also make sure you're aware of the Terms & Conditions.

2. Literacy. We are a semi-literate guild. Basically, this means you can use certain acronyms - such as omg, lol, and brb - that people are familiar with, while using appropriate grammar and punctuation.

3. Spam. We allow for very little spam. That being, you cannot post more than three times in a row. However, we do not have a word limit per post. For instance, if you just happen to get online and have nothing more to say than "Hey, everyone!" - you're allowed to post it. Though, we do emphasize if you are responding to someone on the boards - please give a longer reply that's not something along the lines of "Yup" or "Nope.

4. Being active. We do require you to be active members in the guild, but more for board activity than the activities themselves. Since we're trying to build a family, we'd like for you to be able to post at least once or twice a week so we can get to know you.
If you are planning to be gone longer than 14 days and are unable to make a post on the boards within that time, please notify one of the council members or you may be swept from the guild. Know that if you are swept, you are welcome back any time you're ready to be back.

5. Respect. Please be respectful to everyone on the boards. We are all a family, so we should all be considerate of one another. Regarding any sort of drama - keep it off the boards, please. Drama will NOT be tolerated. Any sort of drama will be dealt with in a very strict manner.

6. Advertising. Please only advertise our guild while it is open to invitations. We close invitations so that we can get to know one another until we feel we are ready to grow as a family. However, while invitations are open, respect the people you are advertising to by reading their boards before making a post. Make sure we have what they are looking for, and make sure you are following their instructions. If another member has happened to post at the same time as you, the second person to post can apologize and leave. The person who was there first can continue the recruiting process.
NOTE: There will be recruit monitors watching the boards. If anyone is caught breaking any of the advertising rules, they will be banned from recruiting.


Load the application to a pet page and neomail the name of the pet to the Council member you're applying to. *Please do not send full links as at times they can prevent the recipient from opening the neomail.

This is a two part application.
-Part One- is for us to get to know you better.
-Part Two- is to make sure you have looked through our rules and other areas to get to know us better. *This will also be beneficial to you. You can ask the person recruiting you for help where needed.

*Please ensure you have enabled guild mail by looking at your preference controls.

All applications will be answered within 24 hours, however we have supplied some time frames for applying which may make the response time faster. Please keep in mind these are only average time frames of activeness.
*If more than one Council have the same time frames (unless you are instructed otherwise) apply to the Council member listed first.
If you are applying during a time frame not listed simply apply to the person who has the closest time.

Weekday Times:

2am NST - 5am NST * Send application to Laura.
1am NST - 5am NST * Send application to Rosie.
5pm NST - 11pm NST * Send application to Kaileh.

Weekend Times:

6am NST - 9am NST * Send application to Laura.
5pm NST - 7am NST * Send application to Rosie.
9pm NST - 2am NST * Send application to Kaileh

How Personal Points work:

You earn Personal Points through activities.
One council member is in charge of all the member Personal Points.
5 members with the highest Personal Points will be displayed on our main guild page.
If you wish to know your total you can neomail the council member in charge.
At the end of the month the top 5 members with the highest Personal Points will be given an award for their NoteBooks.
The member with the highest Personal Points will also be allowed to attain 1 free award from our award shop for their NoteBook (or a friend's), have the privilege to pick the theme for the following months group ranks, and will receive 5,000 bux.

How groups work:

Groups are updated throughout the month.
The groups are designed to give you a quick glance of your competition.
The group names are reset each month but the hierarchy remains the same.

Group 1 - The 5 members with the highest PP scores
Group 2 - The 5 members with the 2nd highest PP scores
Group 3 - Members with personal points
Quarantine - Members without personal points who are active through board chatting

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