Welcome to Acrylic, a pixel site run by me, Amie. This site has been providing cute goodies since April of 2012. Acrylic is a site for your use, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me.

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  • Got a new button from Euphoric.
  • Updated the to-do list
  • Ok, so I'm back just to do site maintenance for a day. Looking for broken images, clearing out affies, and such. The changes I've made are listed below.
  • I've removed some affiliates, so there are 3 new spots open. The Bakery has been removed due to inactivity. Felicity and Vibe have closed, and the site community will miss you guys.
  • One scribble image is broken. It has been replaced.
  • My counter seems to have broken. I don't really know what to do about it, so I'm just leaving it and hoping it'll be fixed soon.
  • Cleared the updates
  • Added titles to the scribbles and vectors to match the pixels.
  • I'm sorry I haven't been able to find the time or motivation to make new content. However, I still plan to keep Acrylic up, so don't worry. Maybe I'll do something big over Christmas break to make up for it. I know I've been saying I'll get around to it since forever, but I really will.

To-Do List

This is Acrylic's new to-do list! Here, I'll be posting all the future plans for November. Tasks may carry out to the next month if not completed. The key below will show you how to interpret this list.

Completed In Progress Incomplete

Trifle pixels
Prinsesstårta pixels
Recolor all popsicle pixels excluding the pink one


  • Don't steal or claim my content as your own.

  • Please leave credit by linking the image back to my page. It will be linked back if you use the code at the bottom of the image. If you are using my resources, a simple text link in your credits will do.

  • Please don't edit my content. Feel free to suggest a different color/filling/ect if you want it, and click the last 'e' on the 'I disagree' sign to proceed.

  • Don't use my content on your buttons/layouts without my permission.

  • This isn't really a rule, but if you spot an typo, bad link, deleted image, or any error on my site, I'd really appreciate it if you neomailed me about it. Also, if you have any questions, about the rules or anything, neomail me, and I'll be happy to answer it.

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To use these resources, just copy the image URL over the part in the code below that says " http://tinypic.com/insert_url_here.png ", and copy the whole code onto your page! Also, remember to leave text credit. (ex. Bullets made by Acrylic)


Suggest a Graphic

Need a pixel made, but can't seem to find it here? Have an idea for a great scribble or resource? I'm always open for suggestions, so go on right ahead!

Past Layouts

Cyan Painting (layout 1)

Made by Starry Night (On revamp)

Under White Garlands (layout 2)

Made by J'accuse (Now closed)

Beach Days (layout 3)

Made by Seasonal

Under The Sea (Layout 4)

Made by Built to Last (Now closed)

Polka Dot Cottage (Layout 5)

Made by The Lunch Box.


A toybox is a collection of cute goodies from other sites. Mine includes pixels that I've stumbled on and thought completely adorable and just had put somewhere. I have made none of the pixels in my toybox, and they are linked to the sites they came from. Some of the links may not be working anymore, sites, unfortunately, have closed.

History of Acrylic

Acrylic began when I decided I wanted to create a site. One of my friends, Nicole, opened a button site, Beautiful Bells (revamped to Radiance, now closed), and after watching it grow, I decided I wanted to be part of the site community too.

Unfortunately, I had no talent at making buttons and no desire to practice and improve. However, I did have a talent for art, and a weak spot for cute things. I had already been stalking my favorite pixel sites, Sugarrush, Flamboyance, and Pastry Pixels, so I decided to try to make one of my own.

The name "Acrylic" came from the type of paint I was currently working with in art class. It was a new medium I was trying out, and digital art would be another new type of art new to me. I didn't really want to stick with cute food names, so I decided this was better.

I set Acrylic up, and at first I only offered pixels, but soon branched out to scribbles and resources. Vectors came about a year later, when I decided to try out my brother's tablet. Acrylic has grown so much, and maintaining and updating it is still a pleasure.

Meet Amie

Name: Amie
Birthday: January 12
Timezone: NST +2

Hey there, I'm Amie, the stereotypical asian girl. YAAAY, me in a nutshell, you may stop reading now.

Jk. I guess the above outburst shows how weird I am, but I probably need to elaborate. I'm a quiet sort of person, not to focused on being social. Most people see me as a shy, nerdy kid, with tons of hobbies (dance, music, art, and of course, neo), good grades in school, a weird smiley addiction, and a love for books/reading.

Dance is my passion, and I love it to death. I do Chinese dance, despite being Vietnamese, and it gives me a chance to exercise and hang out with my friends. My school is kind of a community by itself, everybody knows everybody else, so it's really fun. Aside from that, I have another, less productive, passion, the internet.

Yeah, I love neo, no more need to be said there. Actually, not. My guild is awesome, if you're a guildless site owner, you should totally apply for Fuse, which provides you with a chance to improve your site and has great people.

Anyway, I spend most of my time on neo chatting with my guild, maintaining my site, and talking to my friends. I'm not on the boards too often, so if you want to contact me, you should do it through neomail. My main focus on neo is just Acrylic and Fuse, so I just stick my pets in the Neolodge when I remember to (sorry, pets).


Sister Site

None, Acrylic is currently seeking a sister site. Neomail me to apply.


12/15 Open

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  • Neomail me sign and back sign from TLB.
  • Counter from Boing Dragon. Counter Base from Sugarpop.
  • Toybox from Flamboyance.
  • All buttons linked back to their creators.
  • Button placeholder by Bedazzled.
  • Layout design, coding, and icons by rationalizing at Impressions for Acrylic's use ONLY. (The Stroodle)
  • Bullets from Jubilee Resources.
  • Background generated using Binaryturf
  • Actions used in images from lieveheersbeestje on DeviantART
  • Textures used in icons from 99mockingbirds
  • Divider from Details.
  • Did I forget you? Neomail me!