Hi! I'm Barby and this is an about and art page. I'm really bad with introductions so have a girly Eli Manning (8

Not a man called Jack Ryan

Hi! I'm Barby. 20. Mexico. I don't speak good english.

Uh, I like certain videogame series: BioShock (the art style in general it's great, hope one day I will work with Ken Levine…), Dead Space (I love space horror), Spec Ops: The Line (I NEED MORE LIKE THIS, WORLD). Ex-gamer.

Like movies: Idc if they are commercial or art house. I DON'T CARE. Well, I don't like pixar and surely the last disney movies, I just don't find the "magic" everyone sees.

Ok, to the point:
Military. Soldier's life style. NFL (Wooo! Denver Broncos and Houston Texans). Manly men. Dark stuff. Monochrome. Black and darker colors. Fashion. Character creation. Bio-organical designs. Xenomorphs. Huge claws. Visual appealing gore. Two Best Friends. TheRadBrad. Gengar.

Also, I don't have a dA, but you can look at some other art (and graphics) at "youthedarkstar tmblr-you know this page, guys-"


1. What program do you use?
Photoshop CS5, tho I wish I could use SAI… but I'm a mac user and I won't waste ram memory to add pen pressure :l

2. What you can draw?
Ok, since a lot of people seems to fear I only draw humans… Yes, I'm better at drawing humans, but that doesn't mean I won't draw anthro or quad: if you ask for anthro or quad, I can do it (and if it's for a trade, I've got a pet in quad form). I need to practice a lot of drawing so it will help me to be better.

Also: I'm better at drawing males (If your character is a bishie… prepare yourself to see him manly), especially manly men. I can draw females, in fact, the thing I prefer of drawing females is the hair and eyes: so don't fear if you have an army of female characters (I have my own of male-military related characters), I can draw them too.

3. You don't have a particular style~ 
In digital? No I don't have one, I don't even do digital art: I know photoshop for doing graphic designing but no for art. The art in my petpages as you can see it's mostly layout and a few details, at that time I didn't like digital that much. The examples you see there and here are the only things I have done in digital -yes, it's true- and for short spanned time lapse. The old requests -before Briars- were asked almost a year ago… I prefer to do traditional with a pseudo comic penciling style or painting with markers.

Now, in this time I'm trying to find love for digital, trying to find myself doing digital and practice as it should be. So sorry if you don't find my art that "good looking" because it's rough and not pretty if we compare it with other users art; I'm doing my best. Art should be appreciated in every style, even if it doesn't feel appealing in your eyes :l -I have to say it, it's an issue in general among art, specially here in the AC-

4. How much time does it take to do a drawing?
Since I want to do my best -yes, it's true-, I spent at least 3 hours for a good lineart, coloring and regular shade. Or if I want to try a different style… but if it has a lot of black and I want to do pseudo comic style inking -like the Overmanced drawing I did-, I'll be lasting 5 hours.

5. Why so aggressive?
That one comes because of apps I've done in the past… and it's something I do constantly in the boards. If everyone tells you "WOW, GREAT ART/BEAUTIFUL ART/I'M SO JELLY", etc etc: I won't say that… I just can't find myself complementing people unless they want a critical opinion -I can't even complement myself-. No, also I don't think you should put as a carpet for everyone because you don't have good art -there's no such thing-. I have strong opinions most of the times… probably you will find me being nice in the boards with strangers.

6. Why do you draw manly men?
OHOHOHOHOHO because I like it (?) Well, yeah, I like it! There was a time when I drew a lot of bishie style guys and with time I got tired of seeing the same thing over and over and noticing the only change they have were the hair… and I hate long hair in men. So I started to draw more rough looking dudes (obviously failing) and now I believe I'm finally seeing the firsts results of that change. I want my male characters be like that.

7. When did you start to draw?
I started with traditional when I was 11. With digital… Uh, a few months years ago… then stop. Then for a few weeks in that time lapse… and then in january of 2014 (8

8. Why do you do sports spam?
Because I like sports, well, american football (NO, I refuse to call soccer "football", I live in a country where it's the only thing allowed as a sport and it's boring as crap), if I watched hockey, I'm pretty sure I would watch a lot too. It's one of my main inspirations and as certain artist I follow (who does a lot of NFL art) says: sports are great to practice anatomy~ 

-Monochrome photographs/images/colors
-Claws, huge and powerful looking claws
-Bioshock Infinite
-Injuries, blood and violence:
-Skulls, bones and deformed structures
-Military (I don't care the branch)
-Letterman jackets
-American football (say whatever you want about football and rugby, there's nothing manly in serious head injuries and macho ignorance about health)
-Dead Space RIGs
-Good military stories and characters
-Wes Welker
-Connor Barwin
-Tom Brady
-Channing Tatum
-J.J. Watt
-Women haircuts

Everyone's a moth or a bunny, Cohen says so~

This is the example of digital art I can make so far. As you can see, most of them are experiments with colors, lineart, style and sizes, I'm trying to practice with digital. If you want art, just send me a NM to my main after reading the rules.


1. I don't do fan art UNLESS I like the design of your pet/character.
2. Same goes for requests.
3. Have a design ready in image, I don't like to decipher descriptions.
4. If you want art and you don't have a design at all, but want one to use as a future reference (or even as the cover of a petpage), then send me a NM. Just have references in items/objects/details ready (no anime copycats please).
5. DO NOT STEAL OR CLAIM ART AS YOURS. I will hunt you down if you do that. Also, not for the BC use.
6. Patience: maybe I'll be busy, maybe not. Or even I won't find as much inspiration to do your character compared to others, but I will finish my part. If not, I'll send you a NM explaining why I can't to make my part so you won't have to waste your time waiting.
7. If I make a topic, please, be nice.
8. No is no.

I'm always open for Art Trades.

Here are the examples of past requests and art trades: from oldest to newest.

Neopets Art

Sadly, I'm not fond of doing a lot of neo related art:

Personal Art

Uh, drawings I do for myself... uh, I need a dA account... yep:

The voices of Rapture

Warning: most of the petpages are in spanish


My first pet, handpainted. His character goes around a marine with PTSD and nothing to do to resolve it.


One of my favorite pets, handpainted. Marine trying to adjust to civilian life and dealing with being Death's human avatar.


One of my first pets, adopted. Military police.


Adopted. Medical soldier, is part of Aster's unit.


Adopted. Love his name: revamped character for a really unlucky guy surrounded by Death's claws.


Still no petpage yet~

Adopted. Aster's sister and Kriztoph couple: I like her character.


Adopted. I need to revamp his character~


Adopted. I really need to revamp everything, specially art.


Adopted. Serial murderer, failed Death's human avatar.


Handpainted. The one who broke the balance line: I need to revamp content.


Adopted. Her character goes around as Justice's human avatar.

Special Project

Ok, for a while I been working in this project related to american football (I just couldn't help it), this team called "SkullCrushers" (changed the name just to be able to post here). Originally it was only the team, then, after doing an app (and not being successful), the idea grew and they also become a yooyuball team. I'm looking for the perfect pet to create more NR content for the Skulls, but, the idea and artwork will stay here until then.



Need Adam

I'm trying to complete this customizations... my TL -if you want to look- is at /~Abriselle


-Xweetok Popstar Earrings
-Adorable Freckles
-Nightmare Maraqua Underwater Wig
-MiniMME12-B: Maractite Shoulder Armour
-MiniMME12-S2: Ornate Maractite Trident
-Laid Back Xweetok Boots
-Hall of Fountains Background

-Basic Black Gloves
-Vibrant Circuit Dress


-Broiling Fire Foreground
-Stunning Ixi Makeup
-Possessed Eyes
-Golden Damask Armour
-Staff of the Bewed
-Stunning Ixi Gloves
-Discovery of Darigan Day Background
-Valiant Champion Armoured Skirt
-Brown Tapered Wig


-Dark Gnorbu Boots
-Fearsome Ceremonial Hammer
-Glowing Blue Contacts
-Nightmare Cloud Castle Background
-Cobbled Magma Path
-MiniMME18-S2b: Galactic Traveller Belt
-Valiant Champion Coat
-Silhouette Gate

-Gnorbu Aristocrat Trousers


-Lishas Darigan Robes
-Forgotten Faerie Grove Background
-MiniMME18-S2a: Galactic Traveller Wig

-MME18-S4a: Gothic Blossoms Foreground
-MME13-S4b: Voodoo Skull Face Paint
-Dyeworks Purple: Sparkling Faerie Wings

No one can leave Rapture

And that's it! Not a lot of content anyways... also: if you like to do a link trade, just send me a NM c:

Second button made at Aether, link added~

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