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Last Updated: 07/21/16

Hey there and welcome to my adoption agency page! (Opened up on 06/08/14)! I was inspired to start my own adoption agency after I spent a lot of time on the Neopian Pound board trying to find the Perfect Aisha. My goal is to help Neopians find their dream pets!
You can find more information about me in my Portfolio and please do not hesitate to send me a neomail if you have any questions!
Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day! :)


If you are interested in any of my pets, please carefully read all of the rules below.

* Send a neomail to baeski. Please put the name of the pet you want to adopt as the topic of your neomail. Simply state why you want the pet, why you would make a good owner, which account you will be putting the pet on, and if you have transfers available. I don't really require all the extra stuff, but you can include whatever else you'd like.

- If you are plan on changing the pet in any way (paint/morph/zap), please mention that in your neomail as well.

- Please only apply if you are going to keep the pet yourself. No trading or pounding please! :(

Disclaimer: Please note that the NC customization items on the pets (if wearing) will not go over to you. Also, your account must be 4 months old to adopt limited edition and most painted pets. Thank you.

Pets UFA:

Faerie Eyrie

View: Pet Lookup
Special Note: None
Transfer in: ASAP
Contact: baeski


Pets in this section are either my pets that I created before that have been sitting on a side account or adopted from the pound only. My goal is to help these pets find a forever home.
Please neomail me if you'd like to adopt any pets that are being zapped so I can stop zapping, thank you.

Red Poogle
View: Pet Lookup
Note: None
Transfer in: ASAP.
Contact: baeski


Happily Homed:

Pets in this section have found a home. Their names are not listed nor are they linked to protect the owner's privacy. Thank you.

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