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As a young girl/budding font maker 6 years ago, I, Kendra, was always lurking the Avatar Chat. I sought inspiration from font rating boards and learned how to code things by myself. Because all of the available guides were too long and wordy to grasp my attention, I got clever enough to request certain fonts with elements I wanted to know how to code. Lately, I've seen a lack of interest in this art form. What was so popular a few years ago has dwindled to a faint light amidst the throes of avatar collecting. I started this site in December 2012 so I could teach you the basics and complete your requests as you embark on a new journey to becoming a fellow font maker!


July 18, 2015

+ Half of a new tutorial is complete. I'll post an update at the end of every week. Finished: Moving current content to new layout. Unfinished: Editing new layout to accommodate current content, New tutorial, Extras.
For your benefit (and my own) I will be posting the last date I have worked on this revamp right here:

+ July 10, 2015 +

Right this way!

To begin such a journey you must first be equipped with the proper supplies. I have laid out in front of you all that I have found useful over the years when it comes to creating my very own font. Please feel free to look these over. I am sure they will help you tremendously.

In my fontmaking routine, I open up these three links in separate tabs for the greatest efficiency. After all, when I'm inspired to make a font, easy access makes for less time consumed poking around and a faster result!

Now that you've seen all that you need, let's move on to the nitty gritty details.

Getting Started

Just to get things straight, let's begin with some lingo. When you see me talking about a font you might be a little confused. A font distinguishes what the text on the screen looks like. As a matter of fact, below in The Next Step section you'll find a short list of fonts. To avoid any further confusion I will be calling these font faces.

On the handy, dandy NeoBoard Preferences page you'll notice the NeoHTML and NeoSignature boxes. The coding you will eventually be entering into these boxes will create on the screen in your NeoBoard posts what I collectively like to call a font partly because every code uses the tags [font] and [/font]. Some people will call them signatures or siggies for short but I prefer the term font because it is shortest and sounds the nicest to me.

If this is your first time creating or editing a font, there are a few things you must understand, and I am hear to explain them to you!

The Basics

Let's start with the most simple pieces of coding.


[br] line break moves text one line down
like this

[p] paragraph moves text down two lines

like this

[center]centers everything in between[/center]

The Next Step

To start a font, I like to get the NeoHTML out of the way so I can work around it. The NeoHTML is the part that says, This is how your post will look on the NeoBoards. So now I will need to pick a font face. I usually choose verdana because it looks simple and nice with any font, in my opinion. (Hover over screenies for extra information.)

Once you have chosen a font face, you can start your code like this:


The f=verdana says the font face (f) that you want to type with on the NeoBoards is (=) verdana.

Notice how the NeoHTML is tucked into the font code with [font] and [/font].
If you do not do it like this, it will not work!

Next you need a color. I use hex codes all the time because they will work 100% for all browsers unlike some words. You can find them at the Sunnyneo Rainbow Font Maker and/or Eyedropper. Hex codes are 6 numbers that stand for a color. I am going to choose black, so now my code will look like this:


The hex code color (c) is (=) black (000000).

Now all that's left is the size! There are only 4 sizes that you can use on the NeoBoards. This part is easy.


Size 1 is my personal favorite for NeoHTML use.
This complete code will work no matter what order you put the font face, color, and size in.

You may be wondering at this point how to get rid of that annoying line beneath the NeoHTML we just adjusted. It is a very simple fix! Observe:


A Closer Look

Now you may be wondering how to use all of these little tidbits of coding. You can get a pretty good idea of what a complete font will look like with the examples given directly on the NeoBoard Preferences page. I am going to show you other examples of prettier things with templates that you can feel free to edit. No templates explained here require a NeoBoard Pen.


This particular code uses symbols, blank spaces to put text off-center, and shows an example of a gradient.

[center][fontc=0f=verdanas=1]neoHTML[/font][p][fontc=454545]★[/font]  [fontc=575757]★[/font]  [fontc=696969]★[/font][
][br]    [fontc=7B7B7B]★[/font]  [fontc=8D8D8D]★[/font]  [fontc=9F9F9F]★[/font][/center]

If you'll look up at that mess of coding up there, you'll notice it looks slightly different from the basic format I showed you a second ago.


This next code will show you some examples of using different font faces in one font and give you an idea about what it's like to be cramped for space.

[center][sub]neoHTML[/sub][p][fontc=9A9A9As=1]♥ [/font][fontc=B9B9B9f=consolass=1]I LIKE[/font][br][i][
][fontc=000000f=georgias=1]f o n t i n g[/font][/i][br][fontc=B9B9B9f=consolass=1]VERY MUCH[/font][/center]

This might look a bit more overwhelming for those new to fontmaking. If you look closely, there are 4 distinct color changes and a couple other strange things going on...

So if you don't mind having black HTML and don't mind that it changes its appearance on the guild boards, I definitely recommend using this little trick!

Have a question? Neomail me and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Space Savers

The most common and frustrating issue with coding fonts is the limited number of characters you can use. When you're crammed for space, there's nothing more defeating than running out of room once you've nearly finished your perfect creation! Luckily there are some amazing tricks you can use to give you some extra space.

Color Fixes


This aspect of fontmaking is crucial if you want to fit in everything for your creation. If things aren't organized and in their proper places, you might not be able to take advantage of all the space you really do have.

Quick Links

Looking for something specific?

The Alternative

I understand that all of this can be very confusing in the beginning. I encourage you to keep practicing with the provided templates. Some of you may be too busy or too lazy ;D to bother with figuring out how to make your own fonts. For this, I offer an alternative. Personally, I enjoy making fonts and especially doing requests for you folk!

Before you request you can take a look at ALL of my recent fonts including past requests and the ones I make for my personal use HERE.

Copy/Paste, fill out this form, and neomail me with the subject Font Request. Oh, and please try to be as specific as possible. It makes it much easier for me to make it faster!

Pick It Up

If you're looking to pickup a font you requested, this is the place! The first code beneath the screenie goes in the NeoHTML box and the second in the NeoSignature box at the Neoboard Preferences page. I save all requested font codes. If you've lost a code you requested from me, just send me a neomail and I'll get it back to you. I ask that you respectfully do not claim any font that I make for you as your own. If you'd like any changes made, please let me know.

Link Back

You can link back here if you'd like with a pretty button. It's not required, but I greatly appreciate it if you do! (All buttons link back to their fantastic creators! :D)


Neomail me if you are interested in affiliation. Font-related sites only, please.

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