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Sorry, Aquillath won first place overall or in his/her species on Apr 27, 2012 and cannot enter again until after Aug 18, 2012 .

Thank you everyone SOOOO much for the gold trophy!
Aquilla's enjoying his celebratory ice cream and his trophy - it doesn't get much better =D

The stars above have been a place for our thoughts to wander, dreams to take flight, and our spirits to find peace. Gazing at them can cause you to float, to drift away into another world, a realm where anything is possible. The stars are burning embers that are replaced as quickly as they extinguish. Although vast and empty, space is filled with ethereal dreams, the wishes of children and elderly alike, and spirits of emotion and heavenly bodies. It is eternal.

An old legend, just as ancient as famous races of people in the beginning of our known history, is one that speaks of the heavens. It claims that beyond what our eyes can see, a distance uncountable by our system of measurement, and far more grand than our imagination can fathom, is a race of creatures that are one with the stars we wish upon every night. Beings made of pure stellar energy, taking on countless forms with unique names, float endlessly through the limitless space of the universe.

It's not known what they do, or what their purpose is, but the legend claims their appearance is the rarest of all things and should be considered a blessing regardless of who comes across them. Children were once told stars moving across the sky were these ethereal beings travelling to distant worlds, and would grant whatever wish they heard with their limitless power, for they are a kind and generous people, not abusing their power, but rather blessing the lesser races they may see in their endless travels. As generations borne generations, the legend slowly fell beneath the sands of time. It became completely forgotten, lost under far grander and more interesting theories and stories told by the future races of the world.

The unknown ethereal races continue on their own sense of time, barely recognizing our planet among the millions of other worlds beneath their watch. However, despite this seeming lack of attention, they are curious beings who will often visit the worlds and learn about the cultures thriving there. It is for this reason the child was born and the exact reason he stands before you this day.

He is a juvenile, taking on the form of an Eyrie child. His fur is of a soft eventide, seamlessly fading from a lighter blue on his paws to black of night on his back and wings. Although his fur is made of the two tone gradient, a small twinkle catches your eye. Upon further investigation, you are surprised to see dozens of them on his back. Take a step backwards and look upon him – a living canvas of the night sky, small stars twinkling faintly on his fur, some larger than others, and some barely visible. His eyes catch yours – two small windows to a world you've never seen, colors of blue and purple and black mesh together to create a hypnotic shine of innocence.

Despite being so alien, he smiles at you. He enjoys your company. He does not want you to leave. He has no intention of fighting or flaunting a power he does not yet know he has. He is simply a child, longing for a friend. He does not criticize you or attempt to change you, for he is just like you, regardless of his origin.

And that is the mentality we, unfortunately, have lost.

Listen to the stars' child, and perhaps
you can reconnect with a way of life
lost long, long ago.


I miss my daddy so,
and I hope he's proud of me!
Although he's with someone else now,
and may not remember me so,
my memories will remain forever
as the stars live in the sky...

I lost Darien when I went on hiatus from neopets. Somewhere along the way, my pets were abandoned, and now he belongs to someone else.
I remember adopting him in 2003 from the pound as a red eyrie and zapping him darigan.

I am sad I don't have him anymore =(
Please don't neomail her about anything; I've let it go. He rightfully belongs to her now, however she may have gotten him.
(I may bring him back in a different way someday...make ghost eyries, TNT!!! =D)


Aquilla has pictures!

Aquilla's paws flop all over a bunch of scattered photographs on the floor. He will occasionally bend one or leave a few pawprints.
Look at all the pictures! They are of me! You are great artists!!! Thank you!

Made by dragonblimp!


Aquilla's reference! Drag and drop into your address bar to see the full view.

Eyrie adoptables!

Feel free to use these little guys anywhere you like, be it spicing up a pet lookup (they are transparent!), collecting on a petpage, or anything on-site. Please, though, abide by the following:

  • Do not enter these adoptables into the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, Pet Spotlight, or claim to own them in any way.
  • Do not remove the name "Aquillath" from the adoptables as it shows who made them!
  • Please keep the link back to this page so others can find their adoptables, too
  • Don't edit them yourself by any means - if you want a custom made, let me know!
I spent a lot of time working on these so please respect these as my artwork. Thank you and enjoy!

Customs are open!

If you'd like a custom, please ask! Just send me a neomail with the following form:

  • Full name of your Eyrie
  • Reference picture or very good description (use neopets items and hex codes!
  • Name you would like on the finished custom (Nickname, full name, etc.)
  • Anything special I should know about (small tweaks, differences between ref pics, anything you'd like me to change)

Regarding NC Mall or otherwise customization:

If all that is different about your Eyrie are bought clothing, please do not request a custom. Since they aren't unique to you (anyone can buy the same clothes), it isn't truly a "custom" in my opinion. For an idea of what I believe are custom designs, look at the customs I've made on the bottom.

For more popular customizations, I may make a generic one for anyone to use if they share the same clothing set. Otherwise, please do not request a custom of your Eyrie if all that is different about him/her are bought clothing in customization.

Current Custom waiting list:
- None!

These are free for me to make for you, so please be patient if it takes me a while. I reserve the right to decline your custom request for any reason (busy, too difficult, etc.)

If you have adoptables and want to trade, please let me know - I would love some customs of Aquilla!
Custom trades will always be moved to the front of the line!

If a picture is broken, it means it's not made yet =D

Baby Blue Brown
Camouflage Checkered Christmas
Cloud Darigan Desert
Disco Electric Faerie
Fire Glowing Gold
Green Gray Halloween
Invisible Island Magma
Maractite Maraquan Mutant
Orange Pink Pirate
Plushie Purple Rainbow
Red Robot Royal Boy
Royal Girl Shadow Silver
Sketch Skunk Snow
Speckled Split Spotted
Starry Striped Tyrannian
White Yellow


To display your custom, replace "eyrie_color.png" in any of the codes above with "eyrie_youreyriename.png" and it'll work like a charm!

Aquillath Valorfore GodricGryffind0r
Biryn TromonX Nahanna
Sueja BANANA704 Azurine
Veserl QingFey ____Viggo____

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