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About Katie

Name: Katie

Age: 15

Timezone: NST +15


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Her Pets

Ammazoi the UC Faerie Aisha
Ammazoi is my little fairy and I love her to bits. When my brother quit neo, he traded his only UC for Amma as a birthday present to me. Currently, she has no character, although I don't intend for her to stay that way. I may have some ideas for her in the future, but for now I just have some vague ideas.

Flaudia the Female RB Draik
I'd say Flaudia is the pet I worked the hardest for. I applied for a draik, and was the runner-up for the chosen owner. The foster was so kind as to gift me a PDE (back when they were around 1mil?) to create my own draik. I created Flaudia and made her into a female Royalboy Draik myself. Flaudia is my flower child; she's obsessed with flowers and everything that has to do with them.

Niacin the Transparent Aisha
I traded for Niacin as a basic neopet (forgot the species:) because of her name. Niacin is a type of medicine, and I wanted to create a transparent aishas due to their popularity and easy customization. I morphed her into an aisha, and painted her using the help of a donation from one of my best friends on here (forever grateful to you). Niacin has a spy-ish military-ish character (yeah, it's a bit confusing). Her story on her petpage is the first story I've written for any of my pets.

Payla the Desert Aisha
Payla is my beautiful aisha. I applied for her and was chosen to adopt her as a basic neopet. Once I received her, I morphed her into an aisha and painted her Biscuit since I had a long way until I could afford a desert PB (around 1 million). Luckily, I then painted her desert using my first ever FFQ (after tons and tons of FQ cookies) after around a week. You won't believe how happy I was. She has an upcoming character that I won't reveal yet; it's pretty cool. I completed her customization in just one weeks of adopting her, and I'm proud of it.

Aviannie the Alien Aisha
Aviannie is a pet that I applied for (it was a "FFQ UFA" type of thing), and she's my little alien! I had a character plan for her, but I realize that I'm not too fond of it so I'm still brainstorming new ideas. She's pretty new to the family, but definitely a keeper.


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