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Kreludor Caves Spotlight

This guide is made by dawwetje. Please don't steal any images, info or coding!! Hope my guide helps you!

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Welcome to my Hannah and the Kreludor Caves guide. If you came to this page, you are hoping to find information to improve your score or trying to beat the game. This guide will provide you that information. Use the navigation on the right to go through the guide. Read everything or go straight to the level information. Do read the scoring and strategy tips, this might be insightful.

Game Info

Neopia's favourite thrillseeking barmaid is back with an all-new adventure that's out of this world! Having already mastered caves of the ice and pirate varieties, Hannah's returned with a mission to make her way through the caves of Neopia's moon, Kreludor-blocked- this adventurous Usul as she advances from one cavernous mine to the next, gathering up keys and as much treasure as possible.

Action and adventure game!

Game Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move around. Press up and when in air press up again to activate your rocket boots. Activating your rocket boots when you didn't jump takes up a lot of fuel. Collect fuel and oxygen tanks, treasure chests, coloured keys and extra lives. But watch out for the exclamation mark! Your descent is too fast, press up to slow down. Keep an eye on your oxygen and fuel levels. No oxygen means you lose a life. No fuel means you can't use your rocket boots.

From left to right: number of lives left; the end game button; treasure chest you have to collect/you need to collect in this level; your total score; and fuel and oxygen levels.

Game Scores

In the overview above you can see how many points you can obtain in each level (fuel and oxygen not counted). The fuel and oxygen bonusses per level will add to the score. You can repeat levels, however the scores are often lower. An extra life is worth 500 points. When you play a level and pick up the extra life, the life will not be there anymore if you either die, or repeat the level. Therefore, scores are lower the second time you play them. Dying after picking up the life would be really unfortunate, because a) the life will not be counted towards your score, and b) the life won't be there anymore when you replay the level. Not picking up oxygen tanks (25 pts.), fuel tanks (25 pts.), or extra lives (500 pts.) decrease your level score, so always try to pick up everything. Treasure chests and keys also contribute to your level score (both 100 pts.), however you will never forget to pick those up, otherwise you can't finish a level. Level 14 is a little different. Although it is possible to pick up all fuel tanks in this level, due to oxygen constraints it may be a little difficult. Then it is better to just miss one or two fuel tanks.

Why are some scores purple? To obtain a high score, you need to repeat levels. Levels with purple scores should be considered when repeating levels. Level 3, 9, 11 and 13 are exceptionally well suited for repeating. Why level 3 or 9, but not level 10 or 12? Although the scores are lower for level 3 or 9, these levels are faster and easier than level 10 or 12. So, chances of dying are smaller and oxygen and fuel bonusses are probably higher. Playing every level once will result in a score of 31,425, plus the oxygen and fuel bonusses for each level.

Game Strategy

Playing the entire game will result in a score of 31,425 points plus fuel and oxygen bonusses. This is hardly a high score and will not result in any trophy, bronze, silver, or gold. Repeating levels is the way to achieve higher scores. Repeating levels will not be at the cost of a life, like in previous Hannah games. This means you could repeat levels on and on and on. However, The Neopets Team does review scores above a certain level. Check the high score list for required scores to get a trophy. This is a top 17 trophy game. Not in the top 17, but you do have the same score? That's too bad, you will not get a trophy.

How to repeat levels? Let's use an example here. Let's say I completed level 1 and want to repeat it. You will see on screen the score for level 1, and the bonus for remaining fuel and oxygen (these do not add to the score however). Also on the screen is a button with next level, click it. Then you see an overview of level 2 and the buttons back and play, click back. Then you see a list of levels; you can click on any level (if you have completed it once before), in this example we will click level 1 and then play. Never ever click the back button when you see the list of levels, this will reset your score.

The best way to play this game is picking a goal; a score you would like to get. Then figure out how many times you need to play the levels you prefer to get that score. Any combination of levels is possible, given that you can choose between all levels. Do not forget to take into account the difference between playing it for the first time and every time after that.

Level 1

This level is pretty straightforward. Get everything on your way from start to finish.

Level 2

You start at the top and you have a long way down to go. Don't forget to slow down while falling. Forget that and Hannah will faint and you will lose a life. Slowing down is easy, just tap the up key for a second. Slowing down is necessary if you see a yellow button with an exclamation mark on it! Don't forget picking up the life when going through the level. Also, first go to the area that is indicated with 1, you will need to pick up everything there, before you can continue to the finish.

Level 3

Again, this is not the hardest of levels in this game. Upon starting, don't forget the secret area just below the start. Then continue down... If you think a drop might be a little too big, do not hesitate to slow Hannah down for a second. Better safe than sorry. On this level, Hannah can obtain another extra life. This one can be found under a narrow tunnel full with spikes hanging from the ceiling. How to get the life? Press the down key, Hannah will make herself small and you can go all the way to the right, getting the life on your way. Do not release the down arrow key until Hannah can stand up again! After that you go to the 'key area'. This might seem a little confusing, but just get the keys and see which doors you can open. You'll get there, but keep in mind where the exit is, or you'll be travelling down a path, where you don't need to go just yet. Collect all the boxes and go to the finish.

Level 4

Ah level 4... the infamous 'out of fuel' level. The key here is to make a big jump right and as high as possible. On your highest point, press the up key for a few seconds, then let go. You won't entirely make it to the platform with this, so if you feel you are going too low, press the up key again for a few seconds, then let go to land on the platform. If you look at the level overview, the yellow dots indicate where you have to press the up key for a few seconds. If you feel comfortable going from the first platform to the third, higher platform, feel free to do so, it is very possible. More comfortable is using the second platform, then go to the third platform. The rest of this level is pretty easy. Don't forget the life, near the end of the level.

Level 5

Level 5 is not that hard. First go down towards area 1 following the yellow arrow, as indicated on the overview. Get everything there, and don't forget to get the life there in the 'secret' area. Do look out for the robot that is walking there. Then go up to area 2 and get everything on your way. Then to area 3 and the finish. Watch out for the robot when going to area 3/finish.

Level 6

You'll notice that you cannot obtain an extra life on this level. Just follow the areas as indicated. IMPORTANT: You must go to all other areas before going to area 5, because you can't get back to those areas. I did that the first time I played the level, I forgot to do area 4 and I had to let Hannah die in order to start over. Got everything before going to area 5? Just head over to the finish and pick up everything you can on your way.

Level 7

On your way to area 1 pick up everything you see. Go to area 2. At the end of that area you can go down to get an extra life. Make sure you have enough fuel. Let yourself fall, but slow down a few times, or Hannah will faint. At the bottom there are spikes, so go to the left as soon as you can. Go up again and head to area 3, picking up another life on the way. Then go up to area 4 following the yellow arrow, as indicated on the overview. And at the end of that area the finish is waiting for you.

Level 8

The overview pretty much says it all. Go to the areas in the order given. Picking up everything. For instance, area 1 includes going up and down. Area 2 includes going up and to the right. Seems logical, right? Area 3 holds the key needed for area 4. Area 7 is the secret area, after that go up to the finish.

Level 9

This level is my personal favourite when repeating levels. It is easy and fast and gives a pretty decent score for repeating levels. You go from top to bottom, so make sure you get everything on your way down. Going up again takes time, and fuel, and it can be avoided. If this means you want to slow down when falling, by all means do so. You get enough fuel on this level. The yellow dots indicate that you have to slow down there, or Hannah won't be feeling too well. Two lives can be obtained on this level, both in the secret area at the bottom. How to get these? Stand on the ledge where the last treasure chest was. Then let yourself fall, using the up arrow key. Then go right into the secret area and get the lives. Going out is the same, go left and immediately press the up key.

Level 10

Start and finish are at the same place in this level. Go to area 1 and go up and down there. Then area 2 and 3. Area 4, go all the way to the end where the life is. The extra life here is situated at the end of a narrow tunnel with a dead end and spikes hanging from the ceiling. Keep your down arrow key pressed here the entire time and go left and back right. Then go to area 5 and from there follow the yellow arrow back to the finish.

Level 11

Another good level for repeating. Level 11 gives 3,075 points the first time you play it and every time after that, it gives 2,575 points. This level is pretty easy, just follow the areas indicated. Do not go down in area 3, you are only there to get the key for area 5. When going for area 6 you'll need to pass a robot. It is too narrow there to jump over the robot, so make sure the robot is all the way to the left when passing him. Don't forget to get the life there as well. No problems should arise after that.

Level 12

All I can say here is, don't forget to clear the 'secret' area in area 2. Also make sure you cleared everything up to area 3 before going to area 4 and the finish. It is not that terrible if you forget anything, you can go back, however it takes a lot of time to go back and oxygen might become a problem, depending on your speed. Level 12 is not that difficult, unless you get nervous of spikes and fail at playing the game because of it. If so, you won't finish the level. However, if this was the case, you didn't make it to level 12 in the first place, since level 4 is full of spikes.

Level 13

Level 13 can be a bit difficult. Every drop here is too big, so slow down once every drop. Getting the first life, is a bit difficult, because there are spikes just above the life. Get there using the up arrow key. You don't have to go onto the ledge, just go close beside it and it will get you the life. Then go right to where the finish is. You obviously won't finish now, but there you can get some fuel and oxygen (one oxygen tank should remain). To get the second extra life it is best to step onto the ledge that is just below the tunnel where the life is. From there use your rocket boots and collect the life. Then continue going down, and then right. Where the yellow line is, use your rocket boots to go up, just hold the up key. The second time, don't hold the up key the entire time, go up gradually, otherwise you will hit the spikes that are there, meaning instant death for Hannah. When going down to the finish, slow down two or three times. Pick up the last oxygen tank and finish.

Level 14

The title 'Hold your breath' really applies here. Was level 4 the 'out of fuel' level, this one qualifies as the 'out of oxygen' level. There are no oxygen tanks to pick up in the entire level. You really should hurry here. Do not get all the fuel tanks, only the ones that are easy to get by going alongside the fuel tanks. The yellow dots in the overview indicate where the keys are that you need to collect. When you descent, slow down as you see fit (you should be able to evaluate this by now). Most of the level can be done 'flying'. Get the life and hurry up to get to the finish.

Level 15

Level 15, the final level, and you'll know it! First, get the key indicated by the 1. Then go up again to area 2. On your way to area 3, do not forget the pick up the extra life. Also watch out for the two robots there. Jumping over them won't work, so figure out when it is the best time to pass the robots. Then go to area 4. Get some keys there and head to area 5. This area is full of spikes, so watch out. There are four sets of treasure chests you need to collect here, one of which is in the little tunnel to the right. Then head towards the finish. Just when you think you're done, three robots show up, in a pretty small area. Walk with them towards the right. When the first robot is going left again, jump over him and hold the up key, like you're flying above them. Wait until all three have passed you and continue to the right, through the doors and to the finish. The End! Congratulations, you beat the game!

Kreludor Caves Spotlight

With this new game, TNT also introduced a new game spotlight. Go here to view the Kreludor Caves Spotlight page. How to enter this spotlight? Open the the game and click the level editor. Follow instructions on screen and let your imagination do the rest. You can make a level as easy or as hard as you like. Do keep in mind that the game needs to be playable, so always test your level before saving it.

There are quite a few Neopians who thought this was a challenge and they created custom levels. If you want to play any custom made level, click to play the game. Here you'll see the list of original levels, but you can also type a username in the box at the bottom. Then click load and you'll see all available levels that user has made. Below is a list of some custom made levels. If you have made a level yourself too and you would like to see it added here, send me a neomail.

3 paths, 3 difficulties
Into the Core


Hannah's Secrets


Keep Flying!
Oh Colors!

Backtrack Cave


Spikes, Robots, and Falls - Oh My!
So I Hear You Like Spikes...

Key Quest
The Glass Ceiling

Scary bearys
hazil bazils versoin of nut via fuel

Low Clearance

Doors and Keys

The Beginning
Too Easy?

The Impossible?

Want to rate any of these levels, send me a neomail, with a ?/10 rating and a little explanation what you think of the level. Was it too easy, or too hard? What did you like, what not, etc.?

Again if you have made a level yourself too, and you would like to see it on this page, then send me a neomail.

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