HELLO AND WELCOME TO AROMA. Here you can find large-scale transparent PNG renders of neopets official art. Feel free to use these for guild/pet layouts, graphics, etc. All that I ask is that you follow the rules. Enjoy!
- Ashe


9/16/17 The fall season is approaching! Added 2 new fall themed neopet pngs, enjoy!

How to use the PNGs

  • Drag the png to your address bar to view the full image.
  • To use in an editing program you have to save the png to your computer.

  • Rules of Use

  • If you use a PNG, remember to leave credit back to this page.
  • Feel free to edit the PNG's to your hearts content. You can use them in premades, your own graphics, anything you like.
  • Redistributing my PNGs is not allowed.

  • PNG Renders

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  • Aethealy's petpage content and PNG renders made by Ashe
  • All images are a Neopets copyright and I do not claim them as my own.
  • Petpage layout and codes by Sosu
  • All link back buttons are linked to their original creators.
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