Hi, I'm Red... just a guy with a lab ray, committed to connecting Neopians with their dream pets!

November 17, 2016: Zappers list updated. Welcome to Naka, newest affiliate and zapper!

November 11, 2016: This page is now affiliated with ZYDP!

If you'd like to request a dreamie or help out as a zapper, read on!


  • My permanent pets are NOT up for adoption. Do not ask me for them, or you will be blocked and blacklisted.
  • We cannot and will not zap your pets for you, as it is against the rules.
  • Please note that the following species/colours are not available via the Lab Ray: draik, krawk, lutari, plushie, baby, royal, pirate, usuki, or quiguki. So don't ask us for those.
  • None of these pets require an application. Simply mail the owner of the pet if you are interested.
  • This is not a trade site. Please do not ask to trade for any of these pets.
  • If you've been offline for more than 30 days, I will remove your name from the list.
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Requesting a Dreamie

It's pretty easy: just mail me with your request. I can't promise anything, but will try my best!

If you decide you no longer want the pet, retrading is fine. But please let me know first.

If you are under 13 and do not have access to Neomail, you MAY ask a friend or relative to submit the request on your behalf, as I cannot contact you.

You may advertise your own pets UFA here, as long as there is no application process.


Feel free to request a dreamie.

Return the pet to its original owner if you don't want it.

Contact us with any questions.

Help out~ all you need is a lab ray. :)

Stop by anytime!


Ask us to zap your pet for you.

Ask me for my permanent pets.

Request colours or species that are not lab colours.

Send rude or threatening NMs to either myself or my helpers.

Require any kind of application for your UFA pets.

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Dreamie Watch

Colour: Robot
Species: Any
Name preference: Any
Contact: Tonya

Colour: Desert
Species: Blumaroo
Name preference: Any
Contact: Britt

Colour: Jelly
Species: Uni
Name preference: Any
Contact: Seren

Colour: Robot
Species: Ixi or Techo
Name preference: Any
Contact: Overload

Colour: Maraquan
Species: Kau
Name preference: V/WN
Contact: Aundrea

Colour: Pea
Species: Chia
Name preference: WN
Contact: Stacey

Colour: Robot
Species: Kacheek
Name preference: WN
Contact: Ana

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Becoming a Zapper

To become a zapper, you must have at least one Lab Ray and adopt all pets from the pound.

Pet names should be pronounceable and contain no numbers or underscores.

Current Zappers: Red and Naka. If you are inactive for 30 days or more, your name will be removed from the list. « Previous | Next »

Lab Rats and UFA





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Success Stories

















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