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Character Profile

Name: Aezarie Delacroix
Nickname: Aez
Gender: Male
Age: (Appears to be) 25 | Immortal
Birthday: September 16
Species: Lupe | Vampire
Level: 26
Occupation: Music teacher
Status: Widowed, has two sons.

Build: Muscular, toned.
Weight: 171 lbs
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Change color according to mood; blue or red.
Hair: Short, dark, messy.
Special markings: Vampire bite on his neck.

Special Abilities

Aezarie has heightened senses, impeccable speed and strength, and eyes that change colours according to his mood.
Pathokinesis: Aez has the ability to control and manipulate the emotions of others around him. This works to his advantage as he feeds on the emotions of others.

About Aez

Aezarie is originally from the 18th century, when vampires and vampire hunters were most prominent. Aez was transformed by a blood vampire though he did not take after his creator and turned into a psychic vampire. As a psychic vampire, Aez feeds on the emotions and energies of the people who surround him. He doesn't want to cause harm to others and only takes what he needs. He doesn't like Hollywood's version of the vampire (especially the sparkly ones!)
Aezarie tries to lead a normal life for his sons even though they are also gifted. He helps them harness their powers so they don't use it to harm others. He treasures his sons the most; his sole purpose is to provide his sons with lives that he himself never got to live.
He is extremely friendly though sometimes hard to approach. He is extremely quiet and reserved in public unless he is with his children, in which he will allow himself to be silly. He is a relatively friendly fellow unless you try to harm his sons. He tries to keep his emotions under control even though his eyes typically give away whatever emotion he is feeling. He can get extremely violent when he is angry and it is best to leave him alone.
He values family the most and will do anything for his family. He is not looking for a significant other as he doesn't trust others and wouldn't want to be with someone who might harm his children.
Did I mention he dislikes sparkly vampires?




sidenote: WIP!! o A o Aez needs more friends/enemies/etc so please neomail me if you're interested! :3


I miss you, Firahni. I promise to take care of our children. I hope you are watching over them.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have my twins, Rahlyn and Zayren. They are the reason why I continue to exist. I want to be able to provide them with a life I never got to live. They are both extremely mischievous and enjoy pranking others. Rahlyn inherited his mother's shape shifting abilities while Zayren inherited my vampiric abilities. Sometimes I feel as if they can communicated telepathically...

Sym found me during one of her trips to the past and told me to find her in the future. I am glad I listened as I was accepted into her family graciously. I love you, little sister.

Kervivor was also adopted into Sym's family. I've grown fond of him over the years. Do not fret, little brother. You will win this on going fight with your inner demons. I believe in you.



Aezarie is 6'3 and muscular. He knows he is attractive. He does not have piercings or tattoos as he does not see the appeal in them. Contrary to popular belief, vampires do not die when the go out in the sun. They are most vulnerable (and turn mortal) when they are in the sun. Aezarie becomes weaker during the day, but endures so that he may spend time with his sons. Aezarie's eyes change colour according to his mood. They are naturally blue but change to red whenever he is angry. Aezarie is a psychic vampire (i.e. doesn't feed on blood) so he does not have fangs. He feeds on energy He looks relatively human aside from his abnormally pale skin. Aezarie is extremely intimidating from first glance.


Aezarie had lost his real family to vampires which is why he despises all vampires (himself included). He values family the most. Symtical had met with Aezarie during one of her little adventures into the past. He was adopted into the family after he had tracked her down and because of this, he is extremely close to Sym. He is also extremely overprotective of her. Aezarie is a widower with twins. His wife passed away when the twins were still infants. Aezarie cherishes his twins the most and will do anything for them.


Before his transformation, Aezarie was a music teacher. He works on and off as a music teacher, taking breaks to keep from suspicion rising. After his parents' death, he inherited their fortune, giving him enough money so that he wouldn't have to work. He continues to work because he does not want to risk losing money and not being able to provide for his children.


He doesn't fear death. He believes he has spent enough time in the world and would like to move on. He refuses to move on, however, because of his children.


When he is not working, he spends his time with his children. He likes spending time with them and tries to them out every chance he gets. When he is not with his children, he can be found working on his motorcycle or playing his piano.


As a psychic vampire, Aezarie feeds off on the energies of others. He tries not to take too much from the people surrounding them as he does not want to be the cause of their death. He feeds on the energy and the emotion of others. Keeping with the illusion of being human, he eats food when in public and when in the company of his children. He does not feed off of his family. He is an omnivore though he prefers eating meat. He has not eaten any weird food (though feeding on energy is pretty weird...)


Aezarie does not consider himself to be social, but does enjoy being in large groups as he can easily feed on the energies without tiring out too many people. He is more reserved in public and does not show much emotion. He does not make friends easily as he seen as someone who is hard to approach. He is extremely friendly, contrary to popular belief.


Aezarie lives in the suburbs with his children. His house is extremely big and extremely messy. The twins do not like cleaning up their toys. His most prize possessions are his piano and his extensive library found in one of the rooms on the second floor. He lives in a gated community.


After getting bitten by the sanguine, Aezarie received no other injuries. Of course an physical injuries he obtained were nothing in comparison to the emotional trauma he had to go through after his transformation. After his transformation, Aezarie kept his distance from others, often showing malice and cruelty to others.


Aezarie only makes jokes around those he is truly comfortable with. He thoroughly enjoys dry/witty/sarcastic humor.


He likes children as he finds their innocence endearing. He cannot stand bratty, spoiled children and will tell other parents if they are bringing their children up poorly. Aezarie loves his sons dearly and would do anything for them. As a single father, raising two sons can be quite daunting but he is determined to provide them with good lives. He is currently trying to stop their mischievous ways as they enjoy pranking others. He hopes he can one day adopt another child.


Aezarie believes that love comes in different forms; the love he has for his children is different from the love he has for his adopted family and that love was different from the love he had for Firahni. According to Aez, there is no such thing as love at first sight. He believes true love is unconditional love. He is a widower and he is fine with staying as one. He doesn't want to find another love because he doesn't want to risk that person hurting his children in some way.


Music has always played a big part in Aezarie's life. It helps calm him down and he can get lost listening to music. He enjoys classical music the most and cannot tolerate rap music. He can spend hours composing new songs. He is currently teaching his sons how to play the piano. The first instrument he learnt how to play was the violin. He can play the piano, acoustic guitar, violin, and tenor saxophone. He isn't a singer.


While Aez enjoys going outside during the day, he finds it extremely risky as he is weakest when exposed to the sun, for this reason he prefers night time. He doesn't get to go outside very often because he needs to look after his sons. He enjoys talking late night walks and listening to the soothing sounds that accompany nightfall. He does not need to sleep. As a child, he was afraid of the dark. The dark was the unknown. It contained monsters, and the darkness reminded Aezarie of emptiness. To this day he does not know why he was afraid of the dark. His parents worked extremely hard to get Aez to overcome his fear. They would allow him to sleep in their room with all the lights on and would gradually make changes until Aez was able to sleep on his own without a nightlight. Aezarie was 14 when he finally got over his fear of the dark.


Aezarie doesn't care for opportunities for himself. He does, however, try to creates opportunities for his sons. He wants to give them the best lives possible.


Aezarie is a vampire. He is a predator and most of the animals try to stay away from him. Everytime he's tried to walk into a pet store, the animals would go crazy. It got annoying so he tries to stay away from animals. He's still trying to find a pet that will tolerate him because the twins desperately want a pet. If Aez was ever captured to become a pet, he could easily destroy whoever captured him. He doesn't like having to rely on others and he doesn't quite grasp the novelty of having a pet. He finds taking care of them tedious.


  1. I appear to be 25 years old.
  2. I believe that being a psychic vampires deems me special.
  3. Nothing about me is normal. I suppose having children is normal, though.
  4. I am constantly feeding on the emotions and energies of people I pass by.
  5. Before I had to fill this ridiculous questionnaire, I was reading a book in my backyard.
  6. My sons hug me frequently.
  7. I lead a rather dull life, I'm afraid. I haven't had much excitement in the pass few years. I suppose riding my motorcycle was exhilarating.
  8. What time is it? Oh. I do believe I'll need to pick my sons up from school.
  9. ...Firahni.
  10. I am wearing jeans.
  11. Red is my favourite colour.
  12. I have been feeling a bit restless lately. I want to do something....different. I need out of this rut.
  13. That was a random question. No, I don't like pie.


Aezarie finds robots extremely interesting. They weren't around during his time so they are an extremely new concept to him. He doesn't quite grasp the idea of robots with emotions. How can robots even have emotions? They lack neurotransmitters, neurons and a prefrontal cortex that enable normal beings to feel emotions. He would feel quite nervous about a robot uprising because he wouldn't know how he would do in a fight against them. He is unsure of whether or not he'd be able to take their life energy away.


Aezarie's biggest fear is losing his sons. They are his life and he doesn't want them to be taken away from him.


Aezarie's biggest desires is to consume people's lives. He will never be truly satisfied by taking bits of a person's energy but he refused to succumb to the level of low life vampires. It is a battle everyday for him. For the first few months after his transformation, he would take the lives of his victims; it haunts him to this day.

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