this page is to provide a bit of a run down of the negative impact that riot week's "objective b" has and will cause. the primary focus of this page is focused on objective b as that was my main problem with riot week from the start, and it is now the thing they got any change from tnt with. I'd be more than happy to discuss objective a and my feelings about that on my boards as well, after all, i'm here to stay now

here are the objectives that riot week set out to do something about:
objective a: put a stop to repeat entries by enforcing a "one trophy per entry" type of rule
objective b: put an end to spammers by not allowing bc links to be posted outside the art chat
the official riot week page can be found here for more reading.

who is effected?

essentially, anyone who does not feel comfortable in the art chat now is forced into this community or has to forgo advertising. this may include: beginner artists (especially children), non-artist pet enthusiasts, and those who belong to other communities on neopets and would rather spend their time with them. in addition to those who feel unwelcome in the art chat, the art chat too will find itself facing a change in their community.

beginner artists, especially children

while i'm sure anyone would deny it, a lot of the hostility surrounding riot week was due to the belief that "good" art should not be losing to "bad" art, and that there should be quality control standards in place for the beauty contest. however the beauty contest is suppose to be a great way for artists of all ages and experience levels to take the time to draw their pets and take pride in their work. before, a young artist could put their heart and soul into a piece, and even though they were up against more experienced artists, they could compensate for devoting the time to share their work with the entire neopets community.

now they are forced to only show their art into the art chat, which is mainly other competitors, and may hold those elitist views on only allowing "good" art into the beauty contest.
I feel that too many people forget that this site's target audience is children and riot week has now taken away one of their greatest opportunities to do something fun for their pets and win a trophy to show for it. and don't give me the "but neopets was ORIGINALLY for college kids that excuse is pathetic because in 15 years neopets has actively reimaged themselves as a family friendly site and viacom actively advertised on nickelodeon to attract children to the site. it. is. a. children's. site. anyone who strictly holds to their belief that only the best art should win is selfishly denying children the opportunity given to them, and should focus on the art gallery instead. the beauty contest is about pets the art gallery is about art. which brings us to...

pet enthusiasts (and other non-artists)

YES I SAID THE BEAUTY CONTEST IS ABOUT PETS. It is about doing something creative in hopes of earning your pet a trophy. It is a contest that should be open to ANYONE willing to give drawing a go.
That's not to say that you shouldn't put effort into your creation, I would hope that everyone puts their best effort into their work! However I have always seen the beauty contest as a two part contest
part one: obviously the art.
part two: sharing your art with the community to have their beauty "judged

and that is an important aspect of the beauty contest, the judging is left to your peers. you can be that guy who only wants to vote for the best art, and that's okay! you help the artists who have put years of effort and dedication into their work! there are people who will vote for anything and everything that comes their way because they enjoy supporting anyone that puts their work out there and is a part of their community! that's awesome, it helps anyone that puts the time into sharing their work! but no one justification for voting is right, and no one is forced to vote or even view any piece they don't wish to vote or see.

so swinging back to that whole "two part contest" thing, each part should be seen as important. if you excel at one, you can cut back on the other, but both are necessary. if you really commit to your entry, it will be noticed! you'll pick up the votes of manual voters and don't have to stress as much with the advertising. if your art isn't to the level of your competition, you are going to have to work harder to put yourself out there and take pride in what you did make. and if you work really hard on both parts, then you can really shine.

people who belong to other communities

let's face it, the people who have never been a part of the art chat are now forced to be a part of the community that hated them for the way they shared their art. i know personally i'm only in the art chat rn out of spite, i can't even lie about that. but now anyone who has a 'home' board other than the art chat has to spend their week away from the community that they love and find support in. I suppose the art chat is pretty slow, you could go back and forth, but really if you don't have a neoboard pen, that's going to be a lot of siggy changes to worry about.
furthermore, we have gone from being able to share our work with the entire neopets community..... to just the art chat, which a lot of non-artists will never have any desire to spend their free time in. advertising worked because it convinced those who would normally not care about the bc to take a few seconds out of their day to look at someone else's art. it is a really warming feeling to have someone who would have never found your work otherwise compliment what you have done.
but now I instead get to spend time with the people that were so bold to claim that I did not ''in any way, shape, or form contribute to the community'' I was in (taken from ~Technodile). Because.... you know..... i really want to contribute to your salty community now.......

Furthermore there are many people who, even if they art chat is welcoming them, may suffer from anxiety and struggle to contribute to a new community.

The people who only have so much time in a day to spend on neopets, and what to spend it with the board they love, and want to share their art to
The people who never want to have to be forced with the people who made them so uncomfortable with efforts like riot week

The people who shouldn't have to be forced into any community they don't want to be in.

the art chat

and of course finally, the art chat is going to experience change with the change it caused. it has to, right? a large part of the beauty contest regulars either have to come to the art chat, or be excluded from the contest entirely.

now part of me would hate to fight back with the same bitterness and hostility that was shown to us outsiders with riot week, but another part of me now sees that obviously that's the only sort of pressure TNT caves to.

I'm sure plenty of us will join your community and make new friends and it'll be wonderful.

But a lot of us are only here because we have to be, because we aren't going to give up on the contest we love just because we've been forced into the community that were sore about their loses. I hate to admit it but you've probably just let a lot of bitterness into your small community. A lot of arguing that would have never happened, a lot of tension from old and new art chatters. Your community just grew a lot, and I don't know what this means for all of you, but I simply hope this won't turn the beauty contest into some art chat popularity contest.

in conclusion

I didn't do much to hide my bitterness, that much is clear and I'm happy to be open about it. That being said, I do want to take a second to empathize with the intention of riot week. I understand the annoyance of spending hours on a piece just to lose to the 5 second mspaint scribble that spammed "GL !!!" on every board they saw, it's happened to all of us I'm sure. However that does not mean you can attack everyone who didn't keep to the art chat. The option to advertise outside the art chat was always available to you, but many of you made the mistake of thinking that the purely a ''may the best art win'' contest when it was meant to be ''may the proudest pet parent win'' sort of contest.