yooo!!! I hope you are having a super awesome day. this is my application to adopt peachsilk and peachdiamonds. welcome friend.

sooo let's get this out of the way.

I was not forced to make a petpage application for peachsilk and peachdiamonds.

I'm making a petpage application because I ramble and I like to add in pretty pictures when I talk about stuff.

okay so now that that's out of the way... I AM LIKE. super chill. I have decided that I don't care about writing formally or avoiding acronyms and smilies and stuff. I hope that's okay. it always made me less excited to work on my pets when I was forcing myself to write in a different style than I'm used to. so I'm not gonna!!

oh and I'm calling peachsilk and peachdiamonds by the nicknames I came up with for them for the rest of the application. peachsilk is pic and peachdiamonds is colo. hope that's okay

oops I'm rambling. I know you wanted kinda short applications so I hope that maybe talking in my normal chat type makes this less of a pain to read. HAVE FUN!!!

who's yo guuurl

my name is christine, but most people on neopets know me as chichi or cc. I spend most of my time on this site chatting on the boards (hi appchat!) and doing dailies! my favorite things to do here are make layouts for my pages and help my friends with coding. I log in pretty much every day, even if it's just for a little while.

in real life, I'm 23 and I have a full time job working as a web developer for a little software company in my city. it's a really cool job and I like it a lot! I first became interested in web design and development through making layouts for my pixel pets on lol! so I have been here for a long time. honestly, neopets has influenced a lot of things in my life. it's true even though it's kind of an embarrassing thing to admit hehe. my dream job since I was 12 years old has been to be hired as a programmer for neopets. maybe someday

my favorite food is sushi, my favorite color is pink, my favorite band is owl city, my favorite drink is diet coke, I lovelove studio ghibli movies and anime, I ADORE pikachu and pokemon in general, I have a cute boyfriend, I want a candy blue ford fiesta, aaand I'm short and blonde. I don't know what that stuff has to do with anything

I log into my main account and first side account almost every day! my first side, mini99mini, is my oldest account, created in december of 2002. the accounts listed as inactive are accounts I made when I was super young and forgot the birth year I listed for them when I signed up. I guess that's what I get for using a fake birth year I'll keep trying to access them until I guess the correct year, but for now they're inactive!

why should you pick me even.

I used to be super competitive when it came to applying for pixel pets on lol. over the years applying for pets has really improved my ability to accept criticism I think. I used to try to come up with the most ridiculous, elaborate stories and designs to try to ~show up~ my competition but it never really worked out in my favor. lol! I don't even think I had very much fun writing those kinds of stories, but doing so did help me improve my creativity.

basically, I used to be too concerned about what other people thought of my designs. now I play neopets for fun, not for approval, and I do what I want to do pic and colo's designs are not complicated. they're just fun and colorful and that's the way I prefer to design my characters these days.

also, I have literally been playing neopets for half of my life. LIKE. I'm 23 and I started playing when I was 11. okay, so that's over half of my life. obviously I am a dedicated player but really! there has never been a time where I wanted to permanently quit playing this site. I do tend to take a hiatus every now and again for varying lengths of time but I always come back. so no worries there! right so let's get down to business. (to defeat. the huns.)


these are my lil pixel frands.
I have characters for all of them even if they have no descriptions posted on their lookups or pages.


she's such a cutie omg. for a long time blyssa was my boochi shield/permanent active pet, but since the color changing random events aren't a threat anymore, she's not my active pet *all* the time my friend pika (who I met on neopets, they don't play anymore but omg I have known them forever and still talk to them) gifted me her baby paint brush!! I created and painted her and I have had her ever since!

okay so her design is a simple, cute, silly one, like pic and colo's. she's a little neopian times delivery girl. she rides her magic carpet all over neopia delivering mail with her trusty pals, lolly and pop. she's polite, but a little abrasive. she speaks her mind! you know how kids are.



dabsidan was the first pet I ever made a petpage application for. he's my absolute favorite pet and if I ever left neopets he would probably rot on my account I adopted him back in... 2007? he had no trophies or stats when I adopted him, so you can see how much hard work I've put into him!

I really need to revamp his design concept. I intended on entering an epic featuring him into the neopian times for the longest time, but I was kind of in over my head when it came to writing it. I don't... love writing. to keep it short and sweet, dabsidan was taken from his parents, the king and queen of kreludor, when he was a baby. as the lost prince of kreludor, only he has the power to take his kingdom back from dr. sloth with his bloodline power, the singularity. it sounds so cheesy lol. he's probably the next character I'm going to be focusing on. he'll always be my favorite, no shame!!



he's another pet I applied for and adopted! the petpage application I made for him got a lot of attention because I had some weird marquee floating-image trick I was using. it was kinda gimmicky and it doesn't work on neopets anymore lol. but I put lots of hard work into that application!

his character concept needs a revamp, baaadly. the original concept I used for him was that he was the discarded grundo plushie of prosperity, basically. he held the throne as the king of faerieland until he was usurped by fyora (who was actually ~EVIL~ WHOAAA PLOT TWIST). her evil magic transformed him into a plushie. his royal assistant guilliaume and jhudora end up helping him out... lol idk I'm probably going to be continuing along those lines when I revamp him.


I adopted namara from a board on the pound chat. it was super quick! I loved her name and I was kind of obsessed with grundo collecting at the time. she was on my main account for a long time but I kind of lost interest in what I was doing with her character and moved her to a side.

she's a fortune teller in the deserted fairgrounds and she swindles people constantly. she's extremely obese, gaudy, and conceited. I'll probably try to elaborate on her character concept someday but I just think she's fun to draw because she's so ridiculous


mossy was another board adoption!! oh man. I love 8-bit grundos. have you seen the other 8-bits? most of them are hilariously bad looking, but not this guy. gosh he is just the coolest. also he is one of my favorite pets to work on because of his petpage.

he's going to be worked on sooner than the others probably because I'm so pumped about working on his page. It's going to be a text-based adventure that feels like you're playing a game. which is pretty similar to the idea I have for pic and colo's pages! but yeah. I want to make mossy's story seem fun and cute at first and transition it into a dark and gory story. or, you know, as dark and gory as I can be on lolll



LOOK AT HER ISN'T SHE SO CUTE AHHH okay so. happy's one of the first pets I ever created. she was the first pet I made when I created my account, dreamy04, and she's been with me ever since. I painted her white back innn 2004? white paint brushes were only 100k np then, hehe. and that was before the conversion happened.

I don't have a character concept for her, I just think she's cute. I guess in my head she is sweet and motherly, and she loves baking sweets for her friends~



remember how my oldest account was named mini99mini? YAAAAS you guessed it. mini1118 was the first pet I ever created. wowow he's like 12 years old then.

I'm kind of lame when it comes to his design lol. back in the day, I remember admiring a particular shoyru I always saw entered in the beauty contest. she was painted speckled and she had a barbat petpet. her beauty contest entries always featured her in her little red airplane! so mini's design is a little bit of a recreation of that, even though that shoyru was never my character.



kay so I have been trading up for a long time to try to get myself an unconverted shoyru. dena's another step in that process. I always get attached to the pets I'm trading though lol so. I dunno. maybe I'll get inspired and keep her. for now, I'm training her.



AFYE IS TRADE FODDER LOL I'm zapping him and hoping he'll turn robot. draiks are fun to customize holla

I horde stuff

you can look at my account stats on my lookup if you're interested. I know some people aren't as interested in account ~prestige~ as others when it comes to adoptions so SHRUG! it's up to you.

trophy count: 25

my account has some cool trophies I've collected over the years. I'm like, super bad at games though, so, you know. I do what I can. my favorite trophies are from winning userlookup spotlight twice. I'm gonna enter again someday but I dunno when.

avatar count: 223

some people care lots about avatar/stamp/neodeck counts so I'm just posting it here~
I also have:

67 stamps
13 site themes
59 neocards

my battledome stats are kind of lame because I wasn't into battling before the battledome was revamped, hehe! now dabsidan is my battle pet and I train him every day.

gallery size: 51

I LOVE TOMATOES you should go look at my gallery it's cute and I have put lots of hard work into it and yeah.

why?!?!?! peaches

okay so. I have never really considered any uc kougras or pteris to be dream pets of mine before. I think they are super cute and I love all uc pets because they're nostalgic to me! that's why I'm not just looking to adopt or create the converted versions of these guys. I'm super interested in adopting them because I love the character concept I have in mind and I lovelovelove how their names match. I just want you to know that they aren't my dream pets in case you want the peaches to be adopted to someone who has been dreaming of uc kougras and pteris but I am totally just as interested in adopting these cuties as the next person is also like? I have never even owned one unconverted pet in my whole entire neopets life?? ? ?

plans plans plans

so super basically my character concept for pic and colo is?! a banjo kazooie type character. lol! okay so maybe it's not the mosttt original but the whole reason behind me wanting to do this sort of thing for their design is that they are uc. uc pets make me nostalgic and so does banjo kazooie. see what I did with their nicknames? pic colo?? (okay it's piccolo. I'm a band nerd and I think their instrument names are cute okay fight me.) so with that in mind I'm thinking I'm gonna draw them in all sorts of video game duo-themed outfits for their beauty contest entires~ like. mario and luigi! banjo kazooie! ice climbers! x and zero! yoshi and baby mario? the possibilities are endless. or at least there are so many possibilities that I'm never gonna run out of things to draw.

so that obviously means I'm gonna enter both of them into the beauty contest. I showed you the beauty contest trophies on my pets so you know that I'll keep my word. I have stats on every single one of my pets so I'll train pic and colo too. uhh what else. I give my pets matching petpets and petpetpets so you know I'mma do that for pic and colo! probably lots more stuff that I'm forgetting, but I hope that this stuff shows how much time I spend on this site and what a cool neo-mom I am to my pixel babies LOLLL......

I'm planning on changing pic's and colo's gender to male. I have the lab ray scientist registered as a challenger on my main account (the account I'd like to adopt on), so this would be no issue if you're okay with it~ if you would rather I didn't change their genders, that's cool too. it doesn't play a huge role in their character concept.

alsooo I'm not interested in trading them. I only trade pets I don't have a character concept for and like. I don't want to trade them lol. not now or ever. if I ever left neopets (lol not likely have you seen how long I've been here?) or lost interest in them (um no) I would adopt them out as a pair, pretty much just like you're doing. fair warning though, I'd probably be biased towards my appchat friends if I ever did end up adopting them out

customization holla

pic colo
Spinacle Thought Bubble
Welcome to Tyrannia Frame
Deployed Parachute
Giant Plant Stalk
Forget Me Now Garland
Tyrannian Cliffs Background
Spinacle Thought Bubble
Chocolate Paradise Background
Chocolate Chunk Foreground
Deep Dark Shrubbery
Lava Puddle
Lunar Lantern Frame

for my reference that's under 100k for pic and abouttt 200k for colo. probably just going to buy these items and put them in my gallery. #yolo


YEAH LIKE I SAID making layouts for my pets and profiles is pretty much my favorite thing to do on neopets. so the other day I figured out how to vertically center petlookups?? I'm pretty pumped about that. I already have started on a lookup design for pic and colo. is that weird? I hope that's not weird. I'm just super hyped for these guys. I would post a preview here but it's super sketchy and stuff so I'm just not going to


so pic and colo pretty much have to have intertwined petpages. I don't know if you've ever played banjo kazooie--if you haven't, just know that it has some really cute and witty character dialog~ I think it would be super fun to make like, a text adventure that ~looks~ like you're playing a game... if that makes any sense! I try to make pages that you wouldn't expect to see on neopets. I have a page with a similar idea in mind but the screens will be a lot easier to create on my other page hehe. click here if you want to see it! I didn't have enough time to make any examples or sketches of the idea I have for this, but I promise it will be totally cool!!

peace out

I reeeally didn't have enough time to get done what I wanted to get done for this like I mentioned, I work 40 hours a week and the deadline was kind of last notice, hehe. it's all good though. I hope you still had fun. if you have any questions at all you can neomail me. thanks for taking the time to do this!! peace!!

tbh I tried to do some art for this application but I haven't drawn in a long time and I ended up feeling unsatisfied with how everything I drew was turning out lol... I'll make sure I get lots of practice drawing pic and colo

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