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Insanity Ahead

if you are stalking here then hopefully that means that you know me. If not then you're about to discover that I like the AC just a little too much. This page includes everything I need to survive throughout the month; progress tracking, goals, links, challenges and just any other random AC bits I feel the need to include.

I update this page once a day generally, if you feel the need to stalk my progress at this current moment in time then check out my stats on /~abso.

Daily Progress a.k.a The Table of AC DOOM

Future Date Below Goal =( Reached Goal! Day Ahead!!
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1.87/1 3.74/2.4 5.61/3.8 7.27/5.2
8.27/6.2 9.27/7.2 - 10.3/10.3 (x1) 11.3/11.3 12.5/12.3 0/13.8
0/14.8 0/15.8 - 0/16.8 0/17.8 0/18.8 0/20.3 (x2!!)
0/21.9 - 0/23.5 0/25.1 0/26.7 0/28.3 0/30.0 (x3!!!)

Goals are based on the same caps as last year(though if they want to put them back to what they were originally I won't complain!). Goals each day are 1000 if I'm working, 1400 if I'm not. I'm aiming for Triple All Star at 30k, but at the very least want to beat last year's score of 16k, my worst AC score yet I think. edit: Ok due to the bye days I've had to tweak and put in a week of 1600 days, so we'll see how that works out.

And because I had some random space here, lets show all star progress!

All Star! 16,784 Double!! Triple!!!


For new members, those that need a refresher and just a couple of new points for this year, here is a quick guide to the AC scoreboard(s).

For the first time we are going to be running two scoreboards, one for Neovia and one for Qasala. However we'd like to impose a ban on visiting the opposition's scoreboard. Obviously there's no way to enforce this but in the spirit of fun competition it'll be a lot nicer if we can keep track of our team's scores and progress and discuss strategy without the awkward moment of someone from the opposite team popping in to say hi.

Posting on the scoreboard is encouraged but is not mandatory. It's just a fun way to keep ourselves motivated and work out personal and team goals for the day. However all posts on the scoreboard either have to include a score or be about team strategy/ac questions etc. All of our normal chatter will still be taking place on our normal Aethia board where all members of the guild can read and post, including those not participating much in the AC.

So what actually is a scoreboard?
It'll be up to both teams how they want to run their scoreboard but how we usually do it is we set a target for each game at the start of the day, for example:
YYB: 0/500
SlSl: 0/5,000
MSN: 0/10,000
SoSd: 0/10,000

Then as a group we post our scores throughout the day, and any time we hit a target we will increase the target for that game.

With the Aethian cup being split into rounds this year this also means we will be able to total up what the team contributed for the round and use that to make targets for the next round or identify games we don't play much.

As an addition for this year I'd also suggest adding creativity points on there so we can keep track of that given that it's 20% of the competition now.

How do I know how many points I've scored?
The AC scoring we copy the system used on most team boards on the AC boards.

YYB = Goals scored - goals oppositions scored. So if you play a game of yyb that ends up as 8-3 then your yyb contribution is +5

SlSl, MSN & SoSd: Points scored. So 2 games of SlSl at 290 and 300, 10 games of MSN at 3000 each and 10 games of SoSd at 1200 each you would post:
+590 SlSl
+30,000 MSN
+12,000 SoSd

Creativity: Points scored (point values listed on the main MC page

Who keeps score?
Anyone can keep score, you just find the last post that included the current goals and just add any members score son since that point. If you're unsure about this at the start you can always wait until you've seen a few others do it. To make it easier on whoever adds up the score if you can post your scores with several scores at once. So instead of a new post at every game of yyb of +6, instead wait until you've played several games and you can just make one post of +52 (or whatever it would be).

When do we reset the goals?
Usually I'd say the first person to post on the board after midnight would just make sure the previous day's totals are all added up and posted and then make a new post with everything set to 0 again, however people may only want to reset at the end of each round rather than each day, again it's whatever each team decides on.

One thing I would ask is that we don't create new boards unless the old ones explode, otherwise we will very quickly manage to annoy everyone on Exploring Neopia with about 20 Aethia boards xD

time challenges

Keeping a record of how many of a single game or combination of games I complete in a solid amount of playing time. An hour for when I'm full focussed and 40(ish) minutes when I'm watching an episode of something. Should also help me work out when I'm planning ahead what I want to get done for the day.

An Hour

An Episode

  • x sosd
  • x yyb
  • x sosd, x slsl
  • x slsl, x yyb, x sodsd
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • x sosd
  • x yyb
  • x sosd, x slsl
  • x slsl, x yyb, x sodsd
  • etc.
  • etc.


The avatars

The avatar checklist

Complete an AC themed timed challenge
Reach rank 1
Reach rank 6
Reach rank 11
Reach rank 16
Get a 13-0 game of yyb (or higher (14-0, 15-0 etc. Apparently 17 is possible)
0/100 times with the faerie yooyu
0/50 times with the darigan yooyu (why Claire?)
0/10 exploding clockwork yooyus
0/250 goals in a day
Submit some AC themed writing
Submit some AC themed art
Have all pets on your main account customised for the AC
Reach the AC goal you submitted to your leader
0/51,337 Score higher than last year overall
Reach All Star!
Be one of the top 5 point scorers in the guild
Be on the same team two years running whilst in Aethia
Max out SoSd
Play 25 games of Slushie Slinger in a day
Win an AC themed Duel
Play 0 of a game throughout the cup (MaSN!!!)
Set 3 challenges for your partner and complete 3 challenges set to you.
Play the most of one of the four games on your team (if you are the most in more than 1 then the av goes to the 2nd place for one of the games etc.)

The trophy checklist

Reach rank 1
Reach rank 5
Rank 10
Rank 15
All Star
Double All Star
Submit AC themed art
Submit AC themed writing
Customise a pet with an AC theme
Create an AC goal page/section on portfolio

The retired trophy checklist

Have a GPG of at least 10 by the end of the AC
Max out SoSd 7 times with 5 goal games (subject to change depending on the new maxes)
Play 500 games of YYB
Play 250 games of SlSl
Participate in 10 board challenges
Have one of the top 3 highest scores in Slushie Slinger at the end of the cup.
Have some AC themed art/writing published.

Aethia stuff

That time of the year is finally here once more and it's time for Aethia's Annual Altador Cup Monthly Challenge! This year with even more avatars and some little extras!

For those of you who aren't huge fans of the AC don't worry, you'll still be able to get bronze or even silver without playing a single AC game if you want to! Also if you have completed any of these challenges during May (submitting AC themed art/writing, making an AC page etc.) you can still count them towards your total =)

The challenges are split up in to three sections, though there is some overlap. There's the standard challenges for completing your Monthly Challenge Requirements, avatar challenges and also some additional challenges to earn retired trophies.


Bronze - 2 challenges
Silver - 4 challenges
Gold - 6 challenges

Getting Ready

Before the AC starts there are a couple of things you need to get done first. You need to find out how many points you earned last year ( under total points), you need to know what your goal is for this year and you need to decide if you want a partner. Your partner is ideally someone aiming for a similar rank to you, though it doesn't have to be, and you will be setting each other mini challenges throughout the cup.

If your partner completes 3 of your challenges and you complete 3 of their's then there's a shiny new avatar in it for you both ^^ Your partner is also there for a bit of extra motivation to cheer you on and maybe even add a little bit more of a competitive edge to the AC for you ^^ If you already know who you would like to partner with that's great just let your team leader know in the mail you're about to send them. If you would like a partner but don't know who, let your leader know and I'll match people up based on their rank goals and if you don't want a partner then no need to mention anything.

So in this mail you are sending your leader you need to include:
Points earned last year:
Team joining:
Rank Goal this year:

And this should be sent to your leader before the cup starts on the 2nd June. The one exception I'm making to this is if you have a goal that is above All Star, as we are unsure how these ranks will be affected by the lower caps, so just let your leader know you are aiming for above All Star and when the caps are discovered and you know exactly what you'll be able to aim for send your leader an update.


I'm being lazy *points upwards* And the same for the next section

Retired Trophies


This year Kelly is running an AC prediction contest! The page and details can be found on and we'll be having prizes of some sort for those that do best. Mostly likely avatars and/or retired trophies ;)

We will also (hopefully) be having a high score table so we can see each other's progress in the AC, Claire will post more info on this when it's set up ^^

Pre-AC Plans

An NT article that I haven't even re-read since writing it and will probably never get published, so if you're bored and want something to do feel free to read. I do tend to tone down my obsessiveness slightly for the NT because I'm not sure they'd appreciate it as much as I do.

When it comes to the Altador Cup everyone spends the time before it starts differently. Some people don't think about it at all until that first day, some are getting ready to go in to hiding for the month and some people like preparing for it in every way possible. This guide features some of my favourite things to do as the excitement for the AC builds, but before it actually starts.

Dressing for the Occasion
There are many different ways you can choose to customise your pets for the AC and a wide range of both NP and NC wearables available. I tend to use a variety and mix up my themes. While you could give all of your pets matching team gear that''ll get a little old really quickly. There are lots of nice team specific items so generally I'll have at least one pet in the full out team gear with the shirt, scarf and of course a trusty vuvuzela, but there are definitely other ways to get your pets styled for the AC.

I often like to have a pet with a general AC themed look, non specific to the team I'm supporting. There's usually a lot of gold wearables and yooyus involved in this one xD And then finally as an alternative to team gear I like having a pet based on the land I'm supporting but without using the actual team gear. Now some lands may be easier than others (I definitely found Kiko Lake a bit of a struggle last year, but the wearables are out there!) but it makes for a slightly more unique cup customisation.

Styling your Pages
Of course your Altador Cup themed looks don't have to be limited to your pets and there are plenty of other things you can customise. The main one is probably a userlookup which is a fantastic way of showing off your team spirit. There are many pre-made AC lookups out there but if you don't want to completely change your current look you can just make small colour changes or add some smaller graphics such as banners, icons or AC themed mini adoptables.

Creative Entries
If you like to show your team spirit through creativity then the Neopian contests and spotlights are a fantastic opportunity to do this and possibly earn some new trophies and prizes at the same time. The obvious choices are probably the Art Gallery and Neopian Times, and they're fantastic places to start, but how about considering some less obvious alternatives as well? Altador Cup themed poetry, a page dedicated to the cup for the Site Spotlight or how about a userlookup? You could even base a Storytelling contest entry on the cup. And there's almost always an AC themed Random Contest at some point in June, so make sure you keep your eyes open for that!

Meeting your Fellow ACers
The Altador Cup is probably the most community involved event in Neopia and is a fantastic chance to get to meet new people. If you're joining a different team this year then you definitely want to go find some fellow team mates on the Altador Cup Boards and introduce yourself. And if you're joining the same team as last year there will still be plenty of new team mates to get to know, along with some your may not have spoken to since last year. You're all going to be supporting the same team and possibly spending a lot of time working towards the same goals, so it's a lovely chance to get to know each other before the cup starts.

And of course you're not limited to chatting just with those on the same team. There are 18 teams out there and so many more AC enthusiasts to get to know, pop on to the other team boards and get to know them, or create your own boards for general AC talk. Getting to know people on other teams is especially fun on the days you are playing against each other and can often give you that extra motivational push if you have a competitive side!

Making and Reading Predictions
Another pre-AC pastime is making predictions, either on a board, or for more in-depth predictions you can add them to a petpage. A lot of people will do both pre-AC predictions and then daily predictions of each of the individual matches and games. These can be a lot of fun to read but making your own predictions can become a hobby throughout the entire cup, not just before it starts. It may be hard to predict matches early on but as you get to know the different teams and their strengths and weaknesses hopefully you begin to see your accuracy each day improve.

Creating a Page and Keeping Track
Of course this is a lot of AC themed stuff you can get on with before the cup even starts and it can be quite easy to lose track, so how about getting everything together on one page? When it comes to pet pages the only limit is your own creativity and there are so many different ways you could put together your AC page, and what you could include on it.

When you were customising your pets maybe you came up with more than one outfit for the same pet? How about an AC themed look book? Or if you've submitted multiple AC themed creative entries this could be the perfect place to keep track of them and display them for other people to see if they don't get published (but fingers crossed they will!). And how about adding a section of your AC achievements from last year as a bit of motivation to see if you can match them or even surpass them then year?

And when the AC comes around a lot of us are so excited by it we can forget our every day neo tasks like dailies, so how about including a quick links section on your page so you can make sure you're not missing out on a chance to earn a random avatar? And while you're at it maybe some important AC themed links like the boards and the different games? It's definitely a fun task to keep your occupied in the time before the AC starts and with a bit of luck will help you out during the AC as well.

So that's what I'll be doing in the run up to the AC, how about you?

Mid-AC Crisis

An NT article that I haven't even re-read since writing it and will probably never get published, so if you're bored and want something to do feel free to read. I do tend to tone down my obsessiveness slightly for the NT because I'm not sure they'd appreciate it as much as I do.

When the Altador Cup first begins many of us are the same, immediately deciding on all of these goals and ranks that are going to be achieved during the cup and not even considering the possibility of failure. And that's brilliant, we could all use a little extra optimism in our lives!

And then maybe that first week you made every single goal, maybe you didn't. And then came the second week and things started to slow down a little, and now? Now you might feel like you're so far behind on your rank goal that you're considering just leaving the whole thing until next year (if you haven't already).

But never fear, that's where I'm here to lend a hand! There are two ways to go about getting yourself back on track with the motivation to finish through to the end of the cup and I'll go through both of them. The first one, is reworking your goals to meet the original you rank you were aiming for.

Chances are, you probably worked out approximately how many games you should be playing a day to reach your original rank. But you fell behind one day and tried to make it up the next which just left you worn out and chances are this cycle continued until you reached your current point. So you need to stop, take a deep breath and think about reworking that daily goal. How many points have you got left to reach your goal? And how many days left have you got to reach that goal before the cup ends for another year? Minus 1 off the remaining days, you'll thank me for it when you finish your goal a day before the cup ends, rather than rushing to finish it in those last few stressful hours. Now divide your points by your days and you've (hopefully) got your number.

Now keep in mind that a Yooyuball win will be worth 12 points, a draw worth 6, a game of Slushie Slinger is also worth 6 and then make some noise and Shootout Showdown are worth a point each. By this point you probably know what you're likely to be able to play in a day before you start to get fed up, so keep that in mind. There's a chance that this number is just going to be too high for you to reach now, so we move on to option number two.

Re-evaluating your goal. Yes, at the start of the cup you were so determined that this would be the year you finally made All Star. And yes, it would have been wonderful, but lets face it you were always aware that it might not happen. But life happens and now if you don't want to give up on the cup entirely you need to go for a slightly more realistic goal and there are two ways to go about this.

Firstly you can pick another rank goal, just a number you'd like to reach, rather like you did when selecting your original goal most likely. Or if you put a little more thought in to it and you're a trophy type person, you could use those to help you decide. Say you were originally going to aim for All Star, well if you reach rank 16 you'll actually still get the same trophy. Likewise, ranks 11-15 will get the same trophy as each other, 6-10 and 1 to 5. So if you aim to rank up high enough to move in to the next trophy tier you'll be able to see proof of that effort every time you visit your lookup.

Of course, picking a number just because it sounds cool or you want the trophy doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to reach it so you could go a slightly more logical way around it. You've been playing the AC games for a while now and you've probably got a pretty good idea of how much you can play each day. So work out the points for that. Lets say you can play 20 games of yooyuball, 5 games of Slushie Slinger and 100 of Shootout Showdown before you get bored each day. That will be 370 points a day.

Now work out how many days you have left, and again I recommend taking 1 day off your total just so you can either finish early and have a stress free last day, or if for whatever reason you can't make your daily goal, you'll still be on track and won't have to re-work those daily goals again. Now multiply your points by those days and you've probably got a considerably more impressive looking number. You'll want to also work out how many points you have already scored in the same way, and then add the two together for your final total.

The points needed for each rank can vary from cup to cup so the best way to work out what rank that total will get you to is to find a petpage listing them, or asking the friendly folks over on the Altador Cup boards. And there you have it, a realistic AC rank for you to work towards and still achieve by the end of the cup!

But wait a minute, you've read through all of that and still have no desire to play those games any more? Well rest assured that you will most definitely not be alone and while many may take this to mean they can't do anything to participate in the cup if they're no longer playing the games, this is far from true!

If you were playing games during the start of the cup maybe you picked up some tricks to getting higher scores, or to keep you entertained while playing them? Head on over to your team board and share them with your team mates, there will definitely be someone over there that will appreciate and make use of your knowledge! A lot of teams also choose to keep track of their points as a group but with everyone focussed on playing the games they often struggle to find people who are willing to keep track of all the scores people are posting, maybe you can lend a hand with that instead?

Or if the team boards aren't for you how about making your own board with your thoughts on today's matches? Prediction boards are always popular and it's a way to keep yourself excited about the day's result and seeing how accurate your predictions are from day to day. Remember, the AC is a community game and is a lot more than just sitting by yourself playing those four different games.

However you decide to spend the remainder of your Altador Cup, just make sure you're enjoying it!



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