The Neopian Stock Market

The stock market on neopets is a slow but reliable way to make neopoints. The general idea behind the stock market is that you buy shares of a company at a low price and then sell them for a profit at a higher price. What are all these terms and how do you determine what is a good price? That will be answered in the guide! If you are already familiar with the general workings of the neopets stock market you can skip to this part of the guide, but if you have no idea what's going on never fear we shall start from the beginning.

Where is the stock market?

It is located here. It is also considered a game so if you type in 'stock market' into the search bar in the games room you can find it there also.


Once you reach the home page you will see eight other links at the top: Home, Find Stocks, News/Research, Profile, Message Board, My Portfolio , Buy, and Help.

Home - the front page
Find Stocks - contains a search bar where you can search for a company by name
News/Research - a little update on the market as a whole and a feature on a stock
Profile - search bar where you can search for details on a company by ticker symbol
Message Board - hyperlink to the stock tips section on the neoboards
My Portfolio - records of all the stocks you currently own
Buy - where you can buy your stocks
Help - hyperlink to the stock market section of the neopets help page

Wait what are all these terms you're using?

I'm glad you asked! Below is a picture depicting the main terms used when referencing these stocks.

Icon - the picture that represents the company
Ticker - a four letter sequence that represents the company
Open - the price that the stock opened at that day
Current Price - current price of stock
Chg - the change in the stock's price (i.e. Current Price - Open)
Qty - the number of shares you have of that particular stock
Paid - the total price you paid for these stocks
Mkt Value - what all your stock in that company is currently worth (i.e. Current Price * Qty)
% Change - similar to Chg but represented with a percentage rather than a value and over your total stock

Some other terms to be aware of that are used on the boards.

Share - the piece of the company you are purchasing, correlates to 1 in terms of quantity
Lot - a group of 1000 shares of a company
Sell Point - the price at which you decide to sell your stocks

Mechanics of Buying and Selling

In case you're confused on the process of acquiring your shares, go to this link where you input the ticker symbol and the number of shares you want to buy. Once you have put these values in you click the button 'Buy Shares' to confirm your purchase. Now for selling your shares which is less intuitive. Go to your portfolio and click on the little grey triangle next to the icon of the stock you want to sell.

When you click on it there will be a drop down animation and you will be presented with this view.

From here you can type in the the number of shares you want to sell under the 'Sell' column. You can repeat these steps for as many stocks in your portfolio as you want, and once you've finished recording what stocks and the quantity you want to sell there is a button at the bottom of the page, 'Sell Shares', that you click to confirm your sale.


Here's the real quick and easy version.

Not that patient? Buy at 15, Sell at 30.
Super patient? Buy at 15, Sell at 60.

For an explanation of the reasoning behind this (which will allow you to tailor it to your needs) keep reading.

In the neopets stock market you can only buy a total of 1000 shares per day, from any number of companies. Another restriction is that you can only buy stocks that are at or above 15 neopoints per share. You always want to buy at the lowest possible so buying a stock that is as close to 15 neopoints as possible is recommended. What stock? Here's the great thing about the neopets stock market; it doesn't matter. The algorithm that controls the stocks seems to be completely random, so the only thing you need to look at is price.

In other words don't listen to this slimeball's tips.

That being said you also want to diversify so try to buy a stock you don't already have. This is called diversifying your profile. The reason for this is so that way you theoretically have a steady flow of income and if a stock goes down and stays down you will still have stock that is going up. It is also possible for a stock to become bankrupt, however this is very rare it is still a risk that you should keep in mind. So now you know what stocks to buy and at what price to buy. How many? The simple answer is to buy the maximum amount, 1000 shares, allowed per day of one stock. Doing this every day is recommended to grow your profile at top speeds.

Pictured above: you.

Now for actually selling your stock so you can become Mr. Moneybags. Deciding your sell point is the important part, then you wait until a stock in your profile reaches that price, and finally you sell! Common sell points are multiples of 30. For the "beginner", or if you are impatient like me, your sell point would probably be 30. If you are willing to wait longer, have more stocks and such, then your sell point would be more around 60. For super super patient people their sell point is more around 90. Even once you have decided on a sell point it really is just a guideline, as long as you sell your stock for more than you bought it for you can only make money.

Never sell for less than you bought your stock for.

Check on your stocks often for changes in prices. You really should be buying your 1000 shares every day so after you buy your daily lot go to your profile to go see if any of your stocks are ready to sell.

To recap:
1) Buy 1000 shares of a random stock close to 15 neopoints daily
2) Decide your sell point (30, 60, whatever)
3) Wait until you hit your sell point then sell

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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