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The Lost Desert sun beats mercilessly onto the endless stretch of sand. Roxton unfolds a small map from his pocket and examines it carefully, tracing the path that will lead to his well-deserved treasure. He looks up and notice his traveling companion looking at something else. Are you going to help me on this journey or not?

Brucey B faces him and adjusts his sunglasses. I was waiting for you. You're taking forever. What kind of treasure are we looking for?

Roxton resists the urge to roll his eyes. We're looking for a treasure. Hidden somewhere deep in the Lost Desert is a chest full of diamonds. They're no ordinary diamonds- they're said to act like looking glass to help you find whatever you need.

Brucey takes out his lucky coin and shines it in the sun. He adjusts his sunglasses again and points to a random direction. Let's go, then! Let's not waste any time! With a small sigh and shake of a head, Roxton follows him, unable to predict the outcome of their journey.

Welcome to Diamond Directory; a shop, gallery, guild, and site directory opened by Ryan on October 12, 2014. Hope you find everything you need at Diamond Directory. We also have a "Change Your Status" form where you can ask for the status of your listing, except guilds and malls, to recommended or something else. You can find it below "Get Listed".


July 12, 2016: It is a new month and the recently added sections has been cleared. +1 site.

Get listed:

Fill in only the section you are using and delete the sections you are not using.

Change Your Status:

Be sure to read the rules before asking for a status change.


  • Link back is not necessary but greatly appreciated.
  • Any site, shop, mall, gallery, or guild can be listed.
  • Make sure you use the right form when listing a site. The "Get Listed" form is for listing sites. The "Change Your Status" form is for changing the status of your listing.
  • You can choose up to to two categories to be listed in.
  • Guilds and Malls do not have a recommended status since I don't know enough about them to make a proper judgement.
  • Guilds and Malls are not eligible for a status change.
  • Please wait at least 1½ month after you get listed or 2 month after you send in your last change status neomail, before you send in a change status neomail.
  • Please do not abuse the form just to get your status changed. If I catch you abusing the form, I will take your listing off the directory. If you keep bugging me after that, I will report you.

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