What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails,

That's what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice
And everything nice,

That's what little girls are made of.

That's not right!
Why so, Anui?
Uhm, I like sugar and everything nice. Maybe not spice. And then, I suppose I do like snails, but not as much as sugar, but I am not a girl. If I eat much sugar, then I think I'm made more of it that snipes. I never ate those. Or snails... or someone's tails! Should I like other things? Or be someone else?
Be yourself and like whatever suits you
Fine! Then, I would like a cupcake! With sugar and maybe a little spice.
Oh, Anui, you sneaky candy lover!

Character info

Species: Aisha
Colour: Mutant
Gender: Male
Age: ~8

Likes: Sweets and playing outdoors
Dislikes: bitter food and pets

Anui is a lively kid who is absolutely addicted to sweets. A hopeless candyholic, he will do anything just to get his paws on a cookie jar.

Achieving it can be a piece of cake for Anui, because he possesses a characteristic which makes him truly unique among the mutant kind: he is adorable. The power of his cuteness cannot be underestimated as just one smile and a wink of his big eye can melt your heart.
Be wary! Anui is fully conscious of his charm and can try to use it to his own advantage.
Although not really evil or mischievous, Anui is a spoiled child. Sparky and powered up by sugar, he can make quite a fuss.

Anui may cause troubles, but on the brighter side he does not intend to cause anyone pain in the first place. Troubles... well, they somehow come naturally. But hurting anyone intentionally is still beyond this child's comprehension. He is just an innocent little imp.
Listed at:

His Past

Anui's parents belong to the Group of Resistance against Dr Sloth. They are a pair of scientists who had to paid great price for refusing to cooperate with the villain and joining the Resistance forces instead. They were captured by Sloth's minions. Fortunate enough not to suffer much, as they were quickly rescued by agents of the Resistance, they did not escape the fate of being turned into mutants. The pets united in fight against the evil mastermind paid much respect to the couple of scientists, knowing about their sacrifice. After the defeat of Dr sloth (or at least his retreat) the pair wanted to start off a new life. Unfortunately, outside the space station they were treated with caution or even hostility. Thus they have decided to stay together among the Resistance – a community tie with bonds which formed through the years of fighting against the evil genius.

From the first moments of his life Anui was treated with special care and received as much care and attention as a little prince can get. There were no small children in the Resistance. He was an exception which was breaking the monotony of living in the base. Everyone's favorite (and only) little toddler he was surrounded by "aunts" and "u.ncles" who were keeping an eye on him. The older he grew the bigger his desire was to venture outside the base and see the world. Every meeting he made on an occasional trip to the civilian sector of the Space Station and encountering children around his age made him crave not only for candy but for a chance to play with his peers. He asked, pleaded, begged, lied or sneaked: to join the reserve expeditions or diplomatic delegations which traveled for short periods to the surface of Neopia. Observing this his parents came to conclusion that what was a safe refuge for them, was in fact a prison for their child.

It is not easy to let your child go. Especially if he is still just several years old. Long discussions with their closest friends and highest in rank officers led them to decision to send Anui as a "transfer student" to Neopia. He would be under Resistance's constant supervision. Besides, he would never be alone. The Cofferling brought to the Space Station by a traveling merchant was already attached to his young master. The habit of chomping on anything that was nearby was in these conditions more reassuring to Anui's parents.
The day has come. Anui felt like ages had passed before he was allowed live on the surface of the planet. For his parents it all happened too fast. For this moment they have defied the scientific reasoning to listen to the voice of intuition which said that this kid is going to be just fine.

Ties & bonds


Anui's parents are scientist who paid the price for standing against Dr Sloth and became mutants. They remained in the Resistance base inside the Space Station. They love Anui very much and because of that they allowed him to travel to Neopia. To learn something more about them read the part about Anui's past

Count's Estate

Here Anui currently lives.

Fyora knows why, but Vlademiro ended up taking care of Anui. This down to earth Kyrii has really hard time keeping an eye on this energetic kid. Vlad has several weaknesses and Anui is not helping him there. Actually, the kid tends to unintentionally get the matters worse.

Big sis Coro has an ever-lasting supply of patience which is a key survival factor when taking care of Anui. The little boy absolutely adores her. To Vlademiro she was a savior who took most of the baby-sitting duties. Not that Anui would stop bothering his fave u.ncle only because of it...

After being kicked out of her dungeon Anui knows that L is no fun. It's not that L hates Anui. she just doesn't like to get interrupted when she's chatting on the Neooards (on all her 4 accounts at once).

Possessed Mansion

Here Anui is only a rare guest.

Siergiej just doesn't have the patience to deal with the kids, especially when they're the hyperactive and messy kind.

She can deal with the spooks from the Woods, so one child is not a challenge. If she gets tired she can always fly away and leave the babysitting to poor Siergiej. She can get respect in multiple ways, one of them being giving someone a good scare. But of course, she's more gentle with children at that point.

Zmij is immature enough to keep Anui company. Together the mess they make is higher than the sum of their individual chaos-bringing. Zmij is surely big and strong, but the question is: can he keep Anui safe and sound?

The Island Cottage

They still did not receive visit from Anui. But if they did...

Artisaki lives in the world of his own and it is hard to guess what impact Anui would have on his world. Inspiring or disastrous?

Thank goodness Lornea is the sport type, this makes it easier for her to catch up with Anui. She loves playing the role of big sister, but her previously experience involved a rather introvert and meek child.

No, no, no. Theovius does not like the idea of spending the day playing outdoors with the kid. He already imagines how devastated his greenhouse would be. All he knows about children is that they can be cruel. Maybe he is just a bit jealous that Anui, in spite of being a mutant, is such a charming creature.

The Tower

Anui did not venture that far. Fortunately for him. There lives one scary Eyrie who really hates kids.

A Gluttony's Tale

All procedures completed, welcome on board, Sir!", a purple Grundo handed back a set of docu_ments to the Kyrii who grabbed them back hastily: "These procedures of your really take time, I could serve several customers and make a deal of my life while waiting". "I'm sorry Sir, but we are obliged to check all coming passengers to provide maximum safety inside the Space Station", politely answered the Grundo, repeating the phrase from the reception chapter of his manual. "Why of course!" the Kyrii nodded "I am glad that the high-quality merchandise I brought her will not fall into hands of some petty thieves, like these rascals running around docks on Krawk Island or Lost Desert's bazaar. Take care good man!" not waiting for response the Kyrii headed towards the luggage deposit. Not bad, he thought, maybe the bit about thieves was overdone, but most importantly it was the time for him to relax and play his role as a traveling merchant. Of course he was one, that too. He did not think of himself as a thief: he was an opportunist. And currently he had the opportunity to smuggle several items in and out the Space Station. The balance would be kept, only these bureaucratic fools did not see it when enforcing the law.

Oh please, pretty, pretty, pleeeease?", the little mutant Aisha tied his arms around officer's leg, "Dad, I promise to practice more of my reading if you allow me.". "Kertan, I really don't want to you to end babysitting Anui when you have job to do" the older mutant did not pay attention to the Aisha now, giving an apologizing look to the Blumaroo in officer's suit standing in front of him. "No worries, Doc!" said Blumaroo in a joyful tone "It's no big deal, just a routine walk-around the station. Some new visitors arrived today, but we already received reports: there is nothing suspicious there. I bet I would get bored to walk around there all alone". "If you say so... Anui, stop squeezing u.ncle Kerton's leg or he's going to have blood circulation problems. Behave yourself, son!" these words triggered a wide smile on kid's face. He grabbed his "u.ncle's" paw and went by his side, bouncing up and down as the excitement was dwelling up inside him.

As the two passed along one of the main halls , Kerton's attention to a booth which he hadn't seen before. Already several pets gathered there listening to the tall Kyrii who was encouraging them to take a closer look. Kerton stopped a passing grundo "What is happening there?" he pointed towards the booth. "It is a traveling merchant who stopped here for 3 days." The Grundo caught the surprised look on Kerton's face "Don't worry, Sir. All his passes and doc_uments, including guild's recommendation, were valid.". The Blumaroo thanked the staff member for the information and headed towards the merchant, bundled by the Aisha boy who was eager to see the wonders brought by this stranger from a world far away. And indeed the small booth was packed with wondrous items and lacking the knowledge what they actually were made them even more fascinating in the eyes of a child. "And what would you like, little one?" the Kyrii gave his most warming smile to Anui, feeling that this child's patron won't go away empty-handed. Anui hesitated as the overload of novelty mesmerized him, one answer managed to make it all the way from his brain to mouth: "Candies, please!". The Kyrii fetched something he called 'the most delightful delicacy for a delicate taste' wrapped in a parchment for which of course Kerton had to pay a 'fair price'. "Thanks u.ncle!" Anui was hugging his sweet parchment-wrapped treasure, walking back to the base.

What looked like a standard chit-chat with the customers, was in fact a good way to gather information. The Kyrii merchant already knew where he could find the products which were highly sought-after in Neopia. It was really hard to get your paws on one of these fancy gadgets mostly because the trade between Space station and the rest of Neopia was monitored and limited. But once King Altador said that one must surpass his limits to achieve his aims... or maybe was it King Hagan who said that? The quote's origins didn't matter now to the Kyrii who had his plan to surpass these limits. Once he purchased a bunch of mini lasers and several glow-in-the-dark hovering mugs he went back to his room to hide them so he could smuggle them out. Happy that he would be able to carry out at least 5 times more goods that is allowed, he froze. The crucial part of his mastermind plan was gone.

He panicked. The room was a total mess now, but he could not find his loss. He was pulling down his long ears, biting nails and running paws through his long mane. The dark scenarios started to appear in his head when a sparkle of hope enlightened him. Yes! The Binding Scroll! He did not use it before as the effects may have been unwanted is some conditions, but now they were most desired. He was not allowed to bring in magic items, so he hid the scroll among his merchandise. Just where was it now?

Anui's parents were not glad to see he again received a sweet gift from one of his many u.ncles and aunts. The Resistance was there to keep peace not to spoil their son on every occasion. Nevertheless, Anui still convinced them that in return, he is going to practice his reading skiIIs today. But first things first. Anui sat on his bed and unwrapped the parchment. Inside there were jelly cubes, either pink, yellow or green, covered in sugar powder. There was nothing too sweet for Anui but this surely pushed the border. Then he recalled the promise made to his parents and decided to give it a try since his belly felt too heavy to run around now. Reading was not that bad, the bed-time stories described various phenomena such as sunshine and grass which the Space Station was lacking. Anui noticed that the parchment which served as a wrapping for the candy had something written on the inside. Curiosity made the Aisha read it. Like many children who just got a grasp of the alphabet, he repeated all words slowly and aloud.

He nervously went through the Space Station corridors, bumping into staff members and other passengers despite having eyes wide open. With fear. The scroll got lost too. His plan was already ruined, but now he had to come with a new one to save his fur. The merchant noticed he was drawing suspicious looks so he stopped a passing Grundo and asked for the way to the toilet. A good excuse for his rush and a quite place to think everything over.

These words had no sense. Anui forgot about the disappointment when he opened one of his new picture books inside which little Babaas were jumping over a fence: hop, hop, hop...
The door opened letting inside an object that hopped towards Anui. At first the boy was startled, but years of being surrounded by strange mechanisms and robotic petpets washed that feeling away. Anuis sled from his bed and approached something that looked like a box made of a strange material, uncommon to the Space station environment. He poked the front of it and suddenly the box opened revealing teeth and a long tongue "NO!" shrieked Anui "Ewww! You drooled all over my paw! Now I'll have to wash it before I eat, my Mom says so.", the box critter withdrew its tongue, but still kept it's lid half-open. "You're hungry?" Anui went through his shelves looking for some leftover cookies, accidentally knocking down a small wind-up toy. The creature swiftly jumped to the toy and swallowed it before it reached the ground. "Hey!!" Anui was instantly beside the wooden box knocking it with his paws in a furious rampage, "Give it back! It's no food, give it back!". The culprit spat out the undamaged toy and closed its' lid. "Don't be sad. Come, I'll ask u.ncle from the canteen to give you something to it" as Anui stepped out of the room the box hopped behind without any hesitation.

It was the worst coffee he ever drank and probably the worst day in his life. The Kyrii has lost his chance to smuggle some Space Station goods and regretted going for the small assortments in the first place. He could have bought something more useful than these hi-tech useless gizmos. He decided that leaving the Space Station at once would be the best idea, before the pets here find his loss and start searching for the owner. Bummed, he slouched towards the exit when he tripped over something. Falling on the floor took him from his absent-minded state. Whispering a curse under his nose he looked back ready to yell at whatever stupid Grundo worker was the cause of his fall. Instead of a Grundo, a Cofferling stood there. The shocked merchant knew it was not time to rejoice, but instead grab his luggage and get back to his room quickly. Maybe he could even stay here the remaining 2 days accordingly to original plan.

Uh, no u.ncle Gargarox, I dunno where it came from. But I think it may be hungry. Do you have something left? Maybe something sweet..." Anui paused when he heard a loud scream. He looked around to see a tall Kyrii who previously sold him candy, rolling on the floor and struggling with a trunk which chomped onto his paw. Soon a circle of onlookers formed to see what made such ruckus. Anui ran towards the stranger and yelled "Hey, give it back mister! This is mine!". The Cofferling let go of Kyriis palm and joined the Aisha boy who kneeled down holding it to stress out he was serious about the 'belonging' part. "Give it back ya stupid brat!" the enraged Kyrii was ready to get what he thought belonged to him with brute force from the kid, when a great force pulled him back by his long mane. It did not take long for the security guards to reach the stir at Grundos Cafe. The merchant had the occasion to find out, that the meek and short Grundos were not the only representatives of the Space Station staff.

The merchant has learnt that the hand of justice can reach you even in the space and pull out quite a bunch of hair from your beautiful mane. But that was nothing compared to the judge's sentence... The remaining items he had brought to the Space station were now investigated and secured by the customs officers. Everything was packed and sealed, ready to be sent back to one of the safety deposit storages the Space Station owned in Neopian Bank. All the items brought by the merchant on board, except for one... "Pleeeease can I keep it?" Anui was on the verge of throwing a tantrum, tears already started rolling down his cheeks. So much water from one eye. "I am not by any means convinced to things which try to defy science with their so called magic" Anuis father looked at the Cofferling as if it was an evil fuzzle. "Darling, you know it is troublesome to us all. There will be tons of paperwork to do and I cannot guarantee you we will receive permission to give it." Anui's mother tried to explain it to her son "You see the law...".
The law is there to help us." finished someone from the Resistance. The higher rank members gathered to discuss the matter over. "No matter how much we have to deal with the bureaucracy, Anui has parnts and plenty of aunts and u.ncles to share the paperwork" Kertan gave a wink to the pair of scientists, "And your task will be to take good care of this little gluttony!" the Blumaroo said towards Anui and his new petpet.
Kerton, you meant my son or the thing that follows him step-by-step?" asked Anui's mother and everyone giggled.

Anui's Room

That's how it looks like. It's full of toys, but also a little table to study and do his homework (house schooling does not equal skipping your work). The glow-in-the-dark stickers and nova lamp remind him of his space home.

So cute!

Drag and drop to the url bar for full-size

Simple reference picture:

First attempt...(at least the first finished one):

Hungry ears raw(r) sketch.

Fan art

Thank you, Shevi! It's a lovely Xmas gift :)

Svana, this custom turned out great!

Toy Box

Among many toys Anui has gathered here is a special shelf to display his look-alikes :)

Like identical twins! :3

Thank you, Ashley!


Sweet Treats

Thank you! Dankeschön! Dziękuję! Gracias! Spasiba! Tack! Arigato!

Thank you Beth for the Sugar Plum Thought Bubble!


Coding: Me :)


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