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Akaunts' UNOFFICIAL Guide to Neopets Account-Keeping

This guide will help you understand what is and isn't allowed when you have more than one Neopets account. In case of any questions about whether something is allowed, I suggest that you err on the side of caution. If you've put a lot of time and energy into creating nice accounts on Neopets, don't risk them.

How Many Neopets Accounts Can I Have?

You are allowed up to 5 accounts.

You should pick ONE (1) and only one account to consider your Main account, and do all earning of NPs there. This account can do anything and everything on Neopets. Well, of course I mean everything that's within the rules - no spamming, scamming, etc!

You can also pick ONE (1) to be a Guild account.

All other accounts are considered Side Accounts. You can change which account is considered your main. For more on this, see the section on Switching Mains.

Any rule-breaking on one of your accounts can affect all of the others. In other words, TNT can and will freeze them all!

You should use the same email address for all your accounts if possible, but TNT has stated it's okay to use more than one if needed. Even if you're using different emails, you must follow all the other rules for multiple accounts. Refs: Editorial 271, Editorial 281, Editorial 307, Ed 347, Ed 370.

Note: if you play Petpet Park, your accounts there are Neopets accounts and you may have only 5 total accounts INCLUDING any you create for that. Ref: Editorial 287

Using an old main account as a side account is fine if you don't already have 4 sides. Reference: Editorial 419

How many Neopets can I have?

You can have up to 4 Neopets on each account. Only accounts that are 4 months old can adopt most painted, limited edition, or high level pets. Here's a list of the rules for pet adoptions.

You can create pets from any account, whether it's a side account or main account. Ref: NT Editorial 260

You can transfer pets (with their petpets and petpetpets, if they have them) freely between your accounts using the Transfer option in the pound. You can also use the Abandon and Adopt features to do this but you take a big risk of losing the pet. And anyone who catches it in the middle is NOT obliged to give it back to you! You are allowed to lend pets from side accounts.

official Pound FAQ which mentions side accounts
Editorial 387 (lending)

May I send items and NPs between accounts?

YES, you may transfer NP and items among your accounts with gifts and trades. If you happen to receive items on your alternate accounts as gifts or through random events, it's okay to send them to your main account. Remember not to EARN any NPs or items on other accounts though.

To transfer NPs, set up a trade with an item (usually a cheap "junk" item is used). From the other account, offer an item and NPs.

References: Editorial 220 (randoms), Editorial 271 (only 1 main, even if they don't share items), Editorial 309 (why only earn on main), Editorial 388 (sending paint brush), Editorial 394 (randoms on birthday)

Can I use my own account as the Referral Account when creating sides?

No. You ARE allowed to post your referral link from your main account for others to use when creating side or guild accounts, but you may NOT use your own account and take credit for creating more sides. References: Editorial 307, Editorial 348, Editorial 414

Also, since you can earn NPs and items for referrals, you should ONLY give out the referral link for your MAIN account, never for sides or guild accounts.

This is probably to stop people from creating sides just to get the referral credits. If you don't have a friend or guild member that you'd like to credit when creating a new account, I'd be happy to have you use my referral link.

Can I have more than one Gallery?

YES, you may have galleries on any and all accounts since you don't earn NP through galleries. Just make sure that the items are purchased with NPs made on your main account and sent there, not earned on that account. Refs: Ed 346, Ed 412

Can I set up several Neohomes?

YES, you may have Neohomes on any and all accounts since you don't earn NP from them. Again, you must earn the NPs and purchase furniture and other items for your Neohome on your main account. Editorial 306, Editorial 354. Editorial 395.

If I can have several Galleries, then how about Shops?

NO, you may NOT run shops on side accounts. If you already have a shop on a side account, there is no way to delete it. Just leave it empty and don't sell anything in it. Some people suggest that you put "Shop Closed" in the description part of it so TNT can see at a glance that it is shut. I'm sure they'll check its contents anyway if they have reason to look at your accounts, so I doubt it matters but it certainly can't hurt.

Oh, and empty means empty - you should not put ads there for your main shop either. Ref: Ed 306, Ed 353

YES, you MAY have an active shop on your guild account. Just remember not to send NPs back to your main from there. And clearly label the account as a Guild Account.

How about Games?

NO! You may NOT play ANY games on side accounts OR guild accounts. This includes Flash games, non-Flash games, Sponsor games, Lenny Conundrum, Stock Market, Better Than You, Qasalan Expellibox, Key Quest, and everything else that appears under the Games area. It also includes turning in Treasure Maps and World Challenge Maps. This has been said by TNT so many times! I'm not including a complete list of references, but here are some: Editorial 223, Ed 298, Ed 333, Ed 343 (Expellibox), Ed 356, Ed 354, Ed 393 (not for any reason), Ed 417 (not submitting scores)

The only exception is the Secret laboratory Ray (also known as the Lab Ray or Lab Map), which appears in the Games-Puzzles. It does give an NP prize when you first put it together, but that's far less than the cost of the pieces. TNT has confirmed that this is ok. References: Editorial 222, Editorial 268, Editorial 280, Editorial 431

Can I do my Dailies or Freebies from each account?

NO! You may NOT do "dailies" or "freebies" from side OR guild accounts. This includes Snowager, Turmaculus, all the Wheels, Fruit Machine, Tombola, Test Your Strength, Money Tree, Rubbish Dump, Scratchcards, Grumpy Old King, Wise Old King, Treasure of the Black Pawkeet, SymolHole, Fishing, Advent Calendar Omelette, Jelly, Deserted Tomb, Lunar Temple, Meteor Crash Site, collecting Moltara worms, and anything else that can give you NPs or saleable items. References (from many on this topic):
Editorial 254,
Editorial 351,
Editorial 386 (NC Mall giveaways with items inside),
Editorial 416 (Skipping on Main to do on side),
Editorial 419 (Moltara items),
Editorial 423 (Moltara Worms)

The exceptions are free feeding and healing for your pets. So you may visit:

You may also visit places that don't give NPs or items, like the Island Mystic, Neopian Haiku, Count Von Roo, and the Magma Pool. References: Editorial 309, Editorial 273 (Von Roo), Editorial 350 (Soup Faerie), Editorial 332 (Soup Faerie), Editorial 423 (Magma Pool), Editorial 433 (Magma Pool).

You MAY collect the Newbie Pack that you get on each account. This is a one-time gift to welcome the Neopets on that new account. Ref: Editoral Issue 249 and Issue 278.

You MAY feed Kadoaties from any account. Ref: Editorial - Issue 234.

You MAY use the Neolodge on side accounts to keep your pet fed and happy. Refs: Editorial 258, Editorial 299, Editorial 313, Editorial 425, Editorial 432.

What about Neocash and NC Mall purchases and giveaways?

You CAN buy NC Cash and purchase NC Mall items from side accounts, and you can also redeem NC Mall gift cards there, even though you receive an item for that. You MAY transfer NC items between your main and sides if you have the NC Mall Gift Boxes to do it with. Any items from redeeming a card should be sent to your main if you want to sell or trade them. References: Go into the NC Mall and click at the top on Help - FAQ (look under Account Inquiries for the question " Can I transfer my Neocash to a different account that I own?). Also see Editorial 325 and Editorial 438. You can't split the neocash from one card across multiple accounts. See Issue 328.

For Neocash giveaways, you can collect them on side accounts ONLY if there are no regular items involved. References: Editorial 386, Editorial 403

So, yes, you MAY collect your free 150 NC on each new account! See the NC Mall FAQ and Editorial 358.

It was allowed to collect the Canadian Burger King items from 2008 on side accounts because that only gave Neocash items.

You may NOT collect holiday gift bags (Valentines, Halloween, Spring Toy Neggs) which contain regular NP items from your side accounts. See Editorial 386.

May I have Bank Accounts?

Yes. You may not earn NPs on your side or guild accounts but if you have NPS on them (typically sent from your main account with the trading post), you may have a bank account to store them in. That keeps them safe from the Tax Beast and similar calamitous Random Events. You may not collect interest on side accounts. References:
Editorial 313,
Editorial 389

What happens if my Account is suspended or frozen?

You will be logged out, and your login page will show the reason your account was frozen. Ref: NT Issue 284, NT Issue 283

If your main account is suspended, WAIT for the suspension to end and do NOT use an alternate account to earn NP. See Editorial Issue 234, Issue 300, and Issue 310. I believe you may use neomail, the message boards and any other activities that you could normally do from your alt.

If your account(s) are frozen, your pets, items, and NP on those accounts become frozen too. They still exist, but you can't do anything with them. If you believe you were not breaking the rules, you may be able to discuss this with TNT. See Editorial 276, Editorial 246, Editorial 21, Ed 345, Ed 348

If you're frozen permanently on just one account (unlikely, but it could happen), you may switch to using a side account as your main. Just make sure to obey the rules from now on!

When your account is frozen, your pets and items are not removed - they just sit around (at least for quite a while - TNT has occasionally purged old frozen accounts). If you believe your account was frozen unfairly, you may contact TNT and request a review. They've stated many times that freezing is reviewed individually by monitors before being done, so I suspect that it's not too common to successfully get back an account unless it's because you were scammed or hacked.

If all your accounts (or your only account) were frozen for minor rule breaking, you may create a new account and play IF you stick within the rules. For major rule-breakers, or repeated offenses, TNT may freeze you as soon as they can tell it's you. Refs: Editorial 268, Editorial 300. Frozen accounts count against the limit of accounts on one email address, but not against the total count of side accounts that you are allowed. See Editorial 328.

How can I give an account to someone else?

STOP! Do NOT do this - it's against the rules! Odds are that your other accounts, and theirs, will get frozen. Refs: Account FAQ, and NT Issue 284

What is a Guild account?

You can only have one guild account per guild. That account should be the Guild leader of your guild. If a guild changes leaders, close the existing account and have the new leader open a new guild account. (Or you could turn the old guild account into a side account by emptying the store and changing the user name - but that seems a little risky to me.)

Make sure your guild account is marked clearly in the User Name field. A notation in the shop or user lookup wouldn't hurt, also, if you have them.

Your guild account MAY have a shop, and may earn profits from that, the trading post, and auctions. Other that those, it needs to obey all the rules for side accounts - no games or freebies, no voting, etc. And since you can be earning NPs on this account, do NOT send them freely to your main or other accounts. Just use them for guild purposes. References: T&Cs (see #6), Guild FAQ, Editorial 229, and Editorial 243.

Remember, too, that guilds cannot have contest or giveaways - at all! This includes Newbie packs. There are lots of other rules about what guilds can and cannot do, and I'm not going to try to list them all because that's a subject for another guide. Here are some good references about guild rules:

Can I share a spare account for a guild?

NO, you may NOT share any account!! Account sharing is against the rules. References: Account FAQ, NT Editorial 271, Editorial 356, Editorial 418

May I use Shop Wizard and Super Shop Wizard from sides?

Do NOT go searching for low priced items from an alternate account. Sniping, as it's often called, is an activity done for profit.

There are differing opinions on this, but I recommend that you do NOT do this to get around a Shop Wizard Ban (the commonly used term for when Shop Wizard says you've done too many searches and you should come back in xx minutes). In general, if the Neopets site is telling you that you've reached a limit, it's better not to find a way around it - just wait.

It's okay to use Shop Wizard from side accounts when you've gotten a faerie quest on your main account. Reference: Editorial 430

How about Restocking?

You may NOT restock (buy from Neopets shops) on your side or guild accounts. Restocking is done for profit. References:
Issue 221,
Issue 285,
Issue 398 (items should be purchased with main account), Editorial 409 (Igloo Garage Sale counts as a shop)

And, yes, this still holds even if you're RS Banned on your main account. Reference: Editorial 300.

AND it includes buying items from the Hidden Tower - see Issue 329 and Ed 339.

Important Exception: If a side account is old enough to get the discount at the Hidden Tower or enter the Almost Abandoned Attic, and your main account isn't old enough, you may RS from a side IF you use funds from your main and do it only on that account! Please read Editorial 443 carefully for TNT's exact words.

Can I get Secret Avatars for my sides?

Yes and No. Some of the secret avatars come from activities that earn NP or items, such as Fishing or getting high game scores. You cannot earn those avatars on side or guild accounts. But there is no problem with getting "clickable" secret avatars (those that are earned by viewing a particular page) or those that come from having a particular pet or item like a Coconut Jubjub or a Faerie Queen Doll. References: Editorial 241, Editorial 310, Editorial 417 (Bonju), Editorial 420 (10th Anniversary)

One exception is the Concert Avatars. Although you do receive a small prize for attending, you'd get the same prize if you attended on your main. So buy the ticket on your main and send it to your side, attend the concert, and then send the prize back. Ref: Editorial 333.

Can I battle on my sides? Can I do Defenders of Neopia?

Yes and No. Battling is fine, either 1-player or 2-player. Again, the acid test - do you earn NPs from it? No, so it's okay.

BUT if getting a challenger would earn you NPs (including winning prizes), you can't do that - so you'll be unable to challenge the Brain Tree or any challenger past him in Defenders of Neopia! Editorial 276 Editorial 284, Editorial 397, Editorial 418

Can I use the Toolbar from a side account?

You may use the toolbar from any and all accounts, but you may NOT collect prizes from Tarla on any side accounts - only on your main account. See Ed 254.

How about Neomail and Posting on Message Boards?

You don't earn NPs by posting on the message boards or Neomailing, so that's fine from any account (assuming you meet the age requirements or have parental permission). Post away onto the general message boards, or the one for your guild, and neomail your friends.

Do NOT use your alternate accounts to trick or scam anyone, though. For example, if you were to open a post on the Trading/Auctions board asking how much someone would pay for an item, then post from another account that the item is very valuable (more valuable than it really is), that would be purposely misleading and you could be reported and frozen for scamming.

Can I join different guilds on each account?

YES, you can join one guild on each account. You can even be the leader of more than one guild. Unless you have a LOT of energy though, and not many commitments outside of Neopets, you should probably not join too many guilds. It would be hard to keep up! Refs: Editorial Issue 243, Issue 260, Issue 277, and Issue 309.

What is Account Sharing or Account Gifting, and how can I do it?

NO - don't do it! Account Sharing is when more than one player logs onto an account, whether at the same time or in turn.

Any kind of account sharing is forbidden. You cannot log onto other people's accounts. It doesn't matter if they're your mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, son, daughter, next door neighbor, husband, wife, dog, or imaginary friend.

You can't have someone play an avatar or trophy game for you. You cannot do someone else's dailies, collect their advent prizes, or anything else. You cannot give an account to anyone else, or receive one - whether free or not. TNT considers this cheating.

If your friend or relative (or yourself) is going to be away from Neopets for a while, he can use the NeoLodge to keep his pets from getting hungry and sad. He will not be able to collect his bank interest, visit dailies, or gain NP in any way without logging in himself to do it. Sorry, but that's the rule. If you're going camping or to some other location without internet access, remember that Neopets is just a game. Your neopets are not real, and they will not die or suffer because you're not there to play with them or feed them. Missing a few days of Neopets is not as important as enjoying time with your family and friends, or taking care of important real-life business.

If someone asks you to come onto their account or offers to help by coming onto yours, it may also be part of a scam where they're trying to steal your account. Just don't do it!!

This is mentioned in many editorials - here are a few:
Ed 232, Ed 287, Ed 394, Ed 418

Can I log in from different computers?

Yes, it's fine for you to log into your Neopets account from schools, libraries, work, or other places. The Neopets Team realizes that our lives take us to different places. But remember to log out when you're done using a shared computer! Ref: Editorial 271

Some people post notes on their lookups or shops saying that they share a computer with other family members, hoping that will influence TNT monitors to ignore any activity that looks questionable. TNT has stated in the editorial and FAQs that this does NOT affect their decisions. See NT Editorial 272 and NT Editorial 372.

It also doesn't matter how often you log in and out of your accounts, according to NT Editorial 286.

If you change your email address, that's fine also - just make sure to update it here. This was mentioned in NT Editorial 300.

Can I log into different accounts at the same time?

Yes, if you use 2 or more different browsers or computers, you can be logged into multiple Neopets accounts at the same time. This is allowed as long as you don't use it to cheat in any way, or trick other players. Ref: Editorial 261, Editorial 412

Can I do Plots from more than one account?

No. The plots usually give prizes including NPs and items. You should only participate in plots on your main account. This includes all special site-wide battles, puzzles, promotions, and games. See Editorial 277, Editorial 330, Ed 347 - Altador Cup

The rare exception is if you were working on a side account and then get a main frozen account restored - see Editorial 332.

Do I have to turn down Quests on my sides?

No. If an uber faerie comes and gives you a random quest, you may complete that. You never get NP or items from those quests.

The timed quests (Illusen, Jhudora, Taelia the Snow Faerie, Kitchen Quest, Edna, Brain Tree, and Esophagor) give NP and items as prizes. Don't do them from your alternate accounts. References: Editorial 268, Editorial 426, Editorial 430

There are some very helpful petpages with a lot of information about Neopets Quests. Two of my favorites are: Marchegai and _CleopatrasCat_.

Can I enter Contests and Spotlights from my Sides?

Many of the contests give prizes so you should submit your entries only from your main account. Make sure to follow this for the

Important note - for the Beauty Contest, this WAS true until April 4, 2008. See editorial about this. Now we can enter from side accounts but make sure to advertise your entry ONLY from the ONE account that entered. Editorial 388 explains why.
Other refs: Editorial 439 - Art Gallery.

You should submit articles and questions for the Neopian Times from your main account. Reference: Editorial 422.

The Neoadventure Spotlight has a prize so, although I haven't found a definitive reference for this and I don't think you can move your Neoadventure, I would think it can be entered only from your main account.

Because these spotlights give trophies but not NP or item prizes, I believe you can enter them from a side or guild account:
Customization Spotlight, Site Spotlight, Pet Spotlight, Petpet Spotlight, Neohome Spotlight, Pirate Caves Spotlight, and User Lookup of the Week. Here are some references: Editorial 317, Editorial 332, Ed 334 - Beauty Contest, Ed 346 - Customization Spotlight

The Gallery Spotlight, although it has an NP prize according to its entry page, is an exception and you can enter it from side accounts. This was clearly stated in the Neopian Times Editorial, issue 237.

And the PPL (Petpet League) prize is fine to accept on your side account since you don't have control over entering that - it's automatic. References: Editorial 403, Editorial 415, Editorial 436

Can I Vote From Each Account?

NO! One person - one vote. You may only vote from your main account. This applies to the Beauty Contest, the Caption Contest, and anywhere else that you could vote.

The only possible exception is the Customization Contest but since the Editorials have said both yes and no (see references), it's probably better to do it only on your main. See: Editorial 285, Editorial 344, Editorial 384.

Can I take all my pets for free training on their special pet day, even if they're on my side account?

Yes, it's fine. TNT has been quite specific about this. Editorial 282, Editorial 254, Editorial 297.

What are the restrictions for new accounts, and how old must my account be to do different things?

When creating a new account, you must use a unique name. If you've searched the name and it's available but Neopets won't let you create it, it's possible that an account was being created but didn't finish. It's also possible that was an active account that's been frozen. That name will be unavailable until the account is cleared (probably several years). Ref: Editorial 355.

Your account age does determine whether you can do certain things in Neopia. I have not seen definitive references for most of these from TNT - they're just observations from players and could change at any time. TNT did acknowledge that there are account age restrictions in several editorials like this one, and also this one. In Editorial 389 they explain why they have restrictions.

In addition, there are limits on accounts that are unverified. See Editorial 366.

And in Year 10 or 11, TNT started introducing more benefits/perks for older "loyal" users - they're usually announced in the news and/or editorial when they come out. I've included all I know of into the table except one: There is a small random chance that reading a book won't cause it to disappear. This was mentioned in Editorial 451. The user asking the question was 70 months old at the time but we don't know exactly when it starts or how likely it is.

Age Neopets Actions Allowed
Right Away Create a pet (including LE pets if available)
Adopt most pets More info
Play games
Buy from user shops
RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity79 and under
24 hours (full day) Most Dailies
Post replies or new topics on the Neoboards
Create a shop
Create a guild
Edit user lookup, petpage, pet lookup
48 hours (2 full days) Visit Coltzan's Shrine
Complete the Word Scramble
72 hours (3 full days) Have your game scores entered into the High Score Tables
4 days Visit the Advent Calendar to collect your winter gifts
1 week (7 days) Vote in the Beauty Contest
Enter the Faerie Queen's Hidden Tower
10 days RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity84 and under
16 days RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity89 and under
1 month Collect Monthly Freebies (2,000 NPs + foods)
RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity94 and under
3 months RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity99 and under
4 months Purchase from the Faerie Queen's Hidden Tower
Adopt any pet, including Limited Edition and Painted pets
RS: Buy from Neopian Shops, Rarity100 and under (ie. anything)
13 months You can add 3 extra games to your Favorites List, which appears on this page, for a total of 15 Favorites.
24 months You may transfer an additional pet (in AND out) each month - so you now have 2 transfers per month.
33 months You can add 3 extra games to your Favorites List, which appears on this page, for a total of 18 Favorites.
36 months You can visit the Almost Abandoned Attic to find bargains. It's a lot like the Igloo Garage Sale but stocks R85 to R99 items.
At the Trading Post, you can have 15 active trades instead of 10.
48 months You may transfer an additional pet (in AND out) each month - so you now have 3 transfers per month.
49 months Visit the Elite Boutique in the NC Mall (Look under Specialty). This age is not exact because it's been shown that it doesn't happen exactly at 49 months. For one user I worked with, it was 4 years, 1 month, 2 days, or a total of 1494 days.
60 months If you shop at the Hidden Tower on the third Wednesday of the month, you will get a small (3%) discount. That doesn't sound like much but at Hidden Tower prices, it can be quite helpful!
You can now select the Neoboard title "Team Diamonds" on the Neoboard Preferences page. Whoopee.
61 months You can add 3 extra games to your Favorites List, which appears on this page, for a total of 21 Favorites.
72 months You may transfer an additional pet (in AND out) each month - so you now have 4 transfers per month.
84 months You can add 3 extra games to your Favorites List, which appears on this page, for a total of 24 Favorites.
You can now select from the Neoboard titles "Team Dung", "Team Sloth", "Team Fyora", and "Team Kass" on the Neoboard Preferences page.
96 months You may transfer an additional pet (in AND out) each month - so you now have 5 transfers per month.
109 months You can add 3 extra games to your Favorites List, which appears on this page, for a total of 27 Favorites.
120 months You may transfer an additional pet (in AND out) each month - so you now have 6 transfers per month.
You can now select the Neoboard title "Team Asparagus" on the Neoboard Preferences page.

You can also find a list of the Account Perks for Loyal Users on Svid's petpage.

I don't want my child to have his own e-mail. Can I create an account for him under my email?

Yes, if he's under 13.

Parents or siblings of young children who can't play on their own and need assistance ARE allowed to create an account with the same email address as their main. This account CAN play games and earn NPs, BUT the parent/sponsor is responsible and can be frozen if there is illegal activity on the child's account - scamming or whatever. And TNT prefers that they have their own email. References:
Editorial 337, Editorial 392, Editorial 263

As soon as your child is old enough to play on her own, and you're willing to sign the parental permission form for them to access the message boards and neomail, you should get them their own email address and switch their account to it. Also see the Parental Consent FAQ. Note that it can take a while for the consent form to clear. Ref: Editorial 267

BEWARE - if you have set up an account with the same email address as yours, it is easy for monitors to be confused and think you're cheating - they have no way to see who is sitting at your keyboard. I know of a parent who's had this happen. If you want your young child to be able to play games and earn NPs without that risk, you might consider getting them a free account on one of the many sites that offer them, and supervise their use of it carefully. Neopets doesn't send emails much, and never to kids under 8, so it shouldn't be a high-maintenance account.

If they're young, they will automatically be using Neopets Junior which is a simpler, more pictorial version of the main site. Reference: Editorial 393.

Here's the form for Parent Inquiries - registration information and issues relating to privacy, safety, and COPPA.

What restrictions are there on children's accounts?

Children under 13 cannot play gambling games. Unless they have parental permission, they cannot use the message boards, send neomail, receive neomail (except from TNT), have neofriends,send greetings, or start their own guild. They cannot edit/customize their user lookup, shops, galleries, or petpages with html.

Players under 8 also cannot choose the names or sayings for their shopkeeper/gallery keepers, or enter free-form text in the battledome. They get a menu of choices for those.

They CAN create or adopt pets, play games, have shops and galleries, use Shop Wizard and regular shops, enter battledome battles (1-player AND 2-player), join a guild (but not view or post on the message board or calendar).

If they've given your correct birthday, their account will automatically be updated to the correct age category as they get older. This has been confirmed in the editorial several times.

Oh, No, what can I do if I've made a mistake?

Remain calm. If this was an simple matter of forgetting which account you were logged into and submitting a game score or collecting a freebie from there once, don't worry. It will be clear to anyone from TNT that this isn't a pattern. BUT don't start testing to see how often you can do this - you're bound to go over the limit. Ref: NT Editorial 272 and Editorial 367

If you didn't know the rules and you were doing something wrong out of ignorance, stop now. Apparently you haven't yet come to the attention of TNT's monitors. If some time goes by, and it's clear you're following the rules now, you should probably be okay.

If you collected some NPs or items by mistake on a side account, you should discard them. I recommend that you keep a note of what you discarded, and when, in case there's a question later. Ref: Editorial 384

If you were really tromping violently out of bounds and want to cover your bases, you can remove the troublesome accounts (see the next section) and create others that are true sides. If you had a big gallery and several cool pets on your side, that may be a lot of work but it could be worth it to avoid having all your accounts frozen.

If you have more than 5 accounts, you should self-freeze some right away. References: Editorial 305, Editorial 423.

Switching Main Accounts

You can change which account you are using by switching all of your NP-earning activities, but don't do that too often. I recommend that you leave at least 2 or 3 months between switches if you're going to do so. Here are some Editorial References about switching: Editorial 270, Editorial 232, Editorial 382, Editorial 431.

If you have an active account, this can be a big job. Here's a little checklist. I'll call the two accounts Old Main and New Main.

Notes: You will NOT be able to transfer these things:

How can I get rid of an account?

It's pretty simple. Go to the Self-Freeze link and fill in the information requested (your special word). If you have trouble with that, there's a backup form here which requests the username and email address. Both of these can also be found through the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every Neopets page.

You can only delete your OWN accounts. Remember that you CANNOT transfer an account to, or accept one from, someone else. Reference: Editorial - Issue 211

IF you weren't breaking rules with this account, and if you're planning to continue playing Neopets or you want to be kind and give away or donate stuff to other players, here are some things to check before deleting. Don't forget - you may NOT create giveaway boards. You may donate to the Money Tree (use the Quick Stock button for Donate), move things to your main account, give things to your neofriends or guild members, or QUIETLY give things to total strangers that you see on Neopets.


In case you ever change your mind, you may want to save information about the account. ShimmeringBliss has some good advice on what to save.

How can I get back an old account?

If you've used the self-freeze link, lost your birthdate, or otherwise lost access to an account, you may be able to get it back. Go to the Help Area, select the "Request Support" tab, and fill out a ticket. TNT may give you access to it. Also see these pages for very good advice:
WikkedWings and ShimmeringBliss.


I've researched answers from TNT (The Neopets Team) in the areas shown in the right sidebar, and by reading messages around the site. Other than that, I have used common sense and the accumulated wisdom of several folks who help on the Message Boards. Since creating this FAQ, I've found some more petpages which discuss side accounts also.

I am NOT part of The Neopets Team and have never met any of them. Any mistakes here are no one's fault but my own. It is YOUR responsibility to understand the rules and obey them on your own accounts. If my advice helps, I'm glad - that's why I made this page. If my advice is wrong, I'm VERY sorry. But I'm not responsible for your actions or your accounts.

If you have comments or suggestions for this page, great! Please neomail Hobbittsy about it. I don't guarantee that I will agree or make a change, but I welcome your thoughts.

If you want to know more about me, I have a FAQ page.

Messages From Around the Site

These messages, which mention multiple accounts, are found in various places around the site. I collected them for my reference while writing this page, and I put them here as a continuing reference. For more references, see the right-hand bar.

How Can I link to this Great Petpage?

Wow, thanks! I'm glad you asked, and very glad you found it useful. You're welcome to link to it from your page. Here are some buttons and banners you can use:

Yes, I know that these pictures are NOT what Akaunts looks like now.They're from his younger days and, like many of us, he preferred how he looked then. Sigh.


These pages have listed mine, and you may find them useful ...

The Water Library

Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.
Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

It is a journey
I must face...alone.
*dramatic music*
I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
are taken seriously.

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