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den·i·zen - an inhabitant or occupant of a particular place

By this definition, we can assume that we, as site users, are denizens of Neopia.

The question is, how can we become good denizens? Worry not, for KT has collected Neopian Times articles to guide you through your time here!

Denizen currently lists 174 NT article guides.

Last updated: March 20, 2017. (Next edition search: 21.)


Guides on or after the 150th edition of the NT will have this bullet. Please note that some of these guides may be outdated.
Guides before the 150th edition of the NT will have this bullet. Please note that some or most of these guides may be outdated; some guides may not be listed due to being too outdated.
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Game Guides


Blown Out of the Water?


Cheat! How to be a Cheater
How Do I Catch the Cheater?
How To Make Neopoints By Playing Cheat!
Proof That Cheaters Do Win
Little Lysshu's Guide to Cheat
Who Says Cheaters Never Prosper?

Chia Bomber 2

Chia Bomber: Bomb With the Best


The Joys of Cliffhanger


Deckball Dilemmas
Deckball For Dummies
How to Kick Back With Deckball
The Art of Deckball

Destruct-O-Match III

Can You Be a Grand Master?
Destruct-O-Match: Help Knock Them Down
Destruct-O-Match - Your Friend?


Be the King of Dice-A-Roo
Dice-A-Roo Revisited
Professor Little Lysshu's NeoGame Guide to Dice-A-Roo

Food Club

How to Play Food Club and Play it Well
The Food Club: How to Bet Efficiently

Go! Go! Go!

GO GO GO!!!--The Hottest New Tyrannian Game!!
How to Play and Win Go Go GO!!
Time to Give Your Best Shot On Go Go Go!

Ice Cream Machine

Player's Guide: Ice Cream Factory

Kiko Match

A Guide to Kiko Match
Are You Kikonfident or Kikomatose?
Kiko Match - All You Will Ever Need?!

Korbat's Lab

Becoming a Grand Master of the Lab


The Lottery

Meerca Chase

Catch that Meerca! An Idiot-Proof Guide to Meerca Chase
Luckily For You There's Meerca Chase
Meerca Chase--DO YOU FEEL LUCKY???
Meerca Chase easier than 1, 2, 3!!!
Meerca Chase Munch
Not a Meerca Chase Champ?
Professor Little Lysshu's NeoGame Guide to Meerca Chase

Nimmo's Pond

Can You Be a Grand Master?
Nimmo's Pond - Neopia's Most Challenging Game
The (Nearly) Complete Guide to Nimmo's Pond


Be a Master NeggSweeper
Can You Be a Grand Master?
Neggsweeper Secrets


Hints and Tips for NeoQuest
NeoQuest: The Game to Conquer

Poogle Racing

A Guide to Poogle Racing


Can You Be a Grand Master?


Can You Be a Grand Master?
Conquering the Pyramid
Pyramids-The Best New Game

Sakhmet Solitaire

Can You Be a Grand Master?
Sakhmet Solitaire

Scrab 21

Scarab 21 or Why That Chia So Happy

Snow Wars II

Snow Throw!


Splat-A-Sloth Revealed

Stock Market

Having Trouble With the Stock Market?
How to Invest in the Stock Market?
Re: Why You Should Invest in the Neopian Stock Market
Why You Should Invest in the Neopian Stock Market

Swarm: The Bugs Strike Back

Can You Be a Grand Master?
Conquering Swarm
Swarm to the Top

Techo Says

Can You Be a Grand Master?

Ultimate Bullseye II

Bullseye: The Game of Champions

Wheel Of Excitement

The Wheel Of Excitement
Home Game Guides General Guides Sitely

General Guides


The Fine Arts of Auctioning and Bidding

Battledome (Old Version)

Achieve Battledome Greatness, No Matter Your Income
Battledome Basics
Battledome Etiquette
Not for the Weak or Sensitive
Selecting Efficient Weapons for the Battledome
The Ultimate Battledome Guide: Part One
Tips to Battledoming the Smart Way
Tired of Your Pet Losing in the Battledome
Your Guide to the Battledome

Beauty Contest

Beauty or What?
On the Campaign Trail

Caption Contest

Winning the Caption Competition

Employment Agency

Employment Agency: A Great Way to Earn NP
The Neopian Job Market
Your Guide to the Employment Agency

Faerie Quest

Quests Aren't THAT Hard!


From the Desk of a Guild Owner
Guilds - Are You Confused About Them?
Guild Etiquette
More Guild Dos and Don'ts
More Guild Talk
The Complete Guide to Running a Successful Guild
The Life and Times of a Guild Leader
Three Qualities of a Good Guild
What is a Guild About?
You Can't Judge a Guild By Its Members


Advanced Haggling


Jobs: The Hidden Truth


A Survivor's Guide to the Chatroom
Battledome Slang - What = What?
Chat Board Etiquette
Making the Message Boards Work For You
Message Board Courtesy

NeoHome (Classic)

A Guide to Better NeoHomes - Helping You and Your Pets Live in Style!
NeoHome Architect Tutorial
NeoHomes: What Goes In So You Have a Great NeoHome
What Makes a Good NeoHome?


A Beginners Guide to Earning (and Spending) Neopoints
Books: The Long-Neglected Way to Easy Money
Guide to Managing Your Chequebook
How to Earn and Save NP Without Going Mad!
How to Get What You Want on NeoPets
How to Make 1 Million NP Speculating in Codestones
How to Save Time and Money While Having a GREAT Time!
Keeping the NP Coming In
Need NP? Get NP!
Poor to Middle Class to Rich
Save Your Neopoints Wisely
Simple NP
The Art of Saving Money
The Big Spender
The Value of Neopoints
To Use, Or Not to Use...
What Else to Do With Your NP?
Will's Top Ten Tips
Who Wants to be a Neomillionaire?


How to Be A Successful Neopian
New and Confused?


How to Start Your Own Collection of those Cute little PetPets!

Quests (all)

Guide to the Quests


Buying on NeoPets
Good Shop Keeping Isn't That Hard After All
Is There Success in Shopkeeping?
Making a Living on... Books?
Making Money on NeoPets Without Risking it All
Neopoint-making SHOP Business
The Art of Haggling
The Art of Shop Stocking
The Marketplace Can Be Your Friend
The Neopian Guide to Buying and Selling!
The Rare Items Market - Buying + Selling Basics
The Smart Guide to Restocking Your Shop
What Sells


A Fresh Start: Picking Up the Pieces After Being Scammed
In Addition to Sterlingr76's Article on Scammers

Shop Wizard

Shop till you drop II
The Sneaky Shop Wizard


Being a Good Customer
Hey, Why Don't You Make Your Shop Work For You?
How to Be a Non-Evil* Shopkeeper
How to Properly Run a Shop
Now What?
Shop Keeping Frenzy
Shops: Blinded by the Colours
Shops: The Best Way To Secure Many Customers Visitations
Starting Up Your Neo-Enterprise
Tips for a Better Shop
Tips on Managing a Shop
The Art of Shopkeeping
The Economics of Neopia
The Shopkeeper's Handbook
Top Shop Tips
Unnecessary Beautification Revisted

Time Management (General Neopets)

Time Management on NeoPets

Trading Post

Beat the Trading Post Blues
The Trading Post is Back
Trading Post Etiquette
Trading Trading Trading

Training (Battledome)

A Look At Training
Codestones and Quests: Training Your Pet
Codestones vs. Dubloons
Dubloons: Relief to Poor Battledomers
Which Way is Best For Training Your Pet?

Untaken Names

The NeoPets Naming Guide
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