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Last Monthly Update: June 30th 2014 (Presently Actively Being Updated)

*Effective as of June 2013* Trades that are too overly one sided and suspicious to the point of possibly being scams, less than legit trades, or any other dubious activity will be screened from the database. Rest assured your trade will not be refused just because you did a little uptrading or anything like that. There are only 2 trades to date that will not be present in the database for this reason.

Example of a suspicious submission: a VWN even 1200HSD Maraquan Draik trading for a WN Maraquan Cybunny.

Trading Database

This is an unbiased database that lists both even, up, and down trades. Just because a few people make an extreme downtrade/uptrade it does not make it realistic to expect to have the same good fortune or find someone else equally willing to down trade in the same way. It takes very specific conditions you may not know about or be able to replicate in order to get something similar to the trade you want so it's better to look to the average something trades for rather than the best or worst it has ever traded.


Names are ranked by formats according to BugRanger.


Evenly statted means that the pet has more or less (within 20%) the same strength, defense, and HP. In the unevenly statted section, whether the pet is "trainable" or not is not taken into account since trainable lab rats and untrainable ones do not trade significantly differently.

There is a separate section for BD UCs since there debate about whether or not BD training helps the value of unconverted pets.


VWN, WN, DN, BN are all name ranks. For other abbreviations, refer to the BD Dictionary linked in the Help Center menu.


Please mail your trades to chibi_sunstar with the following information about the pet you traded and the pet you received: names, stats (level, str, def, hp - exact or as close as possible), colour and species, and date traded.

Please use "BD Trading Database" as the subject.

Even Statted Pets

150HSD to 400HSD
February 2014
WN 370HSD Camouflage Krawk
WN Stealthy Draik
January 2014
WN 397HSD Water Draik
Ice Draik Custom
December 2013
WN 244HSD Stealth Krawk
WN Red Draik
VWM 330HSD Basic Grundo
PDE + FFQ Custom
November 2013
WN 360HSD + Zombie Draik Custom
DN UC Baby Kougra
October 2013
DN 231HSD Biscuit Zafara
4L Desert kacheek
WN 302HSD Speckled Koi
Desert Draik Custom
September 2013
WN 325HSD Chocolate Draik
WN UC Mutant Meerca
August 2013
WN 388HSD Skunk Krawk
WN 781HSD (labbed) Skunk Quiggle
July 2013
WN 343HSD Pirate Krawk
DN 246HSD Draik + Royal Paint
Suffixed RW 316HSD Blue Zafara
V/WN Maraquan Draik
WN 318HSD Skunk Krawk
WN Darigan Draik
DN 391HSD Mutant Meerca
Uncommon RW Grey Draik
July 2013
Uncommon Female RN 298HSD White Peophin
PDE Custom
WN 330HSD Pirate Grundo
PDE + Zombie Paint Custom
June 2013
Uncommon Plural RW 375HSD Darigan Xweetok
WN UC Mutant Lupe
May 2013
DN/WN 155HSD Robot Chia
WN Faerie Xweetok
April 2013
WN 225HSD Wraith Shoyru
PDE Custom
DN 390HSD Baby Bruce
PDE + Desert Paint Custom
March 2013
WN 158HSD Maraquan Draik
BN UC Mutant Jetsam
VWN 300HSD UC Mutant Lupe
Common English RW Yellow Blumaroo
WN 234HSD Skunk Draik
DN/BN UC Darigan Buzz
WN 360HSD Blue Tusk
Pronounceable basic 3L
February 2013
BN 300HSD Plushie Bori
WN Jelly Draik
VWN 210HSD Red Scorchio
WN Striped Draik
DN 270HSD Split Koi
VWN Camouflage Krawk
WN 355HSD Magma Kyrii
Suffixed RW Faerie Draik
4L 374HSD Pirate Hissi
PDE + FFQ Custom
January 2013
WN 381HSD Christmas Pteri
VWN Draik + FFQ
4L 189HSD Tyrannian Krawk
4L Pirate Draik
180HSD Basic Aisha
WN Eventide Aisha
300HSD Camo Krawk
WN 100 (even) HSD Pirate Draik
December 2012
WN 366HSD RB Krawk
PDE Custom
November 2012
WN 324HSD Basic Pteri
4L Pirate Draik
October 2012
WN 158HSD Draik + FFQ
RW 764HSD (uneven) Brown Mynci
WN 288HSD Plushie Kacheek
Common suffixed RW basic Skeith
WN 217HSD Red Chomby
WN Plushie Krawk
WN 324HSD Baby Kacheek
WN Maraquan Draik
September 2012
WN 314HSD Blue Pteri
WN Maractite Draik
WN 375HSD Fire Pteri
WN unclothed RB Draik
August 2012
BN 300HSD Pea Chia
VWN 4L Plushie Kacheek
Pronounceable 4L 380HSD + FFQ
VWN UC Grey Jubjub
WN 337 HSD Snot Meerca
Pirate Draik Egg custom
July 2012
WN 170HSD Jelly Cybunny
WN Glowing Krawk
April 2012
VWN 266HSD MSP Poogle
WN 450HSD Christmas Uni
WN 240HSD Green Quiggle
Pirate Krawk custom
VWN 345 HSD Ice Krawk
WN 720 HSD Invisible Gelert
VWN 399HSD + 1.2mil custom
VWN misspelled RN UC Mutant Buzz
March 2012
WN 190HSD + RG Pteri custom
VWN 142 HSD Plushie Kacheek
VWN 178HSD Robot Kacheek
WN/DN 289HSD (uneven) Xmas Kougra
January 2012
VWN 270HSD Desert Usul
Pirate Krawk custom

400HSD to 600HSD
January 2014
WN Aged 400HSD Pirate Krawk
PDE + Royal Paint Custom
WN 423HSD Basic
Royal Bori Custom
November 2013
WN 406HSD Chocolate Lenny
VWN Magma Draik
3L 450HSD + Desert Draik Custom
VWN UC Baby Eyrie
October 2013
VWN 548HSD Plushie Krawk
VBN UC Robot Gnorbu
September 2013
VWN 548HSD Plushie Krawk
VBN UC Robot Gnorbu
WN 250HSD Baby Krawk
Native American RN 150HSD (Labbed)Island Usul
4L RW 439HSD RG Usul
WN UC grey Kacheek
August 2013
592HSD Stealthy Scorchio
DN UC Sponge Grundo
July 2013
4L 405HSD Mutant Eyrie
Royal Custom
June 2013
4L 449HSD Maraquan Draik
DN UC Grey Grundo
May 2013
WN 450HSD Basic
VBN UC Grey Lupe
WN 462HSD Wraith Draik
DN UC Grey Jubjub
DN 550HSD Semi-even Yellow Kougra
BN 145HSD (even) UC Darigan Mynci
WN 450HSD Basic
VBN UC Grey Lupe
March 2013
Semi-common Eng RW 500HSD Speckled Krawk
DN UC Baby Kougra
BN 447HSD Hallo Uni
VWN Chocolate Draik
WN 529HSD Basic Pteri
DN 155HSD UC Darigan Grundo
VVVBN 584HSD Striped Lupe
VWN 362HSD even Royal Boy Draik
VVVBN 582HSD Striped Lupe
700K Custom
VWN 562HSD Baby Draik
DN UC baby Kougra
WN 503HSD Marauan Blum
VWN UC Tyrannian Peophin
February 2013
WN 402HSD Zombie Draik
DN UC Baby Kougra
VWN 430 HSD Magma Kougra
RW Mutant Acara
January 2013
VWN 407 HSD Maraquan Buum
3L Chocolate Draik
4L 480 HSD Zombie Draik
DN UC Halloween Lupe
December 2012
Uncommon RN 499HSD Mara Kougra
DN UC Ty Mynci
October 2012
WN 400HSD Striped Ixi
Common RW
September 2012
WN 500HSD Plushie Xweetok
WN UC Mallow Grundo
BN 538HSD Maraquan Grarrl
BN UC Mutant Skeith
VWN 574HSD Pirate Eyrie
BN 815HSD (uneven) + Pirate custom
WN 580HSD Starry Quiggle
WN UC Halloween Lupe
August 2012
BN 550HSD + FFQ custom
WN UC Halloween Lupe
July 2012
DN 3L 503HSD + White Krawk custom
BN UC Tyrannian Skeith
June 2012
VWN 520HSD Basic Ogrin
DN UC Darigan Lenny
VWN 3L 450HSD Choco Draik
VBN UC Darigan Kougra
May 2012
WN 553HSD Basic Quiggle
DN 160HSD UC Halloween Wocky
VBN 530HSD Baby Gelert
Wraith Krawk custom
VWN 547HSD Plushie Kacheek
WN UC Darigan Kougra
April 2012
Uncapped RW 490HSD Grey Krawk
WN UC Grey Mynci
DN 510HSD Royalgirl Krawk
Basic RW/Anime RN
VWN 550HSD Baby Wocky
DN UC Grey Techo
WN 450HSD Christmas Uni
VWN 266 HSD MSP Poogle
DN 505HSD Royalgirl Krawk
Aid + Kacheek morph + FFQ ;D
VWN 489HSD MSP Poogle
BN UC Darigan Shoyru
VWN 412HSD Baby Lupe
VWN Royal Girl Draik
VWN 590HSD Baby Jubjub
DN UC Robot Kacheek
VWN 399HSD + 1.2mil custom
VWN misspelled RN UC Mutant Buzz
February 2012
WN 513HSD Green Techo
Royalgirl Draik custom
February 2012
WN 435HSD Baby Elephante
Pirate Krawk custom
December 2011
VWN 426HSD Chocolate Kacheek
DN Draik

600HSD to 900HSD
March 2014
DN 702HSD Royal Lupe
VBN UC Maraquan Scorchio
December 2013
WN 789HSD Christmas Kacheek
VBN UC Baby Kougra
November 2013
WN 817HSD + Draik Morph + FFQ
WN UC Darigan Shoyru
September 2013
WN 674HSD Desert Krawk
VWN UC Mutant Lupe
WN 774HSD Draik + FFQ
DN UC Grey Lupe
WN 630HSD Basic
VWN UC Grey Kau
VWN 648HSD White Kacheek
WN UC Halloween Lupe
August 2013
WN 818HSD Shadow Draik
DN UC Mutant Hissi
VWN 634HSD Chocolate Draik
DN UC Faerie Kyrii
June 2013
4L 712HSD + Darigan Kougra Custom
DN UC Faerie Kougra
May 2013
VWN 650HSD Chocolate Draik
BN UC Darigan Lupe
WN 671HSD Gold Draik
WN UC Halloween Lupe
April 2013
VWN 855HSD Mutant Korbat
DN UC Grey Moehog
WN 762HSD Baby Draik
DN UC Plushie Buzz
VBN 700HSD Baby Eyrie
WN UC Darigan Mynci
March 2013
WN 666HSD Red Poogle
Semi-common RW + Mutant Acara Custom
WN 676HSD + Draik Morph & FFQ
WN UC Grey Kougra
V/WN 715HSD + Maraquan Krawk Custom
DN UC Maraquan Grarrl
V/WN 748HSD Maraquan Krawk
DN 427HSD UC Usukiboy
VWN 871HSD Tyrannian Kacheek
Dn UC Darigan Scorchio
WN 731HSD + Mara Draik Morph
V/WN UC Darigan Kyrii
February 2013
VWN 838HSD + Kacheek Morph
WN UC Faerie Kyrii
WN 855HSD Baby Pteri
WN UC Grey Korbat
BN 850HSD(almost even) Orange Grundo
DN UC Maraquan Kau
WN 806HSD + Water Draik Custom
DN 245HSD(even) UC Faerie Blum
January 2013
WN 600HSD BD + 70k Custom
DN UC Baby Kougra
VWN 730HSD + Wraith Korbat Custom
WN UC Faerie Meerca
VWN 700HSD Halloween Grundo
WN UC Grey Lupe
DN 610HSD Stealth Blum
DN UC Baby Kougra
BN 829HSD Pirate Kacheek
DN UC Robo Blumaroo
WN 733HSD + Mutant Pteri Custom
RW UC Robo Jetsam
December 2012
DN 602HSD Blue Aisha
DN UC Darigan Zafara
October 2012
VWN 706HSD Snot Grundo
VWN UC Faerie Shoyru
VWN 750HSD RB Krawk
VWN UC Darigan Kougra
VWN 3L 630HSD Basic Moehog
WN (uncapped) UC darigan scorchio
WN 700HSD Darigan Draik
BN 500HSD (uneven) UC Darigan Kau
September 2012
VWN 700HSD Robot Krawk
VWN UC Grey Techo
VWN 800HSD Zombie Krawk
VWN UC Grey Kacheek
VWN 730HSD Faerie Krawk
BN UC Grey Grundo
BN 800HSD Chocolate Xweetok
BN UC Faerie Kau
August 2012
VWN 626HSD Plushie Kacheek
BN UC Faerie Blumaroo
BN 882HSD Pear Chia
WN 644HSD (uneven) + Snow custom
July 2012
WN 823HSD Invisible Gelert
BN UC Darigan Techo
VWN 637HSD + 800k custom
DN 168HSD (uneven) UC Faerie Kyrii
WN 600HSD Baby Elephante
VWN UC Maraquan Scorchio
VWN 647HSD Kacheek + White custom
DN UC Grey Lupe
May 2012
WN 600HSD + White Kacheek custom
Common female RN Pirate Aisha
VWN 668HSD Dari Xwee (698 int)
Common RW RG Kacheek
April 2012
WN 720HSD Invisible Gelert
VWN 345HSD Ice Krawk
WN 790HSD Pirate Scorchio
VWN UC Baby Kougra
VWN 650HSD Blue Techo
VWN UC Maraquan Grarrl
VWN 666HSD Blue Techo
VWN Eventide Draik
VWN 666HSD + 1.5mil custom
VWN UC Grey lupe
February 2012
WN 750HSD Halloween Kacheek
DN UC Plushie Buzz

June 2014
WN 1394HSD Biscuit Kacheek
DN UC Faerie Ruki
February 2014
VWN 1453HSD Magma Gelert
WN 228HSD UC Faerie Kougra
VWN 2220HSD + Chocolate Draik Custom
DN UC Plushie Kacheek
January 2014
BN 2818HSD Plushie Pteri
BN/DN UC Plushie Chomby
BN 1046HSD Basic
DN UC Darigan Moehog
4L 1463HSD Darigan Kougra
WN UC Darigan Kougra
Uncommon RW 1244HSD Maraquan Draik
BN/DN UC Faerie Ixi
December 2013
VWN 1581HSD Basic Draik
VWN UC Plushie Buzz
November 2013
WN 1635HSD Ghost Acara
DN UC MSP Poogle
October 2013
WN 1489 Stealthy Draik
WN UC Darigan Hissi
VBN 1461HSD + 2.1mill Custom
DN UC Faerie Peophin
September 2013
VWN 1139HSD Striped Draik
DN UC Faerie Pteri
VWN 1500HSD White Blumaroo
VWN UC Faerie Pteri
August 2013
DN 2100HSD Christmas Poogle
DN UC Faerie Wocky
VWN 1106HSD + Maractite Draik Morph
WN UC Faerie Ixi
July 2013
4L 920HSD White Kacheek
3-wayed for Common Male RN/Anime RN Pirate Draik
Uncommon Suffixed RW 1600HSD Baby Pteri
VWN 300HSD UC Faerie Pteri
VWN 910HSD + Darigan Draik Custom
DN UC Grey Wocky
WN 1046HSD + Royal Lupe Custom
WN UC Darigan Yurble
WN 1223HSD Desert Draik
DN UC Faerie Ixi
June 2013
4L Uncommon Japanese RW 1833HSD
WN (uncapped) UC Faerie Tonu
WN 1195HSD Island Krawk
VWN UC Darigan Techo
RW 1750HSD + Fire Kacheek Morph
VWN UC Plushie Grundo
DN/WN 1255 Plushie Mynci
Common Historical Musician RN Blue Bruce
May 2013
DN/WN 1435HSD Eventide Kougra
VWN UC Grey Eyrie
WN 1056HSD Semi-even Spotted Lenny
DN UC Faerie Peophin
WN 924HSD + Wraith Zafara Custom
WN UC Faerie Shoyru
March 2013
WN 1030HSD Wraith Draik
WN UC Faerie Shoyru
DN 932HSD (level 253) Pea Chia
WN (uncapped) UC Faerie Peophin
VWN 2400HSD Darigan Draik
VWN UC Darigan Draik
VWN 2321HSD Darigan Draik
WN UC Darigan Draik
V/WN 1006HSD Plushie Kacheek
DN/WN UC Faerie Lenny
WN 1006HSD Plushie Kacheek
WN UC Grey Ixi
WN Semi-even 986HSD MSP Poogle
WN UC Grey Wocky
February 2013
WN 1488 Fire Kacheek
WN (uncapped) UC Faerie Lenny
DN 1400HSD (untrainable) Zombie Krawk
WN UC Grey Grarrl
4L 900HSD Robot Krawk
VWN UC Grey Skeith
4L 1,003HSD Blue Pteri
WN UC Faerie Aisha
VWN 910HSD + FFQ Custom
WN UC Maraquan Gelert
January 2013
Pronounceable 3L Semi-Even 1075HSD Basic Kacheek
DN UC Royal Girl Aisha
WN 1750HSD Plushie Draik (book/gourmet trophy)
WN UC Grey Peophin
WN 1750HSD + Draik Morph (book/gourmet trophy)
DN UC Plushie Kacheek
WN 1040HSD Maracitite Peophin
VWN UC Baby Kougra
Plural RW 1080HSD Baby Korbat
WN aged(4,155) UC Faerie Kougra
December 2012
VWN 1199HSD Camo Usul
DN UC Darigan Techo
WN 930HSD Desert Draik
WN 164HSD UC Faerie Shoyru
DN aged 2189HSD Blue Ogrin
VWN UC Royal Girl Kougra
October 2012
WN 2089HSD Wraith Gelert
WN uncapped 1065HSD UC Dari Eyrie
DN 1250HSD (semi-even) Green Kyrii
DN UC Faerie Lenny
September 2012
RW 960HSD Pirate Krawk
BN UC Faerie Pteri
August 2012
VWN 1650HSD Darigan Draik
VWN UC Faerie Shoyru
July 2012
WN 2190HSD
VWN UC Royalboy Draik
June 2012
VWN UC Tyrannian Krawk
VBN 1117HSD Disco Kacheek
WN UC Grey Pteri
May 2012
VWN 929HSD Baby Uni
WN UC Faerie Pteri
December 2011
VWN 1100HSD RB Krawk + FFQ
VWN UC Plushie Aisha


150HSD to 400HSD
February 2014
DN 339HSD Stealthy Krawk
WN RG Flotsam
January 2014
WN 262HSD Red Poogle
WN Desert Cybunny
4L 379HSD Basic
PDE Custom
3L 261HSD Plushie Kacheek
4L (unpronouncable) Maraquan Eyrie
November 2013
WN/DN 310HSD Maraquan Poogle
FFQ Custom
October 2013
WN 360HSD Grey Xweetok
VWN Water Draik
September 2013
Native American RN 150HSD Island Usul
WN 250HSD (Even) Baby Krawk
August 2013
WN 282HSD Darigan Eyrie
WN RG Kyrii
July 2013
WN 304HSD Mutant Draik
PDE + Royal Paint Custom
May 2013
DN 339HSD Plushie Poogle
PDE Custom
4L 375HSD Fire Shoyru
FFQ Custom
March 2013
DN 263HSD Christmas Techo
WN Dsert Hissi
February 2013
BN 394HSD Green Lupe
WN Darigan Draik
January 2013
WN 301HSD (semi-even) Skunk Koi
Pronounceable 4L Green Uni
December 2012
VBN 285HSD Faerie Krawk
FFQ Custom
September 2012
VWN 235HSD Royalboy Krawk
VWN 400HSD (uneven) Robot Shoyru
August 2012
BN 290HSD Water Kyrii
WN Pirate Krawk
WN 300HSD (trainable) Green Xweetok
Pirate Draik Egg custom
June 2012
WN 396HSD Maraquan Bruce
VWN Plushie Chomby
May 2012
DN 231HSD unclothed Zombie Krawk
WN 801HSD (uneven) Brown Jubjub
April 2012
Unpronounceable 2L 291HSD basic
DN 485HSD UC Shoyru
March 2012
WN/DN 289HSD Christmas Kougra
VWN 178HSD Robot Kacheek
BN 380HSD Blue Yurble
Camouflage Krawk custom
January 2012
WN 300HSD + RG Kacheek custom
Common RW Silver Shoyru
DN 393HSD (trainable) Basic Wocky
VWN Green Draik
December 2011
VWN Maraquan Aisha

400HSD to 600HSD
November 2013
DN 406HSD + Yellow Ixi Custom
WN Pirate Draik
WN 409HSD Chocolate Aisha
4L Pirate Draik
DN 483HSD Royalgirl Bori
VWN Gold Draik
October 2013
VWN 421HSD Baby Gelert
WN 201HSD Darigan Draik
September 2013
DN 453HSD Snot Korbat
Suffixed RW Plushie Lupe
August 2013
VWN 410HSD Zombie Usul
VWN faerie Draik
WN 455HSD Green Uni
PDE + Royal Custom
July 2013
WN 497HSD Brown Kougra
WN Striped Draik
DN 542HSD Blue Buzz
PDE + Faerie Paint Custom
June 2013
DN 437HSD Yellow Techo
WN Ice Krawk
April 2013
VWN 503HSD Zombie Usul
PDE Custom
March 2013
4L 464HSD Disco Jetsam
RW Wraith Krawk
WN 435HSD Grey Lupe
Darigan Draik Custom
DN 454HSD Grey Poogle
February 2013
BN 500HSD Silver Meerca
VWN Maraquan Draik
WN 478 Mutant Peophin
WN Ghost Draik
BN 472HSD Faerie Skeith
VBN UC Mutant Buzz
January 2013
BN 577HSD Faerie Peo
BN UC Mutant Meerca
December 2012
BN 549HSD Faerie Peo
VBN UC Mutant Usul
WN 493HSD Red Grarrl
PDE Custom
October 2012
DN 495HSD Green Gelert
VWN Wraith Draik
VWN 488HSD Robot Elephante
Unpronounceable 2L
September 2012
VWN 578HSD Fire Lenny
PDE + 1m custom
VWN 400HSD Robot Shoyru
VWN 235HSD (uneven) Royalboy Krawk
August 2012
BN 527HSD Faerie Scorchio
VWN Eventide Hissi
WN 500HSD Poogle (4 BC trophies)
WN Darigan Eyrie
WN 400HSD Tyrannian Gnorbu
FFQ custom
July 2012
4L 540HSD Shadow Wocky
PDE + FFQ custom
June 2012
FFQ custom
May 2012
VWN 488HSD + Skunk Draik custom
DN UC Baby Kougra
April 2012
WN 581HSD Pirate Hissi
BN UC Werelupe
March 2012
WN 400HSD (trainable) Basic Uni
VWN Halloween Krawk
February 2012
BN 445HSD (level 70) Starry Uni
BN UC Mutant Buzz
BN/DN 575HSD Island Blum
DN Green Draik
November 2011
DN 412HSD Orange Kougra
VWN Maractite Hissi

600HSD to 900HSD
September 2013
WN 783HSD Skunk Quiggle
WN UC Mutant Meerca
DN 875HSD Basic Ogrin
PDE + Stealthy Paint Custom
WN 802HSD (trainable) + Desert Krawk Custom
BN UC Grey Cybunny
June 2013
WN 892HSD (trainable) Grey Draik
VWN UC Baby Kougra
DreamWorks Movie RN
DN 672HSD (almost trainable) Mutant Kacheek
May 2013
VBN 709HSD Basic
April 2013
WN 748HSD + Baby Pteri Custom
WN 307HSD (even) UC Mutant Skeith
March 2013
WN 696HSD Krawk + Royal Paint
DN UC Coconut Jubjub
WN 760HSD Jelly Poogle
WN UC Darigan JubJub
WN 641HSD Maractite Krawk
WN UC Darigan Mynci
WN 666HSD Mutant Kacheek
DN UC Mutant Lupe
February 2013
VBN 671 Snow Kyrii
Common Eng RW Snow Uni
BN 663HSD Green Kyrii
VBN UC Baby Kougra
January 2013
WN 789HSD Pirate Krawk
5L "Cars" RN
December 2012
WN 631HSD Fire Lenny
WN UC Darigan Mynci
October 2012
VBN 859HSD Maraquan Bori
DN UC Tyrannian Lenny
WN/DN 730HSD Spotted Peophin
VWN Pirate Draik
WN 718HSD Darigan Draik
DN UC Werelupe
September 2012
BN 631HSD basic
VBN UC Mutant Meerca
BN 815HSD + Pirate Gelert custom
VWN 574HSD Pirate Eyrie
WN 780HSD Maractite Hissi
WN UC Darigan Grundo
BN 740HSD Ghost Hissi
WN Jelly Draik
August 2012
BN 629HSD Snot Quiggle
DN UC Mutant Buzz
BN 626HSD Yellow Gelert
BN UC Darigan Bori
WN 651HSD Pirate Krawk
WN UC Darigan Buzz
WN 644HSD + Snow Ogrin custom
BN 882HSD Pear Chia
July 2012
WN 855HSD Cloud Elephante
VWN UC Darigan Kau
WN 760HSD Sponge Peophin
BN UC Coconut Jubjub
May 2012
WN 801HSD Brown Jubjub
DN 231HSD unclothed Zombie Krawk
April 2012
VWN 614HSD Snow Bori (1780 int)
WN UC Coconut Jubjub
BN 800HSD Skunk Bori
Uncommon RN
January 2012
BN 709HSD Cloud Pteri
DN 158HSD UC Darigan Jetsam
VWN 700HSD Royalboy Krawk
WN/DN UC Coconut Jubjub

January 2014
DN 1112HSD Stealthy Krawk
DN UC Darigan Lupe
December 2013
BN 1005HSD Mutant Meerca
BN UC Mutant Usul
VVBN 1025HSD Transparent Hissi
WN 204HSD (even) Maraquan Draik
June 2013
WN 1090 Custard Blumaroo
WN UC Faerie Kyrii
March 2013
WN 1492HSD Striped Quiggle
WN UC Faerie Ixi
WN 1469HSD Electric Ogrin
DN UC Faerie Yurble
February 2013
DN 2600HSD Wraith Draik
VWN UC Darigan Eyrie
DN 2600HSD + Wraith Draik Custom
DN 2300HSD (even) UC Darigan Eyrie
BN 1041HSD Basic
DN/BN UC Faerie Shoyru
DN 1702HSD Glowing Jetsam
WN 662HSD (uneven) UC MSP Poogle
VWN 1816HSD Basic (with 2 BC Trophies)
VWN UC Faerie Grarrl
January 2013
WN 903HSD Ghost Draik
D/WN(3Char) UC Grey Lupe
DN 1706 HSD Shadow Kacheek
VWN 1430 Yellow Ogrin
DN 1706 HSD Shadow Kacheek
WN UC Grey Skeith
VBN 1181 HSD Green Krawk
VWN 368HSD Semi-Even UC Mutant Jetsam
VBN 904HSD Island Kougra
DN UC Darigan Lenny
November 2012
WN 1300HSD basic
VWN UC Darigan Bori
October 2012
DN 1064HSD Green Jubjub
BN 205HSD (uneven) UC Grey Meerca (5 BC trophies)
September 2012
Plural RW 2480HSD (700 str def boosts) Basic Kacheek
BN UC Plushie Lenny
BN 900HSD Basic Elephante
12m custom
DN 1300HSD Green Chomby
DN UC Faerie Yurble
DN 1300HSD Green Chomby
DN UC Darigan Eyrie
August 2012
BN 2200HSD Checkered Pteri
BN UC Plushie Kacheek
BN 910HSD White Krawk
DN UC Darigan Kyrii
July 2012
BN 1220HSD basic
BN UC Faerie Aisha
DN 1100HSD
VBN 375HSD UC Darigan Yurble
VWN 1290HSD Ghost Krawk
BN UC Plushie Kiko
June 2012
WN 2400HSD (700 str def boosts) Maraquan Draik
VWN UC RG Shoyru
April 2012
VWN 1300HSD + FFQ Draik custom
VWN UC Darigan Aisha
March 2012
VWN 1240HSD Faerie Hissi
WN UC Faerie Xweetok
VWN 914HSD Pirate Krawk
WN UC Robot Ixi
January 2012
DN 950HSD Purple Blumaroo
VWN UC Faerie Kyrii
VBN 1050HSD Yellow Koi
VWN UC Faerie Pteri

Unconverted BDs

150HSD to 300HSD
September 2012
VBN 200HSD (uneven) UC Tyrannian Quiggle
BN 320HSD UC Mutant Buzz
July 2012
DN 168HSD (uneven) UC Faerie Kyrii
VWN 637HSD + 800k custom
May 2012
DN 160HSD UC Halloween Wocky
WN 553HSD Basic Quiggle
April 2012
BN 183HSD UC Mutant Jetsam
DN 712HSD (uneven) Yellow Buzz
BN 204HSD UC Faerie Lenny
VWN UC Grey Lupe
March 2012
DN 173HSD UC Faerie Pteri
BN UC Faerie Wocky
January 2012
DN 158HSD UC Darigan Jetsam
BN 709HSD (uneven) Cloud Pteri

300HSD to 600HSD
December 2013
DN/DN 304HSD (even) UC Mutant Scorchio
WN UC Halloween Lupe
April 2013
WN 307HSD (even) UC Mutant Skeith
WN 748HSD + Baby Pteri Custom
March 2013
VWN 300HSD UC Mutant Lupe
Common English RW Yellow Blumaroo
DN 427HSD (even) UC Usukiboy
DN UC Grey Wocky
October 2012
BN 500HSD (uneven) UC Darigan Kau
WN 700HSD Darigan Draik
September 2012
BN 320HSD UC Mutant Buzz
VBN 200HSD UC Tyrannian Quiggle
August 2012
VBN 460HSD UC Darigan Yurble
DN UC Darigan Hissi
July 2012
VBN 375HSD UC Darigan Darigan Yurble
DN 1100HSD Labrat
VBN 375HSD UC Darigan Darigan Yurble
VBN UC Faerie Lenny
April 2012
DN 485HSD UC Darigan Shoyru
Unpronounceable 2L 291HSD (uneven) basic
March 2012
WN 369HSD UC Darigan Pteri
VWN UC Grey Gelert

February 2013
DN 2300HSD (even) UC Darigan Eyrie
DN 2600HSD (labbed) + Wraith Draik Custom
WN 662HSD (uneven) UC MSP Poogle
DN 1702HSD Glowing Jetsam
October 2012
WN uncapped 1065HSD UC Darigan Eyrie
WN 2089HSD Wraith Gelert

Trading Help Center

Since there seems to be a bit of a gap in between those who train BD pets and those who just trade for them as well as those who have never traded one before I thought I'd add a few little extras to the guide since it's a new year. Gives it a little something special aside from just a new pretty face. XD

BD Dictionary

Here you will find a helpful listing of terms and abbriviations common to the BD.

General BD Terms

Term Meaning

A BD pet who's HP, strength, and defense are approximately the same value.


A BD pet who's HP, strength, and defense are drastically different in value.


Any BD pet with uneven stats that looks to have been "trained" via a Labray resulting in unnaturally high HP in comparison to other stats.


A BD pet who's level is to low for them to be trained in a school without increasing their level due to one of their stats being to high.

STR Boost

A BD pet with high strength normally greatly above thier other stats and close to the max stat value of 750.

Max Stat

Any BD pet with 750 STR, 750 Def, and 750+ HP.


A conventional system of ranking BD pets based on the old boost formula to promote fair battles. To borrow a sports term, it's like your BD pets weight class.

Anagram Sword

A General term for the swords that have anagrammed elements in their names. AKA Sword of Skardsen, Sword of Ari, Sword of Reif, Sword of Tawre, Sword of Thare and Sword of Thigl.


A special attack your pet can learn from bottled faeries to use in the BD.


To give your pet a faerie ability.


The range your pets STR or DEF falls into. Raising a BD pets STR or DEF to the next "boost" will grant additional damage or reduce the damage your pet takes in the BD.


To make a weapon more powerful. Can also apply to making a pet more powerful if an item like Supersize! is applied.


Rocks with varied symbols carved on them. They are used as a form of currency in place of NPs when paying for a BD pets training course.

Dual Duty

Or Double Duty if you prefer is a term to describle any item that can be used to both attack and defend in battle.


The attribute of the damage icons on your BD items.


To give your pet a weapon, armor, or item to use in the Battledome.


A weapon or item that has a chance to break and be lost permanently when used in the Battledome.


Any Battledome item that can be used to freeze your opponent.



A unit of measure for the damage your BD pet does in the Battledome.


To make a weapon less powerful. Can also apply to making a pet less powerful if an item like Downsize! is applied.


A pet with some highly disadvantageous stats (normally max STR with little or no other stats) who can still manage to defeat strong opponents in the Battledome.


Any BD item with a Nova aka star theme to it.


A BD item that heals your pet for a predetermined amount even if that means healing your pet above your max HP.

Species Healer

A BD healing item that can only be used by a specific species of pet.

Species Weapon

A BD weapon that can only be used by a specific species of pet.


Raising your pets BD stats.


To remove a BD weapon or item from your pet.

BD Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning

1 player battles aka you vs the the computer.


2 player battles aka you vs another user.


Alien Aisha Ray Gun


Alien Aisha Scrambler


Altador Cup Throwing Star


Air Faerie Crown


Armoured Negg


Attack Pea


Altador Strength Potion


BD either refers to a Battlledome trained pet, the BD Chat, or the Battledome it's self.


Anyone who enjoys battling in the battledome.


Bent Fork


Black Frost Cannon


Brynn's Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting also abb. as Brynns.


Box of Clockwork Grundos


Bow of Destiny


Bag of Healing Dust


Bracelet of Kings


Bag of Lenny Healing Seeds


Bottle of Magic Sand


Battle Plunger


Blumaroo Slingshot


Blue Scorchstone


Brain Tree Mace


Bzzt Blaster


Combo Battle Mirror


Crisp Blue Tunic


Chia Flour


Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby


Caustic Potion


Clawed Shield


Cloudy Wand of Storms




Dark Battle Duck


Dual Expert Bow


Dark Faerie Collar


Dusty Magic Broom


Defenders of Neopia


Downsize Power Plus


Darigan Sword of Death


Everlasting Crystal Apple


Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy


Entangling Lenny Lasso


Eraser of the Dark Faerie also abb. as EotDF


Essence of Esophagor


Enchanted Wooden Bow


Freezing Potion


Fungus Ray


Faerie Tabard also abb. as Ftab


Fire and Ice Blade


Fiery Battle Duck


Flaming Blooble Potion


Frozen Cyodrake Shield


Slorg Flakes


Kacheek Flour also abb. as K-Flour


Faerie Slingshot


Frozen Wand of Crystals






Greater Staff of the Earth Faerie




Golden Butter Knife


Garoo Elite Blaster


Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle


Glittery Faerie Dust


Gelert Healing Remedy


Greater Healing Scroll


Grand Lightning Beam


Golden Compass


Grapes of Wrath


Golden Pirate Amulet


Green Sticky Hand


Glittery Scorchstone


Greater Tiki Amulet


H4000 Helmet


Heavy Blue Tunic


Hanso Charisma Charm


Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield


Halo of Devilpuss


Hubrid's Odial Sphere


1. Hitpoints 2. Honey Potion


Hubrid's Puzzle Box


Hand Painted Scarab


Heavy Robe of Thievery


A combination of a BD pets HP, strength, and defense.


Illusen's Staff


Icy Battle Duck


Icy Chia Goggles


Illusen's Earth Potion


Illusen's Silver Shield


Jhudora's Potion


Jhudora's Cursed Sword


Jhudora's Wand


Jhudora's Bewitched Ring


Jhudora's Crystal Ball


Jittery Jipple Pear Potion


Jade Scorchstone


Kelpbeard's Trident


King's Lens


Kacheek Life Potion


Kacheek Pebble Lobber


Lost Desert Dagger


Leaded Elemental Vial


Lesser Healing Scroll


Lenny Ray Gun of Freezing




Moehog Skull


Monoceraptor's Claw also abb. as Mono Claw


Mystery Fruit Bow


Mud Mixture


Magical Marbles of Mystery


Mask of Coltzan


Portable Cloud


Portable Kiln


Dr. Sloth's Personal Body Armour


Pirate Captain's Cutlass


Pirate Captain's Hat


Psellia's Fighting Fan


Parasol of Unfortunate Demise also abb. as just Parasol


Prickly Potion


Purple Sticky Hand


Purple Scorchstone


Royal Blue Cape


Rainbow Clockwork Grundo


Sword of Reif


Rainbow Frost Cannon


Randomly Firing Freeze Ray


Runed Maractite Bow


Rod of Dark Nova


Rod of Nova


Rod of Supernova


Ring of the Lost


Ring of Weightlessness


Ramtor's Spellbook


Rainbow Sticky Hand


Rainbow Scorchstone


Rainbow Swirly Thing


Royal Wedding Ring


Sloth Approved Hair Gel


Slumberberry Potion


Sleep Ray


Scarab Ring


Sword of the Air Faerie


Seasonal Attack Pea


1. A Starter BD pet with at least 150HSD 2. Seasonal Battle Duck


Space Faerie


Spectral Forest Bow


Skeletal Fire Gun


Skarl's Hasty Mace


Sinsi's Sword


Skarl's Sword

Sloth Armour

Dr. Sloth's Personal Body Armour

Sloth Duck

Dr. Sloth's Personal Bath Buddy


Sophie's Magic Hat


Sword of Apocalypse


Sword of Ari


1. Shield of Faerieland 2. Slingshot of Fire


Scroll of Knowledge


Sword of Lameness


Shield of Pion Troect


Sword of Reif


Staff of Righteous Fury


Sword of Skardsen


Sack of Sneezing Powder


Sword of Tawre


Sword of Thare


Sword of Thigl


Sword of White Lies


Steaming Skeem Potion


Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic


Smugglers' Treasure Chest


Super Attack Pea


Altadorian Swordbreaker


Tornado Ring


Tiki Armour


Tiki Bomb Bag


The Death Knell


Thyora's Tear also abb. as TTear


Twin Faerie Blades


Trusty Hand Cannon


Thick Smoke Bomb


Thick Smoke Bomb


Toxic Sock of Doom


Another abb. for Thyora's Tear


Triple Turbo Dryer


Ultra Bubble Gun


Ultra Dark Reflectorb


Ultra Dual Shovel


Voidberry Potion


Wand of the Air Faerie


Werelupe Claw Necklace


Wand of the Dark Faerie


Wand of Reality


Wand of the Moon


Winged Scarab


Ylana's Blaster also abb. as YBlast


Yooyuball Keeper's Chest Guard


Yooyuball Player Sling


Yellow Sticky Hand


Zapatron 2000


Zapatron 4000

BD Board Etiquette

A short general little listing of things you should be aware of if you'd like to have an easier time advertising your BD pet on the BD boards vs the PC.

General Things To Know

Don't bump your board to often.
(BD boards are slower than the PC and you probably won't even need to bump your board once every hour let alone once every few minutes)

Be humble and polite.
(This should go without saying but if you have some... issues with humility it would be a good idea to work on that before trying to trade on the BD boards.)

PC standards are not BD standards.
(Even if you can get away with treating labrats as lesser BD pets on the PC that will not fly on the BD boards please don't insult or look down on labrat BD pets while there.)

A max stat BD isn't uneven just because it has extra HP.
(STR and DEF stop giving bonuses after they hit 750 so anything higher than that is pointless to have. HP is the only useful stat to bother raising above 750. A BD pet with 1500 HP, 750 STR, and 750 DEF is still "Even" for all intended purposes)

Do not use "S" or "S:" in your title if you are seeking something.
("S" or "S:" etc in a title on the BD boards is usually reserved for selling threads. If you are seeking something just type out seeking and if you are trying to buy a new weapon etc then use "B" or "B:" for your title instead.)

OTB keeping should be kept to the PC.
(It's fine to have OTB but showing off a list of OTB trying to get a better offer will have the opposite effect outside the PC and should not be done on the BD boards.)

Any of mine" is just a joke.
(If someone on the BD board posts with "Any of mine." they aren't really offering on your pet. It's a standard BD joke that is basically just a free bump. Do not try and actually send a transfer for one of their pets.)

Stat Changes

A comprehensive listing of all things that can effect your pets stats be it items, games, etc.

Stat Changing Items
Item Name Effect
Altador Strength Potion

Gives your pet +5 strength.

Armoured Negg

Gives your pet +1 defense.

Basic Power Negg

Has a chance of giving your pet +1 defense.

BBQ Porkwich

Gives your pet +1 defense.

Bomberry Elixir

Gives your pet +0-1 defense.

Brilliant Sun and Moon Potion

Gives your pet +7 intelligence.

Bubbling Fungus

Gives your pet -3 to +5 strength.

Bullseye Potion

Gives your pet -3 to +3 strength..

Cool Negg

Gives your pet +1-2 levels, +1-2 HP, +1-3 strenth, and +1-3 movement.

Cooling Balm of the Warrior

Gives your pet +0-2 defense.

Elixir of Intellect

Gives your +2 intelligence.

Elixir of Levelling

Gives your pet +0-1 levels.

Energising Elixir

Gives your pet +0-2 HP.

Essence of Drackonack

Gives your pet +0-2 strength.

Essence of Mortog

Gives your pet +0-4 strength.

Faerie Queen Negg

Gives your pet's +1 HP.

Ferocious Negg

Gives your pet +1-3 strenth and a random disease.

Genius Negg

Increases your pet's intelligence.

Greater Earthen Potion

Gives your pet +2 strength and +2 intelligence.

Illusen Day Elixir

Gives your pet +2 intelligence.

Illusens Forest Essence

Gives your pet +0-3 movement.

Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle

Gives your pet +1-3 Levels.

Jar of Forest Earth

Gives your pet +0-6 strength.


Gives your pet +1 HP or changes them it into a basic color.

Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

Gives your pet +2 levels, +2 strength, +2 defense, and +2 HP.

Kauvaras Potion

Gives your pet +1 level, +1 strenght, +1 defense, and +2 HP.

Kaylas Super Special Potion

Gives your pet +0-1 levels and +0-1 defense.

Level Up Shroom

Gives your pet +1 level.

Locked Book

Gives your pet +0-40 intelligence.

Mega Power Plusshroom

Gives your pet +0-1 levels, +0-1 strength, and +0-1 HP.

Meridellian Potion of Defence

Gives your pet +0-3 defense.

Mummified Scroll

Gives your pet +1-3 HP, -1 to -3 movement, and -1 to 0 intelligence.

Muntando Fruit

Gives your pet +0-1 HP.

Negg of Purity

Has a slight chance of increasing your pet's defense.

Neovian Strength Potion

Gives your pet +4 strength.

Not So Brilliant Sun and Moon Potion

Gives your pet +2 intelligence.

Potion of Brightvale Castle

Gives your pet +0-1 intelligence.

Potion of Telepathy

Gives your pet +1 intelligence.

Power Negg

Gives your pet +1 strength.

Purple Spotted Shroom

Gives your pet +0-1 strength and +0-1 HP.

Scroll of the Ancients

Gives your pet +1-3 strength and +1-3 movement.

Scroll of the Warrior

Gives your pet +1-3 defense, -1 to -3 movement, and -1 to 0 intelligence.

Silver Knight Negg

Gives your pet +1-2 defense.


Gives your pet +1-3 HP and +1-3 movement.

Sorcerers Potion Set

Gives your pet +0-2 strength and +0-2 defense.

Sparkle Potion

Gives your pet +0-3 intelligence.

Spiked Negg

Gives your pet +2-5 HP.

Strength Serum

Gives your pet +1-4 strength.

Strength Shroom

Gives your pet +1-3 strength.

Strong Shake

Gives your pet +1 defense.

Super Fast Shroom

Gives your pet +1 movement.

Super Negg

Gives your pet +1 level, +1-3 HP, and +1-3 movement.

Twisted Potion of Strength

Gives your pet +1-3 strength.

Vortex Negg

Can increase/decrease your pet's HP by 1, give them Neggitus, or turn your pet a basic color.

Stat Changing Games
Name Effect
Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice

Depending on if you win or loose your pet will gain or loose 1 or more levels.

Kitchen Quest

Has a chance to give a random one of your pets +1 to a stat when you complete his quests.

Wheel of Extravagance

Depending on where you land the wheel it has a chance to give your active pet +5 or +10 to a random stat.

Stat Changing Random Events
Event Effect
Battle Faerie RE's

Gives your pet +1 level or strength.

Air Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +2 movement upon quest completion

Dark Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +2 HP upon quest completion

Earth Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +2 strength, defense, or movement upon quest completion

Fire Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +2 strength upon quest completion

Light Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +1 level upon quest completion

Battle Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +2 strength, defense, and HP upon quest completion

Faerie Queen Quest

Gives your active pet +1 level, +4 HP, and +4 strength upon quest completion

Space Faerie Quest

Gives your active pet +4 levels upon quest completion

Training Locations

This section contains details about all the various training schools your pet can attend.

A Helpful Hint: Depending on your HSD and the number of codestones required it might be a good idea to train your pets level up to 250 before continuing to train. The PC tends to put no significant additional value into having a high level so unless you have the dedication to keep up with training after the fact this method might not be for you since you're pets HSD which largely determines their value will not increase during that time.

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
**Pets above Level 40 can not train at the Academy**
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Time Length
Sea Urchin 1-10 1 One Dub Coin 4 Hours
Deckhand 11-20 1 Two Dub Coin 6 Hours
Pirate 21-30 1 Five Dub Coin 8 Hours
Cap'n 31-40 1 Five Dub Coin 10 Hours

Mystery Island Training School
**Pets from Level 1-250 can train at the Training School**
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Time Length
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 Codestone 2 Hours
Basic 21-40 2 Codestones 3 Hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 Codestones 4 Hours
Adept 81-100 4 Codestones 6 Hours
Advanced 101-120 5 Codestones 8 Hours
Expert 121-150 6 Codestones 12 Hours
Master 151-200 7 Codestones 18 Hours
Grand Master 201-250 8 Codestones 24 Hours

Secret Ninja Training School
**Pets below Level 250 can not train at the Ninja School**
Course Type Neopet Level Cost Time Length
Intermediate 250-299 1 Codestone 4 Hours
Adept 300-399 2 Codestones 6 Hours
Advanced 400-499 3 Codestones 8 Hours
Expert 500-599 4 Codestones 10 Hours
Master 600-749 5 Codestones 12 Hours
Grand Master 750+ 6 Codestones 12 Hours
Please note, The Ninja training school while still taking codestones as payment switches over to requiring red codestones(Cui, Kew, Mag, Sho, Vux, and Zed) instead of the normal ones.

Cost Guides

Here are some tables to help you figure out (in ideal even/averaged conditions) approximately how much it would theoretically cost to train a pet to X HSD. While looking at this table please keep in mind that NPs spent aren't the only thing that gives BD value. The time it takes out of someone elses day to train these stats has an effect on the BDs value as well.

You have to ask yourself this while taking in this guide. Would you be able to consistently earn enough NPs to keep a pet in training and spend the time needed to make the very same BD pet? Like all things in life convenience and ease has a price.

Caution: HP can be trained to x3 your BD pets level while all other stats such as STR and DEF can only be trained up to x2 your pets level. AKA it might not be the best idea to train a pets HP so high that you skip a "Course Type" and make your over all training more expensive than it needs to be.

Cost Guides Last Updated: January 21th 2014

P.S. The guides below are made under the impression you are training your BD pet perfectly evenly so if you train the HP in advance responsibly you will lower the total training cost.

Swashbuckling Academy Training Cost Guide
*This guide is made under the impression your pet was born with 30HSD*
Training Level Dubloons Used Time Spent Level/HSD Gain Cost Total Cost
1-10 39 One Dub Coins 156 Hours 10 lvls / 29HSD 39,000 NPs 39,000 NPs
11-20 70 Two Dub Coins 420 Hours 10 lvls / 60HSD 94,5000 NPs 133,500 NPs
21-30 70 Five Dub Coins 560 Hours 10 lvls / 60HSD 259,000 NPs 392,500 NPs
31-40 70 Five Dub Coins 700 Hours 10 lvls / 60HSD 259,000 NPs 651,500 NPs
Please note that this guide does not take into account gaining "bonus stats" while training or the additional cost of training AGI.

Mystery Island Training School Cost Guide
*This guide is made under the impression your pet was born with 30HSD*
Training Level Codestones Used Time Spent Level/HSD Gain Cost Total Cost
1-20 109 Codestones 218 Hours 19 lvls / 90HSD 490,500 NPs 490,500 NPs
21-40 280 Codestones 420 Hours 20 lvls / 120HSD 1,260,000 NPs 1,750,500 NPs
41-80 720 Codestones 1,120 Hours 40 lvls / 240HSD 3,240,000 NPs 4,990,500 NPs
81-100 480 Codestones 840 Hours 20 lvls / 120HSD 2,160,000 NPs 7,150,500 NPs
101-120 600 Codestones 1,120 Hours 20 lvls / 120HSD 2,700,000 NPs 9,850,500 NPs
121-150 1,080 Codestones 2,520 Hours 30 lvls / 180HSD 4,860,000 NPs 14,710,500 NPs
151-200 2,450 Codestones 6,300 Hours 50 lvls / 300HSD 11,025,000 NPs 25,735,500 NPs
201-250 2,800 Codestones 8,400 Hours 50 lvls / 300HSD 12,600,000 NPs 38,335,500 NPs
Please note that this guide does not take into account gaining "bonus stats" while training or the additional cost of training AGI.

Secret Ninja Training School Cost Guide
*Your pet needs to be level 250+ before it can be trained here*

Training Level Codestones Used Time Spent Level/HSD Gain Cost Total Cost
250+ 350 Codestones 1,400 Hours 50 lvls / 300HSD 7,00,000 NPs 7,00,000 NPs
300+ 1,400 Codestones 4,200 Hours 100 lvls / 600HSD 28,000,000 NPs 35,000,000 NPs
400+ 2,100 Codestones 5,600 Hours 100 lvls / 600HSD 42,000,000 NPs 77,00,000 NPs
500+ 2,800 Codestones 7,000 Hours 100 lvls / 600HSD 56,000,000 NPs 133,000,000 NPs
600+ 3,500 Codestones 8,400 Hours 100 lvls / 600HSD 70,000,000 NPs 203,000,000 NPs
750+ 6,300 Codestones 12,600 Hours 150 lvls / 900HSD 126,000,000 NPs 329,000,000+ NPs
Please note that this guide does not take into account gaining "bonus stats" while training or the additional cost of training AGI.

To Long Didn't Read Cost Guide
*This guide is made under the impression your pet was born with 30HSD*
Level Total HSD Total Cost
Lvl 40 240 HSD 1,750,500 NPs
Lvl 80 480 HSD 4,990,500 NPs
Lvl 100 600 HSD 7,150,500 NPs
Lvl 120 720 HSD 9,850,500 NPs
Lvl 150 900 HSD 14,710,500 NPs
Lvl 200 1200 HSD 25,735,500 NPs
Please note that this TL:DR version is only based on the cost of codestone training. Deduct from the cost accordingly if you plan to train the first 240HSD with dubloons which would mean subtracting roughly 2.25mill from the total training cost in exchange for spending an extra 280+ hours training.

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