Welcome to page 3! Let me go ahead and apologize for the size of some screenies. They...um...had a little accident on the way over involving one of those car smasher thingies. So, at the moment, they aren't feeling too good. Maybe you try and visit them later. In the mean time, though, you could see the rest of my mails. They weren't stupid enough to go near the car smasher thingy.

Remember the name...

For everyone else who was going to ask me this question, the URL is http://www.neopets.com/~marshworld

He sent me about fifty junk items. Rather annoying, really...

Don't even think about telling me it was an "accident.

Isn't it ironicthat a mail about irony is being crushed by an iron anvil?

*clears throat* I mean, no, I was never on Marieke's account. Never, I swear!

Several months after the first neomail, this happened:

Anyway, that's it for now. Perhaps eventually, I'll get over my accursed laziness and update them. Have a wonderful day/night/afternoon/morning/evening/time in a timeless pit of despair. Bye!

In the rare event you actually want to link back to me, here's a happy little smiley code that I swear won't crash your computer, but instead, lead unsuspecting victims into my screenie pit of despair. MOOHOOHAHAHAHA! Anyway, copy the code. Or else...

Oh, and here are more hilarious screenies:

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