Kyda's Bio & Lupe Adoptables

Kyda's Bio

Gender: Male
Age: Several centuries old.
Attitude: Aloof, but shows some affection to those he loves or knows.
Physical Appearance: Kyda is as black as the shadows get. His ethereal pelt has a unique quirk however. The happier Kyda is, the more the galaxy starts to show, and he becomes the epitome of his demi-god self, showing off his power of the night sky. His black wings though do show some stars- are generally black.

Welcome to Wolfikin's Lupe Adoptables
I have just started up, so I have just the basic Lupe adoptables done, and then a few of the painted ones. More coming almost daily!
Also, it would be great if you could let me know when you take an adoptable! That way I know my adoptables are getting around!

Requests: Open/Closed
Neomail me if you would like to request an Adoptable. Please be patient in receiving your adoptable. After I have confirmed that I will accept the request, please give me at least 2 days before asking if I have started your Adoptable. I have a very busy life outside Neo, so cut me some slack :)

Here are the rules:
1. DO NOT remove the credit, alter the HMTL or code in anyway.
2. DO NOT enter them into ANY sort of contest on or off of Neopets.
3. DO NOT claim you you created them. I put a LOT of hard work into making them and it would be very devastating for me if you did this. Please DO NOT make me create a WALL OF SHAME.

Basic Lupe Adoptables

Blue Lupe

Red Lupe

Green Lupe

Yellow Lupe

Painted Lupe Adoptables
Brown Lupe

Eventide Lupe

Magma Lupe

Cloud Lupe

Snow Lupe

Glow Lupe

Ghost Lupe

Split Lupe

Purple Lupe

Checkered Lupe

Pink Lupe

Grey Lupe

Custom Lupe Pick-Ups

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