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The Lost Desert was not a place anyone wanted to live. Always hot and humid, barely enough food or water to support any sort of population, and only a few small Oasis Towns scattered throughout. And despite their names, the towns weren't exactly an "oasis" for anyone who lived there. Each town had a leader who had control of all of the goods and services. And the leaders were never very generous. After all, they were from The Noble City.

The City was the perfect place to live, for those that were allowed to reside there. They had an abundance of everything that could support a population of millions. The problem lay in the fact that it was controlled by the Nobles. They had taken control of the city after a battle with the original residents. That's when the world went into turmoil. The Nobles built an enormous wall around the entire city, and deemed every non-Noble unworthy of living inside of its walls. Therefore, almost the entire population was banished to the desert, newly named The Lost Desert.

The new inhabitants of the desert, called The Lost, built towns and villages around every oasis they could find. Everything was okay for a while, but just two decades later, the Oasis's began to run dry. The leader of The Lost journeyed to The City of Nobles to plea for their help, but he disappeared, and was never heard from again. The Nobles did nothing, and the towns continued to deteriorate.

Soon after the first leader's unsuccessful journey, more of The Lost traveled to The City and begged them for help. The Nobles seized the golden opportunity placed before them. They sent a Noble to every town that asked for help. Each Noble took up residence in the town they arrived in, and deemed themselves the new leaders. The Nobles may have kept The Lost alive, but they treated them like dirt. The leaders had the townsfolk build lavish homes for the Nobles to dictate from. Once a month, the Noble leaders would have supplies shipped to their towns from The City. However, The Noble leaders charged The Lost an outrageous tax if they wanted any of the new supplies.

The Lost had no choice but to sit and take it. After years of being weakened in the desert, none of them were strong enough to stand up to the Nobles. Many turned to crime, and the prisons were always filled to capacity.

After a while, rumors began to spring up of a man, known only as Serdet, who had become infamous as a thief who stole from Nobles all throughout the The Lost Desert. He gained his fame because he had never been caught, and always left a calling card: an arrow with the name "Serdet" etched into the side. There was one more thing that made him unique: he only stole from Nobles. Soon after his appearance, Serdet had become the most-wanted man in the entire Lost Desert. However, no one knew his true identity because he always wore a mask.

In one the desert towns, Kernek, the poverty of the citizens was especially bad. The Noble leader of Kernek had just implemented a new tax for anyone who had children. As a result, many abandoned their children to the streets. Some were even abandoned as infants. Two brothers, Akai, the blonde one, and San, the brunette one, had come to live on the streets when their parents died. They saw what was happening all around them and were outraged. How could anyone do that to their children? Akai and San swore an oath to each other to take care of all the abandoned children as best they could. The boys had found a small cave just outside the town, hidden by sand dunes. Akai and San built a shelter inside the cave and gathered up as many abandoned kids as they could find. Pretty soon, they had quite a large family living inside their new home.

Two years after they had started taking care of orphaned kids, when Akai and San were about 12 years old, they had finally worked out a system so that everyone could be taken care of. San was in charge of looking after all of the younger children, along with help from two others about San's age, and Akai was in charge of everyone that was old enough, and skilled enough, to steal from the vendors in the marketplace.

Akai was the best, though. He was the one who taught all of the others how to take what they needed, without getting caught, after all. His favorite technique to use was pick pocketing, and his favorite targets were the Nobles' guards. He had become a master.

Whenever Akai saw a Noble tax collector in town, he seethed in anger. To Akai, all of the Nobles seemed cruel and heartless. He hated them.

Someday," he promised himself, ''I'll bring down the Nobles.

Whenever Akai talked to San about it, his brother was always skeptical.

How are you going to do that?" San would ask. ''"And what if you get hurt? Or worse, die!

Psh, they'll never catch me. I'm too quick." Akai would retort.

If you say so…" his brother would reply. ''Just please be careful out there.

Always." Akai would say.

Chapter 1

It started out as an ordinary day in Kernek. Akai had awoken before everyone else in the cave. He was an early riser. If you'd ask him why he'd say he couldn't help it. His brother San would tell you that Akai had always been that way, even when they still had their parents. Akai walked to the entrance of the cave and stepped outside. He took a deep breath of the hot, dry air and sighed. Every night he dreamed of the day he could give his friends and brother a better life, but everyday, he just didn't know how to do it.

Akai decided today would be a good day to go out to the marketplace early, by himself, to get some breakfast for the kids. He trotted back to where everyone was sleeping and found his brother.

Psst! San!" Akai whispered, shaking his brother's shoulder.

Huh? What?" San said, rubbing his eyes.

I'm going into town to swipe some breakfast. Be back soon." Akai said.

Be careful…" San said, slumping back into unconsciousness.

Akai slipped silently out of the cave, so as not to wake anyone, and made his way to town. It wasn't a very long distance, but there were sand dunes and pits that Akai needed to maneuver through to get there. That was part of what made their home in the cave so safe. Unless you knew it was there, and how to get there, it was almost impossible to find.

Akai strutted into town after his short trek. He walked down the sandy street, and into the marketplace. He began to look around to see what he could possibly get his hands on, spotting a cart of apples.

Perfect!" he said to himself."

He pondered for a moment, until an idea clicked in his brain. He began running down the street and bumped into the cart containing the apples, spilling several out onto the ground.

Watch where you're running, brat!" the merchant shouted.

Oops, sorry!" Akai said, scrambling down on the ground, picking up some apples. ''I'll pick them up, I promise!

You'd better," the merchant grumbled.

Akai reached down to pick up a few apples at a time and began wiping them off with his shirt. The merchant seemed content to know that at least his apples were being cleaned, and turned to make sure nothing else was going to crash into his precious cart. That's when Akai seized his opportunity. He stuffed a few apples down his pants, and quickly continued cleaning off the rest. He tossed the apples back on the cart.

Sorry again, sir!" he said.

Just stay away from my cart," the merchant sneered.

Will do!" Akai replied quickly as he waddled off.

When he was safely out of the marketplace, Akai took the apples out of his pants and put them in his pockets. He still had to carry two in his hands because his pockets weren't big enough.

I'd call that a successful morning," he said to the sky.

Making it safely back to the cave, he sauntered in, saying ''Did anyone order breakfast?

A cheer erupted from the small group of children as they all ran to tackle Akai.

Now, come on you guys!" he said, ''Get off, you're going to squish me to death!

They all piled off of Akai, giggling.

What did you bring us?" peeped one of the smallest.

Well," said Akai, reaching into his pockets. ''Who wants apples?

We do!" they all shouted in unison.

All right, all right," San said, pushing his way through to Akai. ''First we need to cut them up so there's enough to share with everybody. All of you go sit down. Akai and I will bring each of you a piece.

Okay!" all of the kids shouted as they ran back to play.

San leaned over to his brother. ''How much were you able to get?" he whispered.

Not as much as I'd have liked," he replied, ''But enough to feed them something.

Alright," San said, ''"Let's slice 'em up.

Akai pulled a small knife from a sheath on his belt.

I'll take care of cutting up the apples," Akai told his brother. "You go keep them company.

Alright," San replied. ''"Don't be too long." And he walked off.

Akai sat near the entrance of the cave with the apples on his lap. He picked one up, wiped it off, and began to cut.

Hmmm…" he though to himself, and he began to count the apples. Akai had only managed to snag five.

Not very many," he mumbled.

There was only enough for everyone to get a quarter of an apple each, not including Akai himself.

I guess I'll have to find myself food some place else," he thought as he finished his task and re-sheathed his knife. He picked up the slices and carried them back to where everyone was waiting.

Hey, San!" he called. ''"Can you help me with this?

Sure thing!" San said, running to Akai's aid.

He took half of the slices and began to pass them out. Akai finished with one left.

Here, San." He said, holding out his hand. "This one's for you.

Thanks Akai," San sad, "But what about you?

I ate before I got home," he replied.

Oh, okay…" San replied.

Everyone quickly finished their meals, if you could call it that. There wasn't much to go around. Akai turned to go toward the mouth of the cave, when he felt a tug at his pant leg. He looked down to see a little girl. It was Ellie, one of the newest to join the abandoned children.

Mister Akai," she said shyly, ''"I'm still hungry…

Akai bent down so he was at Ellie's eye level.

I'm sorry, but I don't have anything else I can give you," he said. ''But I promise I'll bring you something special for dinner tonight. Can you hold out 'til then?" he asked.

Alright! I'll try bestest," Ellie said. She wandered back towards to group, and she and some of the other children began to play together.

Akai continued on his way to the outside of the cave. His tired purple eyes squinted at the sunlight as he kicked the sand angrily.

Argh!" he huffed. ''Why can't I take better care of them?!

Akai always felt guilty when he couldn't provide his family with enough to eat.

It should be so simple!" he shouted.

Are you okay?

Akai jumped with fright.

Oh, it's you, San. Don't scare me like that!" Akai said.

Sorry," San laughed.

Akai's stomach rumbled.

You didn't eat, did you," San said.

Akai looked away from his brother. ''"…No.

You need to stop doing that!" San shouted. "You can't keep going without food forever!

I know," Akai retorted, "But there's not enough to go around! And they need it more than me.

You need food just as much as they do!" San pleaded. ''"What do you think would happen to them, if something happened to you?!

Alright, alright… I get it," Akai said. ''I'll just get more next time.

Easier said than done."

Hmph, I'm the best thief in Kernek!" Akai said, puffing out his chest.

Yeah, yeah. We know," San joked. ''Now how about you do something useful and send out some teams to get more food? And water. We're almost out.

Sure thing, bro! Send some of them out.

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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