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What is DDKyuubi?

Note: Due to issues with quotation marks, quotations are instead indicated by the symbol °.

DDKyuubi is the title for all things I do character-wise concerning Bori. The title comes from the story's origin legend, which also gives the reason why only Bori are included: great powers called Kyuubipets (literally °Nine Tailed Pets°) split the world into separate realms, each containing only one type of Neopet. The Kyuubipet of the Bori world is named DDKyuubi.

All Bori mentioned in the stories are part of the DDKyuubi Connection. At the start of DDKyuubi, all Bori in the Connection were located on my main and sides, but as the number grew, I had to ask friends and family who no longer cared for Neopets for permission to use their pet slots. Because of this, the Bori themselves don't have much in terms of petpage and lookup customization, but all their information can be found on this page. Any Bori that is part of the stories can be identified by this link, which leads to this page, on their lookup:

The exceptions to this rule are Cleodel and Fhizi, on the account duskrizon.

The Bori of the DDKyuubi Connection



As the sun and sea combine…
The barrier of the divine…
Reveals itself to those who know…
The truth of events long ago…

There was a time, however long ago or forgotten, that all Neopets walked the same world. Side by side, Lupe, Gelert, Pteri, and more lived through agony and empathy without a thought as to their difference. As history followed it's preset course, those of paw grew envious of the winged beings ability to soar the heavens, as close to the stars above as any of them could ever dream of getting, those with wing longed to see the world that those with fin seemed to hide for themselves, and those with fin dreamt of running with the wind, an ability those with paw took for granted. As the different habitat dwellers began to see the differences between each life, they opened a locked door of their minds that no one wished, even upon his worst enemy, to be open. When this door of the mind opened they saw the differences in each other, but not with tolerance. Jetsam mocked Flotsam for not having teeth, Pteri scoffed at Korbat for lacking beautiful feathers, Lupe teased Gelert for possessing long thin ears. Instead of merging into a single unit the Neopets huddled together in single-species tribes, fearing with all their being that one of another race would turn on them.
The first ripple of the sea…
Would multiply, to two, then three…
Once separated at the seams…
The world could never share it's dreams…
The Neopets, all afraid of the unknown sides of those not born of their kind, created deities to bear their souls to, to tell their wishes, hopes, and fears to. The first generation of each Neopet kind knew that the deities were nothing more than a distraction from reality, but their children, raised in a world of miracle and mystery, believed with every cell of their being that the deities their fathers created as a tool to calm the soul were real, omnipotent beings who created and regulated the world for those within it. Though all the Neopets had separated long ago, their deities shared a common element, subconsciously remembered and taught through the ages; nine tails, each with a natural element's energy sparking from the tip. Generation after generation, the belief that something bigger than them existed and cared about them grew until not a single Neopet had not at least heard the system before.
A lie became a simple fact…
Hope emerged from spirits cracked…
But if enough hearts do believe…
Reality their minds may weave…

As time went by, the tribes and colonies that each Neopet kind had created for itself discovered others of its kind scattered throughout the land. The tribes met each other, allied each other, and soon grew as a single unit, though its separation from tribes of other Neopet species meant that global unification could never be achieved. Huge empires sprang from the forests, the mountains, the seas, faster than many thought possible. Each empire held every born Neopet of its race within its walls, creating a permanent division between the races; no longer did a Meerca and Krawk happen to see each other on two sides of a river. From this union of species a solid belief system established itself, from the stories of the great deities to their appearance. As everyone, even those of another species, believed in the omnipotent beings above them, a strange and unexplainable event occurred. A single night before a great Global War, when every Neopet who could be bothered with the idea of such destruction shook in his sleep from the images his mind's eye created, the stars glowed brighter than ever in the life of time itself. As each life below called out for a sign, a savior, a miracle, great beams erupted from the lights above, connecting the celestial flames in a way that all Neopets could identify. As the lights of the night connected like threads creating a tapestry, the forms suddenly sprang to life. Each resembled a Neopet's kind with nine tails each, tips sparking with power. The lies of the past had become the truth of the present.
Could mortals craft divinity…
The time bound make infinity…
The fragile build the permanent …
Without known determinant…

The great KyuubiPets looked down with omnibenevolent mind at the troubles souls from which they formed, each of which longed with no regret for a way to prevent the mortally inevitable war. Born from the belief that the deity served the earthly, the pets used their endless power to separate the empires, breaking the world into many smaller ones, each of which knew only of its own kind. When the pets awoke that morning all memory of the other Neopets had vanished, replaced with thoughts of tranquility as ignorance took it's hold. Up above, the KyuubiPets created a great barrier between the worlds, which they used their great powers to maintain and protect.
From one alone came all the torn…
Each of which with time reborn…
Did we win war with our fate…
Or just delay the final gate…

Book One: The Start


It started with an avalanche.

The young Winter Bori relaxed in his wooden home, one of twelve in the vast expanse of arctic desert. In this town, if it could even be called a town, there were no shops, no inns, nothing but houses. To stay supplied, five of the Bori, all fathers, would venture to the nearest town, a trek that would take them a full week each way. Thirteen days had passed since the fathers left last, and the stock of food had fallen dangerously low. The mothers gathered in the largest house of the town, only receiving that title by a few square feet, to wait for the father's return. As they waited together, the Winter Bori sat alone by his fire, reading a book he had read eight times before, away from the concern of the mothers. Every time the fathers left, the mothers would grow worried by the tenth day, and wait nervously for the next three. It was a cycle he observed for the last fourteen years. There was no other way of life in this barren land. He flipped the worn pages without a care.

A rumbling filled the air.

His ears perked up, turning as the sound grew louder. The mountain which bordered the eastern side of town seemed to be the source. Looking outside his window, he saw it: a great wave of white and gray, tearing down the peaks. He did not know what this strange event was, but it filled him with concern. To his young understanding, the entire mountain was somehow falling apart.

He darted outside, onto the unmoving snow, where the mothers were running to each house, shouting °Grab the children! Run! Avalanche!° He was not the concern of the mothers, as he was the oldest child of the town, so no one came to tell him where to go. Instinct took over, and he did what Bori did best: he dug down into the snow, into the dirt, going deeper and deeper to escape the threat, but no matter how far he dug, he could still hear the rumbling. Even when he hit stone he kept striking, dulling his sharp claws on the unmoving wall.

Suddenly, the stone cracked and fell, taking the Bori with it. He collapsed into the darkness.

When he awoke, the rumbling had vanished. He opened his eyes, but it made no difference; the cave gave off no light. He stumbled around, grasping for a wall, even if only to feel more secure. He felt a warm liquid running from his head, from his claws, almost everywhere, and his tail couldn't move, but he felt no pain. The floor was coated in water and ice, making his search for a wall a struggle.

His foot hit a large icy stone, and he lost balance. He fully expected to hit the cold ground and feel the shock of pain jolt through his body, but it never came. He felt water around his body. Had he fallen into a lake or something? No, his head was higher than his feet, and his feet were still touching the ground... but how?

The water flowed around him, and he felt himself moving. His claws dragged on the ground as he moved without effort from his own body. He felt oddly warm, and realized that the water was in no way ice water. It felt as if the water had jumped from a pot upon a fire and onto his fur. He did not struggle, because, for some strange reason, he did not feel fear from what was happening. Perhaps it was because of the darkness, because of some dim hope that this would lead away from it. As he let himself move, the warmth of the water started making him drowsy. He wanted to stay awake, to keep his eyes, open, but he could not. Open eyes and closed eyes looked exactly the same, and soon he lost track of which he was trying to do. He drifted to sleep.

He opened his eyes, and quickly shut them again. From his time in the darkness he had grown weak to light, and the sun right above him proved to be too much for his first attempt. Wherever he was, this place was very warm, as if all around him were small fires. The water had formed a puddle underneath him, but there was some other sensation as well. He could feel something, more like a thousand somethings, poking up into his fur. He had never felt anything like it before, but the light prevented him from seeing what it could be. After a few tries, he slowly opened his eyes to see the blue sky above him, obstructed only by some strange green cloud. He moved his head, and saw that this cloud was actually attached to a brown rod, like those that his home in town was made of, except it stood on its end and stabbed into the ground. The ground... what was this on the ground? Thousands upon thousands of tiny green strands sticking out, as far as he could see. Wherever he was, it was a strange place indeed: the ground had fur!

He felt the water stir without his aid. A part of it rose up, without form, and began to mold itself. He watched, silently, as it moved, twisted, bent, and rounded, until its form became clear: a Bori's head, not much unlike his own. The rest of the puddle began to move, and he felt himself rise up as beneath him, the body of a Bori took shape. His shell rocked a bit as the water Bori's shell became firm. It wagged its tail as its ears flopped around, looking at him happily.

°I... I'm Shoveller,° he stammered, unable to think of anything else to say. It slid out from under him, causing him to fall back onto the ground. It was harder than snow, but softer than stone. If he had to venture a guess, he would say it was dirt, but it wasn't cold nor frozen. It stared at him, tilting its head. °Do you... know what happened to my town?° After a few seconds of head tilting, its ears perked up. It jumped around him a few times playfully, wordlessly, before suddenly darting off between the sideways house parts.

°Wait! Come back! Who are you? Where am I? Wait!° It was no use; the water Bori had vanished. He got up, his tail swishing along the green strings. His tail could move again! He felt his head, looked at his claws, but he saw no damage. Had he imagined being so hurt? Impossible, if he had imagined that, then nothing else would make sense. Not that it did anyway.

What happened to his town? What was that strange Bori? Where did it leave him? It was no use asking such questions, since his own head did not have the answers. He would need to find them elsewhere.

There seemed to be no other choice. He started walking, towards where the water Bori had vanished. With these first steps, his journey into a world of war and peace, friends and enemies, mystery and discovery, began.


As the young Winter Bori began his very first journey, an old Brown Bori across the land prepared to start his own, one of many he had sought out throughout his life. Walking slowly around his underground den, with soft dirt walls lit only by candles stabbed in randomly, he filled his dusty bag with paper and trinkets, only slightly listening to the younger Bori following his every step, talking over every sound in the dim halls.

°Do you really need that much paper?° the young Bori asked as his brother picked up a second blank notebook. The brother went for a third. °Really now, leave some for me!°

The brother turned. °I don't think you understand how important it is to document everything in a new place. Well, let me tell you, it's very important, so I want to hear nothing more on the subject.°

°I've been to plenty of new places! I've worked on tunnels in the mountains, on the plains, they even had us building an undersea base, I'll have you know! And never- not once- have I needed to write down a single thing. That's what we've got brains for!° He jabbed a claw into his skull, accidentally pushing down way too hard. He tried to hide the jab of pain, but the older Bori had seen him wince.

°If you were my elder, I would say 'nothing against you, but...'° he said with a snort, °but since you are not, I will simply speak my mind. Your work as a Constructor pales in comparison to my work as an Explorer! No one has been to this island before, and without me documenting the land, you and the rest of you worker drones would never dream of seeing it! Do you understand?° The young brothers ears fell a bit. °Then leave me be.° He did without another word, but that didn't stop him from staring angrily at his brother's shell as he left.

With everything packed and prepared, the Brown Bori headed to the wooden plank that served as the dirt den's door, but stopped in the doorway at the sound of his brother's voice.

°Raimyn!° He turned to see his brother's face peering out from his tunnel, claws outstretched with something between them. He motioned for his brother to throw the object, which he did, and caught it. Looking down at what he caught, he saw what at first glance seemed to be an amorphous blob of fabric. It was badly stitched with random points and craters, with an outside of old, stained fabric and an inside of crushed stuffing, which had formed several hard places inside the plush. He recognized what it was supposed to be instantly: the world, or some abstract representation of it. He looked up to see his brother's face, mouth in a slight smile, ears back in anticipation. From the handiwork, he could tell that this was something his brother had made with his own claws. Without so much as a nod of acknowledgment, he left the den, shutting the door behind him. The resulting wind blew out all the candles in the main tunnel, and his brother was left in the darkness.

He traveled up the path, a dirt trail amidst the hills of dirt around it, until at last the dirt path turned to stone and the hills changed from brown to green. Holes in the ground turned into wooden huts, and charred trunks littered across the landscape rose up to huge living trunks, each bearing more fruit than he could even fathom eating. One of the huts had glowing green windows, and he knew from this sight that he needed to wait outside of it before he could continue. In the meantime, he tossed the ratty plush into the air a few times.

°I'm ready! I'm ready!!° The door of the hut swung open with a slam, and a lanky Light Bori fell over onto the porch. He clambered up, but hadn't made it three yards before tripping over himself once more and landing with a thud on the grass.

°I can see you're excited, Tomi,° Raimyn chuckled. °First day's always the most exciting, I get that. However, you need to take it down a notch, or you won't make a second call.

Tomi jumped up, trying very hard to be still in front of his superior, but his tail continued to twitch with excitement. °Yes, sir, Professor Raimyn, sir!° He attempted to salute, but the bag draped on his arm swung and hit him in the face.

I will pretend you are doing this to amuse me. Let us go now, the ship is waiting.° He started walking, and Tomi followed eagerly.

They walked in silence, gazing at the huts and trees, until Tomi noticed the strange plush in his boss's claw. °Hey, what's that?° he asked, his childish curiosity breaking through his voice. Raimyn looked over and sighed.

°My brother made it for me,° he explained. °Forsyn, a Constructor Bori. A sad thing, really, he could have been someone important, had he tried.° He looked over at the Bori beside him, close in age to the brother he pitied. °You're not like him. You're entering work as an Explorer. We are some of the most important Bori in existence. I'm glad you understand that.° He placed a paw on the young lad's shoulder, shaking it a bit. Tomi, unsure of what to make of the reply, nodded and smiled in silence.

As the day ended, the empty horizon filled with the sight of a huge sandstone wall, coated in long blue banners threaded with gold. A great wooden door split the wall in two, allowing entry into the grand city behind it. Buildings of tan stone littered the land, and slender wooden posts topped with lanterns allowed the light of day to continue well into the night. They passed through the open gate, past the line of guards, who nodded with approval as the famous Explorer walked by. As the sun set, lines of Bori turned huge gears wrapped in rope, and the gates slowly shut behind them.

Nightfall had thinned the crowds that normally filled the streets, making their trip much more pleasant than those before, where Raimyn had to push through the noon-hour mobs, crowding the market cards and lining up for every little attraction the great city had to offer. The number of lanterns around the path shrank as they walked toward the shoreline, but Tomi's fur let off a dim light, like that of the moon in the sky. °It is a good thing you are here for my first night trip,° Raimyn commented, °to be sure that no one comes at me on these dark streets. Not that anything would happen to me anyway, being an Explorer, but the light's still nice.°

The path beneath them changed from stone to wood as they finally entered the docks. Leaning wooden shacks littered the bay, with swinging lanterns lighting the creaking doors. Right by the shoreline, amidst the old wood taverns, sat another sandstone building, lit with two secure lights on each side of the doorway. The windows were empty air rather than glass, like all other stone buildings, but these ones had iron bars around each one.

They entered the building, with the floor made of colorful shells made into sparkling tiles and the walls covered in bookshelves. A Bori stood at the center of the room, an unexpected presence to Raimyn. He did not tell off the guest as he normally would, however, for he recognized his face.

°King Psyhe...° he whispered, surprised. Then, louder: °To what do I owe the pleasure, Your Majesty?°

Before the King could respond, Tomi's shock got the best of him, and he yelped °King Psyhe?! Like, the king of Aearthen? You're our King, here?! I-° Raimyn lashed the boy's feet with his tail. Tomi yelped, then fell silent.

The King let out a soft laugh. °Yes, youngster, I'm the King. I'm here because I don't believe sending you off without a quick explanation of the area you're sailing to would be morally right, and I don't dabble in the morally wrong.°

°I understand,° Raimyn said with a nod. °Shall we go upstairs to discuss this?° Psyhe nodded, and the three began to head to the stairway at the back of the hall. Raimyn turned to Tomi with a glare. °You, stay down here. This information doesn't concern such a young-°

°On the contrary,° the King interrupted (though one may argue that a King cannot interrupt his subjects), °This information concerns everyone on this trip, and I expect you to inform your crew accordingly.° Raimyn silently nodded, ears tilted back and tail drooping slightly. Tomi happily followed up the stairs and into the meeting room.

°Just to be sure you both are aware,° the King began, pacing around the small room as his subjects sat and watched, °your trip concerns an island, as of yet unexplored. Raimyn, I assume you looked at the coordinates for this patch of land?

Yes, but to be honest, I think the coordinates I received were misprinted. I could promise anyone that I've sailed right through those waters before and have seen no such island.

You are not mistaken. As recently as one month ago, the waters near the Eastern Branch were completely clear. A shipping vessel passing between Aearthen and Winaer planned to use the currents there, but instead stumbled upon this island. No previous record exists of it.°

Tomi's jaw fell. °So this island... just... appeared!?° Raimyn glared at the boy, so loudly spoken, disrespecting the King. It was just the excitement, Raimyn assumed. Experience would give him a much needed calming.

Yes, my boy, and this exploration is to figure out why. I expect all of your crew to understand the strange circumstances surrounding this island. Also, just in case this island is not one of nature, and is instead some sort of spy or weapon, I have added fifteen soldiers to your crew. They will protect your crew in case very unlikely circumstances arise. Do you understand?°

°I do, sir,° Raimyn said with a seated bow. At the King's direction he stood. Tomi did as well, but with much less grace than his authority; he practically jumped from his seat, shaking with energy. °Thank you, Your Magesty, for speaking with us ab-°

°Why did the King have to tell us this?° Tomi interjected loudly. The King's ears perked up. °I mean, don't you have messengers for this and stuff?° Raimyn's glare grew ten fold and he couldn't help but snarl.

The King didn't seem to mind. °I wanted to be sure that the message came through, in its entirety. Plus,° he chuckled, °it's too cloudy out to stargaze tonight, so I didn't have much to do in the Tower.°

°What I do when I have nothing to do,° Tomi explained, paws shaking, °is paint! Even if it's just hitting berry blends on the bark, the results are always cool!° Raimyn grabbed Tomi's tail and gave it a reprimanding yank, but the words had already split the professional silence. King Psyhe thought for a moment, rubbing a claw along the edge of his royal cape. °That does sound interesting, young one. Perhaps I will have to try it when I return.°

°Yes, yes,° Raimyn nodded quickly, moving his body to force Tomi through the door. °It would be a wonderful idea, Magesty, but we should really speak with the rest of the crew about this vital information about our journey.° The King nodded, and Raimyn quickly corralled Tomi onto the docks.

He glared for a few seconds, silently, before speaking. °Disrespecting of the King himself! I could simply fire you, right on this dock!° Tomi whimpered, ears back and tail between his legs. °I won't, but never do that. Ever. Again.° He stared down at his feet, almost in tears. °Well, okay. Let's go to the ship now, we leave at dawn.°

The two walked out under the cover of darkness, toward the huge ship waiting at the end of the dock. At the first sight of the rising sun, the ship would start yet another journey, yet this one would be like no other Raimyn ever experienced.


These are the summaries from April 2010. New descriptions will be added when time permits.


The deity himself, DDKyuubi is the KyuubiPet that watches over the land of the Bori. Not much is known about his personality, as the legends of his deeds range from him being omnibenevolent to bloodthirsty. The only two Bori who know of his true nature, Surgam and Dardeer, refuse to speak of the Creator beyond praise for protecting all Bori from the evils of other pets.


Trapped in a split-minded state, he originally was a kind and thoughtful Field Bori who put others before himself, even if it meant being hurt either physically or emotionally in the process. While doing a dare for the bullies of his village to keep himself and his only friend Shoveller from being attacked, he accidentally mutated himself into a huge muscle-bound beast. Normally his personality would have changed to match his new body, but since he mutated against his will the schoolboy side of him remained as the beastly side emerged. The two minds now often conflict with one another, making life as a normal Bori difficult. Most of his life he only had one friend, Shoveller, but after saving her from a falling boulder he and Kherington have become allies, if not more, for life.


Though he isn't strong or brave, in fact he is afraid of just about everything, he shows a sense of empathy greater than most Field Bori of his area. Even after Aphobi mutated and began showing difficulty at keeping himself under control, Shoveller promised to remain best of friends until the end, and even uses most of his time helping Aphobi grapple with his beastly side. When Aphobi doesn't need his aid, he spends his time educating himself in the subjects of Latin, Astronomy, and Psychology, and also often writes poetry about himself and his friends.


Saved from her death by Aphobi, she felt obligated to pay him back in some way and discovered she could by helping him live a peaceful despite his condition. Her family members met their ends after a huge fire spread through her home woodlands, the same fire from which she was fleeing when the boulder Aphobi shielded her from began to fall. Unlike most Bori she has a Kyuubi-like ability; she can make plants of any kind spring from the earth with a point of her claw. Using this power she re-built her home forest before leaving the painful memories by Aphobi's side. Since she was raised in the wild she never got any education, and taught herself to observe things closely so as to learn more about the world around her. She is also a pacifist, and whenever she sees the beastly side of Aphobi emerge she does all in her power to calm him down.


Once the most powerful Imperial Bori in his empire, wearing the title of His Magesty, he fell into a ghostly state when an explorer, Raimyn, returned from a sea-risen island exploration with what he claimed was eternal youth, but turned out to be poison when drank off the island. After his death his kingdom became a total anarchy, and he could do nothing but watch his beautiful empire become rubble. As he roams the land in his ghost state, those who can see him, mostly children, do not believe he was once a King of the most powerful empire in history. While he was in power he was kind and loving to all Bori, but after what he believes was a betrayal instead of an honest mistake he haunts the living and has no mercy for anyone or anything.


Though she lacks wings, she has the ability to soar the heavens. From living in the sky for so long, she has lost her social skills, and fears returning to land. She watches the world below her for hours on end, but even if she sees wrongs being done she rarely soars down to correct them. The lack of aid to the Bori below her has caused those who do know of her existence, mostly Zeychall, to regard her as the Keeper of Apathy.


An orphaned Imperial Bori that once lived in Psyhe's kingdom, he was forced to adapt to Field Bori life after the empire fell. As he tried to find a home in the new environment he encountered Zeychall, who mistook him for Shoveller until he explained he wasn't. Soon after he discovered that Shoveller was actually his cousin, but has yet to actually speak with him. From his life as an abandoned child he has a hard time trusting others, and prefers being alone to crowds.


The ruler of the kingdom that often challenged King Psyhe's, he took over the area that Psyhe once ruled when the kingdom collapsed and claimed it as an extention of his own rule, making him the most powerful Bori in the land. Greedy and self-centered, Fhizi has no cares for the content of his citizens as long as his word is obeyed. Using the little money his citizens have he buys large and exquisite golden statues to decorate his jemstone palace. He often shows hatred for the Field Bori, since ancient law states that he has no power over them no matter how close they colonize to his borders, and sometimes even orders his guards to drag Field Bori over the border to place them under his rule.


Naïve and ignorant to reasons why Bori of the land suffer day after day, he was once told by Zeychall that nothing in the world was black and white. His response of 'I am' left the preacher speechless, making him curious as to why everything around him seemed so complex. This curiosity brings many a scolding from those whom he asks, all who think such a thought is better left unspoken. While he has a family in the Field Bori world he rarely approaches them; they, like many others, dislike his habit of trying to disrupt the natural way of things by questioning the world 'DDKyuubi made with all Bori in heart and mind.' While he is normally shy and insecure he pounces on any chance to get his thoughts in the air, normally bringing less-than-friendly remarks to his ears. Despite the constant let-downs and unanswered questions, he continues to ask to whoever is willing to listen.


With the ability to see the true nature of all creatures as well as the past and future, he wanders the land making prophecies and predictions as to the fate of those he encounters. From his dark appearance he is often thought of as evil, a corrupting mind that only wants to cause chaos, and is therefore often disbelieved. His predictions, however, always come true, no matter what those involved try to do about it. Even though the Bori call him terrible things and accuse him of trying to decieve the world, he accepts that everyone will realize the truth to his words in time. He is often seen with a clear crystal ball in his claws, which he spins and levitates with strange power, and sometimes makes glow to catch someone's attention.


Constructed of an unknown metal, she fell from space to the Bori world like a huge meteorite. When the native Bori appeared at the scene, she was already gone, but Tomi found small metal bits that had fallen off of her hull. She cannot speak words well from damage taken to her mouth speaker, and often can only make beeping sounds to converse with others. Being a machine, regardless of origin, she knows the language of technology: short or long notes that are either too high or too low for the living to hear. Through these notes she can control gadgets within its range that lack any form of artificial intelligence. Instead of merging with Bori civilization she lives in the woodlands with Heckery, seeing him as strong and dependable.

Tomi Junior

An explorer under King Psyhe before his death, he was one of the Bori who travelled to the myserious island that would later prove to hold eternal youth within it. On the explorarion he met Raimyn and Forsyn, two Brown Bori brothers, and the three agreed to explore a small cave together without the rest of the group. With his glow leading the way they soon found the center of the laberynth, where a small spring flowed. Against the will of the others Raimyn drank from the spring and was transformed into a young image of his former self. From witnessing this Tomi believes that anything is possible, no matter what others say. After the death of King Psyhe he swore to bring honor back into Raimyn's name, for it was he who suggested the idea of bringing the water back to the King. His love of exploring led him to become an explorer of Fhizi's kingdom after the demise of Psyhe's, and tries to discover wonderful things in the name of Raimyn.


Once a noble explorer of King Psyhe's kingdom, he switch loyalties after his brother Raimyn caused the kingdom to collapse. He dislikes hearing his name, since it sounds so much like his brother's, and sees it as shameful. Now under the rule of King Fhizi, he acts as a tunnel operator, digging out passageways beneath the earth with suprising speed. His hard claws can break almost any stone, and his arms can move much faster than most Bori's, allowing him to dig through almost any element in a quarter the time it would take a normal Bori. In King Fhizi's kingdom he goes by the name Earthgrinder, to prevent anyone from linking his true name to Raimyn.


Once an explorer under King Psyhe, he found eternal youth in the caverns of a myserious island that had appeared near the kingdom. He brought it back to Psyhe to grant him eternal youth as well, but the liquid turned to poisin when removed from the island, and Psyhe, upon drinking, died. Citizens of the kingdom saw the death as a conspiracy and turned against one another, causing huge riots that dragged their once thriving home to ruins. Raimyn managed to escape from a crowd chasing him with death threats, believing he planned the King's death, and hid in the Field Bori world. Though he is forever in a young body he has the mind of a well-matured adult, often taking things much more seriously than he should.


A world-renowned scientist of Fhizi's kingdom and the Bori world, she has no belief in DDKyuubi or other worlds and believes Bori to be the masters of the universe. In her eyes there is nothing that simple science cannot explain, and finding something that seemingly can't makes her uneasy. The mere sound of the word 'magic' causes her to try and analyze whatever the supposedly magical thing was in scientific terms, which many other DDKyuubi-believing Bori find irritating. She has encountered Zeychall many times and debated with him of technology versus DDKyuubi, but both are too stubborn in their views to care what the other has to say. During an exploration of a large glacier that was claimed to be over a thousand years old, she found frozen within it a Bori of ancient times, who was nicknamed Ekelian (meaning 'survivor' in ancient Bori language) upon discovery.


A Bori born over a thousand years ago during an Ice Age, she was found by Whistal, frozen in a huge glacier that formed at the time. Somehow she survived in suspended animation within the ice, and her body now remains in a laboratory inside a large life-sustaining chamber. Though she is alive she cannot move or sence anything going on around her, and lives in a world entirely of her making inside her mind. Sometimes her senses begin to work and she hears the voices of the scientists, but they quickly fail again and she returns to solitude. Inside the world of her making she is still back in her own time, thinking herself to be a deity because she can change the world however she pleases. Whenever her senses flicker her mind weaves monsters that are placed in the world, whom she believes to be demons that she must eliminate to protect her people.


A plushie said to have belonged to DDKyuubi himself, the legends of the Bori world say that he was fasioned from the thread of time, fabric of space, and material of soul. With such a story believed to be his past, many seek Dardeer in the crowd of Bori toys made for children. His only defining feature is DDKyuubi's mark glowing on his front paws, but since the symbol can only be seen in starlight it fails to help his hunters to find him. As a plushie he cannot move much at all, only stumble a bit with floppy limbs. Inside he is, much like DDKyuubi, omnibenevolet and omniscient, and uses telekenetic ability to think and act through others, normally children since they do not realize when they are not acting on their own will. Since he is a soft hearted creature he does not use his channeling ability against others, he uses it only for the greater good.


The abandoned son of Fhizi, left in the desert to die after Hopsis claimed he would have a gift similar to his own. His light coloring allowed him to survive the ordeal, and has found his way by following a small river to Bori civilization. By living on the streets and in the woods he has learned how to steal whatever he needs, hiding from anyone who may spot him in the act. For as long as he can remember he has heard small whispers whenever he looked into another's eyes, telling him the desires of the individual. He can also pick up and experience the dreams of others, seeing them as his own. He is not aware that this ability is abnormal and unique; he thinks that it is something that everyone can do.


The remainder of a fallen deity, he has been stranded in the physical world inside a Bori statue. He has adopted the name of his statue, Surgam, since many small deities do not have names of their own. His statue is placed in the center of a large stone ruin, where many Bori believe DDKyuubi once came down from the heavens to visit mortals. Now that everything is broken but the Surgam Statue, the Bori speak to the statue in hopes that the deity within will speak to DDKyuubi for them. Surgam's spirit cannot leave the statue and speak to DDKyuubi as the Bori believe, but he can send out his own power to create mortal miracles.


Grown with a mind of irritation and hate, he has the ability to return Bori from death. He obtained this power from an accidental death; doctors thought he had died of an illness when he had fallen into a coma. He was placed in a huge crypt with many other Bori, and left there in the dark. When he awoke, he could see nothing in the darkness, but he quickly discovered he was trapped. He found the door, but the stone was too large for his ill body to move, and he slowly starved to death. Years later the crypt was re-opened, and his family was shocked to find his skeleton lying on the cold ground. Realizing what happened they fell into despair, crying for the lost child. Their sorrow stirred the spirit of Epiter, who could not find its way out of the crypt, and was enough to bring him back from the shadows. After they left, the new shadow form of Epiter lifted his skull and shell from the ground and put them back on himself. Ever since this return he has been able to bring other Bori back from death, and often uses this ability to torture others. He often beings back the children and friends of Bori, then makes them not remember who the Bori is. Watching the returned Bori makes the other fall apart emotionally, which Epiter loves more than anything else.


Dark and mysterious, he gives Darigan Bori the bleak reputation they must live with for life. Like Hopsis and Chettyn he has a psychic ability; he can see Bori's nightmares and molds them into clay models. When he decides to he gives life to these models, sending others into a living nightmare.


Once at peace with mind and soul, he became mentally unstable following his childhood. Back at that time, the fire that burned Khisington's home to ash threatened to destroy his home kingdom. Fearful of what the fire would do to his home and family, he wished to DDKyuubi that somehow, someway, he could stop the flames and save everyone. Almost as if granting this wish, the stress of the situation unlocked an ability of his, the power to absorb plasmas. All the fire around him was absorbed into his body in less than a second, saving his home, but his body didn't yet know how to handle the sudden addition of fire to its structure. Every time he touched something his body would release a burst of to try and get his natural levels back to normal, setting everything he tried to interact with on fire. This constant burning of objects and creatures over time made him a mentally unstable pyromaniac, who would undoubtedly be in a hospital for his psychological state if not for the heat of his body burning everything put around it to a crisp.


Born without eyes in a poor Field Bori village, he has learned through life to locate others through sound and identify them through smell and touch. He often uses a large oak branch to help him navigate, and wears dark glasses to hide his lack of eyes. The only Bori that know he is not only blind but eyeless are his parents and doctors who saw him born, all of whom have passed away from a recent plague. Though he rightfully deserves to care only for his own wellbeing from his handicap, he puts others before himself, giving whatever he can to others even if he is more needy than them.


One of the few Bori with knowledge that other KyuubiPets and Neopet species exist beyond the barrier of the Bori World, he roams the land speaks the legend of DDKyuubi to all who do not have the means to learn of it themselves. He learned the legend himself from the story being passed down from generation to generation in his family, but as all passed down stories do it became altered. Unlike the original legend, Zeychall warns others that if they fail to please DDKyuubi in life they end up either banished to another Neopet world or trapped in a statue of a Bori to watch the world change without them forever.


An impulsive truth-teller, she is known for being unable to lie. When asked a question she responds with honesty, even if it ends up hurting her. Why she cannot lie is unknown, but for those who know the fact it is a wonderful tool for finding the liars in the crowds. Those who don't know she cannot lie often reveal secrets to her since she appears as a kind and caring Bori with great advice. These secrets, however, are often forced out of her upon questioning. Irritated that she is often used only as a tool she secretly practices staying silent when asked certain questions, and since no one has asked whether or not she is doing so she has managed to keep it her own business.


As the shadow of Psyhe, a deceased King, he is completely dependent on Psyhe's existence on the mortal plane. Upon death and crossing into the ghostly world, Psyhe and his shadow became two separate entities, the second being the shadowy Bori. Rather than moving on into the separate plane of spirits, however, Gan convinced Psyhe to remain on the mortal plane in his new form. Unlike one would expect, he is not Psyhe's darkest thoughts and desires, but instead acts as a conscience for the revenge-seeking King.


A salesman travelling between colonies and kingdoms alike, his cart, led by teams of Petpets, is filled with goods from across the Bori world. More often than not his inventory is filled with musical instruments made from all sorts of materials, but sometimes he is seen with strange stones and devices of origin that he refuses to reveal. Some Bori say that he once sold a box filled with strange creatures from another KyuubiPet world to a curious girl and warned her never to open it, but she did and paid the price. When asked about it he neither confirms nor denies the events.


One of the greediest Bori to have ever lived. He remains in the dark of his small wooden shack most of the day, running his paws through piles and piles of golden coins. Some coins have even been dug into his shell and claws; he demanded such to be done so he is sure that at least part of his stash is safe. Given a choice between his fortune and his tail, he'd have his tail taken away any day. Since he spends so much time in his shack he rarely gets any light, making his fur a dull gray color.


Unlike most other Bori, she does not have any flesh to her existence, but she is not dead. Technically she never lived; her spirit was somehow created free of a mortal form. Aeons ago she chose water to be her spirit's resting place, and is now often referred to as a Water Deity. Through her existence as water she can take on other forms, mixing with sand to make a mud body or freezing into either a snow or ice state. When in the water form she spreads out and becomes a part of the whole waterbed, seeing and hearing everything happening near the connected areas. She has decided to act as a guardian to those who get lost or abandoned at sea, directing the tides toward land to bring them to safety.


A recluse in the woodlands and beaches far beyond the last Field Bori shack, he finds all forms of society repulsive. His personal belief is that those who accept living in such a place have too small a brain to think and live for themselves and need someone else to tell them what's acceptable and what's not. Because of this mindset he treats almost all other Bori as stupid and wrong, no matter how respected they are by others. He only shows genuine kindness to two things: Petpets, who he shares the forest with and thinks of as family, and Sumise, the Robot Bori fallen from the stars. He respects Sumise for her rejection of his world's society structures, and thinks of her as a sign that somewhere out there is a place where society may not exist at all.


Killed as a young Bori girl by a Bori filled with greed for her silver bracelets, she roams in her ghostly state with hate for greed as her only motive. Her thin shell and hollow claws are pure silver floating around her ghostly form, which often brings the greedy and heartless chasing after her. If a Bori's shell and claws are covered by her silver shell and claws she can control his actions; while doing so he will be speechless but completely aware of what is happening around him. She often uses this ability to punish the Bori who dare hunt her for the value of her silver.


A tough-guy sort of Bori, he works as a guard for Fhizi in his kingdom. When Bomby-4 was arrested for her destruction he was assigned to lock her away, but she escaped. Out of fear of punishment he lied to Fhizi and said she was safely locked away, but he had to travel to another Kingdom for weapons. In reality he plans to capture the on-the-run Bomby-4 and get her in jail before his mess-up is discovered. Acting like a professional hunter and dressing like one to match, most Bori flinch when they see him walking by out of instinct. The constant fear he receives from others has inflated his ego and sense of power, and he often acts like a bully to anyone he meets on his hunts.


Gifted with the ability to summon up to four explosives at a time in her claws, she has become slightly unstable from her constant state of power (who's gonna fight a Bori who can blow up a building?). When she destroyed a guard tower in Fhizi's Kingdom she was sentenced to imprisonment with her claws sealed in concrete, but before Krys, the guard, could get the concrete ready she had blown out the cell wall and scampered off. Even out of Fhizi's kingdom Krys hunts her to make sure the King never discovers his lie, so she's always on the run. Her impulses to destroy things on a grand scale don't help her stay undercover most of the time, but she's managed to stay ahead.


An artist of many mediums, he has changed his name to Tucreavi, meaning °I Created You° in Latin in reference to his works of art. He spends all his waking hours, and even some of his sleeping ones, working on his creations, sometimes even neglecting physiological needs in order to continue. There are some who believe that he continues working so much because he has made a pact with DDKyuubi that will make all his creations come alive if he puts his heart and soul into making them. Many have questioned him on the accuracy of the rumor, but he shrugs them off and continues with his work.


A hardworking Bori that runs the small but popular Irob Inn in the middle of a large trading route between kingdoms, he finds pleasure in doing almost all the work concerning the organization of information. His inn has very little staff, as he only hires when he cannot squeeze enough time into his busy day to do a task himself. When he does find the time, he sits on the outside steps of the inn and polishes the room keys, chitchatting to guests as they go about their business. While he has met thousands of different Bori going in and out of his inn, he has yet to meet a Bori whom he sees more than once or twice in his life, a saddening thought that he often drowns out with thoughts of work.


The sole guard of an ancient archway hidden miles below the surface of the land, she lives her life deep under the earth and has no connection to other Bori. The archway she guards is said to lead to other worlds created by other KyuubiPets, as well as a pocket of space where some vanish to without a trace. Although the validity of the legend is not proven she believes that her entire being is devoted to the protection of the archway from those who would abuse it. She never ages, never sleeps, never eats, but she continues to exist. Since no being, Bori or otherwise, has approached the archway in well over a millennium, she does not know how to communicate with others well, and feels she has no reason to learn. She only has one memory beyond the deep cavern: chasing crisp orange leaves in a forest on a soft fall evening. This image often bothers her, reminding her that somewhere there is a world beyond her reach.


A minor deity of DDKyuubi, he entered the Bori world after becoming envious of Cresselence's elemental state. He chose to inhabit the element of lightning, shooting down from the sky to strike the 'weak' lands below. He can only act during storms, however, lest DDKyuubi become suspicious of his actions, so he cannot go on the world-changing rampage he very much desires. He has targeted the anger at this restriction at Cresselence, who, in his eyes, forced him to enter such a limited power state by tempting and tricking him. Cresselence, however, is completely unaware that he exists.


A lover of numbers almost to the point of obsession, she works around the clock to try and prove formulas based on natural occurrences. She is currently trying to figure out if the current formula for space balance, which claims that in order for the Bori world to exist it has to have many other counterparts, is accurate. Most Bori avoid her presence, due to her habit of randomly going on tangents about mathematical properties and theorems. The only two Bori that don't are Delliale, from her kindness, and Riskcal, who uses her knowledge for his own gain.


A compulsive gambler, he makes his living by tricking people into playing cards with him for money. By using Kalnini's theorems and equations he can quickly calculate the chances of certain hands and plays, putting his success rate through the roof. He often goes into playing establishments in disguise, so those who he's tricked before don't warn others of his ways.


Described by those who know of her powers as the energy-child of Ardebis and Orilea, she has control over both flames and ice. Though her body has the power of heat much like Ardebis, her shell and claws are made of solid ice like Orilea, balancing out her core flame energy. It is unknown if the three Bori and their powers are related, but she has resolved to seek out the two other Bori and question them in order to see whether or not DDKyuubi has placed a link between them.


The assistant of Tabernaq and main worker at the Irob Inn, she works every waking hour to keep the building in good working condition. She dreams of a day where she'll have her own home to go to, with people who don't come and go every day, but, like Tabernaq, she pushes the lonesome feeling away with her work.


Brother of Kat, he has been caring for her ever since she first became ill. Their parents died of the disease soon after infection, but somehow Kat has made it almost a year. Hopsis predicted that Kat would bring the cure to the constant plague, if she survives to the five year mark. His love for his sister and hope to help all Bori have caused him to watch and care for Kat constantly, only leaving their small home to get supplies and medicines.


Sister of Bo, she has been sick for almost a year. Doctors believe that it is a mutation of the plague that occasionally breaks out, but she has survived much longer than the suspected disease would allow. However, she is still very sick around the clock, often too ill to leave the bed. When she stresses her body too much she begins to hallucinate, often in the form of three gravestones discussing her inevitable death.


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